Mason: Letter 08

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Dear Figaro,

Hope you are well, Myles has been keeping me updated since the break in and assault last week. The CCTV system was hacked so there is no footage from anywhere on the premises that night, Brad said that he was punched from behind then pummelled once he fell to the floor, so he couldn’t give the police a positive I.D. Myles told the cops that he believes that the person who hand delivered the letters to my apartment was the same one who attacked him and Brad. In his last text to me he said that Connor is still tracking Kash but the guy that could be Channing hasn’t been spotted in the last few days. He is worried that one of his team is feeding Kash information about the investigation so he has to be careful what he reveals to his team until he can find the potential mole.

Brad was released from hospital the next evening. He has bruising to his face and a gash on his forearm from broken glass, Theo announced that they were going to stay in a motel until they found their own place. To be honest I don’t blame him for moving out, things between him and Brad seem to be serious and like me he is scared to be there. I have been staying with Myles until things settle down, Tommy is still on the scene, he is very concerned for me and wants me to stay the weekend once I am done with the feature. I think I really like him Figaro, but I am very cautious about bringing him into my life at the moment so I think keeping him at arm’s length is for the best.

The police have been over it with a fine tooth comb but they haven’t found much, I am scared to go back in there so I have sent Myles in to get me some clothes, my laptop and journals. He has been gone a lot of the time talking to Conner so I don’t see too much of him and when I do see him he keeps quizzing me about my past and Kash. It’s hard remembering that period of my life but if it has the potential to help find Channing then I will do anything.

I was glad when Thursday came around, I needed to get away and clear my mind, all the sitting around waiting for news was driving me mad, writing helped a lot but I needed something more, this feature film, I hoped, would be a blessing in disguise.

I travelled to the airport on my own in the morning, Myles offered to drive me but I declined, he was going into the city for another meeting with Connor and I didn’t want him to be late. Finally making it through the security checks I made my way to the lounge, Dylan O was there with his agent and entourage. His agent had a table in front of the sofa and they were hunched over what seemed like a mountain of paper work, Dylan nodded at me and I gave a weak wave.

Curtis and Sy were standing talking to Casey, Knocks and Jupiter. I made my way over to them scanning the room for Lockie but I couldn’t see him.

“Mason, great you are here,” Sy said, handing me a glass of orange juice, “we are just going over the itinerary for the shoot, we will discuss your scenes before takeoff.”

“Perfect,” I replied, setting down my carry on and finding a seat.

I was lost in my own world, scanning my phone for any updates from Myles when Lockie sat down beside me.

“Hey Mas, I didn’t see you come in,” he said with a grin.

“I just arrived.”

“All set for the big shoot?” he asked, placing his own bag down by his feet and pulling out a folder.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” I replied glancing at the sheets on his lap.

“This is my new contract with the studio.”

“Oh nice, glad you got everything sorted.”

I was trying to be civil after our last encounter but I couldn’t help but feel that he deliberately sat beside me and took out this folder for a reason.

“Yes, lots more money and I will be featured in a few more scenes over the next few months, Curtis said he will put a lot more focus on raising my star, I signed the exclusivity contract in the end.”

“That’s awesome,” I said with a false smile plastered on my face, “if it’s what you want then I am happy for you.”

“It’s only for six months but I will be very busy, there is talk of me getting my own series, I just have to figure out how I want to play it.”

“What brought about your sudden change of heart, I thought you only wanted to do cam stuff,” I said, putting the drink to my lips.

“Well I’ve seen how great you’ve been doing and I want a piece of that,” he began to leaf through the sheets in his contract.

I sat in silence for a minute or so, wondering the best way to respond, I wanted to be his friend again but I also wanted to make sure that he was doing this for the right reasons and not some stupid attempt to get back at me for stealing his thunder.

“So you are cool with shooting scenes with guys now, you usually only did wank videos, right?”

“I have to get over that hurdle when I get to it I guess, I will be the highest paid star on the site so I don’t give a fuck where I stick it, Curtis has offered me double if I agree to bottom.” He said quickly.

“Bottom!, c’mon Lockie, that sounds like you are selling out, you told me years bostancı escort ago you wouldn’t go there, are you doing this to somehow get back at me?”

“There you go, I was waiting for it to be all about you,” he said with a dramatically raised voice.

