Margaret’s Birthday Surprise

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(this is a sequel story to my Help My Wife series of stories. Check my profile to read them.)


It was Margaret’s 53rd birthday, and she had no idea that her family had organized a surprise party for her at the local village hall. She hadn’t been well on her 50th, and they wanted to make it up to her, so they threw her a special do, inviting her friends and family and keeping it a secret until the very last minute.

Her husband, Tom blindfolded her and led her through the front doors into the hall beyond while all her friends kept very quiet. Then just as he took the blindfold off, everyone shouted, “Happy birthday!’ making Margaret jump, but also laugh with delight.

Among the guests were all her family, and all her friends from the village. Her son Luke, and her daughter Dawn were there, as was her brother-in-law Billy and also her own sister and brother-in-law, Alison and Richard. The party was fantastic, lovely food and lots of drinks were flowing, and after the party was finished, Margaret invited some of her closest friends back to their house for a more intimate catch-up and chat.

So, Margaret, Tom, Luke and Dawn returned home, along with Alison, Richard and their son – Margaret’s nephew – Toby. Dawn’s husband, the local vicar, Father Edward joined them, Billy too, and finally Margaret and Tom’s best friends, who they hadn’t seen in a long time, Jack and Penny Kane.

Jack and Penny were quite old, but very lively. Jack was the ex-headmaster at the local school, and his wife Penny had been the senior mistress in charge of the girls. They had taught Luke and Dawn during their younger years. Since they had retired, Margaret and Tom hadn’t seen them for a while, so it was nice to reminisce about old times.

Several bottles of wine came out, and everyone relaxed in Margaret and Tom’s conservatory, which led out on to their expansive back garden. It was a lovely summer night, very warm and balmy, and the mood was very nice and friendly. Tom and the others made sure Margaret’s wine glass was kept topped up and it wasn’t long before she was feeling very tipsy and giddy.

Most of the others were more than a bit drunk too, as they should be at a birthday party. Margaret found herself in the kitchen at one point, feeding the cats as she knew she would forget later, and when she straightened up from putting the dishes down she saw her brother-in-law Billy quite openly staring down her top. Margaret blushed, knowing that he would have seen a lot of her big cleavage with the lowish-cut top she had on, and Billy chuckled.

“You’ve got a cracking pair of boobs,” he said quietly, but not quiet enough. Richard, her sister’s husband had just walked in to get a top-up of his empty glass and overheard. “She does, doesn’t she Bill?” Richard looked around to see if anyone else was listening, then lurched towards her drunkenly. “I’ve always wanted to do this.” He reached out one of his big hands and quickly squeezed her tit through her top. “Lovely! My Alison’s tits disappeared when she had the kids,” he said ruefully to Billy who nodded understandingly. Then he seemed to realise what he was doing. “Sorry,” he mumbled apologetically, but he never took his eyes off her cleavage the whole time.

“It’s all right,” said Margaret, not wanting any fuss at her birthday party.

Billy took her saying this as a reason to have a feel as well, and after a moment she had him feeling one breast while Richard fondled the other. Then Bill undid a couple of buttons and opened her top to reveal her big plain white bra. She let them look at her tits and have a feel of them beneath her bra, but then thought she should stop them before Alison or someone walked it.

“Now now, boys,” she tutted at them, buttoning her top back up. “Calm down before you get too excited. The two men grinned at each other like naughty school children, then refilled their drinks and went back to rejoin the other guests. Margaret knew she was blushing but followed them back into the room to mingle again.

Her son Luke pulled her to one side to speak privately. “I saw Uncle Richard feeling your tits, mum.”master

“He just grabbed them!” Margaret defended herself.

“He really liked them,” Luke whispered, “I could tell. I feel a bit sorry for him. Aunt Alison’s totally flat-chested.”

“And she’s a right prudish cow too,” Margaret added. “Richard’s such a nice man. We should find him a nice woman he can have some proper naughty time with.”

“What about you?” said Luke with a raised eyebrow, but Margaret laughed and dismissed that idea.

“I already have my hands full, with looking after you, dad and Uncle Billy,” she chuckled, “Besides, Alison is my sister.”

Luke nodded in agreement, and then they had to shut up because Father Edward, Margaret’s son-in-law joined them. He was a nice man but quite dull at times, which made Margaret feel a bit sorry for her daughter, who she knew to have quite a high sex drive.

Margaret managed to slip away from Edward’s boring conversation about cricket with Luke and went to the bathroom for a wee, but beylikdüzü escort she was very embarrassed when she pushed the door open to catch her nephew Toby already using the toilet. Tony was only a youngish lad but had a long thick dick, Margaret noticed as he hurriedly tried to pull his trousers up and fasten up his zip.

