Marsha Gets Promoted

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For background on this story, see “Marsha Works Overtime” and “Marsha’s Ass Gets Her a Raise”.


Eight months after her employment started and six months after passing probation, Marsha was still very happy about her job in the office of the big insurance company. It paid much more than she ever could have hoped for and the work was easy. The best part, though, was the overtime she put in, usually twice a week with Mr. Stone, the office manager. Unless she was menstruating, the overtime always started with his eating her pussy and bringing her to a great climax. After that orgasm, he always wanted her to suck his cock, either cumming into her mouth or having her get it good and stiff and fucking her ass or pussy. Since Marsha enjoyed all the things they did together on the sofa in his office, she let Ronald, as she called him during their overtime sex sessions, decide what they would do. In spite of the way their relationship had started, almost bordering on rape, he was a skilled and considerate lover and usually she enjoyed at least two orgasms during their sessions together.

For that reason, she was very happy when Mr. Stone told her one Friday morning that he would need her to work overtime that night. Fortunately, the day care where she left her infant son was very flexible and able to accommodate any schedule. She called and told them she would be delayed. All day, while doing the simple tasks that had been assigned to her, Marsha anticipated what would be happening that evening in Ronald’s office.

As usual, at five o’clock, she left her desk, along with everybody else but, instead for going straight home, Marsha stopped in the ladies’ room and waited until all her co-workers were gone. While there, she prepared herself for the hot sex she expected to soon be enjoying, washing her face and pussy and ass and cramming her panties into her purse. Both Ronald and Marsha found it very erotic when she reported for overtime without her panties and she had been doing it ever since the evening she had passed probation and found out how great anal sex is. This time, she decided to take off her bra too, letting her succulent breasts move freely under her blouse.

Ronald was sitting at his desk waiting for her and he was not wearing his tie or jacket. Marsha was glad to see that because it meant they would get right to the sex part. Once in a while there was genuine work to be done, such as filing or some other simple task. On those times when they actually worked, Mr. Stone kept his coat and tie on until they were done. Removal of these things meant the work was over and the sex could commence immediately.

That evening it commenced when Ronald stood up and embraced Marsha, hoisting her short skirt and running his hands along her voluptuous, bare ass. He was squeezing one buttock in either hand when Mr. Horner, the division manager, the boss of the whole building opened the door, walked in and spotted them.

“Hello, Mr. Stone,” he announced himself by greeting the office manager. Although he didn’t speak to Marsha, he didn’t exactly ignore her because he did smile at her, especially at her succulent ass.

The object of that smile didn’t remain visible very long because Ronald quickly removed his hands and let her skirt drop into place and cover it. He knew he was caught but hoped to either brazen it out or make the most of it. “Hello, Mr. Horner. What can I do for you? I’m surprised to see you here tonight.”

“I can see you were surprised. I’ve been looking at the overtime reports and I’ve seen you and this young lady have been putting in a couple of hours of overtime every week since she started here. Always just the two of you, always once or twice a week and always for about the same amount of time. I thought it might be hanky-panky and now I come in here and see your hands all over her ass.” He turned and smiled at Marsha again.

“You are Marsha, aren’t you?” All she could do was nod her head, afraid of being fired twice if she said anything.

“Okay, you’ve caught us,” Ronald conceded. “What are you going to do about it?”

“Don’t worry, Stone. I’m not pissed off at you for having some fun on the company’s dime. They can afford it. I’m just pissed off at you for keeping this hot little number for yourself.” Horner went over to stand beside Marsha, put his arm around her and patted her hip. “What I’m going to do about it is join you.” He turned smiled at Marsha again, and pulled her against his side.

“I hope you don’t mind, my dear.” His hand left Marsha’s hip, lifted her skirt and cupped one shapely bare cheek. “My name is Horner but they should call me Horny because I sure am, especially after seeing you. Your ass is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, and it feels even better.”

He ran his hand along the object of his extreme admiration, pushing his fingers down the cleft between her buttocks. Even before he started fondling her, Horner had seen that Marsha was naked under her skirt. The thought of what he had seen and the soft, smooth skin his hand was caressing were combining antalya escort to make him live up to what he said he should be called.

