Mason the Masseur. Nora

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After doing my first patient (LR) in the ‘private room’, I realized that for safety and legal purposes I’ll need to make some further improvements to that ‘operation’.

On my computer there was already a file specifying the date and the sum of money I got from each customer I massaged in the ‘usual room’. I called the file Ma for ‘Mason a’. Now I created another file, Mb, for the ‘private’ clients. Again, date of service and the money I received would be clearly stated.

My intention was to pay the full taxes for the activities in both rooms. I did not want the IRS on my case…

Then I called a friend of mine, who used to do technical work for the FBI, to install an audio-visual equipment in the private area.

He placed 3 video cameras that recorded automatically every time the room was used.

Each camera was pointed in a different angle, with the most important one showing the main door.

The cameras were there to show mainly the transaction of money. However, in case there was an unhappy customer who chose to harm me, her/his face would be seen once I moved to the imaged area.

Neither one of the cameras displayed the massage table! The idea was to prevent potential lawsuits from clients alleging that I photographed them while not properly covered.

The sound recording could verify what the client wanted and agreed to.

And in case of dispute, it would prove that there were no objections to anything I did…

When all of the above was completed, I added several options of lighting, that would fit different massage options.

One last time I checked that the atmosphere was pleasant and everything was in working conditions (Quiet heating/cooling system, lights, music options, etc.).

I was happy with the results and looked forward to receive my second customer.

The next client approached me after hearing about me from LR.

I spoke to her on the phone. She asked for confidentiality and I assured her that it was my motto!

She told me her name. The abbreviation was NV.

She claimed to be 46 with average body habitus and silicon implants in her breasts.

It was good to know in advance about the implants, but it was not a contraindication for a massage.

Later I asked her what were her expectations from me.

She hesitated, “Mason, Lenora talked to me at length about the pleasurable massage and the ‘post massage relaxation technique’… She convinced me that it’s worth a try. I had a traumatic event lately and if your treatment can make me forget about it, even only temporarily, I’d take it. Lenora did not divulge how much she paid you for your services, but I don’t think that it will be an issue…”

“Ma’am, how about tomorrow at 5 pm?”

“That is perfect. See you then.”

Her name sounded familiar, though I couldn’t place it… I checked on line and 10 minutes later I remembered.

NV was married to a rich industrialist, who was much older than her. Both of them appeared in multiple charity events and gave a lot of money to entities like an art center, the local university, 3 libraries, Saint Jude children hospital and 2 drug addiction & recovery charities. Their only son died of overdose few months ago at the tender age of 24…

I wondered how she was coping with such tragedy.

Money may help finding distractions during the day, but going to sleep knowing that your ONLY child was gone because of a preventable reason like drugs use…

I swore to myself to do the best I could and not mention potentially sensitive subjects like… children or drugs…

The next day NV showed up on time. She smiled at me and said, “Hi, my name is Nora. My friend Lenora told me that you were the best masseur she ever met… Even before the extras… I hope that you can help me too.”

“Nora, I am up for the challenge and more… If by the time we are done you are not completely happy, don’t pay me!”

She chuckled, “Mason, you are very sure of your abilities… Well, based on Lenora’s story, you may be right… What do you want me to do now?”

“If you did not have a shower in the last hour, I suggest that you have one.”

“I was playing tennis with my coach until an hour ago. Then I took a shower, dressed up and came here directly.”

“That’s excellent! Do you have any idea what kind of a massage you wish to have? Unless you know already, on the wall you can see pictures and read about the different types. Otherwise you can ask questions or tell me the body parts you want me to concentrate on…”

“Mason, I am not sure what kind exactly… I try to play tennis, so my arms, legs and lower back need to be massaged well. Then… I had a death in the family that still haunts me, even though it happened months ago. Since that… event… I get head and neck pains on a regular basis…”

“Nora, let me try deep tissue massage on your arms and legs, followed by a longer than usual lower back massage and then your neck and forehead. I can always change the times I dedicate to certain places in your body according to the way you feel. Everything else that I didn’t mention, for example, escort gaziantep bayanlar your shoulders, I’ll do as well, but with less emphasis. I am going to start with your back side. Please go to the dressing room, undress completely and cover with a towel everything you wish me not to touch. Once you are done, come back here and lie down on your tummy with your face inside this soft ring. I’ll be back in less than 10 minutes.”

