Making Good a Mistake

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The insistent bleat of her iPhone woke her. She had stayed up later than usual, her nervy energy making it impossible to consider going to bed until fatigue overwhelmed her. An only son, Carl, was out with friends on what she had been told would be a subdued stag night, held in or around the Boynton Beach area with its bars and night spots, his minder and best friend, Miguel Fuentes, assuring her that he would bring Carl home, no matter what.

She didn’t recognise the number on the screen. ‘Carol Meades…hello?’

‘It’s Miguel,’ a deep voice, heavy with its Cuban accent, brought her up short. The pause, before he went on, was way too long. ‘I’m ringing about Carl…’

‘What’s happened, Miguel…you said you’d look after him?’ she shouted in fear and anger, sitting up in her bed and clutching her knees. She waited for him to speak, a rush of anxiety gripping her.

‘I have done…but some dude spiked his drink. I got him to the medical centre….and that’s where I am now. I’m sorry to bring this on you, Carol…’

‘It’s kind of late for that, apologies, Miguel…don’t you think?’ She caught a glimpse of herself in her dressing table mirror. ‘What state are you in?’

‘I laid off the booze as I said I would…but Carl’s not goin’ anywhere tonight and maybe not tomorrow either…’

‘He’s in that bad shape?’

‘No, it’s a precaution…I guess.’

‘I’ll sure ask them when I get there!’

Carol kicked off the covers as the options open to her flooded in. Her ex would have handled all of this, but she was alone and had to face the reality of it all. She had lived in the small three bedroomed house, in its gated community, some three years now and since the divorce came through. Somehow, she kept this roof over their heads, and she worked for the local Hospital Board while Carl finished his studies. He’d done that while he pursued a relationship with Debra Paine and gotten her pregnant. Strange how history had repeated itself, she being banged up with Carl and having to marry just as he was set on doing in a week’s time. At least he’d had the guts to stay by her, but then Debra had a lot going for her, like a Dad whose trucking and warehousing business had found Carl a slot to be filled after graduation. Things sure could have been a lot worse.

She tugged off her thin nightie and stood butt naked in front of the mirror as the iPhone was held to her ear. No man was in a rush to claim her fleshy body, or lie between her strong thighs, after Frank had been shown the door. But that Miguel had his roving eye and she’d even caught him looking at her over the times he had been in the house, with Carl, before the night’s events.

‘You want me to drive over and collect you…see if I can bring Carl home too, I guess, Miguel?’ She couldn’t keep the annoyance from her voice. A glance at her watch showed it to be one-thirty in the morning.

‘It sure is a bind for you, but I wanted to tell you…stop you worrying about him!’ he retorted, peevishly, exasperation in his voice.

‘About you both…I don’t know any of the others! Are you wasted too?’

‘No…I’ve already told you, I laid off the booze…had non-alcoholic beer,’ he answered bluntly. ‘the others thought I was crazy….but I did as you asked me.’

‘That’s something, I guess,’ she answered, not conceding on any of this. A bra and nicks were soon put on and she grabbed at her denim skirt and a loose-fitting white blouse with its lacy trim at the neckline. Her face was a little drawn and she brushed away the tumble of her hair. She saw that a necklace, with its turquoise baubles, still hung onto her cleavage. Her large feet were pushed into a pair of beach sandals as she waited for him to speak. ‘So, what’s it to be, Miguel?’

‘I’d sure like you to come over and see him…’

‘Does he want that or just you?’ she now challenged, thinking to pursue the looks he had cast her way. Was a young guy really coming onto her when he had done that?

There was a pause. ‘Both, Carol…I’d like that as much for my sake as his. I’m sorry to let you down…it was a mistake, what happened, not done on purpose just for Carl to have a good time.’

At least she had an apology from him. Miguel wouldn’t brazen it out and she liked his polite ways, something he would have been taught by his folks in those traditional ways of it that she too had tried to educate Carl to abide by.

‘Meet me at the main door in twenty minutes or so…Miguel, and we go from there,’ was all she said and rang off.


Miguel stood on the sidewalk outside the clinic’s main entrance, as Carol had asked of him in her sharp voice. He sure couldn’t blame her for doing so, and he thought back to what had happened. They were all having a good time until Carl had slumped forward and puked. They had all laughed, thought it was the soon to be groom’s right to have a blast with his pals, but things had taken a turn and he’d had to get a cab and take Carl to the Med Centre. The others adiosbet yeni giriş had soon drifted off, their night hitting the buffers way too early.

