Mama’s Boy Loses His Mother

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While this story involves a relationship between an 18 year old boy and his aunt, there is considerable content regarding the woman’s natural appearance and the young man’s fondness for that. Please check the story tags.


Jimmy Webb awoke in a cold sweat, having bolted upright in the darkened room, and judging by the way the bedroom door opened quickly after his Aunt Meg ran down the hall, the young man knew that his nightmare must have come with a soundtrack courtesy of him screaming one again.

“You okay Jimmy?” Aunt Meg asked as she stood in the doorway, her plump figure silhouetted by the light from the hall behind her. “Jimmy?”

“Yeah Aunt Meg – I’m sorry,” Jimmy said sheepishly as he cursed himself silently for being such a big baby yet again, but he was distracted by the sight of his usually modest Aunt Meg wearing a plain white nightie and nothing else.

While the nightie was nothing particularly erotic in itself, seeing his aunt like this certainly was. Jimmy was tempted to turn on the light so he could see better, because while he could easily make out the outline of the middle-aged woman’s pendulous breasts through the satin as well as the shadow of what looked like a dense black triangle between her legs, he wanted to see more of what he often fantasized about in the months since he moved in to the divorced woman’s house after Mom passed.

“Nothing to be sorry about honey,” Aunt Meg cooed, sounding a lot like his Mom used to as she left the door ajar and came over towards the bed, and to Jimmy’s delight she said on the edge of the mattress. “Dreaming about Mom?”


“Want me to lay down here with you for a bit?” Aunt Meg offered and without waiting for the boy to answer brought her legs up onto the bed and shifted around so she was reclining while facing her nephew, propping her elbow onto the pillow next to his.

Jimmy’s eyes went from the glorious sight of his aunt’s breast swaying down towards the bedding to something he had never gotten more than brief limited views from peeking up Aunt’s Meg’s sleeves over the years, and even though he had relieved himself before falling asleep like he did every night, his dick was surging at the sight of the thick tuft of black hair that filled the large round cavern of her armpit.

Aunt Meg was talking to her nephew but Jimmy hardly heard her, so fixated was he at the sight of his Aunt there next to him almost naked. Her breasts Jimmy knew were large, but now unsupported by her 40D bra they looked even bigger than he had dreamed, and after wishing for months that Aunt Meg’s would wear something without sleeves so he could really see her armpits, this was an embarrassment of riches for the perpetually horny boy.

“Jimmy?” Aunt Meg asked as she lowered her face towards her nephew’s line of vision, and when the boy realized his aunt was trying to get his attention she repeated, “What are you looking at honey?”

“Uh – nothing. Sorry. Daydreaming,” Jimmy mumbled as he looked up at his Aunt Meg, and she had a little smile on her face when he blushed while trying and failing to keep his eyes meeting hers.

“You can tell me honey,” Aunt Meg said softly, and as she spoke her left hand reached up and brushed her short wavy hair away from her cheek, making the lad’s distractions double briefly. “Tell your Aunt Meg. It’s okay.”


“I mean, I know I’m not as pretty as those ladies in your magazine,” Meg said, and when Jimmy’s head swiveled around in panic she added. “I wasn’t snooping honey. You left in on the night table one day last week – along with your socks.”

Jimmy’s face turned red kartal escort at the mention of the issue of Hippie Girls that he had bought at the adult book store the day he turned 18, and as for the socks, they were a trick a friend at school had told him about. Slipping his erection into a sock when he masturbated kept the mess intact, but the thought that his aunt had seen the stiff twisted sock and figured out what it was humiliated him as much as her seeing the magazine.

“I’m sorry,” Jimmy mumbled, kicking himself for being so careless.

“Nothing to be sorry about honey,” Meg assured him. “You’re a growing fellow with needs, and while I obviously was never a boy, believe me that when I was your age I did much the same thing. I used to fantasize about movie stars like James Dean – he was popular back then.”

“You did?”

“Of course, and with me being all alone now – well – let’s just say that I think that I need a boyfriend as bad as you need a girlfriend,” Meg explained. “I even looked at your magazine a little. Some of those ladies are even hairier than I am.”

With that Meg lifted her arms and looked at the thick tuft of black hair that she hadn’t bothered shaving since her husband passed away a couple years ago.

“I should shave though,” Meg mused. “I’m as hairy as a man.”

“No,” Jimmy said quickly. “I mean – there was a Sophia Loren movie on TV last month and she didn’t shave either.”