And then I left.

I entered the room exactly ten minutes later. Nora was naked.

Two towels were on the floor, but nothing on her body…

I didn’t comment.

I brought the massage oil. I chose for her one that had a lavender smell.

“Mason, how did you know?… I love lavender smell!…”

I laughed. “Nora, I didn’t know, but I thought you might like it. I warmed it, so it should feel good on your body, but if you prefer it hotter or colder, please let me know!”

I gazed at her shapely legs. Not an ounce of fat or cellulite. Nice muscular legs, that have seen a lot of activity. She played tennis, but other options like running, biking, hiking were all also possible.

I began with her feet and calves. Her muscles were still stretched after her tennis game. I worked slowly to relax the 2 calf muscles. Nora purred into her ring shaped cushion.

Then I moved to her thighs. I did the left quadriceps and then the right one, trying to knead both sides somewhat deeper than usual. Her developed muscles needed loosening.

“That’s feels great…” she whispered.

“Nora, you did not cover your bottom. I assume that you wish for me to work on your glutes. Right?…

“Yes, please…”

I poured additional warm oil on my palms and started tweaking her rounded globes.

They were much more muscular than I expected and again, zero fat!

“Nora, I have massaged multiple women between the ages of 40 and 50. I have never seen such a perfect ass in this age group. It’s all muscles and no cellulite… Personally I think that you lied to me… You are much younger. I’d say 30 to 35 range! Now tell me, are you doing it to start getting your social security checks earlier?…”

She laughed, “Of course… I barely have enough money for food… How do you think I’ll be able to pay for my massage if social security won’t rescue me?!…”

I chuckled too, “So tell me, how did your body become so perfect?…”

“Mason, don’t be so naive. These days when women have enough money, they try to eat right and do some sports. These 2 important life style factors help somewhat, but it’s not enough, because the older one gets, the skin becomes loose, metabolism slows down and other body changes occur. At that point money comes handy… Botox, Hyaluronic acid, other rejuvenating creams, plastic surgeries are all available! And yes, I’ve had some of these myself…”

“Ma’am, I do not see anything on your skin to suggest that you went through interventions, so whoever did it for you was a real expert. To me you look like somebody my age. And I am 33!…”

Nora smirked, “I’ve read in your ad that you are not married, so if we are at the same age, we can pair…”

I chortled, “I may be mistaken, but my impression was that you are already hitched…”

She sighed and didn’t talk.

I added slightly more oil on her ass cheeks and finished doing them, moving from the sides medially.

Some oil dripped into her crack. I left it there, knowing full well that it may reach her cunt lips…

Her lower back muscles were strained. It was likely the tennis game she just finished.

I kneaded the muscles. Initially lightly, but then with my fists and even my elbows.

She moaned.

Then I moved upward to her shoulders and last part being the back of her neck.

When I was finished I said, “Nora, I am done with your back side, but if you want me to concentrate further on certain area, I’ll be happy to do it. Otherwise, it’s time to turn on your back. I can leave for a couple of minutes and you lie supine with towels covering the places you do not want to be touched…”

She didn’t wait for me to leave and before I finished talking, she was already on her back. Fully naked…

Nora looked into my eyes, smiling.

I stared at her beautiful body, “Nora, as a professional I am not going to do it, but If it was OK, I would have whistled…”

“Oh, thank you sir. It means a lot to me!…”

“Nora, am I to understand that you want me to massage your entire front?…”

“Sure! That’s the fun part, isn’t it?”

I smiled back at her. I didn’t need to answer… My dick was doing it for me. It slowly lifted the front of my robe…

Nora’s eyes glanced at my groin and then at my face, “Mason, be patient… Massage first…”

This lady was very sure of herself…

Initially I thought that I’d have control, but it seemed that she’d dictate the rhythm how everything proceeded from here…

“Mason, please do my legs and shoulders first.”

The next 20 minutes I worked on her calves and the front of her thighs.

As eskort bayan gaziantep I reached the inner thighs, Nora closed her eyes and her legs slowly moved apart.

