Mattie Lake Pt. 03

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Chapter Six, Marcus’ Fantasy, Part One

The next morning the men got up early again to fish. The ladies got up about an hour later and started cooking breakfast. While Angela was mixing the pancake batter, Maria approached her, “Angela, I wanted to talk to you about our session this morning. Marcus wanted us to put on a show for the guys, and I came up with some ideas to please them, but I wanted to check with you first, ok?”

Her friend looked back at her, “Sure Maria, tell me about it.”

“Well, I thought it would be fun for the guys if we touched each other a little… you know… intimately. Is that ok with you?”

Angela giggled, “Yes Maria, you can touch my pussy, as long as I get to touch yours too!”

“That’s fine with me. Let’s just relax and have fun… really get wild for our husbands. I know they’ll appreciate it.” Then they hugged each other warmly.

Breakfast was done around nine, and the men did the dishes. Around ten it started to get warm, and the campers took off their clothes and enjoyed the feeling of the warm sunlight on their skin.

Maria called over to Marcus, “I’m going for a short walk with Angela. Why don’t you men go for a swim? You need to smell nice for us.”

Marcus responded, “Ok dear, have a nice walk.”

Maria picked up two hand towels, handed one to Angela, and then they started walking along the shore of the lake. When they had been walking for five minutes they stopped and sat down on a granite boulder.

Maria said, “I didn’t want the boys to watch me washing my ass. Even after all we’ve done with each other on this trip, I still need to be a little modest.”

Angela smiled, “Yeah, I understand. I don’t want your husband to watch me either.”

They dipped their towels into the water and then washed their bottoms, like Marcus had requested.

When they got back to camp Jason and Marcus were sitting on one edge of the blanket, leaving most of the area for the ladies.

Marcus said, “OK girls, we’re ready for you to give us a show. Take your time and have fun. We’re all friends here and we’ll love whatever you do for us. You are the sexiest women in the world!”

Maria smiled at him, “Thanks dear… I’ll start.”

She walked over to where Marcus was sitting. She stood in front of him with her legs two feet apart. Then she reached down with her hands and opened her pussy.

“Is this what you want?”

He leaned forward to get a good look, “Yes Maria, now show Jason.”

She walked over to Jason and showed him her hairless slit, “Is this what you want?”

Jason grinned like a little boy, “Fuck yes… shows me more!”

She lay down on her back in front of them, raised her hips a foot of the blanket, and spread her lips again. “How about now?”

Both men were starting to get hard, which was the reaction Maria was hoping for.

“I need a handsome man to eat me. Marcus, do you want to go first?”

Marcus crawled over to her on hands and knees until he was between her thighs. He placed his arms under her legs and pulled them up to his chest, lifting her body up. He pulled her hips up until they were two feet off the ground and her pussy was in front of his face. He stuck out his tongue and proceeded to lick her slit, starting at the bottom near her asshole, and slowly working his way to her clit. Then he moved his tongue in circles, rubbing the flat surface of it all over her labia. Maria responded by bringing her fingers in and opening herself up to him, showing him the pink insides of her cunt. He probed inside with the tip of his tongue, sticking it inside of her as far as he could. He breathed in her scent, which turned him on even more. He continued licking and sucking his wife’s pussy lips for another ten minutes.

Maria looked up at the sky and yelled, “Oh fuck! I’m coming!”

Angela and Jason were sitting together at the edge of the blanket, holding hands and watching their friends play. Angela gave Jason a mischievous smile, “Marcus really likes eating pussy… do you mind?”

Jason smiled back at her, “That’s fine dear… have fun.”

She laid down on her back next to Maria and spread her pussy open, “Hey Marcus, can I get some too, please?”

Maria rolled onto her side, facing Angela so she could watch. “Wait Angela, I have a better idea. Roll over onto your stomach, and get up on your hands and knees.”

Angela nodded and rolled over. Then she got up on her knees and spread her thighs apart, with her pussy pointed at Marcus’ face. Maria got up on her knees along side of Angela and faced Marcus. Then she put her hands on both sides of Angela’s pussy and spread her labia apart as far as possible. Then she looked at Marcus and smiled, “Is this what you want to see Marcus? The pink inside of Angela’s beautiful wet cunt?”

Marcus’ dick was rock hard now. He brought his face closer so his eyes were two inches away from Angela’s cunt. He stuck his nose in her and sniffed.

“Yes… yes… I love her pussy smell!” Then he antalya escort stuck out his tongue and started licking it all over.

