Marjorie’s Birthday

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I always have a lovely time with Marjorie. She’s probably the sexiest woman alive and the way she wiggles her sensational ass would make a clergyman cry. She likes going around without clothes when she’s indoors because she like to flaunt what she’s got. At the moment she’s in her favourite position; stark naked and mounted on my cock. It’s my favourite position too as we can chat while she’s fucking me.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the missionary and doggie, whatever positions too and frankly Marjorie likes it any way she can get it. At the moment she is face to face with me, running her hard nipples across my chest and smiling at my discomfort. Every now and then she moves out of me and then back in again up to my hilt. This invariably results in her enjoying an orgasm. Marjorie and I can stay in this position for hour after hour and she can bring herself off whenever it suits her. Which is often.

We’re both very vulnerable in this position, one stroke too many and one of us comes violently into the other. It’s particularly hard for me as I only get one go at it as it were, where Marjorie can have numerous orgasms whenever she feels like one. I have a trick up my sleeve though. When she pulls out, I put both hands around her glorious bottom and as I pull her back in, I thrust my hips right up at her. This can be dangerous if I misjudge thing as I can end up emptying myself into her pussy and we have to start the process all over again At the moment I’m just close to cumming into Marjorie, but not actually there.

“Andrew,” she says, wiggling her rock hard nipples over me, “I feel we should have another man in our life. Of course I have George of and I don’t know whether he fills in for you or vice versa. The problem is that your cocks are about the same size, you see.” I cupped her wonderful ass and thrust up into her even harder. It had the desired effect (“and nearly on me”) as she came gasping and I swear I felt her squeezing my cock with vaginal ripples. “Bastard.”

Of course I knew where this was going; she was remembering Ivan the ten or was it twelve inch cock. She wanted a bigger one for her, if only for her birthday. Brilliant! It was her birthday next week! One idea followed another. “I know,” I thought, I’ll bet one of the guys at the gym would love to be Marjorie’s birthday present. How about Desmond, he’s got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen and he’s black. She’ll go for that, particularly if I tie a pink ribbon around his erection!

Marjorie appeared to have gone to sleep and I need to get going. A couple of quick thrusts of my hips and she was awake and cumming again. I was taking no prisoners this time to I drove my cock in and out of her and felt that wonderful numb feeling around my balls as I shot yet another bucket load of cum into her willing pussy.

She said, “Andrew, you’ve just cum into me and soaked me and woke me from a nice dream, you naughty boy.”

Considering it was now 11.30 in the morning and she’s been mounted on me since 8.30, I reckon two hours was a bit self indulgent, particularly Şanlıurfa Escort as she’d cummed in me about thirty times. I’d had to check her back as every time she got herself off I’d made a mark with a magic marker. Like prison inmates marking off the months, four orgasms and the fifth with a diagonal against the four.

“Darling I’m going to have a shower as I have to get to the gym. By the way, do we have a folding tape in the house anywhere?” We went on holiday a couple of month ago and Marjorie seduced Adam and he took pictures of her covered in cum. When he sent them over the computer, I nearly came myself! Especially the ones where she was wiggling her ass at Adam. We promised to go back to Dymchurch so he’s probably crossing off the days as I’m crossing off her orgasms. The reason for the chain of thinking it that I’ll have to measure up the guys at the gym for length. Of course most of them have met Marjorie, she’s big into feeling biceps so the prospect of fucking her will guarantee the largest erections possible. I stuffed my notebook and my trusty digital camera (“always charged, lots of naked shots of Marjorie for posterity”) into my man bag. I had to buy a 5MD chip for the camera the other week as I was only getting about 60 shots of her bottom from 1MB until I had to download onto the laptop. If we ever get raided accused of child pornography, all they’ll find is about 6000 pictures of Marjorie without any clothes on and about 500 cock shots of me when she borrowed the camera. I don’t think we can be prosecuted for that? Or can we?

I drove down to the gym and grabbed a parking spot in the public car park opposite. This is going to be fun. The gym was full of guys working out and even a few football players with the new season starting. But I knew what I was looking for. Desmond was in and I tapped him on the shoulder and said I’d see him in the cafe, I needed his help. Half an hour later when he’d finished his session he sat down beside me and I bought him the latest power drink of his choice.

I said, “Thanks Desmond. Now I don’t want you to get insulted or anything, just follow my train of thought. OK?” He smiled and nodded. “Look mate, have you met my Mother Marjorie?” He nodded and made what was probably an obscene image with his hands. “You see it’s her birthday next week and I want to give her a present.” He grinned, he knew where this was going.

He said, “Andrew, you’ve been reading that us blacks have bigger cocks than you white honkies and you want the one of our brothers with the biggest cock to fuck your Mother. Right?”

I said, “Spot on Des, no wonder you’re a heavy at the Bank. We all know where your brains are!”

“Andrew, we had Marjorie around here last week sniffing around and feeling our muscles and the brothers and I had a pretty good idea what she was looking at, it wasn’t to join the gym, believe me. I just knew you’d be around so I spreadsheeted it for you. Exel’s more useful than just doing financials!” He passed a sheet of A4 across the table to me. All the guy’s Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan cock measurement were there and guess who was the biggest? Trumpet fanfare, Desmond, of course.

