Massage Provides Her First Lesson

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Peter got a most interesting message yesterday. Peter was a sophomore at the college and a part of the tennis team. After some mild sports injuries he tried some therapeutic massage, and he found it helped his sore muscles and was overall very enjoyable. However, he simply could not afford to get a massage on a regular basis. His search for alternatives led him to a web site that, for a modest charge, helped individuals interested in massage create a profile and search for others, nearby, who also liked massage. Sort of a “you massage me and I’ll massage you” type of exchange. Your profile also allowed you to specify if you only wanted to exchange with only men, woman or either was fine. In addition, you could indicate whether sensual massage was “ok”.

Peter had exchange with a couple individuals, but his best “find” was a woman, Malisa, in her 30s that was actually a trained masseuse herself. Not surprisingly, someone who gives massages professionally, likes getting them too. Malisa was almost the perfect match, as far as Peter was concerned. She was great at massage, she was a woman, and she had checked the “sensual massage” box too. In part, Malisa, had responded to Peter’s profile because he was an athletic young man. Malisa was “happily” married, but enjoyed the extra attention she received during her massage exchanges. These exchanges usually lasted almost 2 hours. Malisa would massage Peter first and finish up with a “happy ending” and then it was her turned to be massaged and finish with a smile on her face. Sometimes they even shared a shower afterwards to get cleaned up. They didn’t fuck or kiss, but it was very sensual.

The message Malisa sent to Peter was quite intriguing. There was a family, Malisa had known for several years, that lived next door to her. They had a daughter Calie, who was a senior in high school. Malisa explained that she used to watch over Calie when she was younger, and her parents were out. Malisa had filled a “big” sister role for Calie during that time and they often had conversations that you might have with a sister, but not your parents. Calie was apparently quite shy, at least around boys, and had not done any real dating. She was asking Malisa more questions about boys, in particular their bodies. What were the differences when Malisa massaged a male client VS female? To make a long story shorter…. Malisa’s conversations eventually led to her revealing that she occasionally exchanges massages with men and that maybe Calie would like to join her during an exchange and get some “hands on” experience. Malisa had sent the message wanting to know whether Peter might be open to the idea.

Peter thought about it for about 5 seconds, before replying that he’d be happy to be the “guinea pig” to provide Calie some answers to her questions. The next day Malisa replied, “all set for Tuesday at 10:00 AM.”

Calie arrived 15 minutes early on Tuesday to help Malisa prepare for the massage.

“I had trouble getting to sleep last night, just thinking about this,” Calie said.

“It’s natural to be excited. I am sure you’ll have a good time and remember if you are uncomfortable at anytime you can just leave. Peter knows he is here, partly as a learning experience for you, so don’t be shy about asking questions during the massage,” Malisa stated.

They heard a wrap on the door, and Peter stepped into the studio. Calie felt her face flush, as Peter stepped inside. He was a handsome boy, sporting a big smile, and maybe 2 years older than her. She guessed he was about 6 feet tall and was dressed in white tennis shorts and red collared tennis shirt. He was slim but not skinny and had a bushy head of dirty blond hair.

Peter had exchanged massages with Malisa 6 times now. She was pretty, somewhat petit at 5’2″, and had strong hands. Calie, not surprisingly, looked young. Peter thought she looked “tom boyish” with loose fitting cloths, a short haircut and a trim build. She was not a curvy girl.

Malisa did the introductions. “Calie and I will step out of the room for a minute Peter, and let you get setup on the table first, just like we usually do. “

After they stepped out Malisa said, “I thought it would be a little awkward with us both just standing there, while Peter got undressed.’

“I think you’re right. My gosh, you didn’t tell me he was so good looking,” Calie replied.

Malisa just smiled. They heard Peter in the next room indicating that he was ready.

“Ready to touch your first naked boy?” Malisa exclaimed.

“I am glad you are here to help guide me,” Calie replied. “Let’s do this!”

They entered the massage room, which was bathed in the soft candle lights they had set up earlier. Peter was laid out, face down, on the massage table, covered with nothing. Both women took a moment to just look over the nude body spread out before them. Since she was a professional masseuse, Malisa could appreciate what a taught athletic specimen Peter was. Calie was a bit overwhelmed at the man before fethiye escort her and what was about to begin.

