Matt and Brad: Gay Lovers Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

Mom Dates Matt’s Counselor

Katrina dressed provocatively for her date with Tracy. She wore a red backless evening gown with a plunging neck line revealing her valley and the insides of her breasts. It flowed gracefully over her hips to just above her ankles and opened on each side as she walked. With each step the sides opened revealing her well toned legs. She wore sexy spiked heels and sprayed on perfume she new Tracy loved.

Tracy always the sexy one wore a red spider web mesh top woven to reveal her luscious breasts. Bright red pasties covered her areolas. She added skin tight hip hugger latex slacks and spiked ankle high boots. The V of her pussy and each bun was prominently displayed. .

The two were a sexy as hell.

They enjoyed dinner and the jaw dropping looks from other patrons and the restaurant staff. Their waitress Janice asked if they were going to Loving Angels,

“Oh yes,” Tracy replied.

“Good, Maybe I’ll see you there later.”

The sexy couple entered the main ball room of Loving Angels drawing only casual looks. Every woman was dressed for a sexy date night Friday.

They found a table and placed an order for strawberry daiquiris. They noticed a couple nearby staring as Tracy. She caught their eyes and waved.

“Friends.” Katrina asked

“Clients,” Tracy replied. “They are transvestites.”

“Wow, I would never have guessed. They are beautiful.”

“Oh my God. That’s the answer!” a giddy Tracy exclaimed.


“Yes! Yes! Remember I told you how hot Matt got when he saw Jack. You know Jack from the swinging parties. I told Matt there was no way Jack will let any man touch his goods.”

“Of course, he’s the classic voyeur He loves watching us make love with each other women or men. Oh my, I think I know what you are planning.” and excited Katrina guessed.

“We dress up Matt. I know we can make him look like a cock hungry slut.” Tracy assured Katrina. “We avrupa yakası escort will take him to next month’s swinger party and let mature take its course. If Jack wants a fuck he’ll tell him it’s her time of the month but she will gladly suck his cock.”

“That gives us a month to turn my beautiful son into am even more beautiful sultry sexy lady.” Katrina enthusiastically proclaimed.

“We will take him shopping to a store owned by a lesbian friend. It has everything we need including gaff panties used by transsexuals and Transvestites so their cocks don’t show. It will be so much fun.” Tracy said hugging her friend.

“You don’t think Matt will object to all this?” Katrina asked.

“No way on this earth. He wants Jack’s cock bad.” Tracy answered.

“I’m so excited my panties are damp,” Katrina moaned. “I need you now my love,”

A damp spot grew in the crotch of Tracy’s tight slacks. She leaned into Katrina and kissed her passionately. Katrina thrust her tongue into her lover’s hot mouth. Tracy responded with her tongue and moved her hands into the deep V neckline of Katrina’s dress fondling her breasts.

“We better go to the play pen dear,” Tracy urged.

The play pen is a large room taking up the entire second floor of he club. It contains 20 private rooms each with large soft mattress and a small bathroom with a shower and toilet. Fresh linens and towels were stored in a large closet in the bathroom. A notice on the bathroom door instructs guests to bundle up the used sheets and towels. Club staff cleans the rooms and prepares it for the next guests. A tip jar on the bathroom counter paid the staff handsomely from the generosities of happy lovers.

Tracy and Katrina entered and immediately continued kissing passionately; Tracy easily removed Katrina’s sexy red dress and lowered her to the mattress. She quickly removed her mesh top and pasties slipped off her boots and slid out istanbul escort of her soaked latex slacks.

Katrina shed her high heels and soaked thong. The naked beauties stared for a long moment basking in the moment. Tracy moved beside Katrina and the two kissed again. They moved together sexy body to body. Tracy’s larger breasts smothered Katrina’s breasts. She hugged Tracy hard pressing her breasts harder. She loved the mutual breast mashing more then hand fondling. Tracy turned her body to a position allowing mouth access to their aroused breasts. They sucked one breast and gently fondled the other, switching often.

Pussy juices flowed freely and the room took on the musky sweet aroma only aroused women make. The beautiful bi lovers moved down so each could eat their lover’s pussy. They had made love many times and knew what the other liked. Katrina opened wide and lowered her lips covering Tracy’s shaved mound. She licked softly spreading her outer lips exposing the pick inner walls lined with her tangy nectar. She licked in and out sucking in her juices.

Tracy used a different approach sure to ignite a fire in Katrina’s soul. She started at her navel and licking and softly kissing moving over her soaked shaved pussy to her asshole then back again. With each stroke back and forth Katrina leaked more and more nectar which Tracy sucked into her mouth.

There mouth’s full they moved to a passionate opened mouth kiss commingling their juices into a tasty cocktail which they drank down. The juices had the power of an aphrodisiac and the two lovers attacked each other. They moved to a side buy side 69 grabbed the each other’s ass and mashed their faces in the other’s hot pussy.

Katrina inserted two of her long fingers into Tracy’s pussy, found her G spot and gently rubbed the spongy area. She patiently waited for Tracy’s ejaculate to build. Tracy was overcome and launched long streams of her clear fluids into Katrina’s waiting mouth. mecidiyeköy escort Katrina viewed the liquid from Tracy as nectar from the Goddess of Love. It increased her lust and affection for her sexy part time lover.

Tracy took several minutes to regain her senses after her monster ejaculation and smiled her approval to Katrina. She renewed her passion and once again licked her lover from belly button to asshole and back again. Katrina responded to the teasing assault with screams of passion unloading a verbal barrage that shocked even Tracy who thought she had heard it all.

“Stop teasing me you dirty bitch! Either eat my pussy or tongue fuck my ass!! Choose one now you whore!! Either lick out my brown cream or suck out my cum! Now!!!”

Tracy enjoyed dirty sex talk. Driven by passion she became excited and a more aggressive lover.

“I’ll give it to you both ways, you filthy mouthed tramp?”

Tracy stopped at her asshole and licked around it and deep. She pushed a finger into Katrina’s wet ass. As she slowly moved in and out a more contrite Katrina spoke again.

“That feels so good my love. Please don’t stop. Sorry I was such bitch.”

“Don’t apologize. It turned me on even more.”

Tracy added a second finger. A few minutes later a third then her forth. Katrina felt a combination or pain and pleasure and moved her ass to meet each thrust. Juices poured out of her pussy Tracy easily plunged her other hand well into her pussy and her lips around her clit. She stroked Katrina’s G spot as she sucked on her clit and pounded her ass.

The effect on Katrina was electric. Stars appeared in her closed eyes. Tingling sparks ignited all over her body. She thrashed about loosing the hand fucking her ass. It allowed her to feel the joyous sensations in and around her pussy. Her ejaculate spurted again and again soaking Tracy and one wall of the room. Tracy did not wait for her lover to recover and sucked hard on her clit. Katrina arched her back as orgasm after orgasm shook her body multiple times, as she came down she grabbed onto Tracy. They held each other tightly. They rested in the joy of another passionate encounter.

“I love you so much Tracy,” Katrina professed.

I love you too my dear.” Tracy responded.

To be continued…

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