“Of course you can join us, sir. We’ll be glad to have you, won’t we Marsha,” Ronald responded. Marsha could only nod her head again.

“Good, but let’s not be so formal. After all, we’re all here too have some fun, aren’t we? Call me Quentin, my dear or, better yet, Quent,” he said to Marsha. “You too,” he added to Ronald.

Quentin moved around to stand in front of Marsha and put his arms around her. Both of his hands lifted her skirt and fondled her ass the way Ronald had earlier. “You are certainly a sexy young thing,” he told her. “We’re all going to have a great time tonight.”

He held himself against her, and Marsha could feel Quentin’s stiff cock pushing into her belly. She moved away from him slightly, and reached between them to gently squeeze it through his pants.

“That’s the girl. You look like you know what to do. Hey, Ron, c’mon and join the fun.” Quentin took off his coat and tie, tossed them on the floor and started unbuttoning his shirt.

As he did, Marsha got to her knees so she could unfasten his pants. When they fell to the floor, she reached into his boxer shorts, took out his cock, fully erect by then, held it in her hand and kissed the tip. It was big, bigger than Ronald’s and bigger than most of those she had sucked or fucked. Ronald came up, knelt behind Marsha and folded her skirt up out of the way, fully exposing her ass.

“Hey, what d’ya say we all get naked,” Quentin suggested. It’s a lot more fun for everybody that way. Marsha untied his shoelaces and, when he lifted his feet, she pulled his shoes off and pulled his pants legs off around his feet. Next came his socks and after they were gone, she looked up again at his stiff cock protruding through the fly of his blue boxer shorts.

She wasn’t the only one busy with clothing. Quentin had finished removing his shirt and stood wearing only the one garment. Ronald had reached around Marsha and unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped her skirt. Before she finished undressing their boss, Marsha let Ronald take off her remaining clothing so she was kneeling naked in front of the stiff cock of the division manager. After working the waistband of his shorts around his erection, she pulled them down, and he raised his feet so she could remove them entirely. He was as naked as she was, with his cock ready to be pleasured by her. Ronald would have to undress himself.

Marsha attended to Quentin, cupping his balls in one hand and holding his cock with the other. Gently, she kissed the tip and licked all around the ridge. “That’s the way, Marsha,” he responded. “Let’s see how much of this meat loaf we can get into that pretty mouth of yours.”

Still kneeling, she looked up at him, smiled, and said “I think I can take it all.” Having accepted the challenge, she opened her mouth and leaned forward to let the head and the first few inches slide in. She had sucked off all her boy friends and Ronald, and had never seen a cock that wouldn’t fit into her mouth and throat.

“She’s good, Quent. Really good. Why don’t you sit down on the sofa and let Marsha suck you off?”

Ronald had his own reason for making that suggestion, but Quentin realized he was right. Even though his cock wasn’t even all the way in her mouth yet, the pleasure already radiating from the contact with Marsha’s talented lips and tongue was making him a little weak in the knees.

“He’s right, my dear. Come over here and let’s see if you can really take in my whole tool.” He reluctantly took his cock from her mouth and backed toward the sofa.

On her hands and knees, Marsha followed him and, when he was sitting on the front of the sofa and leaning back, she leaned forward, resting her elbows on his thighs. Before taking his cock back into her mouth again, she held it in her fingers and licked all around the head. She wanted to give Horner the best blow job she could because she was still afraid of getting fired if she didn’t.

Marsha raised her head high above him and lowered it so the head of his cock was just inside her lips. She touched the slit with the tip of her tongue and slowly lowered her face, letting his thick shaft slide deeper into her mouth. As it did, her tongue was active, caressing its entire length as it entered. She continued to engulf his cock until the tip touched the back of her throat. By feeling with her fingers, Marsha could tell that there was less than an inch between her lips and his pubic hair.

As she started to draw her mouth back, intending to take Horner’s cock deeper and deeper into her mouth with a series of strokes, Marsha felt Ronald trying to crawl between her thighs. She glanced down and spread her legs for him so he could get his mouth under her pussy, where she knew he wanted it. His hands reached up to cup her buttocks, and Marsha spread her legs farther, giving him full access to wherever his tongue and lips wanted to go.

