Mark , Annie Ch. 02 – Double The Fun

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This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone.

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts anal sex between consenting adults, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


Annie was having a new lease of life. She thought she’d had fun in her student days, but it paled in comparison to how she was feeling now, it was certainly the opposite end of the spectrum from how she was feeling just six months ago. She and a colleague of hers were engaged in an illicit affair behind her husband’s back. If truth be told her husband wasn’t very nice to her and her lover, Mark, had a wonderful talent for making her feel good about herself that her husband just couldn’t/wouldn’t come close to doing. Mark was unattached and wanted no complication of making it a long-term thing with hearts and flowers; he was doing it so that the two of them had a good time for as long as it lasted and that suited Annie perfectly.

She had a number of hang ups about her body and Mark just washed them all away. He would listen to her gripes about the size of her butt or lack of chest and just shower that area with attention as though it was the best he had come across. She certainly had no illusions that she was his only lover, they met whenever their calendars allowed — roughly every three to four weeks — and Annie hoped that he was spreading his particular brand of joy to others, once he had met her needs of course. Judging from the way some of their female colleagues stood giggling or stroking their hair when talking to him made Annie suspected some were, or at least wanted to be, his lover as well as her.

The affair had started because Annie took a punt asking Mark to perform certain sexual acts that her husband flatly refused to do but as she got to know Mark better, together with ensuring he wouldn’t shoot his mouth off around the office, Annie began to tell him of her wilder secret wishes. Each time they hooked up, he would introduce a new dynamic whether it was a new position, a new location or a new toy. He listened to her attentively and tried to make the things happen all be it in a controlled atmosphere. Last time she confessed her desire to be double penetrated and could see his mind working overtime and so she very quickly clarified “No I don’t want another participant; it needs to remain just us two. This is just one of those desires that will remain solely in my head.” Mark made all the right noises as though he heard her, but little did she know, that a plan was germinating in his lust addled mind.

That evening inspiration took hold. They had settled down for the evening having just had a very enjoyable fuck in a position that Annie had found called a ‘Lyons Stagecoach’ and the lady was snuggled on her lover’s chest with her arm draped over him as she slipped into slumber. Mark’s mind mulled over the logistics of getting his cock in her pussy or ass while banging away at the other. The lady had been adamant he wasn’t to involve someone else, and he couldn’t grow a second dick. ‘Hmmm, a second dick?’ he mulled. ‘I can’t grow a second dick, but I can buy a toy to insert but that would just see it sat there and not give her the fucking sensation.’ Mark tried to relax his mind so that sleep would come but he suspected that until he resolved this conundrum he couldn’t switch off.

‘So how do I get the toy to mimic the motion of his thrust while he was pre-occupied in a different hole? There were strap on dildo’s but that would obstruct his cock and wouldn’t take care of her other orifice. So, the toy needs to move with his cock but hang slightly lower?’ A picture then popped into his head of a dildo slung below his cock and suddenly inspiration struck. ‘I have a 3d printer and can Ordu Escort effectively ‘print’ whatever shape I need as long as it can be drawn’ now he had his inspiration he was able to drift into the land of nod.

Thankfully he had the weekend largely to himself and set about coming up with a design that would hold a dildo strong enough but wouldn’t constrict his cock too much. He had already purchased a couple of dildos to play with Annie and so once the printer had done its job, he tried the ‘sling’, as he called it in his head, and tried it out with the dildos he had to hand. It turned out a good theory, but he had to print a second more sturdier version before he was happy with how it pieced together. Once satisfied with that part of the connection, next came the attachment to his dick. He lay on his bed stroking his cock to fullness and then tried fitting the ring that he planned to sit at the base of his cock, So far so good.

Standing up, Mark went to stand in profile to the large mirror he had, again it looked the part but then slinging hips back and forth highlighted another design flaw which required a further re-work but within a few hours he had come up with a solution and printed a couple more examples just in case they might be needed.

Annie and Mark managed to meet up a couple of weeks later and so Mark secreted the toy and ring in his luggage. When they met up, they did their usual routine of sharing bodily fluids and by that, I mean that Annie went down on her knees before him until he painted her face with his come which she insisted on him taking a picture for her later enjoyment; they were slowly amassing quite a collection of snaps. This was followed by Mark kneeling down near the bed with Annie lay down and her legs draped over his shoulders so that he could sample the delicate peach between her legs.