“Sorry, Toby,” Margaret said, trying not to embarrass him, “I didn’t mean to walk in on you, love.”

Poor Toby was bright red, and was struggling to hitch his jeans up as they were the very tight type which all the young ones were wearing these days. Because of that perhaps, he wasn’t wearing any underpants and his cock was flopping around as he desperately tried to cover himself. “I’m so sorry, Auntie Margaret,” he gasped in exasperation. He was probably also extra-embarrassed because his dick was starting to harden, probably because of the exposure to his aunt.

Margaret knew she shouldn’t, but she couldn’t help but feel slightly horny at the sight of such a nice, large young cock. It reminded her very much of her son, Luke’s, and before she did or said something inappropriate she closed the door and walked away, sparing Toby’s blushes. When Toby had finally fastened himself up and came out of the bathroom, he couldn’t look his aunt in the eye, and not long after that, Richard, Alison and Toby made their excuses to leave, mainly because Richard was so drunk and Alison was getting annoyed with him.

A little later, Billy also left, saying he was tired, but leaned in for a kiss with Margaret before he left. He had enjoyed too much to drink, and the kiss turned into a full-on snog. Margaret was drunk too and couldn’t help but return the kiss with maybe a bit too much passion. Billy’s hand groped her tits and the other went down and felt her backside, and before she got excited she eased away from him, only to notice Mr and Mrs Kane staring at her, quite shocked at such a public display of affection. Luckily, Father Edward was in the toilet and didn’t see the naughty embrace, he would have been horrified. Margaret managed to get Billy out of the door and into his taxi and Mr Kane walked towards her.

“I didn’t know you and your brother-in-law were so close?” he said. His breath smelled of whisky and he had a twinkle in his eye. He was a good-looking man even though he was retired and in his later years.

“Me and Billy have a special relationship,” Margaret confided carefully. She couldn’t deny it, not after what the Kane’s had seen.

Then Father Edward announced he was tired and was going home too. He was tired and had Mass in the morning, so it was time for an early night. Margaret was quite pleased, as Edward could be such a stick in the mud at times. So that just left Margaret, Tom, Dawn, Luke and the Kanes, which felt nice and intimate. Tom got out his best whisky and the girls kept drinking wine until it was very late, past midnight.

As Tom got his whiskey out he must have known that with the amount already drunk things would deteriorate.

Margaret looked worried but Luke whispered, “Don’t worry, Mum. Dad knows what he is doing.”

His sister Dawn was close and she whispered encouragingly too, “Luke is right, Mum. Don’t worry.” Then she added meaningfully, “Just relax. This is a private house and Luke and I have locked all the doors,” she said it in a suggestive way, and it made Margaret feel even more tiddly.

Margaret knew that Jack and Penny Kane had seen Billy groping her. They had all been friends for so many years, in fact when they were younger, Penny and Margaret had touched each other quite a bit. As far as Jack was concerned, he knew that Tom was having trouble in bed and Penny had intimated on several occasions that Jack could help Margaret out if she wanted.

They had all had so much to drink and Margaret felt sure that Jack would have told his wife about the groping incident. Margaret felt a bit tiddly and wondered if her friends would be thinking that the time had come. She had seen Luke and Dawn talking very seriously to the Kanes while looking over at her several times.

She had the feeling they were all waiting for something to happen. Jack Kane nudged his wife, and then Penny smiled back and stood up. Luke seemed ready and said with a laugh, “Mrs Kane seems to be getting better with age, Jack.”

Penny laughed, “Don’t be rude, Luke. Your mother and I are getting a bit fat now.” Margaret giggled. It was all very good humoured.

Dawn nodded approvingly, “Actually for two women in your fifties you have both aged rather well.” Margaret smiled, It was a very friendly family and friends type gathering. Dawn continued, “Stand up, Mum. Just see how you compare with Mrs Kane.”

Margaret made deprecating noises about herself but she did stand up. She could see they were all looking at her admiringly which made her feel really nice about herself. It was good for her ego.

They were all chatting and commenting except Tom who was smiling but really drinking was lot of whisky. Jack started to boast a little about his wife Penny saying bostancı escort that she filled her blouse well.

Luke laughed, “I think you’re trying to say that Penny has nice big tits.”

They all laughed and Jack said, “I suppose I am, Luke, but your mother has always had big tits as well.”

Dawn giggled, “I know we have all had a lot to drink, Mr Kane, but are you saying that you like my mother’s tits?”