I said that he didn’t look particularly offended at my actions and I said how did he manage to get all the guys to their lengths and he said he’d come round to the gym with his sister with a similar offer. I said “Will you do it Des, it’s her birthday on Friday next week so you can recover in bed with her on Saturday (“and Sunday Andrew.”)

He said, “Of course I’ll do it, we’ve all wanted to fuck your Mother and I look like I’m the chosen one, doesn’t it? This looks like a huge internet opportunity so why don’t you get us a couple of masks. Do you know anyone who can handle the camera work?” Of course I knew, I wonder what Susan is doing the next few days.

The next few days were as delightful as ever and I had arrangements to make for Marjorie’s birthday party on Friday. We did the usual things that a boy and his Mother always do and imagined to avoid Marjorie’s questions about the marks on her back, which apparently are from a permanent marker. I didn’t know that. I went down to the local novelty shop and bought a gorilla mask for Des and a Lady Gaga one for Marjorie. That should shake up the net.

I spent a day at Susan’s about her running the cameras and the sound. Well that took at least half an hour out of the day. The rest was dalliance. I bought a birthday cake and I was going to have it decorated. But what can you put on a cake for a lady of undisclosed years being fucked by a black guy with a (gets out spreadsheet, Christ!) sixteen inch cock! Best leave it to be iced plain I think.

I said that I’d get back at Marjorie for leaving me in public in just fishnet stockings and a suspender belt as she did a few weeks ago, so I invited a few people around to watch the proceedings. The Anglican Church Choir was pleased to be invited, Desmond’s Basketball team wouldn’t miss it for quids, the Executive of the local Rotary Club, Doris and me, (of course). I think I’ll get Susan to do her lingerie thing like last time. It’s not that it inflames other people particularly (which it does) but I just like looking at her in lingerie!

I got the food ordered, the grog ordered and the music. None of this poncy Mozart; if you’re got Marjorie and a black stud with a sixteen inch cock, you need Jazz, man. The hire company were getting used to us now and the required table and chairs were organised in a doddle. They didn’t even ask for a deposit which was just as well, we’d be up to our necks in deposits on Friday as it is. The only thing missing was a juggler. Should I do it? Nah, it would be overkill. So I did. Gosh I can’t wait till Friday.

So after I’d heaved Marjorie off my body on Fridayand lost another bucketful of sperm, I gave her a birthday card and a bunch of flowers. She looked a bit miffed and I said her main present would be at the party in her honour this afternoon. I’d made it this afternoon as we all know that Escort Şanlıurfa choir people go to bed early. Always the considerate bastard. Come to think of it I have no idea what time Rotary Club members or taut black basketball players go to bed either. Probably not with each other. Don’t even get into this mindset Andrew, That’s Marjorie’s province.

The early afternoon was a flurry of activity. The furniture, the grog and the food arrived early, the latter just filling Doris’ and out fridges. I’d forgotten, when I ordered the grog they asked me if I needed glasses. Well of course we did. As I promised we would have several occasions like this, they gave us a lovely set of glasses gratis.

The Juggler arrived, wonderful, he had funny clown shoes on. I gave him a glass of champagne and he seemed happy. I looked at the time and ducked downstairs to Doris’s. She said, “Why do you want to know when my birthday is Andrew?” I just kissed her and told it was for future reference and I was looking forward to seeing her later. Considering it was her house anyway, this was perhaps unnecessary.

So it was time. I checked out that the main present was here (“wouldn’t miss it Andy”) Christ is that what sixteen inches look like? So I tied a pink ribbon around it to Desmond’s amusement.

And the birthday was on Susan arrived to get the camera equipment and the music going and received a round of applause, mainly from the choir, I noticed, as she was only wearing a G-String. The chair are full and I’d even had a second tier put round the opposite side of the bed. I know what a professional boxer feel like before a fight. The waiters were having their trays emptied of champage with great frequency and the prawns and oysters were going a treat. Susan, wiggling her delectable tits to much applause, put on the music, which I think was the Black Dike (or was it Dyke) Mills Brass Band. The juggler is dropping his balls everywhere.

Marjory entered and looked confused about the size of her birthday party (“just wait, Mother bitch!”) and I presented her with a huge bunch of roses and announced that her main present had arrived and introduce the black Gorilla with the sixteen inch cock, happily at its most formidable. Marjorie’s eyes were huge, whether at the largesse of her party or by the huge cock which was her present. Susan slinked across in her G-String and put on the music “In The Mood” and checked the camera were rolling. They were.

The cry took up “We want her panties” rolled across Granville Park and when Desmond and Marjorie came together we counted him in by the inch with a drum-roll from Susan. Eventually Desmond was completely engulfed in Marjorie, who looked to be in shellshock. The audience went wild and Susan got one of Louis Armstrong’s hottest numbers on the music track. To cries of “fuck her Desmond,” mainly from the basketball team (or was it the Church choir?), Desmond got to work, accompanied by the screams from his partner. I understand the basketball team stayed on after the party to support Desmond, their Captain.

Doris came up to me amidst the noise and said, “Is this why you wanted to know the date of my birthday, Andrew? It’s tomorrow.”

Once again, it had been a long day, I stripped off and slid between the sheets. The door opened, as I knew it would and Susan slipped in next to me.

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