The first thing his tongue wanted to antalya rus escort do was to lick up the juices that were dripping down her legs. When they were all gone, he started with the small, extremely smooth area between a pair of her inner and outer lips. This was where he usually started eating Marsha’s pussy in the past, although he had never done it from this position before.

Pleasure rippled through Marsha’s lovely body as she felt the familiar tongue caressing her in the familiar way. More pleasure emanated from her own tongue and lips and her entire mouth as she took Horner’s big cock in deeper and deeper. A feeling of triumph surged through her as her nose and lips pressed against his pubic hair.

“My God, Marsha. You are really good,” Horner told her. He smiled as he looked at the young woman who was doing such a great job on his cock.

She looked back up at him, her pretty blue eyes crinkling in a smile, but not taking his cock out of her mouth. She continued moving her face up and down, enveloping his shaft all the way to its base with every stroke. She loved the feel of its hard roundness as it glided between her lips. The smooth skin, stretched tightly around the thick shaft felt wonderful to her tongue and she caressed its entire length as it moved in and out of her mouth. Martha even enjoyed the way the hard, velvety tip felt as it pressed against the inside of her throat.

Marsha reveled just as much in the sensation of Ronald’s mouth on her pussy lips. He had quickly adjusted to the different position and, after licking her outer lips, his agile tongue was busy on the first of the inner ones, with his lips gently sucking her there. She loved the combination of sensations so much that her pussy was already fucking down against his face.

Quentin was having a great time too. The pleasure his cock was getting from Marsha’s talented mouth rippled throughout his body, all the way to the tips of his toes and fingers and back. Not only was she sucking him off better than anybody ever had, it was also a treat to look down his body at her pretty face while his cock slid in and out of her mouth, and to feel her lips press against his pubic hair every time she lowered her head. Marsha was quite noisy about it too, smacking her lips and making slurping sounds as if she was enjoying it as much as he was. Even her expressive eyes, looking up at him seemed to be saying what a wonderful time she was having sucking his cock.

Everybody was having fun, including Ronald. Although he would have preferred eating Marsha’s delectable pussy from their more accustomed angle, her swollen lips felt just as good against his tongue and her juices were just as delicious. He had licked one of the labia all the way to her clit hood, stroking her there and even allowing his tongue to briefly fondle the succulent love button that sheltered under it. After devouring all the fresh nectar she had produced, he was slowly licking toward the end of the second lip. From the way her pussy was fucking down against his face, he knew that Marsha would be ready to cum very soon.

Quentin was already at that point. “I hope you like the taste of my cum, my dear,” he told Marsha. “I’m about ready to give you a big mouthful.”

Her mouth was much too pleasurably occupied to say anything, but Marsha gave him the OK sign with her thumb and forefinger. She raised her face higher over his cock and increased the pace of her sucking, tightening her lips around his cock while she took it faster in and out of her mouth. She felt the hard shaft jerking and, knowing he was about to cum, positioned her tongue so she would be able to catch the mouthful of semen he had promised her.

She was not disappointed. A big gob of viscous fluid landed on her tongue and, after slowing down her strokes and savoring the taste, Marsha swallowed it in time to catch the next one. This one was just as delicious, as was the one that followed. She continued bobbing her head up and down until she was sure Quentin was through ejaculating. Marsha took the wet cock out of her mouth and admired it while holding it in her fingers. She knew there was still semen left inside so, after licking all over the head and under the ridge, she took the tip back between her lips and placed her thumb at the base, directly in front of his balls. With her tongue back in position to catch everything that oozed out, she brought her thumb forward, squeezing out everything that remained. After getting it all, she swallowed, followed by licking the ridge and head again, paying special attention to the slit at the end. Still licking her lips, she smiled lewdly at Quentin as he leaned against the back of the sofa.

Ronald had been right when he had surmised that Marsha was ready to cum, and having Quentin ejaculate into her mouth and getting to swallow all his semen brought her closer. His hands were on her thighs, holding her in place but, once she started concentrating on her own orgasm, Marsha’s body began writhing above him. After devouring all the antalya ucuz escort delicious juices her pussy had produced, he enveloped her clit in his mouth and started sucking on it. The precious love button was so swollen it had pushed its way out from under her clit hood, so he didn’t have to move anything out of the way.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Marsha whimpered as Ronald’s mouth sucked on her clit and his tongue caressed the swollen top and sides. “Ah! AH!” she cried out joyfully as she started cumming.