It was Penny’s turn to laugh now. “He will only admit it when he is drunk, but he’s always liked Margaret’s tits, and her bum too.”

Everyone was laughing and chatting now except for Tom still, who was simply smiling into his whisky. Luke stood behind Penny and squeezed her bottom, “I like your bum as well Mrs Kane.”

Jack chuckled, “A lot of men fancy my wife. She can crack a walnut with her thighs.”

Luke breathed heavily, “I have always liked your big thighs too, Penny.”

Penny Kane looked pleased but self conscious. Her husband chided her, “Don’t be embarrassed, Penny. You know men like your thighs.” He added, “Stand on the table and pull your skirt up a bit.”

Mrs Kane started to shake her head but not very strongly, so Dawn stood beside her. “Go on, Penny. Give them a thrill.” Penny was still shaking her head but didn’t resist as Dawn helped her to stand on the table. As she pulled her skirt up a little, she realised that standing there over them all, they could probably see her panties.

Dawn and Luke smiled and looked at their old headmaster to see if he would put a stop to it, but he did the opposite. He was basking in the glory that they were all admiring his wife. Rather than stop it, he egged his wife on. “Wonderful, Penny. Open your legs more. They want to see your knickers.”

Penny smiled self-consciously but she opened her legs. Dawn looked at her mother. She was a better looking woman than her old school mistress but now she seemed out of the limelight, so she spoke seriously, “My mother wears nice knickers, Mr Kane.”

Jack nodded, “You don’t have to tell me, Dawn. I have seen her sometimes but not for long.”

Dawn looked at her mother. Margaret knew what she was being asked. She didn’t want to spoil the party, so she cautiously raised her skirt up past her stocking tops. High enough that they could see her crotch peeping out.

Penny teased her friend, “Come on, Margaret. They have seen my panties. Show them yours properly.” Margaret didn’t want to be a spoil sport and the drink made her quite giggly, so she reached down more and hiked the hem of her skirt right up, showing all her knickers to her friends and her own family.

Luke and Dawn were quite pleased. Their mother looked awesome and it had shut Mr Kane right up, so Luke asked, “What do you think of her, Jack?”

The old headmaster panted, “Awesome, Luke.”

Luke led him on, “Can you see the hairs coming out of the side of her panties?”

Penny was still standing on the table. She opened her legs more in the spirit of the party. She wasn’t a bit jealous, she was really just enjoying her friend getting her husband worked up, and said, “Jack has always liked a hairy pussy, Luke.”

Dawn added fuel to the fire by saying, “Do you want to see my mothers pussy, Jack?”

Jack was speechless, so Luke carried on where his sister had left off, “Do you want to see her tits as well, Mr Kane?”Jack simply nodded, so Luke signalled to his sister, and Dawn stood behind her mother, opened her blouse and slipped her bra off. Then she then slipped Margaret’s skirt off and knelt down in front of her mother, and pulled her knickers down to the tops of her stockings.

Margaret didn’t say anything. Although she was drunk, she folded her arms partly shielding her large breasts. Of course she couldn’t stop them looking at the hairs between her legs.

Jack finally found his tongue, “I like your cunt, Margaret.”

Margaret looked pleased. They all looked at Tom who could see everything. He was still smiling and he looked quite proud of the attention his wife was receiving.

Jack looked at his own wife. Penny seemed as enraptured as everyone else and murmured, “I like her cunt as well, Jack.”

Dawn said something then to Penny, who nodded and then said, “Jack, why don’t you pull your cock out?” Jack looked as if he wanted to but just looked at Luke for reassurance.

Dawn said, “Don’t be self conscious, Jack. Luke will be pulling his cock out as well.” The drinking had really affected the way they were thinking, as Dawn continued, “Mrs Kane, we may as well take our knickers off as well. If they are showing their cocks we may as well show our cunts.”

Penny was more than happy to oblige. In about thirty seconds, she had all her clothes off and simply stood in front of everyone with her panties in her hand. They were all raring to go now except for Tom was happy just watching, and smiling. Dawn had already explained to her old school mistress that her father was having problems and everyone was sympathetic, but she could also see that her father was looking interested çapa escort in Mrs Kane and suddenly realised what he would like.

She said, “Mrs Kane, give your panties to my father. I think he would like to sniff them.”

Penny was delighted to help and actually pushed her worn knickers into Toms face, saying, “There you are, Tom. Well worn and a little stained.”

Tom couldn’t help himself. He gasped and buried his nose into the most intimate parts of the material, as Dawn whispered to her old headmaster, “He likes your wife’s dirty knickers, Mr Kane.”