He had also called Debra and told her the news. She had let rip as well, gone on and told him that her night with friends wouldn’t be ending in the way her man’s had gone and done.

He zipped up his windcheater and leant against the railing set at the edge of the sidewalk. Even at this early hour of the morning folks passed by but didn’t look his way. He wondered how it would go when Carol showed up. She’d let rip at him, but not so bad that he was put off by her ways. Where he came from you honoured the older woman, but Carol wasn’t family and so he could let his imagination rip about being alone with her in the house. He’d been there one night already, in the upstairs bedroom with its own bathroom, while she and Carl had their own spaces downstairs.

With Carl now laid out, and on a drip, in a room in the building behind him, who was to know what might happen, or they would get up to, in the hours he was with her, and she let him in. She had talked and laughed with him during happier moments earlier in the day, as she often did when he came over to be with Carl. She had been in his life ever since he had met Carl at college and they had lived it all out, chased the same chicks, one winning them over, then the other. Debs had changed all of that for Carl, and he had gone on living for fun, no holds barred, and tapping those he wanted. One chick had a horny mother who had soon taken him to new levels of wayward pleasure and experiences, even moments of depravity that his dark olive skin, and what he brought, aroused in them. He had said nothing of those times to anyone, not even Carl. With Carol he would tread the same path, the sight of what she could bring making the blood hum in his veins.

She’d made no effort to dress up before driving him and Carl to the meet with others, but that blouse with its lacy fringe sure shaped her and revealed enough to let him know, again, what she would bring to his touch, the swell of her tits and outline of her nipples through the fabric, along with that necklace of colourful beads hanging so teasingly on her breastbone, the hint of her cleavage, Carol’s strong legs, thighs, and sway of hips keeping his attention on her. All of that on a woman of five ten, or so, who had soon aroused any number of lustful thoughts in him.

If she knew the effect that she had on him, Carol gave no sign of it. How could she with Carl around whenever he was in the house or they were out in the yard and looking out over the water, some of it shaded by a mature avocado tree? He had taken in every detail of her, along with the sight of her painted toenails as she walked on the tiled floors of the house in bare feet, their colour matching her fingernails.

Yeah, Carol was a large woman and he wondered how it would be to fuck her, be fucked by her, for them to fuck, just the two of them in the house and the neighbours rarely to be seen. What of it, if they were met? Carl would be back home before folks even knew what had happened between him and the woman he now saw striding purposefully towards him.

Yeah, she brought much to savour and to touch; a mature woman’s body that he’d love to take before the years really did take their toll on her. The effect of the night breeze as it pressed her skirt to Carol’s legs only intensified the ache of longing in his belly, in his balls and the tip of his prick. Fleshy as she was, his bulk would dwarf the woman he now saw smiling in greeting. Carol was no beauty, but what she would bring would make up for that.

‘You waited out here for me,’ she now said lightly, ‘I appreciate that, Miguel. I’d better go and see my boy…’

‘I reckoned you would want to talk before goin’ in?’

‘Yes, we’ll do that, but what else is there to say? Carl got wrecked. You and I have to find a way through, Miguel…you…you owe me that.’

He heard the break in her voice. ‘Carl’s doing okay…honestly he is, Carol.’

‘But I’m not. He’s all I’ve got…and I told him not to take risks on a night out. Look what’s happened…to bring us here..’

She didn’t resist him as Miguel put his arm around her shoulder and held her. Nor did she resist when he embraced her, and she clung to him for an instant. The young guy was strong and hooked on her, crazy as it was to think it let alone to realise what his embrace now aroused in her.

‘I’ll make it up to you…if you’ll let me?’

She only nodded her reply. His strength and heat could be felt as Miguel held her. Her son’s friend seemed so self-assured, and to know that aroused a riot of thoughts in her. It had been a while since she had felt the way she did now.


‘I’ll try not to distract you,’ he murmurs, offering fingertip caresses to her throat that she meets with a slight turn of her head, her eyes kept on the road but her thoughts elsewhere. ‘Your skin’s adiosbet giriş so soft…and so warm here.’

Carol gasps, feels the brush of his fingers on her thighs, between them, before he slowly moves until they touch her mound, linger on her panties before they press into her. She knows she’s wet, cannot keep her state of arousal from him.