“Let’s start out doing this together,” Melisa told Calie. “Step around to the other side and just copy what I do.”

Calie watched and copied Malisa intently. They each reached for a bottle of massage oil and poured some on their hands. Melisa contacted Peter’s body in the middle left side of his back while Calie did the same on the right. Calie copied Malisa’s circular motions and spread the massage oil over Peter’s back. Calie enjoyed the contact and connection she felt as she ran her hands over his back. After a few moments of this, Malissa asked Peter how he was doing.

“It feels great, but I would say that Calie’s touch is quite a bit lighter than yours. She could press a little deeper if she wants.”

“Thanks for the feedback, I can definitely press firmer,” Calie responded.

Calie continued to follow Malisa’s lead as she massaged up and down his back and up to his shoulders, enjoying her exploration.

“Next, I am going to show you something almost all my clients love,” Malisa said. She spread her fingers and ran her hand up Peter’s neck and through his scalp. She repeated this on the side of his face, up over the temples and through his hair. “I use more pressure than you would think. Now you try Calie.”

This felt more intimate than rubbing Peter’s back and Calie was rewarded with Peter purring appreciatively at her touch.

Next, the girls shifted to the other end of the table. They began rubbing Peter’s feet and slowly work up his legs. After they got past the knees, Malisa paused.

“Ok Calie, time for a little anatomy lesson.” Malisa said. She grabbed both of Peter’s ankles and spread his legs father apart. “You can get a better view of our male specimen and access this way,” she exclaimed with a little smirk.

Pointing right between his legs Malisa exclaimed, “these are his balls or scrotum, if you prefer. They can be sensitive and should be handled with care. Above that, is the perineum, which most woman and men enjoy having massaged.”

Malisa applied some more lotion and placed her hands back on Peter’s left leg. “Here, I like to start some deep and longer strokes, starting with the thigh muscle and gliding my hands up over his ass and lower back. Then, with less pressure, I glide my hands back down and do it all over again. Now you try…”

Calie liked I nice butt on a guy, and Peter’s defensively fit in that category. It was shapely and firm and she felt a little naughty, like she was copping a “feel” that she wasn’t supposed to. Peter enjoyed the touch of Calie’s inexperienced hands traveling over his body as she explored him with her oily hands.

“Now, this time when you draw your hands back down, let your fingers wander some. Let your nails lightly scape over his sack and legs,” Malisa instructed. Peter felt a tingle and his body twitch as Calie touched him intimately for the first time.

“Did you see his muscles react a little as he felt your touch?” Malisa asked. Calie didn’t respond right away but repeated the steps over again. The third time she lingered over his smooth balls longer and lightly scratched at them and then ran her fingers over them. Peter loved Calie’s caresses and felt his cock begin to react to her touch. Malisa was enjoying watching her younger “sister” explore her first man. She realized she liked the combined voyeur/participant role she was in and found it all very erotic.

Calie liked being in control of delivering pleasure to such handsome man.

Malisa joined back in and Peter luxuriated in the dual treatment he was receiving. The girls hands met at Peter’s sac and Malisa took Calie’s hand in hers and guided it over the perineum area. “You can press deeper here” she exclaimed. Malisa then grabbed the massage oil and poured some out directly on Peter’s ass. She spread his ass cheeks apart and glided three oily fingers over his anus and Peter reacted by moaning softly. “Lots of guys love to have this area massaged. Some don’t, because they think its “gay”, but once they have experienced it….well, lets just say no one has ever complained afterwards. Its important to use lots of lube or oil.”

“We won’t go any further on it today, but this is how you reach the prostate gland on a guy. It’s like the male “G” spot. There are some guys that will cum, just by massaging it alone.

“All right Peter time to turn over,” Malisa declared.

Calie paid rapt attention as Peter rolled over. Her eyes went straight to his penis. Peter was semi hard already. It was the first “real” cock she’d ever seen. Peter could tell right where she was staring too. He smiled a little as he could see her mouth agape as she was taking the moment in.

