Marcus, Maryann Plus Kerry

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person, location or situation in particular. All characters engaged in any sexual activity are at least eighteen. This submission will discuss first time sex between Marcus and his Girlfriend, Maryann plus incest between his twin sister Kerry. I hope you have fun reading it; however, you should read my other stories first to get some clarification and a better understanding on some of the activities. Continued constructive comments are very much appreciated. I have tried to enhance my story with “QUOTES” (thanks to feedback) as well as adding chapters (first time), please be kind on your comments but I do appreciate and accept the input.

Warning this story contains sex between brother & sister (incest), Anal (guy into female), Lesbian action and Masturbation. If you are offended by this, then I suggest you read another story on this site.

I was going to make this story into several parts but based upon previous comments decided to make it into a longer story, thank you for reading.

The three main characters for this story are;

Kerry Vanderman – Kerry is 18-years-old, the daughter of Kathy Vanderman, she is graduating High School shortly then going off to a college in Upstate NY to follow in her mother’s artsy footsteps. Kerry has long red hair is 5 ft 7 inches, 32 B-24-32, a model’s body with a sculptured ass.

Marcus Vanderman – Kerry’s twin brother who is obviously also 18-years-old. He is graduating from the same High School, but not sure what he wants to do in life. Marcus is 5 ft 10.5 inches, slender like his sister, but all muscle – lean, an ass that appears to also be sculptured, like his sisters but more manly, he has blonde hair, which he keeps short.

Maryann Frederick – Marcus’s girlfriend of 2 years, that is also 18 years old and going to the same high school as the twins, however she has been friends with Kerry as well. Maryann at 4 ft 7 inches is really cute, with 30 A breasts and a bob style short brunette haircut.

If you read my other stories, which I suggest you do, you would know that Marcus is joining his girlfriend and her parents on vacation to St. Barts. The first few chapters are about that trip.


Chapter One

Marcus and Maryann arrive in St. Barts with her parents. They are all greeted at the airport then driven to their Villa for the week. Once at the Villa, rooms are assigned, with Don & Teri Frederick going their very large master suite to unpack while Marcus & Maryann go to their luxury room.

Their room, is on the other side of the Villa, has a king size bed, very large master bathroom suite with an enormous tub. Both Marcus and Maryann start getting settled in. After getting settled in her master suite, Teri Frederick knocks on the door to check in on the kids.

“Come in”, Maryann yells out.

Her mom asks them, “Is your room OK?”

“Yes, it is perfect.”

Her mom tells them, “Great news, finish unpacking then throw on a bathing suit, we can have lunch at the pool.”


Maryann and Marcus both finish unpacking, Marcus noticing the limited bathing suites in Maryann’s suitcase, says, “Can’t wait to run around on Colombier Beach, without getting TAN LINES.”

Maryann tells him, “The rule for now at the villa pool is we wear swim suits, Marcus, alone on the beach without my mom or dad, no bathing suits will be required.”

She continues, “I may have been free around your mom modeling then posing nude with you for our Valentine’s gift to each other, but I am NOT ready for my dad to see me, just yet in my birthday suit, maybe he can see me topless at our pool.”

They both are finished unpacking, they head together into the double sink bathroom to wash up, Maryann stops to pee first then wipes herself and flushes the toilet, going to the sink to wash her hands & face. Marcus changes into a purple low-rise Speedo type bathing suit, while Maryann changes into her bikini, with her bottoms being just above her pussy hair line, as it is very low cut, the top is a small halter.

Now comfortable in their swimwear, they both head out the side door of their room to the pool. The butler for the Villa has lunch all set. Being both 18 years-old and on St, Barts, a French Island, they are allowed to have liquor drinks, so they both enjoy a Tequila Sunrise with lunch. Don is already seated wearing a pair of board type swim trucks while Teri has on a skin tight, leaving nothing to the imagination one-piece white bathing suit.

Marcus exclaims, “Wow, Mrs. Frederick nice bathing suit!”

He takes notice that her 34 C breasts with her nipples popping out of the suit, thinking maybe Maryann has a chance to bloom.

Mrs. Frederick says, “Thanks, Marcus but I think after all these years around us and especially being on this trip together, you can call us Teri & Don.”

Marcus says, “OK Teri.”

Teri tells everyone, “Now let’s all enjoy lunch.”

General Chit-Chat around the table.