Everyone in the room stopped talking and stared in our direction, I could feel my cheeks getting red.

“That’s not what I meant, stop thinking I am out to get you,” I hissed through gritted teeth, “believe it or not I am looking out for you.”

“Please, you have only been here five minutes and already you think you are a fucking expert.”

“Mr. Gent seems to think I am doing ok.” I retorted, instantly regretting it seeing the stung look on his face.

“I didn’t think you were like this Mason,” he sounded hurt, he began stuffing the sheets back into his bag, “I think we should just steer clear of each other for the sake of the shoot, agreed?”

“If that’s what you want then fine by me.” I was also hurt but with everything going on in my life at the moment I really wasn’t in the mood for a bratty Lockie. I drained my drink and made my way over to Mr. Gent who was speaking to Jupiter.

“Mason, what was that all about, I really hope there will be no drama on this shoot, there is too much at stake here, depending on how it turns out Curtis and I are thinking of submitting it for award season, not to mention all the money involved.”

“It’s all good, don’t worry,”

“Hope so, I was just about to go over the shooting schedule with Jupiter but now that you are here it saves time.”

Jupiter shot me an excited wink.

“After we land and get settled into our rooms, we will be doing a photo shoot on the beach, won’t take too long hopefully, then Curtis, Sy and I are splitting up and shooting scenes at the same time, right now it’s a bit of a headache but we are working on it being as smooth as possible.”

He did look very stressed Figaro, his eyes were drawn and his face was very pale. Jupiter was trying very hard to contain his excitement.

“Who and what will I be doing?” he asked.

Mr. Gent quickly traced his fingers down a line on the I pad.

“For you we were thinking, a scene with Dylan first, then maybe you and Knocks and Casey, then the seven guy final scene orgy. We will see when we get there how we are going for time.”

He let out a squeal of glee.

“And me?” I asked cautiously.

“Mason, you have a three way with Sy and Lockie, and then along with everyone you will be involved with the orgy. You will get more directions once we land and sort out who is directing the individual scenes.”

I tried to hide my disdain, having a three way with Sy would be uncomfortable enough but adding Lockie would make it nearly impossible. I couldn’t voice my concern though, not after the exchange I just had.

“You happy with that? I realize that Curtis is being a bit of a shit, throwing his toys out of the pram, but you just have to ignore it and put on your best show, it’s your career we are talking about here, I am only concerned about what happens on film not the shit that goes on behind the camera. I will be sitting beside you on the plane anyways we can discuss it if you like.”

We boarded soon after that, I was seated in the middle aisle, Casey was on my left while Mr. Gent and Curtis were on my right, I could see Lockie looking at who I was sitting next to, as he placed his bag over head, anger flashed across his face.

“Nervous flyer?” Casey asked buckling his belt.

“No not really, I haven’t flown that much but it doesn’t bother me,”

It was the first time I spoke to Casey sober, I found him to be very nice and relaxed, he was about twenty, very tall and thin, and had dark blonde hair, he was also new but had developed a strong following due to his very boyish looks, he was the most viewed before I started with the studio. Unlike Lockie he didn’t resent me.

“Your scene with Dylan O is easily my favorite on the site,” he said after we were up in the air.”I really hope he gets to fuck me in the orgy,”

I felt a tap on my shoulder, Curtis was leaning across Mr. Gent.

“Mason, sorry I didn’t to speak to you in the lounge, everything ok with you?” he said before he looked at Lockie.

“Yes everything is fine, really excited to get to the hotel and begin shooting,”

“And you’re happy with all your scene partners,”

Mr. Gent looked at me and nodded slightly, out of view from Curtis.

“Couldn’t be more happier.”

“That’s great to hear, you were the most requested co-star, Dylan wanted you but I thought it would be best if we showed more angles to you guys, Sy practically begged me for another shot at you, and Lockie only agreed to this shoot if could top you, I decided to kill two birds with one scene. You cool with that?”

I nodded and stared ahead.

My insides were in knots. Lockie only signed on so he could fuck me! my mind was conflicted, any feelings that I had towards him were decreasing. Lately I was beginning ümraniye escort bayan to rethink how I actually felt about him Figaro. I pushed it out of my mind and began to chat some more to Casey.

