Marion Turns Me Out Ch. 01

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Marion Turns Me Out Ch. 01

by jomar

If gentle femdom, crossdressing, strapon and male-male sex isn’t to your taste, please back out and try one of my other stories.


“There, baby, that does it. Your toes will be dry in no time. A nice shade of mocha. Do you like it? It’ll go perfect with your new bathing suit.” Marion put the lid on the fingernail polish and set the stylish bottle on the counter. I was sitting at the vanity wearing a plum colored camisole. My pretty matching stockings lay crumpled on the floor where Marion had left them after taking them off to touch up my toes for the day. I was naked below the waist, like her. She looked me over.

Wavy shoulder length auburn hair with highlights. Dangly earrings. Slender frame with no body hair at all. Feminine tan lines. Manicured fingernails. Marion liked them at two to three-eighths of an inch from the end of my fingers, not too long, but long enough to elicit grace and femininity. I was erect.

“Mmm, I love you like this, baby. I’m so wet. Feel me,” she said and pulled my soft hand to her. Slick and hairless. I slipped two fingers in and worked her clit with my mocha nailed thumb. She moaned, her hands gripping my shoulders, grinding against my hand. Marion moved my hand away and sucked on my fingers as she pulled my face to her. I fell to my knees and licked and chewed her lips, savoring her flavor, sticking my tongue into her as far as I could. Marion held my head as she ground against my face.

I spun her around, bent her over, spread her cheeks and speared her ass with my tongue. I licked and swabbed and stabbed her ass with my tongue while one hand strummed her clit and the other pinched her nipples. I heard her cries and moans and smiled.

Marion turned, pulled me back in the chair, sat on my cock and took me all the way inside. She rode me up and down for an eternity then lowered her head to my shoulder and rocked her hips against me. She grabbed my hair and kissed me hard, our tongues swirling. I cupped my hands around her small ass and helped her grind against me.

Marion pulled my hair back and kissed and bit my exposed neck. She twisted my nipples through my lovely plum colored camisole and I moaned. She ground and ground on me, finally threw her head back and sighed. Marion slumped against me, her head on my shoulder, my cock buried deep inside of her.

“Mmm, that was good, baby,” she said through long black hair covering her face. She raised her head, flicked her hair out of the way and whispered in my ear, “I hope you don’t get to loving cock so much you forget to service my tight pussy.”

I gulped and said, “Not a chance, girl.”

A small, throaty chuckle. “I wonder. I felt that cock twitch. You like cock, don’t you, baby? You like spreading those long, beautiful legs for men. So they can put their thick, hard cocks deep into your pussy. You say you do it for me, but I know you. I know the truth. I know what you need,” she said. She rose off of me, took me by the hand and led me to the bed.

As I padded after her I looked out the open patio doors that overlooked the tropical beach beyond the private veranda and infinity pool. We were on vacation. As women. Two beautiful women.

Marion stopped at the edge of the bed, cupped my balls and lightly scratched them with her red nails, her other hand found the back of my neck and she pulled me to her and kissed me then said, “Here baby, you lay down. I’m going to give you what you need.”

I admit it. I wanted it. I lay down on the brilliant white thousand thread count sheets. My shoulder length auburn hair flared on the pillow, one leg slightly bent and tilted in, toes pointed down a bit, hands to my side. Seductive. Inviting. Like Marion taught me.

“It’s okay that you like cock, baby. I like it too. I like yours the best, but we can share, can’t we?” Marion said as she picked up the strapon she used on me the night before. “You stay put. I’m just going to rinse this off. Then I’ll give you your pleasure.” My cock stiffened at her words and then more as I watched her slender, toned body disappear into the bathroom. I heard her turn on the water and I looked out at the brilliant blue sea, thought about it all.

We played games, Marion and I. One time I blindfolded her and a couple of friends and I fucked her for hours. Another time she dressed me up as a woman, complete with a bright blue wig, fucked me, blindfolded me and let two men have me. Then she had me grow out my hair, put me in a little black dress and gave me to a huge black man. I was attractive as a woman. Shockingly attractive.

We’re not married, yet, but we are committed to each other. We moved to a different state because of her job and since I work out of the home for a software firm the move wasn’t an issue for me. Since then, Marion has pushed it farther. And I haven’t objected, though it makes me nervous. Some.