Don Maltepe Escort telling everyone today, “I think we hang at the Villa, relax from our trip to this beautiful Island then tomorrow, I have arranged a Catamaran Sailing trip for all of us.”

“Wow, dad thanks,” Maryann replies.

Marcus says, “Thanks Don sounds great.”

They all finish lunch then head to the lounge chairs for some sun and pool time. Maryann has Marcus add sun screen to her body that he starts applying all over her small body frame, almost in a massage like fashion, while after Maryann basically just slops on his lotion all over his body. The two-lay next to each other on the double-wide sun lounger. Don and Teri are on individual sun loungers. Jimmy Buffet’s music is playing in the background with everyone relaxing.

Teri is getting hot and sweating in the hot sun so she decides to walk into the pool grabbing Don’s hand as they enter together, the shallow end of the pool. As they start to swim around to cool off, Maryann with Marcus jump into the deep end together holding hands. They swim over to meet Don & Teri.

Teri’s white bathing, she doesn’t realize it, turns totally see thru when wet exposing her 34 C breasts, with her nice nipples sticking out plus you can see her small dark brown patch of hair around her pussy. Marcus of course notices this right away but since he is used to seeing his mom & sister nude all the time, he totally ignores but admires Teri’s nice look that reflects a HOT MILF body. Marcus swims away back to the deep end so he doesn’t embarrass Teri, his future mother-in-law.

Don notices his wife’s translucent bathing suit, saying, “Teri did you know your bathing suit turns translucent when wet?”

Teri replies with, “Yes, Don I did and so what?”

Don replies with, “But Marcus seeing you almost kind of nude.”

Teri starts to tell him, “Don between us, can I let you in on a story but you can’t tell Maryann or anyone I told you this, as she would kill me. Maryann slipped out one day while we were talking about the Vanderman family.”

“You know, his mother is Kathy Vanderman, a famous artist & photographer?”

Don responds with, “Yes, I do.”

Teri then continues with more details, “What you don’t know is that sometimes her clients pose nude.”

Don says, “Yea, so what?”

“Well based on that, she has let her twins be free to run around the house including herself totally nude when they want to be.”

Don saying, “No way.”

Teri continues, “Yes, you know Don, we have both discussed going back to our old clothing optional ways, once Maryann turned 18-years-old and what better place to start? Since Marcus has seen his mom & Kerry totally nude plus, Teri further slipped out they posed in the nude together for a photo session.”

She left out, that by accident she saw some of the pictures of Maryann and Marcus’s Valentine photos.

Teri still discussing this with Don, “You noticed how Marcus handled seeing me almost nude, like it was nothing.”

Don agreeing with her says, “Let’s see how things play out this week, we will take it slow.”

Teri mentions to Don, “Wouldn’t it be nice, if we can get to the point of Kathy doing a family portrait for us? Possible include Marcus, as I think he will be part of our family for a long time.”

Don saying, “That would be great, I look forward to that day.”

Not much activity after the transparent incident, as everyone is tired from traveling to the Island today, they continue swimming & sunbathing. After a while with the sun starting to set, they all start to head back to their rooms to change for dinner.

Don, “Telling everyone the driver is picking us up at 7:30 pm for dinner at the Santa Fe.”

Maryann is wearing shorts and a halter top having dabbed some Miracle perfume on. Marcus is also in a pair of shorts with a polo shirt are both waiting for Teri & Don to finish getting dressed. They both come out, Teri in a short yellow sundress with an open back half way down, you can notice she is sans a bra. Don is dressed similar to Marcus.

Greeted at the Santa Fe, they sit at a table on the patio with drink orders taken then served. They all get up going over to the large lobster tank to pick out their Caribbean Lobster dinners, then they all return back to the table.

Marcus, “Announces that dinner tonight, as a thank you, is on him.”

Don of course stating, “That won’t be necessary.”

Marcus stating, “Do you want my mom to kill me, please let me treat tonight?”

Don, Maryann and Teri all say, “Thank you, Marcus.”

The lobsters are finished, nothing left but the shells and parts you shouldn’t eat, dessert is ordered then served. After dessert, complimentary rum shots are served to all. The check comes with Marcus handing over his personal American Express Black credit card to pay for the dinner. Their driver is outside waiting and they head back to the Villa.

Back at the Villa, good nights are said, they are so tired from the trip they all head off to bed. Marcus & Maryann, sleeping Cevizli Escort in the nude start to cuddle, when Maryann begins making moves then rolling on top of Marcus.