Ronald knew that Marsha was starting to cum, and he reached up to pull down on her hips and hold her in place while his mouth sucked and licked her clit. She had already lost control of some of her muscles, and her knees slid out from under her, spreading her legs and landing her with her pussy on top of Ronald’s mouth. Neither of them could have thought of a better place for her pussy and his mouth to be just then, and he kept doing what had brought her to that point. Leaning against Quentin’s legs, while he held her arms, she thrashed on top of Ronald, rocking from side to side and grinding her pussy into his face for as long as she continued cumming.

When Marsha climaxed, her back arched, ramming her pussy into the face under her. Immediately after her orgasm, her whole body relaxed, remaining sprawled on top of Ronald. Greedily, he licked all the fresh juices from her thighs, crotch and pussy lips. He would have sucked them out of her pink hole to, except he expected to be fucking her there in a few minutes and wanted to leave them for lubrication. After he had relisheded everything he was going to, Ronald crawled out from under the woman who had provided it, and lay flat on his back. Marsha slumped against the front of the sofa, needing to rest a few minutes after her orgasm.

Quentin wasn’t really as horny as he claimed. He would be able to fuck or be sucked off some more, but he would need to rest a while longer before he could get an erection. Ronald, however, was ready right then, his cock sticking straight up in the air.

“My dear,” Quentin addressed Marsha. “You gave me some great head, and I see Ronald did the same for you. Suppose the two of you get together on the sofa now.” He had a certain voyeuristic streak and seeing a sexy woman like her fucking was something he would love to watch.

Ronald was 100% in favor of the idea and he went to his desk, opened a drawer and took out a condom. On his way back to the sofa, he unwrapped it and rolled it onto his cock. Quentin got up to fetch the chair beside Ronald’s desk and brought it back to set it where he would have the best view. By the time he was set up, Marsha was on the sofa, lying on her back with her legs spread and Ronald was kneeling between them.

“Say, Ronald, why don’t you be a gentleman and let the lady get on top?” There was nothing chivalrous about Quentin. He just thought he would get a better view, especially of Marsha’s really lovely ass, if they were in that position.

Ronald didn’t really like the idea very much. When he and Marsha “worked overtime”, there was a pretense of equality, but he was actually in charge and they did what he wanted. He was always the one on top because that position gave him control over the speed and depth of the fucking. So far, Marsha had enjoyed everything they did, and he was glad pf that, but that was just a lucky happenstance. Quentin Horner was in something of the same position regarding Ronald. Although there was a pretense of equality that night, with first names being used, he was still the boss, and Ronald didn’t want to oppose him. Marsha got off the sofa and Ronald replaced her, also lying on his back, his legs together and his cock pointing straight up and ready for her to mount.

Although she and Ronald had never used this position, Marsha had, with some of her boy friends who preferred it. She had enjoyed it too, especially because she could get the man’s cock embedded so deeply in her pussy, but she had never mentioned it to Ronald. While he lay on the sofa, she straddled his body, her knees on either side of him, and lightly held his cock in her fingers. Her pussy was already producing juices, in addition to those that Ronald had left inside her, and some of them dripped onto his erection as she rose above him.

Holding her pussy lips open with one hand and Ronald’s cock with the other, Marsha rubbed the tip against her wetness to spread the slippery juices. With everything ready, she lowered herself until the head wedged inside her. She sighed happily as pleasure rippled out from the point of penetration, and lowered her body another inch. Although smaller than the one that had given her mouth so much fun, Ronald’s cock was big enough to stretch the opening to her pussy and blissfully fill her love channel.

The position was not the one he would have preferred, but Ronald certainly had no complaints about the visual aspects. As Marsha rose above him, her big, luscious breasts that swayed above him and her sexy belly were a delight to see. He looked down his body and relished the sight of his shaft being slowly engulfed by her. Besides being a treat for his eyes, the opening to her pussy squeezed his cock as well as it ever had and, when she raised and lowered her body, taking it in deeper with every movement, the pleasure that swept through him was even greater.

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