It was normal for them to take a joint shower to freshen up before making their way down to the restaurant for a bite to eat. Returning to the bedroom, Mark stripped her down and had her lay on the bed on her knees face down. This position worked for both her pussy and ass and therefore could lead to him taking either. “Close your eyes and no peeking” was his instruction to her while he worked his cock to hardness, slipped the plastic ring along his length with the dildo already attached before coating both his cock and the dildo with a liberal amount of lube.

The next sensation Annie felt was the bed moving as Mark climbed on. She felt his legs brush hers and then the tip of his cock placed at the entrance to her anus, ‘Oh good’ she thought ‘he’s going for my ass. Delicious’ but then she felt something hard gently nudge her labia. This was unexpected and she opened her eyes in surprise. It was when she felt Mark reach his hand down and position the head of the dildo at the entrance to her pussy that made her look behind her with a questioning expression. She couldn’t see anything, but she could feel a plastic dildo slip inside her in unison with her butt freely accepted Mark’s nice thick cock. He had been in her backdoor so often since he took her cherry back there, but she still marvelled at how easily she accepted him but then he was the type of lover who would use copious amounts of lube to make her experience even better. “What is that?” she felt compelled the ask.

After a couple of dips inside her Mark answered “The lady said she wanted to feel what it was like to experience a cock in her pussy and ass at the same time without involving another person. Well, this is the solution I came up with. Like it?” he asked while continuing to push his hips back and forth.

“Mmmm, yes” she groaned in response while pushing her own hips back just as he reversed course to sink both his plastic and flesh cock inside her, “It feels just like I imagined.”

Mark had grasped her hips to gain extra leverage but continued his slow fucking motion as he gasped “The toy is making your back door feel snugger than it did already.” Each of his thrusts meant Ordu Escort Bayan he bottomed out inside her, until the sling stopped further progress and she loved it. Mark was her only lover, and she really appreciated his determination to make each and every time better than the last. She had dreamt of feeling two cocks rubbing against the membrane inside her but when she had forbidden him to involve another person, Annie had assumed her fantasy would remain just that and yet here she was being all subservient on her hands and knees taking a nice thick cock in her butt and an equally impressive dildo in her pussy. His slow thrust would have been driving her wild if she hadn’t reached a hand down and started to diddle her clit, enhancing the experience further.

Mark guessed she was close to her climax with her sporadic breathing but her curled up toes and her feet beating against the bed were a pre-warning to her sphincter clasping at his cock when her climax finally hit. Annie slumped down on the bed gasping for breath and so Mark took the opportunity to remove his still erect cock once her sphincter loosened its grip on him and while the lady recovered went to the bathroom to clean up. He emerged from the bathroom still naked with his cock swinging in time with his stride with the dildo and ring in his hands. Annie was curious and held out her hand asking, “Can I see that?” Turning the toy and attached ring over in her hand she asked, “Where on earth did you find such a thing?”

Mark smiled and replied “The toy is off the internet; the ring is my own design. I have to say it performed far better than I expected for a prototype.”

Annie patted the bed next to her and said, “Clever you” before kissing him, adding “It never ceases to amaze me what lengths you will go to meet my sexual needs.” Mark smiled and shrugged as though it were an everyday thing, but she knew from her husband’s lack of attention that Mark was a bit of a rarity among men. She then got that twinkle in her eye that Mark loved to see and asked, “Pass me the lube, I want to try something new.” He had absolutely no idea what she had planned but complied without questioning. Annie pushed on his chest until he lay flat on the bed and started to stroke his cock back to full life. Once she was satisfied with that, she gently fed the ring down his length until it was sitting snuggly and then started to work a decent sized bead of the lubricant along the dildo’s length.

With her preparation complete Annie then scrambled up on the bed and positioned her crotch until it hovered over Marks. While crouched over her lover Annie steered the head of his cock to the deep pink entrance to her lovely snug pussy. Her hand then worked between her legs until she was happy that the head of the dildo had slipped inside her anus and then slowly sank both holes along the intruding lengths making her groan in a long-drawn-out noise. She rose back up and the tightness of her butt meant the dildo was pulled along with her rise, but Mark’s design of the ring held firm and Annie was treated to the delight of the dildo being pulled out of her only for her to reverse course and sink down slowly once more.