But pendik escort Marion, who had me wearing stockings, panties, bras and camisoles under my male clothes for some time, took the move as an opportunity to really press her – our, if I’m honest – crossdressing fetish. Always at home now. Dresses, skirts and blouses. Stockings and heels. Girly shirts and shorts, flats. Lingerie. Hair styled, light makeup. Earrings. Usually clear nail polish and I tell people I play classical guitar if they ask, which I do, to explain my nails, perfectly shaped at two to three-eighths of an inch from the end of my fingers.

The day before we left to come to this glorious locale Marion took me on a girl’s day out. After a light breakfast, Marion made me up at home, simple light day makeup. I wore dangly earrings as always, a salmon colored three-quarter sleeve rouched shirt, white Capri pants, and tan sandals. I wore a white thong and matching white sheer bra. When we arrived at the salon I wasn’t sure about going in. I was nervous and afraid of being embarrassed. Marion usually gave my treatments.

“Don’t be silly, baby” Marion said. “This is a very discreet salon. They’ve seen everything here. You’ll be fine.” She pulled me through the doors. We were greeted by an averaged sized middle aged woman who wore a big smile and whose clothes spoke of money and sophistication.

“Welcome to Pampra, ladies! I’m Benita. We’re ready for you so relax and let us take care of you. Follow me, please.” She led us past a wall of trickling water upon which soft lights played. Subdued, relaxing decor. Quiet, soothing music from unseen speakers.

“Bye, baby. I’ll see you in awhile,” Marion said as we were shown to separate private rooms.

Sophie, my aestetician, greeted me warmly, handed me some hot tea and asked me to disrobe and slip on some soft paper-like pink panties. I turned my back to her as I took off my clothes, pulled up the panties. I sipped some tea before turning to her and walking to the table. My eyes didn’t meet hers.

“Come dear,” she said, “Lay on your stomach. I understand you’re getting the works today. Lucky you!” She rubbed some warm oil on my back, arms and down my legs. I relaxed.

“We’re going to start with the waxing today, move to a manicure and pedicure, and finish up with hot stones and a massage. How does that sound?”

“Fine, except for the waxing part.”

Sophie laughed gently. “You’ll forget all about it by the massage.”

She proceeded to wax me. Working from my neck all the way down and out. “You’ve had a wax before, I take it,” Sophie said.

“Yes. As often as I need. Usually at home.”

“Well, I’m so glad you chose us today. But I thought so, enough waxings so the hair isn’t growing back as thick now. Much nicer that way, don’t you agree?

“I suppose”.

“Nonsense. Of course it is. Turn over.” I did as she asked and she rubbed me with more warm oil. A pleasant sandalwood scent. “We girls have to do so much maintenance and whenever it can be streamlined, well, I’m all for that. Don’t you agree?


She waxed my front and my limbs. “You have such lovely skin! I’m so jealous!”

“Thank you,” I said.

“Now. It’s time for the finale. I need to slip these panties off so I can make sure all that nasty hair is gone from your privates.” I allowed her to pull my panties off. My heart was beating fast. I felt a blush about to surface.

“Just lovely. You’ve kept your self so well groomed. So much nicer that way. Don’t you agree?”

I nodded. She waxed me. She moved my cock and balls around as she needed to. It thickened and I blushed.

Sophie noticed and said, “Nonsense! You’re just gorgeous and your body works like it’s supposed to. Beautiful face and hair. Smooth, soft skin. You can only imagine the variety of shapes and sizes I see, so believe me when I tell you that you’re lovely, all of you! Now on your stomach so I can finish up!”

She finished. She gave me a luxurious white robe to put on, more tea and led me to another room where Janine, a dark, petite woman, gave me a manicure and a pedicure, complimenting me on my hand structure and sexy arches. She was easy to talk to and I explained why Marion liked my fingernails a certain length. She wholeheartedly agreed, saying that’s exactly why she kept hers the same length.

Janine handed me off to Carol, a tall, stout blonde, who had me lay down on my stomach on her table. She placed a towel over my rear and gave me a hot stone treatment and an exquisite massage front, back, top and bottom. Carol gushed over my sexy figure and toned body and made me feel completely at ease. She even made me laugh when she joked that I could turn her gay for a day if I would let her play with my big clit.