Malisa momentarily resumed her role as anatomy instructor. “You are seeing a great specimen of the male anatomy today. Which, is one the reasons I enjoy our massage exchanges. You have no doubt already noticed his penis. escort fethiye Peter is circumcised, so there is no skin covering the end of this shaft. He is in a semi-hard state, meaning he is somewhat aroused and enlarged but not at full length or hardness. You can see his sac and make out his balls too. Judging from other guys I have seen naked; he has a modest amount of pubic hair and almost no chest hair. Do you have any questions Calie?”

Calie turned a little red as she asked, “Peter’s cock seems big to me, is it larger than most?”.

“Well, that’s a good question. First off, it is going to get somewhat bigger than what you see right now, but in fact, “cover your ears Peter” his penis is pretty average in size. Peter’s might be slightly longer than the “text book average” of six inches. I often have male clients that get an erection during a massage, and while their cock may be hidden under the draping, I can still get a pretty good idea of how big they are.”

“Ok, good to know” Calie responded. The room was warm and she could feel herself responding with a dampness and desire between her own legs.

“Now let’s start with his chest, Malisa said, as she poured out some more massage oil. Many men really like having their chest massaged and have some sensitivity in their nipples”. Both women rubbed up and down his chest and each of them took turns light pinching and fondling his nipples, which elicited soft moans of satisfaction coming from their “volunteer”. Calie followed Melisa’s lead as she moved down to his taught abs. Peter’s chest glistened from the ample supply of oil that was being applied.

Calie asked Peter, “which parts of your body do you like having touched the most?”

Peter responded, “I love all of it. Some areas like my nipples and ass feel more erotic, but I would not want to skip over any of the parts you have touched”.

The girls shifted next to Peter’s feet. The kneaded his toes and the soles of his feet and worked their way up. Peter’s cock had grown softer as his feet were attended to, but as the girls started their march up his legs, his body involuntarily began to respond as it anticipated the area their hands were destined to reach. Peter had kept his eyes closed through much of the massage, just enjoying the touch from Calie and Malisa. Now he looked at Calie. Her facial expressions, her hands on his body, and her figure. She was a pretty girl, with light brown hair, a delicate mouth and nose and a slim boyish figure, which made her look younger than her 18 years.

As Calie worked up Peter’s leg, she noticed his softened cock twitch a couple times, even though no one had touched it. She fixated on it as her hands slowly inched higher. It was growing longer and beginning to straighten and soon the tip was pointed straight to his belly button. She involuntarily licked her lips and felt a tingle between her own legs. As they made it to the top of his thighs, they both came in contact with Peter’s sac, which caused his cock to straighten and stiffen even a little bit more.

Malisa instructed, “Ok, you can see that this penis is pointing straight up. You’ll notice that its bigger and stiffer than it was a while ago. Peter is now fully hard. I want you to take your hand and just wrap it around his cock. Feel how stiff it is. Gently examine it in your hands. See how soft and pliable the tip is. You can see how the tip is slightly larger than the shaft. Feel the underside where the tip meets the shaft? That is the most responsive part of the cock. Some cocks have a curve to them and others are straight like Peter’s.”

“Even though you’ve touched Peter’s cock, and he’s at full arousal, I like to continue to touch and tease other areas of a man’s body to prolong his pleasure. Maybe massage his abs, nipples, or balls and then come back to his cock.”

At this point Malisa took over from Calie. She ran her hand over Pater’s hardon and then up to his abs. She pinched his nipples and then ran finger nails down his chest. “When you jerk a boy off, you want to use a firm grip. You can even use both hands if you want. When you stroke him make sure you go all the way to the tip. The base of the shaft is not where he is sensitive. Mostly, you can just see how he is reacting to your strokes to give you feedback on how you are doing. When a guy is this hard and excited, like am sure Peter is at this moment, it does not take long for a guy to cum.”

“Are you ready to make a guy cum for your first time,” Malisa asked?

“I’d like to try,” Calie answered enthusiastically.

Peter watch as Calie gripped his hard on with her hand and wrapped her fingers around it. She copied the motions Malisa had just demonstrated and began her first hand job. Both Peter and Malisa were transfixed on Calie’s hand that gripped Peter’s stiff cock. Her small hand made his member appear particularly large in comparison. Peter felt a tingle in his cock each time her hand passed over him. Melisa felt turned on as well, maybe even more than fethiye escort bayan when she was in charge of giving Peter’s erection the relief it so badly wanted. She was even felling a little jealous that she was not the one who was the source of Peter’s pleasure.