”I want this from you,’ she says, darting a look his way and moving one hand over the bulge in his jeans, the insistent press of his fingers unrelenting as she touches and then clamps on him. ‘I want it all from you…no questions asked, Miguel, and no explanations…no promises afterwards.’

She hears him groan as she works him, feels the brush of Miguel’s lips to her cheek before he kisses her ear, draws away the tumble of her hair to make it easier to do so. His breaths on her skin make her shiver.

‘If I could…I’d kiss these….really touch them.’ His hand cups one breast and squeezes it slowly, rhythmically, on her nipple, it’s large and hard. ‘How much further…?’

‘Before I cum…here in the car?’ she laughs on halting breaths, dismayed by her wanton behaviour. The young stud beside her is seeing a new woman, her deepest wishes soon to be fulfilled. ‘We’re in the parking lot…concentrate for a moment on something else, Miguel.’

‘That’s hard to do with what I know you’ll bring to me.’

The car soon slewed to a stop and she unfastens her seatbelt, turns and meets his hungering kisses, squirms as his fingers trace a path over her thighs and press into her panties once more. His fingers ease away her panties and tug on coarse hair.

‘Come on…inside…come into the house…come inside me!’

She’s dismayed with what she’s saying, but she already knows exactly how she wants to be fucked and it’s going to be deep and furiously fast by the young man before her. Miguel’s strong and broad-shouldered, his hands with their long wide fingers are smooth. She’s felt them on her skin, already, as she drove them here, to her home where he’s a visitor. Soon, and with her compliance, he’ll be a trespasser on what she thought was her place to live on and make a go of her life. It’s taken so long to get here, to feel a man’s hands on her as Miguel undresses her, his kisses to her bared shoulders and neck, to her back as he unclips her bra and his hands soon cup her heavy breasts. She holds them and guides his touches, their squeeze sending shivers of abject pleasure rushing through her body, down to her belly.

‘Yes…you know how it is for me now, Carol…’

He’s made her turn and simply stands before her as he tugs his shirt over his head, her gasps of dismay at the strength in his arms, broad shoulders with their tattoos and all of it matched by the muscles in his stomach.

‘Make it right…what has happened tonight!’

She tugs urgently on his belt as she bends to kiss her nipples that spring from the wide circle of wrinkled flesh that are her areolas. He feasts on them and she has to stop for an instant, wanting to see what this hunk of a young man will bring to her.

‘Ai…ai…mujer!’ he gasps, her hands clamping on his prick as it springs free of all restraint, his sky-blue briefs pushed down over his thighs. ‘Take me…take it in your mouth! Are you goin’ to be my cock slave?’

She nods dumbly. She hasn’t been spoken to in these ways before, but then she’s not taken a young lover like this friend of Carl’s is known to be. He’s given her no overt signs, as now, of his hunger for her and her body. He could have any young chick but he wants her, now.

‘You…you mean…like this?’ she stammers in reply, his hands in her hair, the fastening tugged away before it falls about her face and onto her fleshy shoulders. She’s opened her mouth wide to take its width. She slicks it with her tongue she sucks, feels the smoothness of its tip on the walls of her mouth. It stops short of her throat, but she bobs her head and works him with her mouth, tongue and hands, feels his grip in her hair and hears his gasps of wanton and unrestrained pleasure, pushes forward to take her in this way, her choking moans not stopping him.

‘I…I knew you’d be special! Go on…go on!’

‘Don’t cum in my mouth…I don’t want that!’ The way he is, and his arousal so brutal, she feels she won’t be able to take it all. ‘Fuck me, Miguel…do it!’

She’s become someone else in her language and demands. She scrambles over the bed, the coverlet still in place, and she lies back, her weighty breasts splayed out and flattened, her legs parted to reveal her hairy slit and glistening, swollen, pink lips to her pussy. Her fingers part them and Miguel bends down.

‘Let me taste you first…like this and like this,’ he sucks and kisses. His flickering, probing tongue tasting her and with his fingers finding her sweet heat. She bucks her hips to meet these claims, tugs on his hair and pulls his head to keep him to her for as long as she can bear his raging torture, the expectancy adiosbet güvenilirmi of what else he will do in taking her.