By the time I met back up with Marion I was surprisingly refreshed. It was part if the salons practice to have all our aesteticians maltepe escort say goodbye to us as we left. They were all so nice and warm and accepting and supportive that I felt tears in my eyes. I told Marion I never wanted to go anywhere else for treatments. She smiled, hooked her arm through mine and dipped her head to my shoulder as we walked to our car.

From Pampra’s we went to a few chic boutiques looking for the perfect vacation clothes. And we found them! I found a to-die-for yellow sundress. It was empire waist inspired, more of an empire seam, really, three-quarter inch shoulder straps, a sexy deep v-neck and a patterned hem with sun inspired shapes. And I found the most delightful earrings and sandals to accessorize. As we shopped for lingerie and panties and skirts and blouses, Marion was constantly talking about how all the men at the resort were going to want to lift my skirt and peel down my pretty panties. How they’d do anything to have me form an “O” with my lips and take their cocks in my mouth. How pretty and sexy I’d feel in the clothes, eager to take their hard cocks in my slutty wet pussy. Her talk aroused us and we couldn’t wait to leave on vacation.

We’d checked into the resort a couple of days ago. I wore the little yellow sundress that had a deep v-neck, taupe sandals with delicate brown square stones surrounded by gold on the main strap running from my ankle to between my toes. Lacy rose colored tanga shorts held me in place under the brilliant sundress. Dangly earrings that matched the stones in my sandals. I looked fabulous.

It was exciting being out in public checking in, during dinner, on the beach. I noticed men looking me over. Looking at my wavy auburn shoulder length hair with highlights, my light and perfect make-up, my flat chest. I saw the men watching me with hungry eyes as I lounged by the pool or walked by in my bikinis. Trying to discern my figure if I was wearing a dress, wondering about my ass, of which my legs and the cut of the dresses hinted was spectacular. I imagined that the handsome men undressing me with their eyes were wondering if my pussy was hairless, if I swallowed, if I took it in the ass, if I liked pussy and would be in a threesome with them…

Marion walked back into the room, a hint of a smirk on her gorgeous face. She stood at the end of the bed, framed by the dazzling view. She shimmied gracefully into the harness, her breasts jiggling as she tightened the straps. Her cock jutted out at me. Marion put a hand then a knee on the massive circular mattress, gracefully flowed onto the bed and started toward me, her breasts and hair swaying with her movements. The world bright behind her.

My breath quickened. I let my leg straighten and my knees parted slightly. “That’s right, look at those long, luscious legs. Spreading on their own. You’re turning into quite the little slut, aren’t you?” She crawled toward me, eyes blazing, a feline predator eager to devour me.

“I like that. I like that you’re such an eager little slut. You’re a cock hungry whore, aren’t you, baby. Tell me.”

“Yes,” I whispered.

She was over me now, looking down into my eyes. My legs bumped wide by her knees. I could feel her cock on my balls. I was hard.

“Yes what, baby?”

“I’m your slut.”


“Your cock hungry slut.”

“Mmm. Yes you are,” she said and leaned down. A soft brush of her lips on mine. I felt her breath on my ear, her tongue, her teeth. Softly, barely audible, “I’m going to give you what you want now. What you need. What you crave.”


I felt her hand trail up my leg, lightly, under my plum colored camisole to my nipple. She fingered it. First one, then the other. She kissed my neck, working her way down to my flat chest. I arched my back, giving myself to her and felt my hair move and my earrings shift. She worked me as though I had breasts. Her mouth more insistent, biting. I held her head against me with my delicate hands and mocha colored nails. My hips were churning, I wanted to rub my cock against her but she was out of reach. I felt her cock brush against me. I wanted it in me.

Marion straightened, kneeled high over me, raked her nails down my body, all the way to my manicured toes. She flicked her hair back and smiled. She reached for the lube and made a show of greasing her cock for me.

“I love your hairless little body, baby. Not even arm hair. So silky smooth. Do you like it? It makes you feel more feminine, doesn’t it. More exposed, more vulnerable. Do you like how it feels when air flows over your hairless skin? More sensual without hair isn’t it.” She stroked her cock as she talked.

“God, it makes me so wet. I love fucking your tight little pussy with my big cock. It’s bigger than yours, isn’t it. Not a whole lot, but it is bigger. I have a bigger cock than you. And I’m going to fuck you. With my big cock.” She wiped her hands kartal escort on a towel and leaned over me, on all fours now.