Once we had landed and collected our luggage we were driven to the hotel in three separate cars. Curtis, Sy and Mr. Gent were in the first car, Lockie, Casey and Knocks were in the second, Dylan, Jupiter and I were in the last, Dylan’s entourage and agent were renting their own car as Dylan would not be flying back with us. He was staying on longer to start shooting his calendar.

I was grateful that Jupiter sat in the front seat, I couldn’t handle is enthusiasm much more, he began to talk the ear off the driver about the area.

“He’s very eager,” Dylan said as we drove out of the airport.

“Tell me about it,” I replied, rolling down my window and letting the warm air rush in. “You excited for this shoot?”

“Sort of, I really enjoyed our scene, I’m just concerned about the orgy.”

“Same,” I muttered. “Not sure how it’s going to go down but everything has been signed, too late to back out now.”

“Ha! I am Dylan. O remember, I do what I want.”

We both laughed at his faux diva outburst.

We soon pulled into the hotel, it was a huge white building with a big sweeping lawn out front. You could hear the crash of the waves the second you stepped out of the car, it was beautiful.

We checked in and made our way to our rooms.

I was sharing a room with Knocks, everyone else was paired up besides Dylan who had a suite to himself.

I took in the huge room when I entered. It had two king sized beds, a writing desk in one corner, a sofa and giant flat screen TV took up the opposite one, the balcony looked down to the pool. It also had a massive en-suite, I could see Knock’s suitcase on one of the beds but he was nowhere to be seen. I quickly showered and put on my shorts and t-shirt and made my way to the lobby. We were due to have drinks before we walked to the beach for our photo shoot, the first scenes were due to be filmed later that evening, but when I arrived in the lobby everyone was standing around in a circle.

“Drinks will be served later Mason,” Sy said swinging his camera equipment over his shoulder, “Curtis wants these photos done in two hours.”

I was looking forward to having a drink but could see the sense in getting it out of the way while it was still bright out. We all set off towards the beach, the salty air was so refreshing. The excited chatter from everyone was infectious and I soon found myself relaxing in the heat of the sun.

We walked to the far end of the beach around a curve, it was very secluded and the ideal spot for our shoot. Everyone was going to have a set of individual pictures, one fully clothed, then topless, one with our backs turned to the camera showing our asses, and the final one was to be with our dicks hard. Once your set was taken you were free to enjoy the beach until it was time to walk back. We all sat around and watched Casey get his set taken, his body was very lean and muscular, not a single rib of body hair, his cock was long and thin, I would say about 6′, he had told me that the thick framed glasses he wore were his trademark, Curtis said they made him look like a nerdy student.

Soon after I was finished I decided to go for a swim in the ocean, the water was cool and aqua green. Everyone was in great spirits, laughing and joking, some were showing off their gymnastic skills while Jupiter was doing the rounds flirting with everyone. I was just wading along the waves edge when Knocks came up to me.

“Hey roomie, I finally get a chance to talk to you, I am Knocks.”

I took in his body as he spoke to me, he was about my height, extremely ripped, his skin the color of chocolate. I could see a dusting of hair that went from his protruding belly button down to his waist line. I had seen pictures of his cock on the site and it looked mouth watering, 9′ for sure and thick. His hair was in shoulder length thin dreads held off his face by a red bandanna. He was very attractive.

We walked and talked for a bit, he was excited to be here. He had worked for another studio before but this was his first feature. We offered to help Sy as he walked past us carrying all of the equipment.

“Thanks guys,” he said sweating and out of breath. “Curtis wanted to keep costs down so he refused to hire anyone new. Pain in the ass.”

“You get all the shots you need?” I asked as we crossed the parking lot.

“Yes, the light was perfect and everyone came out amazing, they will look great on the cover. We have our scene, in thirty minutes. Curtis called as I was packing up, he is going to be directing us down by the pool. He has paid the hotel to keep the other guests away while we shoot.”

Five minutes later we dropped off the equipment at Sy’s door.

“See you in twenty Mason. Knocks, Mr. Gent will call your room in about an hour, he is going to be shooting your three way with Casey and Jupiter in kartal escort his room.”

We both nodded and quickly made our way back to our room. I showered quickly, douched and pulled on black short swim trunks, they were very snug and made my ass pop. I quickly did some exercise. I wished Knocks good luck in his scene, threw on my white socks and left.

