MAID’en Love Ch. 2

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In my last story which also happens to be my first submission to the site I had written about myself and my maid Chayya whom I was, I still am and I always will be in Intensely in love with.

Well like I said in my last mail my parents had to work far from Home but this time they were both scheduled to go out of town for some Official work for 3 weeks and OH BOY were I and Chayya waiting for them to leave.

A few days before my parents were to leave I and Chayya behaved like a newly Married Couple who were planning their first Honey Moon, we discussed what all more we could do and what all arrangements were to be made for the time we were alone.

Just like a couple makes several promises to each other I and Chayya also made some promises to each other, they were.
? Not wearing a single piece of cloth while at home for all the 21 days.
? Making love to each other irrespective of our cycles during the 21 days.
? Sharing each and everything that we could not for all this time.

Just 1 day before the house would be all ours I and Chayya went to the Beauty Parlour and got every damn treatment that was possible under the sun right from waxing our Hands & Legs, Under Shoulders as well as our Smooth Butts as we wanted to make sure that we both got all that we wanted from each other and could give all that we had to each other.

The bursa yabancı escort D-Day finally arrived and I went off with my parents to the Air Port to see them off and once that was done as I drove back to my place all I had in my mind was Chayya, Chayya and more Chayya.

As I passed each Kilometer I would get Wetter with the feeling of getting closer to home and of course Chayya.

As I reached home and opened the door I could not see Chayya around and went searching for her and spotted her in my room getting all dressed just for me as I got closer to her she urged me to let her get dressed for me and she handed me a letter and a small box.

As I came into the main room and read that letter I was not just touched but felt really emotional as Chayya had stade that before we commence these 21 days she wanted me to slip and ring onto her finger just like a Couple does and the box that she had given me contained a Finger Ring.

Just as I was done with reading the letter Chayya came into the room and I slipped on the ring onto her finger and she put 1 ring onto mine and we Smooched just like a couple does on Engagement

Within moments we stripped off each other to the Naked Bare and were deep into each other’s ‘Honey Pots’ in our favorite 69 position. Seconds turned into minutes and minutes bursa sınırsız escort into hours but our Love Making Session did not end and went on for what seemed like Ages but finally my Stamina gave way and the Shuddering Orgasms of Chayya tounge sent me into a state of Tiredness and I feel into deep sleep.

Next morning I was woken up by Chayya as my eyes opened I saw Chayya standing next to me Nude before I could even get into my senses she took me by my hand and into the Toilet where she Bathed me and rubbed soap and her tounge all over my body and I returned her favour to her more than Willingly.

Chayya and I were so obsessed with each other during these 21 days that we even visited the Loo with each other and did our toilet activities in each others presence though we did not have any Fetish for Toilet Sex but we just could not stay far from each other for these 21 days and wanted to make Best use of the 21 days.

I and Chayya had such Beautiful and Hot moments and memories that I cant share all but shall like to tell you’ll the most exciting one of them all.

I had gone to the bank for withdrawing some cash and when I got back Chayya was in the Kitchen nude making food for us both and I don’t know what went over me and I decided to have her there and there the way she was and I creeped upon görükle escort her and gave her tits the hardest squeeze they might have ever got from me. she turned around and I went down on my knees to lick her off as I undid my clothes and got nude.

I was licking deep into her cunt when I saw a bottle of chocolate syrup and a jar of jam in the kitchen and a real dirty feel went into em and I moved from Chayya to those bottles and picked them up both and held chayya by the other hand and took her into the Loo.

I laid her down in the loo and smeared her body with Jam and Choco syrup and made her do the same to me and I sucked deep into her swollen Clitoris and gave her orgasms and made love like there was no tomorrow, I dug so deep into her that while Orgasming she could not Control herself and her body and Peed on me and right into my face and I took in each and every drop of her Yellow Fountain.

From that day onwards a new Chapter in our lives that was not full of Love but off Fetish and Kink that took over our lives. I shall write about it in my next mail so keep waiting.

Many people whom I know feel that I am a hardcore pervert as I have sex with my maid but I feel that there should not be any distinction in this matter as even she is human and even she needs love. You Female readers mean a lot to me now so you’ll tell me am I doing the right thing by making love to my maid???

Only Responses sent by Females to my mail box via e-mail will be accepted. I love replying to mails sent to me and will get back to your at the earliest, please note I shall not respond to Anonymous responses and you need to write in your ASL along with your response.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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