Her exposed pussy revealed glistened labia…

The lady played it cool, but she was definitely aroused…

With her eyes shut she whispered, “Yes Mason, I am horny, but please do my shoulders first…”

For an active tennis player her shoulders were soft and smooth. And pleasant to the touch…

A couple of times my hands slipped toward her upper chest. She chuckled both times.

“Mason, if I didn’t know that you were my masseur, I might have thought that you were trying to reach for my tits… were you?…”

I wasn’t ready for the blunt question…

Her tits were magnificent! They stood firm, as if inviting me to play with them… And the nipples… They were initially a size of quarters, but in front of my eyes became only slightly bigger than a nickel… And very hard…

Of course, I knew that the areolas had silicon fillings, but the view was fantastic and my fully extended pole didn’t seem to care about it either…

“Nora, if you are interested to know whether the sight of your breasts arouses me, the answer is ‘yes’. It may not be the right answer for a massage therapist, but they are simply perfect! You told me about silicon implants, but they look as natural and fantastic as I’ve ever seen before…”

“Have you ever massaged a chest with implants?”

“Yes, twice…”

“Show me then…”

In my ‘previous job’ there was a young woman, that I knew in advance I wanted to have sex with. She had fake tits, so I read about the subject.

To my surprise, it actually is recommended to massage boobs with implants, especially early after the surgery. But later on also, as long as the right technique is applied…

I placed both my hands on her beautiful orbs, pressed then downward and then upward.

Subsequently I pushed the two breasts from each side toward the midline, followed by pulling them outward.

Then I put both my hands on each side of her right tit and gently squeezed it. Later I did the same with the left one.

“Nora, what I just did was the recommended medical massage for implanted breasts. Anything else you wish me to do?…”

“Yes, you SOB… I know that you can medically massage every part of my body! But I thought that you got the message… Show me if you can improvise a massage for me that will go beyond medical whatever…”

“Nora, what exactly you want me to do? Remember, your body is new to me… I do not know what you like… More importantly, what you hate… Any preference?…”

“Mason, you talk too much! Lenora said that you were… How did she say it?… Oh, PERFECT!… So prove it! You get a free hand as long as it’s not TOO painful!… I have no problem with some kinkiness as well if you wish…”

I removed my robe and my erect cock was on full display for Nora.

She gasped, “It is so huge… Do you think my body can accommodate such a big thing?…”

“Lady, by the time I am done with you, you’ll know…”

I came closer to her with my cock touching her arm, that was on her side.

Her palm grabbed it, with her fingers making 3/4 of a circle around my shaft.

She gasped again, “It is so hard, but the head is spongy and nicer…”

I placed my hand on her mound. My finger felt her moisture oozing down. It circled gently around her entrance, every now and then almost touching her sensitive clit.

She began moaning softly and her hand bobbed faster on my prick.

I inserted 2 fingers into her pussy, followed few seconds later with a third one.

Her tunnel was tighter that I thought it would be – She delivered at least one child and I assumed that she had sex with her husband…

I gradually enlarged her opening, while forcing her legs to spread wider.

I looked at Nora’s face. Her eyes were tightly shut and her face grimaced…

Her boobs were too tempting. I lowered my face and took her closest nipple between my lips.

She groaned and her pulse increased.

I sucked on her bud and then gently nibbled on it.

She raised her torso toward me.

I continued biting fondly on her rubbery nip.

One of my hands was pinching her other nipple, while the fingers of the other one were gently rubbing her G spot.

“Mason, I am so close… Do your magic!…”

“Nora, I love the way your hand strokes my cock. It feels so good, that I hate to stop everything and make the effort to take you to heaven…”

She whispered in a pleading voice, “Mason, please!… What do you want? Please let me cum… I can’t take it anymore…”

“Nora dear, right now I want a slut to suck my dick nice and slow… So if there is a slut in the room, she better do it, otherwise I’ll have to call for one…”

Nora’s lips were wrapped around my organ in no time…

“Good baby!… You see Nora, you try to take control, but you are just a cheap slut!… If you give me a satisfactory blowjob, gaziantep bayan eskort I might consider the possibility of letting you cum… If you are excellent and swallow my seed as a real cock craving slut that you are, I’ll make an exception and fuck you too!…”

Nora, the high society lady, started sucking me like a pro!

Gradually more and more of my tool was disappearing into her hungry mouth before exiting and entering again.