Jack nodded, “He has been a good friend to me for many years, Dawn. I am glad he can get a little pleasure.” Then he looked at Dawn, saying, “Well, Dawn, your mother and Mrs Kane have joined the party, how about you?”

Dawn laughed, “You old men are all the same. You can’t wait to get a young woman’s panties and bra off.” She did, however, slip her breasts out and pulled her panties down in front of her old headmaster.

Jack gasped, “Oh God, Dawn, that is the best possible view.”

Dawn giggled, “Don’t be a silly, Mr Kane. I can give you a better view than that.” With that, she sat down in front of him and squeezed her breasts together, while at the same time opening her legs, and showing him her open pussy. They all smiled including Margaret and Penny. Tom still had Penny’s panties in his face.

It felt a little strange for Mrs Kane to be seeing one of her former school pupils showing her cunt to her husband, but it turned her on too. Young Dawn had a lovely big pair of tits and a nicely hairy pussy for a young woman.

It was the turn of the men now, and Luke pulled out his dick, which was surprisingly long and thick. Mrs Kane looked at it with some envy. Her husband’s cock was nice, but his former pupil’s dick looked so young, hard and firm and she couldn’t help but imagine sucking it. As he stripped off, she saw he had a nice chest too.

“Look how hard your cock is, Luke” Margaret said to her son, “You must really like Mrs Kane’s tits and big bum.” Luke nodded enthusiastically, his cock standing straight out in front of him as he looked at Penny, who blushed a little.

Tom had pulled his trousers down and was wanking off his small cock. It didn’t get very hard, he had problems with that, but he was tugging on it enthusiastically, looking at the naked women around him and then he wrapped Penny’s knickers around his dick and wanked slowly into them.

“You can cum in them, if you like,” said Mrs Kane, sympathetically.

“Dirty old Tom,” chuckled Mr Kane, as he undid his belt and tie, then took down his trousers. His cock was very thick and hard, and his body was very hairy.

“It’s a long time since I saw that,” giggled Dawn then went bright red at her slip of the tongue.

“You’ve seen Mr Kane’s cock before?” asked Luke curiously.

Dawn was blushing but she confessed, “Mr Kane helped with me some extra lessons, in return for me wanking or sucking his cock.”

“Tut tut,” Margaret shook her head ruefully, then asked her friend, “Penny, how do you feel about this?”

Mrs Kane only smiled, she didn’t look upset at all, “It is fine, I already know. Jack used to tell me about it at night and we would fantasize about it together. I admit to thinking about Luke’s cock a lot of times, he’s a handsome young man.”

“Would you like to suck it?” Luke offered, and Mrs Kane nodded, but waited for her husband’s approval. Mr Kane nodded, and she dropped to her knees and took the young man’s cock in her mouth. Luke groaned in pleasure as she slurped hungrily on the thick shaft.

“What a dirty old bitch,” Tom gasped from the corner where he was still tugging on his dick into Penny’s damp panties.

“I’m a dirty bitch too, daddy,” confessed Dawn, “Shall I show you what I used to do to Mr Kane?”

Tom didn’t say anything, but Margaret said she wanted to know, so Dawn took hold of Mr Kane’s dick and started to stroke it off. “He didn’t see me naked,” she said as she wanked him, “But I did used to show him my bra and panties, didn’t I, sir?”

Mr Kane was in heaven and he nodded reassuringly at young Dawn. Margaret was so proud of her daughter, she really did know how to please a man, she showed it by sucking the old headteachers cock, with excellent technique, kissing and nibbling the tip. Margaret could feel herself getting very wet and flowy and needed some attention herself.

“Tom, would you fuck me please,” she begged, but it was too late. Tom grunted and his pathetic little dick shot spunk into Penny’s panties. He looked upset and ashamed, but Margaret loved him and forgave him.

“I need sex,” said Penny too, and Mr Kane ordered Luke to fuck her with his young prick, so she laid down on her back and opened her chubby legs, exposing her fat hairy cunt to the room.

“Your twat is so hairy and wet,” exclaimed Luke.

Mrs Kane was embarrassed when her husband told Luke to get his big cock in there, and the young man didn’t take long to follow the command. It felt wonderful to have such a big, strong young man between her legs. His fat dick filled her cunt, and the youngster began to ram it in her. She was in heaven as she slipped her hands on to his buttocks and felt the young, firm muscles pumping beneath her palms. “She likes her cunt full of cum,” said her husband, “No need to pull out, just fill her up.”

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