“Well, I’m no Sophia Loren,” Meg replied as she watched Jimmy staring at her nipples which were pressing hard into the satin nightie. “Even if I lost a little weight. Tell me honey – when you pleasure yourself do you always look at your magazine?”

“No – sometimes I think about – girls.”

“Girls at your school?”

“Sometimes,” Jimmy said, not even trying to keep his eyes from his voluptuous aunt.

“Anybody else?” Meg asked her eyes going down to the tent in the sheet that covered her prone nephew. “Do you ever think about me?”

Jimmy didn’t answer with words but the way sweat was beading up on his flushed forehead spoke volumes.

“Aren’t you warm with that sheet on you honey?” Meg asked. “Why don’t we slip that off of you?”

“No!” Jimmy yelped, grabbing the sheet to keep it over him.

“Are you naked under there?” Aunt Meg asked.

“Sort of,” Jimmy admitted, because although he wore underwear to bed they were down around his ankles.

“Another sock,” Meg said, noticing that she had pulled the sheet down far enough to reveal around bunched up sock under that, and when he picked it up she noticed that it wasn’t stiff but just soggy, causing her nephew’s anguished look to get even worse. “You’re a frisky fellow, aren’t you honey? Don’t be upset. Maybe I can help.”

“What?” Jimmy asked as Meg pulled the sheet slowly down, and although the lad resisted at first Meg was persistent.

Down the sheet went, first exposing Jimmy’s smooth scrawny chest and flat stomach and then revealing the little nest of curls above his penis before her nephew’s erection was revealed.

“Oh my,” Meg said, smiling and biting her lower lip as she saw the pale prong pointing straight up, the skin on the rigid tube stretched to the limit. “You don’t look anything like you did when I used to change you diapers 8 years ago.”

“It’s little – not like the guys in the magazine,” Jimmy said, cringing when he saw the bead of semen that was forming on the tip of the acorn head of his dick.

“Nonsense,” Meg said after taking a deep breath, noting that while Jimmy’s manhood was very slender there was nothing small kurtköy escort about it. “You have a very nice penis. You know, it’s been years – may I touch it?”

Without waiting for an answer Meg reached over and held the base of her nephew’s prong, her thumb and index fingers able to feel the throbbing as the blood pulsed through the slim stalk.

“Oh – you’re so hard honey. It’s been so long since I held a man,,” Meg said as Jimmy’s eyes screwed shut. “Is something wrong?”

“No,” Jimmy grunted as the sap began to drool down the crown.

“You want to cum again, don’t you honey?” Meg said, and Jimmy nodded as he reached over for the sock, but his aunt stopped him.

“You mustn’t even say anything to anyone about this,” Meg cautioned as she leaned over her nephew. “Promise?”

Jimmy’s eyes were now wide open as he watched his Aunt Meg open her mouth while she leaned down, and as his dick got swallowed up into a very warm and wonderful place he could hold back no longer.

His dick erupted into Meg’s mouth like a geyser while Jimmy squirmed and writhed in the bedding, coating his aunt’s throat with his hot seed in a series of volleys while she savored the taste of his cum.

Even after it was spent, Meg kept sucking on Jimmy’s dick while it withered into a very modest tube, reaching down to gently roll his balls in her palm as it did.

“Oh man,” Jimmy sighed as he reached down and put his hand first on Aunt Meg’s shoulder, squeezing the soft flesh before timidly letting his fingers slide under her arm.

“Feels nice honey,” Meg said, shivering when she felt Jimmy’s fingers in her armpit, gently stroking the moist tuft of hair before she went back to her nephew’s flaccid dick. “If I keep doing this will you get hard again honey?”

“Think so – feels so good – I never,” Jimmy grunted as Meg resumed sucking, stretching his dick with her mouth as she savored doing what she had done to her late husband so often, and while Jimmy was nowhere near as large as he had been, her nephew’s circumcised organ was much more attractive and easier to handle.

“Don’t know if this would help,” Meg said as she rose up on her knees and grabbed the bottom of her nightie. “Would you want me to take this off?”

Jimmy’s head bobbed up and down eagerly as Meg said in apologizing for her 53 year old body, “Not exactly like those girls in the magazine.”

Meg couldn’t believe she was doing this, getting naked in front of her late sister’s boy, and even though the room wasn’t bright she cringed as the nightie came over her head.