Calie watched Peter’s body language intently and adjusted her stokes based on the feedback she perceived. She took her other hand and rubbed his chest and could feel an arousal building in herself and a determination to deliver Peter the pleasure and release he now so desperately seemed to need.

Peter’s breathing changed and his hips now seemed to be trying to thrust his cock through her grip. She tightened her hold and he pushed all the harder and faster.

“He’s going to cum soon,” Malisa warned.

Calie gripped him even harder as Peter’s hips lifted off the table. She was getting him so close and now he wanted desperately wanted to cum. Calie was surprised as Peter took his hands and wrapped them around hers squeezing her grip to tighten around his cock even more. Taking his guidance, she furiously pumped his cock up and down with her small tight fist. Peter removed his hands from around hers to allow her to complete what she had started. She brought him up to and then over the edge, and his cock exploded with a stream of his cum landing on his upper chest. He kept thrusting against her hand as his orgasm washed over him and more cum squirted out of his cock and landed on his abs.

Peter fell back against the table as his spent cock still tingled in Calie’s hand.

“Thanks, that was amazing,” Peter complimented Calie.

Calie was a little stunned and speechless for a few moments. Malisa brought over a towel and started wiping Peters chest off and Calie released Peter’s softening cock from her grip.

“Wow, that was quite a lesson,” Calie exclaimed.

After a few more moments, Peter sat up, got off the table, and reached for his clothes.

“So what was the biggest surprise for you,” Malisa asked Calie?

“Well, I guess the whole Penis thing. It’s size, hardness, and when Peter came. If that is average, I am a little concerned how that fits inside me, to be quite honest. I have to admit I found the whole experience very erotic. You have a beautiful body Peter and it was a real turn on giving you that massage. So did you enyoy it Peter,” asked Calie?”

“Oh yes, very much. It was extra special knowing this was your first time. You know of course that you’ve only had half the experience. I would love to return the favor and massage you. I’m sure Malisa would be happy to stay and supervise.”

Calie was not sure how to react. She certainly did not come here with the idea that this would be anything more than her massaging him, but she was also not prepared for the way her body responded to giving Peter the massage. She could still feel the heightened arousal at having explored a naked boy over the past half hour.

Malisa chimed in, “I am happy to stay if you want to give it a try, or maybe we could do it some other time. I think you would enjoy and learn from the experience.”

“It up to you, but I think you have a beautiful body and I know from first-hand experience what great “big sister” you have,” Peter said to try and put her at ease. “we can stop at any time if you become uncomfortable.”

“All right then, you’ve got yourselves a volunteer,” Calie responded.

Malisa and Peter left the room to give Calie a chance to disrobe and get ready.

“I am really surprised she agreed to this. She is usually very shy around people,” Melisa said to Peter, “Though, I think it will be a good experience for her”.

After a couple minutes of silence, Calie announced she was ready.

Now it was Calie who laying face down on the massage table. Peter looked her over and noted again that she was small. She had a nice curve to her ass and small narrow hips.

Peter placed his hands on her upper back and spread the oil over her back and shoulders. Then he began to knead her shoulders.

With more vigor he ran his hands over her back and then up to the neck. He then ran his fingers through her hair and then down the middle of her spine.

“That feels nice,” she encouraged him.

Peter added more oil and traveled farther down her back. He loved the texture of her smooth womanly body and enjoyed running his hands over her skin. Moving his hand down to her ass, it sounded like Calie was softly purring in blissful contentment. He spent time working her “buns” and let his fingers begin to wander lightly over her backdoor. Calie loved the feel of his fingers exploring her and could sense the dampness between her legs increase in response to his sensual touches.

Peter temporarily returned to massaging in long strokes, beginning at the top of her legs, over the behind, up the length of her back, across the neck and ending with his fingers running through her scalp and hair. He poured more oil out and massaged from the top of her legs downward until he reached her toes, each of which he fondled with his fingers individually. Peter then started back up her legs. He kneaded her muscles but as he reached her soft inner thighs he changed over to a lighter stroking.

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