I found Lockie sitting on a deck chair waiting as Sy and Curtis set up the monitor. Lockie was wearing lime green shorts and nothing else. I hadn’t spoken to him at the beach so I remained silent and sat in the deck chair away from him.

“Just so you know Mason,” he said without looking at me, “I won’t be holding back today, Curtis seems to think I can be bigger than you so I am giving it my all.”

I didn’t respond right away, just looked at my phone and checked my messages, Myles had texted me saying no progress to report and the police were still investigating the break in. I groaned and stood up angrily.

“No need to be angry Mason,” he said putting both hands behind his head, basking in the heat.

“What? this has nothing to do with you Lockie, my apartment was broken into last week, so much has happened that you don’t know about.”

“Why did you agree to do the shoot then, seems like you should be back in the city focusing on that.”

“This is my getaway from all the drama, well I thought it was going to be a getaway but obviously not. Kash is back in the city as well, Channing may be with him.”

I don’t know why I felt the need to tell him my issues but deep down I guess I wanted him to know what was going on with me in case it snapped him out of his bratty phase.

“Mason I am just trying to focus on the shoot this weekend, OK, I don’t have time to listen to all your dramas, so let’s just leave that at the door.”

I couldn’t believe it Figaro, my best friend in the world, the one guy who I had confided in, was dismissing my problems with no more than an insolent hand gesture. My blood began to boil, I gripped my phone until my fingers went white. I forced myself to take deep breathes.

“Yes Lockie, I just thought you might be concerned or care what has been happening to me in the last few weeks but again I was wrong. I do hope you bring your best, I sure as hell am.”

We sat in stony silence until Curtis approached us and went over the outline of the scene. Sy was going to be the bottom for most of it, the last part of the scene will have Lockie fuck me as I fuck Sy. In the past I would have given anything to have Lockie inside me but now it was totally different.

Sy was wearing his trademark dark blue jock strap with “In’DaMan’d” on the waistband. Curtis went and spoke to Lockie before he moved behind the monitor again and we took our positions. He made some slight adjustments before giving us the thumbs up.

We were going to head straight into the action as per instructions, he wanted hot sex and aimed to cut out the boring bullshit. He also wanted the whole feature shot in two days so we didn’t have much time to play with.

Lockie sat back on the lounge deck chair, Sy moved towards him on all fours, his ass stuck up in the air. I knelt behind him on his left side. Curtis moved towards us with the handheld. He had two other stationary cameras placed around the chair, I could feel him over my shoulder as I pried Sy’s ass cheeks apart. His puckered ring opened slightly, I pointed my tongue and gently began to lick him, he had Lockies meaty cock out now and had started to suck him off.

I fanned his rosebud gently at first before I flattened my tongue and began rim him with the pad of my tongue. His cunt felt so soft and once again I could faintly taste the coconut from the lube. I started to swirl around a half an inch inside of his backdoor. I spat at the start of his crack and watched my saliva slowly trickle down over his pulsating twat. I repeated this step for about a minute before I slid in the first finger.

I could hear him gagging on Lockie’s dick, his head was frantically bobbing up and down, Lockie had his hand placed on the back of his bald head, forcing him further down his cock. My anger at Lockie was temporarily overruled as I took in his tanned, toned body. He was the ideal specimen of a man. My carnal instinct kicked in and I decided that if Lockie wanted my crown he was going to have to take it.

I finger blasted Sy with three fingers, he felt so tight compared to Jupiter’s hole, I could feel his sphincter tighten each time I pulled out. A few twists and I knew then that he was ready.

I slapped both his ass cheeks and stood up, he spun around on the chair and offered his ass up to Lockie, he began to massage my junk through my shorts before pulling them down and exposing my throbbing hard on.

I grabbed his chin and kissed him, tasting the cock that he had just gagged on, I pulled down his lower lip before I placed my cock inside his open mouth. Lockie entered him as I shoved my member down the back of his throat, he must have contracted his cunt because Lockie let out a moan of pleasure at the unexpected sensation. This turned me on more, knowing that Lockie was bringing his A game and we were locked in a secret battle to be number one, and the fact that Sy had admitted that I was the best he had ever had. Sy was our battlefield.

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