‘You want me to fuck you now?’ he grins, meeting her wide-eyed stare as Miguel leans forward, coaxes her with caresses and kisses to her skin to raise her legs and rest them on his broad shoulders. ‘I’ll find you…you know I will…and it will be like never before…for both of us.’

‘Do it!’ she yells, her voice filling the room before he silences her with his kisses, tugs on her nipples with his lips clamped to them.

Their shadows are dancing on the wall in the light from a small bedside lamp she’s left on ever since she took his call. Now, he’s slipping that prick into her wet heat. She’ll soon feel his balls slap against her butt cheeks. His coarse pubes will mix with hers, and that smooth swollen tip, of his long arcing prick, will brush and press against her cervix, or be so close that she’ll know that she has taken him all. Her vaginal walls will be caressed by the young stud’s prick, and she’ll know again what it is to fuck, really fuck and to be fucked, only this time by a friend of her boy. Living with the memory of that will be dealt with, somehow…sometime.

‘Make me your slut…take me with that cock…own me with it!’ She groans in her wild efforts and feels the grip of her longing clamp her belly, where she’s taken him, her legs already aching from the efforts to caress his heaving and twisting body as she slams into her in long strokes, then slows, then quickens once more. ‘Oh…oh jeez! Miguel…you’ve…you’ve found me…already! Come on…I’m doing this for you too!’

Her orgasms grab at her body in gripping rushes, erupt as he takes her mercilessly and in pursuit of his release, her tugs on his prick weakening. He slams into her repeatedly; he grunts and gasps and she knows it can’t be long. There’s no finesse, just the wild crash of his body against her, the incessant searching slip of his prick in and out of her love tunnel.


She’s heard him c curse before he pulls out of her. She feels empty. Miguel pushes her legs wider and kneels over her. His hands brush her skin. She looks down to see that trembling, glistening length of ebony flesh and its slicked tip. She reaches for it, wants to have him buried in her once more.

‘Forgot the condom!’ he growls in frustration, but Miguel moves over her until she knows what he wants her to do. She caresses his prick with her breasts, then increases the slide of them over his skin, breathes in the smell of their loving before her lips touch the domed tip and she tases herself on it. ‘ Yes, do that….suck on it…taste my cum. Go on…suck it hard!’

Miguel silences her protests with kisses.

It happens in the way that he wants, and she yearns to discover. His fingers caress her clit as, on a loud roar that turns into sharp gasps as he blows, he explodes on her face and into her mouth. She had wanted it all in her, deep inside her, to feel the tingling rushes of a man’s cum expelled into her and to share that moment of release with her own wracking orgasm.

She reaches up to hold his head and is lifted off the bed to meet his deep kisses, wraps her arms about his body and stifles her cries of contentment, her wanton abandon, against his mouth. Miguel’s vigour has overwhelmed her, his body so strong and youthful, his hunger for her soon discovered and then made real by the force of his jetting streams of cum on her chin, her throat and between her breasts. She loved the sight of his jerking penis when that happened; she loved the feel of his penis as he slowly moved and pressed down on her, their bodies in contact from head to toe.

‘I smell us on each other,’ he murmurs appreciatively.

She pulls on his head, his closely cropped hair making that all but impossible. ‘I can taste us on my lips and in my mouth. I’ve never done that…and don’t go saying you don’t believe me.’

He rolls off her and lies back on the covers beside her. He’s spent, the fleshy woman, with her big tits and warm cunt, has worked him to the end. Now, her touches suggest she’s not through with him. They’ll sleep a while, then fuck before breakfast and start the new day.

‘I do believe you, Carol. You were wild and made it like no other time for me,’ he assures her as best he can.

The words will sound empty but they’re the truth. To fuck his friend’s mother has been like nothing else he’s known of before, and since he started doing it, taking girls and women, when he was just fifteen, a drunken aunt the beginnings of his journey. He was too well made, well hung in Yankee words, to keep it to himself she had told him. Her heat, and what she brought to his sight and touch, a distraction from the alcohol on her breath. Memories of that time were made real, once ore, by the woman who now lay beside him, her skin pale against his. That too was a turn on for him.

‘We’ll have to live this out some more,’ she says, her easier breaths hot on his clammy skin as she lay against him, her hand sweeping over his broad chest and ripples of his stomach before clamping on his flaccid length, its girth sending shivers through her. She had wondered how his skimpy briefs could hold it and his heavy sac.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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