Babe, “I don’t think you would ever hear these words from me, but NOT tonight, I am exhausted, can we play tomorrow night?”

Maryann sadly rolls off Marcus as they both fall asleep spooned together. Forgetting to close the blinds, at 6:00 am the sun shining into the room waking both kids up.

Marcus says, “Hey we forgot to shut the stupid blinds?”

Maryann grabbing Marcus’s hands, saying, “Come on, it’s skinny dip time then?”

They head out their side door to the pool. Marcus saying as he is walking, “What about your mom & dad?”

Maryann responds with, “They are still sleeping, just be quiet.”

The two quietly walk into the pool then start swimming, meeting up in the shallow 3 foot of water, Maryann wraps her legs around Marcus, right at the point of his penis, which slides up, brushing past her pussy lips on top of her slit.

They walk around in the shallow part of the pool, joined but without penetration with Maryann supported by Marcus she floats in the water. Still attached to Marcus at the waist, she uses her hands around his neck to lift herself up, to start kissing him. They start to play around in the pool.

Meanwhile, Teri at 5 ft 9 inches, with shoulder length brown hair, wakes up first, opens the shades to see both kids swimming in the pool, she wakes up Don.

Teri says, “Honey, you’ve got to see this, they are both up early and appear to be skinny dipping.”

Don stands up his 6 ft 1-inch frame at 195 lbs., to looking out to see his little girl laying on top of the pool water, being comfortably supported, shall we say by Marcus.

“Hey Teri, are they doing it in the pool, it sure does looks like it?”

“I don’t think so Don. I think they have fooled around with each other but she is still our pure little girl.”

Don says, “Just like you, Teri, our little baby at 18-years-old, hasn’t blossomed yet, still with a pair of 30 A’s, in the tit department. For both of their sake, I hope she grows some larger, fuller breasts soon.”

Teri replies, “Hey, you have seen from my earlier pictures, that I wasn’t really large in the boob department until I had Maryann and was able to breast feed her.”

They both start thinking back in time. They both met when Teri was 19 & Don was 21, since they decided they wanted to have a baby early in their marriage, they got married 2 years later, now both are 42 & 44.

Teri is a lawyer, that decided to work for a small law firm in Mamaroneck, while Don owns a large construction and property development company in White Plains. They have both done very well for themselves.

Don mentioning, “Remember those days?”

Teri replies, “Yes, I do.”

Don says, “So, let’s leave them alone and come back to the bed with me Teri, I am horny and want to get laid.”

Teri, jumps back into bed with Don, to get her brains fucked out, by her husband.

After about an hour of playing touchy & feeling each other up, as they continue swimming together while having fun, the kids decide to finally head back to their room taking the pool towels to dry each other off. Once in their room, they hit the shower then wash each other up, making sure all body parts are extra clean. Next, they get dressed, heading to the kitchen where breakfast and Maryann’s parents are waiting for them.

Teri asks, “Sleep good kids?”

Maryann says, “Yes, right off to bed, we both fell asleep.”

Don tells them, “The driver should be here in about an hour, so they can eat then get ready to head off for the sailboat trip.”

Chapter 2

Maryann changes into a yellow bandanna top with a matching thong bathing suit with the front yellow patch just covering her pussy, adding a nice matching long cover up. Marcus changes into another low-rise bathing suit that highlights his penis, then adds a pair of shorts with a T-shirt. Both of them, hand in hand, head into the main living area to meet Don & Teri.

Don also wearing shorts with a T-shirt, while Teri also has on a nice Long cover up with a nice blue skimpy bikini on underneath. The cloth on top barely covers her 34 C breasts with her bottom portion about an inch above her pussy.

They head into the waiting car to be driven to Gustavia harbor to catch their sailboat.

Greeted by the captain, they head onto the waiting boat for their day trip. The captain telling them, “That the ship is all theirs to do whatever they want, just be safe and enjoy.”

The mooring lines are removed by the crew, then off they go heading to Colombier Beach.

As the boat sails on, Marcus suggests, “Lets head to the front of the catamaran to lay on the netting.”

Maryann taking her sun lotion with a bottle of water & towel heads with Marcus to the front of the sailboat. They then climb onto the netting part of the sailboat.

Once there, Maryann decides the hell with it, Marcus, “Do you mind if I remove my bandanna Atalar Escort top?”

“Why would I mind, don’t you care about your dad seeing you topless?”

