Man’s Best Friend

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He sighed as he walked through the door from his long day of work. He and his wife had been married for about ten years. His wife, Payton, was a lovely latino woman with cinnamon skin, ebony curly hair, and skin as soft as silk, her DD breasts were firm and round, and she had legs and thighs for days. There were soft footsteps coming from the kitchen. Drake smiled at the sound.

“Is that you honey?” Payton asked with sweetness in her voice.

“Yes, it’s me sugar.” He said as he took off his shoes.

He walked to their bedroom and started to take off his clothes. Today was a very stressful day especially with his bitch of a boss. The only thing that got him through the rest of the day was imagining his wife on her knees servicing him like a real slut. His ten-inch cock started to harden and throb at the thought. He got down to his pants unbuttoning them when his wife walked in.

“How was your day?” She asked as she walked in.

All he could he think of Starzbet was the image of his wife submitting to him like his pet. He shuddered at the thought and his cock throbs more, wanting freedom. He walked over to his wife and growled at her. She didn’t even have a chance to object when he pushed her down to her knees.

She looked up at him and bit her lip. Before she could speak, he shoved his cock in her mouth. She gagged a little before started to suck.

“That’s a good girl suck your master’s cock like a good slut.” He moans as he grips her ebony hair.

He started to thrust in her mouth, fucking her mouth not giving her chance to take a break. She started to gag and choke as he moaned. He fucked her mouth senseless it was only minutes later when he came down her throat. Her eyes glazed over and rolled back in her head.

“Swallow.” He commanded her.

She nodded as she swallowed it all without a question.

“Up dog and on the bed.” Starzbet Giriş He commanded again.

She panted hard as she slowly lay down on the bed still biting her lip. Once he got over her, he smirked as he leaned over and ripped her shirt and bra, into stripes. She gasps and then he rips her rest of her clothes to pieces when she gasped again.

“Stay dog.” He commanded in a growl.

Her toes curl at the growl and command, she started to whimper and pant as her core was turning molten. He walked over to the closet and brought out the leash and collar.

“Crawl to your owner dog.” He commanded.

She whimpered as she slowly crawled over to him.

“Now be a good dog and sit.” He waited.

She blushed but slowly sat down. He bent over and hooked the collar and then attached the leash.

“Now who a good girl” He talks to her.

She thinks for second and doesn’t speaks but barks. He smiles as he pulls the leash slowly Starzbet Güncel Giriş to the bed. “Up.” Was all he said.

She climbed on the bed as he smacks her ass. She moans at the impact. He smirks as he starts to spank her over and over until her ass was a beat red. Which each slap her mouth made a new noise. By the time he was her done spanking, her pussy was throbbing, soaked, and dripping. He mounted her ad thrust in her.

They both moaned. His cock slide into her pussy with ease, she was so wet and relaxed. He pumped his cock in her sliding against her walls. With every thrust she moaned louder. After a minute he could barely move is cock anymore, while he was thrusting he was also pulling on the leash. Listening to her choke, gag, moan and pant made him pump faster and harder until she screamed and came. Which made him shot his heavy load into her.

Both were panted as Drake smiled as he slowly pulled out teasing her. She was moaning the whole time he was teasing her. When he finally pulled and walked over to her.

“From now on, when I’m almost home you will drop everything and get ready to be my bitch if you don’t you to be punished. Do you understand bitch?” He asked.

She nods. “Yes master.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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