The lady was starting to pick up her speed until Mark gave a slight groan and realised a design flaw in the toy meant that as Annie descended down, the foot of the toy would push into his balls. A quick re-arrangement of them soon put paid to that problem but he’d have to figure a solution for next time. His lover was really getting into it and the way she had crouched over him meant that her beautiful pussy with its puffy lips and prominent clit was splayed for his attention. His hands worked between her erect nipples that pointed straight at him, diddling her fleshy clit and alternatively grasping her hips to encourage a more aggressive drive of her hips.

Mark was having a hard time of it as he could feel the familiar tingling in his balls but was determined that Annie would have another climax before he did. He was here Escort Ordu after all to provide her with as much sexual release as possible. He could get this with any of his other lovers and yet Annie would willingly give herself to Mark but it was Mark alone. She had previously mentioned that her husband refused to come on her face or fuck her ass and he was more than happy to perform those acts for her and yet she had previously confessed the adventurous side of their love making was confined to Mark.

Just when he thought he couldn’t last any longer Annie drove her hips down one last time and let out a wail of anguish and her pussy then started clutching at Mark’s dick. This was the green light Mark needed and he held her hips down so that he was buried balls deep in her pussy when his climax hit. Annie’s legs gave way and she collapsed on his chest as she gave a series of rasping breaths will her pulse returned to normal.

The next morning, rather than wait for their next meeting, Mark introduced Annie to the sixty-nine. She was rather fond of waking him up in a morning with a blow job but this morning he wrestled her around so that she could still perform her morning task but was lay along his body with her pussy planted squarely on his mouth. This enabled him to luxuriate over her tasty pussy for the longest while. It took Annie far longer to get her lover off as his own tongue was generating such strong sensations within her that she found it hard to concentrate on what she was doing. Mark liked the position tremendously and they would return to it frequently in future meetings and Annie would come to appreciate its merits even if that first time she found it frustrating.

They only had to wait two weeks for their next meeting as they conveniently found themselves attending the same customer event. They purposely stayed apart when out in public, making do with frequent messages being sent through their phones but the moment both were free they adjourned to Annie’s room, her on the pretence of having to make a few phone calls while Mark made his excuses and departed to do some emergency remote work on an unspecified customer’s site.

This time around, after the habitual painting of Annie’s face with Mark’s come, he produced a dildo with a suction cup at its base which intrigued Annie no end. Mark started with “You got to try out double penetration last time, this time you’re going to get a flavour for what a spit roast feels like.” First, he stuck the dildo to the floor to ceiling mirror about two feet of the ground and then had Annie kneel and back herself up until the head of the dildo was posed at her splayed pussy lips. Mark had to capture this for posterity and so said “Hold it there” as he reached over for his phone, flipped it onto video mode and instructed “Okay, push back for me.” His reward was to capture her pretty puffy pussy lips spread around the head of the dildo and sink deep inside her. As Annie pressed backwards her lovely broad butt took up more of the image in front of him.

Next Mark fed his dick to her red painted lips and gently pressed forward. With a hand on one of her shoulder blades he encouraged Annie to rock backwards and forwards, withdrawing her pussy from the dildo’s length so that she could take more of Mark’s cock in her mouth to then rock back and bury the plastic toy back inside her. The dildo had produced the required scene, but Mark was worried about how robust the mirror was and so, before Annie could begin to get into a steady rhythm, he had Annie pull herself off it’s length. He then repositioned it on the end of the writing desk in the room, but this time had her face the dildo while he fed his cock in her warm snug pussy.

With anyone else Annie might have been put off at taking a plastic toy covered in her pussy juice deep in her mouth, but she had tasted herself from Mark’s cock so many times, it had become second nature to her. As he approached his own organism, Mark’s thrusting was butting her face against the side of the desk and so she pulled back, lay her face down on the carpet and let her lover have free reign of her body as he pleased. She just knew that he was doing all in his powers to please her and if she could repay him with this, he was welcome to have her anyway he pleased.

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