“If he sees my small 30 A boobs, oh well, after mom’s bathing suit yesterday in the pool and her small bikini today, it doesn’t matter to me. Just like your house, I wouldn’t mind having nudist freedom at my house?”

Maryann removes her top, to expose her 30 A size breasts, asking Marcus to start rubbing in some sun lotion over her entire body.

With them both standing up, Marcus starts on Maryann’s back applying lotion, then slides down to her ass cheeks that are exposed from the thong she is wearing. Next without thinking about being topless, Maryann turns around now exposing herself to the crew and her dad. Marcus continues rubbing on lotion making sure her breasts are covered really well, like it is another day at the park, no worries that they are on the bow of the boat with potentially everyone watching.

Don turns to Teri, “Honey, we may get our wish this trip about having, when we get back home, a clothing optional rule, as our daughter is upfront with just her thong on & topless.”

Teri tells him, “Fine with her, hopefully Marcus should be comfortable enough around us to join in as well.”

Maryann applies sun lotion next over Marcus’s body, noticing his 7-inch penis in his bathing suit, telling him, “Hey Marcus looks like things are tight in that suit?”

“Yes, Maryann they are, I was thinking since we are alone upfront, of taking them off while we are sunbathing. You know, I don’t care if I am nude around other people, it is no big deal to me.”

“I know Marcus, your mom allows it around your house, maybe when I come to your house next time, your mom will let me be nude as well, after all she has seen me in my everything during our photo shoot and Kerry is like a sister to me so who cares if we see each other nude.”

“I’ll talk to my mom, Maryann about it, I don’t think she will object?”

Maryann says, “That will be so cool Marcus, here’s to being free.” Marcus removes his bathing suit with Maryann then removing her thong. Then she says “when in paradise, if it is good enough for you it is good enough for me.”

Marcus lets out, “Maryann, what about your dad and the crew?”

Her response, “I am now over 18, in a beautiful care free location and have my own freedom.” The two continue, now totally nude, laying out on the front of the sailboat, dozing off.

Teri and Don decide to join the kids on the netting upfront, now noticing they are both without suits.

“Hey, Don looks like you will have your wish, clothing optional?”

“Sounds great, but for us, let’s take it slow in front of them.”

“Agree, not sure how Maryann will accept looking at your 8-inch thick penis. It appears that our future son-in-law has a 7-inch pencil size penis.”

Don replies, “It sure does Teri.”

Teri says, “Maryann is a lucky girl or will be a lucky girl having had that placed within her pussy walls or will have it placed when the time comes to pop her cherry.”

The Captain yells out, “Lunch is now ready whenever you are ready to eat?”

Teri wakes up Maryann then Marcus, “Letting them know that lunch is ready.”

They both look up at Teri, Maryann saying, “Mom, I hope you & dad don’t mind, that since we are in paradise that being nude is accepted on this boat, so we decided to go without bathing suits?”

Teri tells them, “That they have no issues with them being free and nude. However, you both may want to cool off though before lunch as you are both sweating.”

Holding hands, they both jump off the bow of the boat. After swimming away from the boat, Maryann is trying to dunk Marcus, then Marcus going underwater through Maryann’s legs stops to blow bubbles towards her pussy, tickling Maryann. Ready to now eat, they decide to swim back over to the stern ladder, where a crew member hands them towels, so they can dry themselves off. They both then wrap the towels around their waists heading to the galley where lunch is available.

The captain explains, “That after lunch, they can continue relaxing some more on-board or snorkel or even head to the beach, which happens to be clothing optional, so looking at Maryann & Marcus, you both can remain as you are off the boat.”

They both say in unison, “Sounds great captain thanks.”

After lunch, Teri decides to snorkel, removing her bikini top, then rubs on sun lotion, heading off to the stern of the boat for her gear, jumping into the water to snorkel around the boat. Don seeing Teri in the water, decides to follow her into the water to also snorkel so he jumps in, joining her in the water. Don noticing, she is topless, takes Teri’s hand so they can snorkel together as they view some beautiful coral and fish.

Maryann asks Marcus, “Can we go swim to the beach together?”

“Sure Maryann, let’s go.”

Both still nude, they remove the towels from their waists to jump off the back of the sailboat, then swim over to the ladder where a dry bag containing fresh towels & water was packed by a crew member. The two carrying the dry bag start swimming to Colombier Beach, joining other nude & clothed beach folks. Marcus & Maryann arrive at the beach, laying out their large beach towels they help each other applying sun tan lotion.

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