One of my fingers moved toward her clit, barely touching it every couple of seconds.

Every time her love button was touched, her body jolted…

Once my cock was all the way into her throat, her vacuuming increased.

I expected her to gag at some point, but it never happened.

It was time to let her have her first orgasm.

Two fingers of my left hand tweaked her nipple hard, while my other hand was playing down under – Two fingers applying pressure to her G spot, my thumb stroking her clit from side to side and my little finger invaded her anus.

She stopped breathing for few seconds and then a loud cry filled the quiet room.

I thought that my organ would block all her noises, but her call to the wild was a good testimony that her throat was able to expand a lot…

I kept my cock in her mouth as a pacifier, not trying to climax myself. Yet…

I let Nora relax for few moments with my prick still nesting between her lips, until she opened her eyes.

She removed my cock, “Mason, my orgasm was very powerful, but you didn’t…”

“You are right Nora…” As I was talking to her, my hand sneaked to her pussy and I reinserted my fingers, “I am not done with you yet. Your amazing body is making me crazy and I intend to fuck you! Now if you are a GOOD fuck, I might let you climax again, but if you are not, well… You’ll stay hungry!…”

Nora begged, “Please Mason, don’t do it to me…”

“Shut up you cheap slut! Your mouth is to open only to serve my cock! Capisce?…”

She looked at me silently, scared to death…

“Get on the carpet!”

She moved slowly, her eyes focused on mine the whole time… And then she lied on the rug.

“Good girl! Now open and give me head!…”

With tears in her eyes, her mouth opened and enveloped my member. She began sucking again.

Nora seemed so afraid and giving up, that it was hard to believe, but her vulva was wet!

In fact it was even wetter than before!…

“What a whore you are!… being told what to do makes you horny! You obviously need to be disciplined and learn your place!… Turn around, on your tummy!…”

She was shaking but turned and her gorgeous ass was on full display in front of me.

“Look slut, it’s your first time, so I’ll spank you only 5 times, but next time it will be worse, so learn you place… And do it fast!”

My palm landed on her perfect cheek, making a lot of noise, but it was half hearted.

The next one was harder. She whimpered, but again, my fingers almost drowned inside her flooded vagina…

“You enjoy it too much, lady!” And then the 3 last slaps landed in succession on her other cheek.

Now both cheeks had reddish color to them, that… in my opinion… made them even prettier!…

“I want to see you on your knees and elbows! You are a simple bitch in heat, so a doggy style is best!”

Without a word Nora positioned herself, grabbing one of the pillows that fell on the ground and leaning her head on it.

I shoved my thumb forcefully into her cunt and she shivered.

I knelt behind her, removed my thumb and pushed my engorged organ all the way to her cervix.

A groan escaped her mouth.

I waited a moment or two for her narrow tunnel to expand somewhat and then my cock began plowing into her in a gradually accelerating pace.

Her body was shaking uncontrollably and her cries were too loud for me.

I inserted a thumb into her mouth and she instinctively began sucking.

The noises were much more tolerable now!

My other hand moved forward, squashing her puffy clitoris.

Her convulsions intensified and at one point her body just crushed onto the floor, while the the erratic shuddering continued.

I positioned myself between her widely spread legs and raised the speed of my ministrations to the highest gear.

“Nora my slut, I am going to deposit my seed inside your hungry pussy. You have my permission to enjoy your prolonged orgasm!…”

I had no idea if Nora even heard me… Her body movements were all over the place and her muffled cries alternated with a series of rapid breathing…

I exploded inside her tortured cunt with endless streams of whitish goo…

After I was done, I rolled over to her side, caressed gently her sweaty back and waited for her to wake up.

Her face was directed toward me, but her eyes were closed and her body was limp.

I waited patiently and 10 minutes later her eyes opened. A big smile decorated her pleasant face.

“Mason, you were awesome! Really!… Lenora was right… I have one question – How did you guess that one of my fantasies was a ‘pseudo rape scenario’?…”

“Nora, my experience taught me that when a woman plans a ‘massage with benefits’ and then tries to assume control, most times she is actually looking to be disciplined… likely be punished. I wouldn’t take a chance with a customer that I do not know… But in your case, your pussy became wetter when I talked dirty to you, and even more when I spanked you…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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