“Oh man Aunt Meg,” Jimmy gasped as his eyes took in the sight of the first naked woman he had even seen in the flesh, and if he minded his aunt’s tummy he didn’t show it. “You’re so pretty.”

Meg didn’t feel pretty but she did feel sexy because she knew Jimmy meant it. He thought her massive pendulous breasts were attractive, and while the jungles of hair that grew untrimmed between her legs and under her arms might not arouse many guys it was clear how Jimmy felt.

“Go ahead honey,” Meg said as Jimmy’s hand came towards her breast timidly, and when his hand reached the soft flesh she sighed, her already stiff nipples wanting to explode in his sweaty palm. “Here.”

Meg leaned over and dangled her breast towards her nephew’s face, and Jimmy grabbed the massive mammary with both hands while his mouth suckled on the fat peg of his aunt’s nipple.

“That’s it honey – suck it hard – that’s it,” Meg shivered as her nephew eagerly nursed on her breast while his hands kneaded the pliant flesh, and as she maltepe escort cradled the back of Jimmy’s head she added, “Feels nice.”

Meg smiled when she saw that Jimmy’s eyes strayed after she reached over and rubbed the back of her nephew’s neck, so she raised her arm higher, placing her hand behind her own neck so Jimmy could get a better look at what obvious turned him on.

“You really like my hairy armpits, don’t you honey?” Meg said in acknowledging the obvious, and although she didn’t fully understand the attraction she enjoyed being so obviously lusted after. “Go ahead – do anything you want to me honey. It’s okay.”

Jimmy’s head moved slowly, his eyes on his aunt’s as he shyly moved his face from Meg’s breasts, and while his hands continued to knead her fleshy breasts he leaned up and put his face under her arm.

When Jimmy’s mouth pressed into the thick tuft of hair he lost any inhibition left in him, and soon he was licking and sucking on the slightly tart curls while he made slight snorting sounds.

“Ooh!” Meg sighed, and while because the hair was so dense in the center of her armpit she couldn’t really feel Jimmy’s tongue, that wasn’t the case when he licked around the fringes. “That feels nice too.”

“It does?” Jimmy asked, removing his reddened face from under Meg’s arm.

“Sure – here let me show you,” Meg suddenly said, and playfully grabbed her nephew arm and pulled it back to the headboard.

Meg was bit shocked when she saw only a few golden hairs sprouting in the center of an otherwise creamy white hollow, and Jimmy seemed embarrassed about that at first, but after Meg bent down and licked like he had done her, pasting the wisp of hair to the skin, he squirmed with delight.

“Remember. You must not tell a soul Jimmy,” Meg told the lad as she got up on her knees and with considerable effort straddled her nephew. “I mean that honey. None. Not friends or anyone.”

“I swear,” Jimmy gasped as his Aunt Meg took hold of his arching prong and rubbed it up and down her labia, and then slipped his dick through the bush and into her embarrassingly wet pussy.

“Try not to cum,” Meg practically begged as she began to ride her nephew, his erection not goin deep but deep enough as Jimmy’s face turned crimson as he tried to keep from shooting his load while she cried out, “That’s it – gonna cum soon!”

Meg came, loudly and forcefully, and her nephew followed right after. The tears that went down Jimmy’s ruddy cheeks were tears of joy, and after his dick went limp and slipped out he collapsed at his aunt’s side.

“That was so good honey,” Meg cooed as she put his arm around Jimmy, and it was like that they both feel asleep.


Some time later Meg woke up, disoriented for a moment until it struck her where she was. She was in the bedroom her nephew Jimmy had taken residence in, but she remembered he had fallen asleep at her side and now he was no longer there. When she looked down she saw the reason she had awakened.

“Jimmy?” Meg asked as she looked down at the top of Jimmy’s head, and when he lifted his face out of her grotto she smiled and whispered, “Don’t stop.”

Jimmy was going down on her, loudly with snorting noises attached, and while she would learn later this was the first time he had, his enthusiasm more that made up for his lack of skills. Meg directed his face with her hands while moving her thighs around his head, and as she did she knew that while what she had done was wrong she also knew that he would not be able to stop him now.

When he rose up onto his knees with a goofy grin on his face and his stiff dick in hand, she smiled back while he plunged into her sex, knowing that not only couldn’t she stop Jimmy, she had no desire to want to either.

“I can do this all night!” Jimmy pledged, and as it turned out this wasn’t just an idle boast, not that night or any nights that followed.


Thank you for reading.

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