“You barely need any lube anymore, do you?” she said softly, kindly. “Just a little bit. You know why? Because you’re a woman now and you get wet for cocks, don’t you. Just the thought of taking a cock in your hungry pussy makes you wet now, doesn’t it.”


“Ooh. See what I mean? Please what, little slut?”

“Please do it.”

“You can do better than that, whore.”

“Please fuck me.” My voice was thick.

“With my cock?

“Yes, fuck me with your cock.” I spread my legs wider and tilted my hips up. Her ravishing black hair hung down, framing her face. It was all I could see. She was my world.

“Well, I guess. But if you want it you’ll have to guide me.”

“Yes,” I whispered and reached down. I grabbed the base of her thick cock and brought it to my hole. Her knees were under my legs. I pulled her cock slowly into me. She was right. I was always ready now and she slipped in easily. I moaned. I moaned with desire, with lust, and, at the fringe of my consciousness, with something that might be close to a delicious shame.

Marion drove deep into my ass. I felt her pelvis against me and I closed my eyes and moaned. She stayed planted deep inside of me and leaned in, her elbows near my shoulders. She swept her dark hair to one side and stroked my pretty face, stroked my wavy shoulder length auburn hair, toyed with my earring.

“You look so beautiful. So lovely laying there with your legs spread wide and my cock inside of you. You love it, don’t you? Getting fucked. I like it too. I love fucking you. Your tight pussy feels so good wrapped around my big cock. And you take it so deep. What a good girl. What a woman you’ve become.”

Marion leaned over me and talked as she worked the strapon in and out, slow deep strokes, almost out then back, her breasts lightly swaying, her nipples grazing my chest.

“You’re really not much of a man anymore though, are you.” I moaned. “You’ve really taken to being my little lesbian lover, haven’t you. Don’t worry, baby, I love your cock too much to even think of having it removed. But those pills are working nicely, aren’t they. Your whiskers aren’t anywhere near as thick as they used to be. Do you miss them? I don’t.”

Marion fucked me slowly as she talked. Her voice was thicker. Her hips started moving faster. I pulled her to me and kissed her with increasing desperation. I ran my fingers through her hair, whispered, “Yes. Fuck me,” and reached down, enveloped her ass with my hands and pulled her to me hard, snapping my hips up as best I could.

Marion moved faster now, quick breaths with the effort. She rose over me and pushed my legs farther back, her hands on the back of my knees, she rode me. Long strokes, faster, short jabs. Marion worked her hips back and forth and my delicate silver ankle bracelet glinted in the morning sunlight. It felt wonderful, divine. I loved her cock in me, the thick pressure, there and gone and back again. She was hitting my prostate and I swooned. She fucked me so good and I loved her so much for it. I pointed my toes toward the sky and worked my ass on her cock and hoped she was proud of me.

I looked up at Marion, her eyes glazed, she was moving and grinding and fucking me. I heard myself moaning, my hands clutched the sheets. Marion grunted and moaned. Short jabs and spasms as she came. I wished I could feel her shooting into me. Wished she could fill me with cum.

She collapsed onto me, just as I have done countless times onto her. Catching her breath she said, “Mmm, that was very good, baby, but I don’t think you came, did you?”

“It was wonderful, Marion.” I stroked her hair.

“Well, you have to have a happy ending. A girl needs a happy ending,” she said and I could feel her unbuckling the harness. She left her cock in me and kissed and nibbled her way down my slender body. “Here we are,” she said. “Let me see if I can make you come by licking your wet little clit.”

I brushed her hair as Marion took me in her mouth. Her mouth was soft and hard, wet and warm. She worked with her mouth and tongue and small hands. She cradled my hairless balls and twirled the dildo inside of me and I groaned and I came.

Marion slid back up my body, kissed me, and we shared my love until I had swallowed it all.

“Such a good girl,” Marion whispered in my ear, a finger toying with my earring, reminding me of my femininity. “I love you so much for so many reasons. And I love you for being my hot little cock whore of a lover. Mmm, I could stay here all day, couldn’t you? But we need to work on your tan. Let’s get into our suits and get out by the pool. I’ve been thinking and I want to run something by you. But we can do it while sipping mimosas in the sun.” She smoothed my pretty plum colored camisole as she rose.

“Okay, baby,” I said as she gently pulled the thick dildo from me, leaving me empty, leaving me wanting.


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