“Angela, I love the taste of you! I can’t get enough of you!”

Marcus licked his friend’s cunt for about ten minutes. He couldn’t believe how much fun he was having. He yelled, “I fucking love this!”

Maria looked over at Jason. “You’ll get your chance… I promise. Can you hand me the dildo please?”

He picked up the toy and tossed it over. Marcus was still busy eating Angela. Maria tapped him on the head with a finger and when he looked up she said, “Have a seat next to Jason. You wanted us to give you a show right?”

He smiled back at this wife, “Sure Maria.”

He took a seat on the blanket next to his friend. Both men had raging hard-ons.

Maria stood up and then straddled Angela’s back with her legs, with her back to the men. Then she leaned over, and put her arms around Angela’s torso. The men had a perfect view of both women’s assholes and pussies. The men crawled over on their hands and knees to get a close up view. They took turns putting their fingers inside of both women and rubbing their clits. Their wives purred with pleasure, mumbling words like “that feels good… yes right there… yes on my clit… more, more, more… ooh, don’t stop baby… fuck yes!”

After about ten minutes of this Maria turned to face the men, “OK guys, I have a treat for you. Take a seat on the blanket and get comfortable.”

The men pulled their fingers out of their wives vaginas and sat back down on the blanket. Maria stood up and turned around. She was sitting on Angela’s lower back just behind her gorgeous ass. She reached down with her hand and picked up the red dildo off the blanket. She smiled at the men and pointed the dildo at them, “Do you want to see me fuck Angela with this?”

Both men immediately answered, “Hell yes!”

Maria leaned over and placed the tip of the toy on Angela’s slit. She wiggled it around a little and then pushed it slowly inside, getting a good six inches into her friend’s pussy. She rotated it around inside for about a minute and then slowly pulled it out.

She looked at the men, “Should I fuck her some more? Should I do it faster? Should I do it harder, or should I just fuck the shit out of her?”

Jason’s dick was starting to throb. It wouldn’t take much to make him ejaculate. “Fuck her hard… she loves that!”

Maria giggled, “OK, this is for you, guys.” She quickly shoved the toy into Angela, and then quickly pulled out. The toy went in again… and then out. Maria increased the pace and soon her arm was going as fast as she could make it.

After another minute Angela closed her eyes, arched her back and yelled, “I’m coming, I’m coming hard right now!” Her body began to shake. Maria stopped pumping her with the toy, but did not pull it out yet. She wanted to give her friend a few more seconds to grip the toy with her inner muscles. A few seconds later Angela lay down on her stomach and Maria pulled the dildo out. Angela was smiling and humming quietly to herself.

Jason spoke up, “You’re really good with that toy Maria. I loved watching you fuck my wife. Thank you for the show.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie. I think she liked it too, ” as she gave her girlfriend a gentle pat on the ass.

Marcus spoke next. “This is great. But we’re not quite done with the first session. Jason, you said earlier that you wanted to eat Maria’s pussy. So go ahead.”

Jason looked at Marcus and grinned, “Really? Wow, you are my best friend!”

Maria gave Jason a warm smile, laid down on her back and pulled her knees up to her chest. Jason laid down on his stomach with his face in front of her cunt. He took a deep breath, savoring her smell. “Yes baby, that’s nice!”

Maria reached down with her hands and spread her lips. Jason stuck out his tongue and buried it inside of Maria. He greedily explored inside of her, relishing her taste and smell. Jason continued licking and sucking for another five minutes before Marcus said, “OK buddy, that’s enough for now. “

Jason pulled his face away, and then moved up to Maria’s face. He leaned in and kissed her hard on the mouth. “Thank you Maria. I’ve wanted to do that for as long as I’ve known you. You gave me a wonderful memory that I can jack off to. “

Maria smiled sweetly, “You’re welcome Jason. You’re very good at that. Thank you for eating me.”

Marcus said, “I told you that I like watching other people have sex. What I want now is for both of you ladies to give my buddy Jason a blowjob at the same time… you know… take turns rocking his world.”

Jason grinned at the ladies, “Holy shit, I’ve died and gone to heaven. Thank you Marcus! I owe you big time for this. Now you really are my best friend for life.” They gave each other a high-five.

The two women looked at each other and smiled. Angela looked at her husband, “Come over here, sir.”

Jason walked over and stood in front of them fethiye escort with his legs two feet apart. The ladies got up on their knees. Their faces were six inches away from his hard cock.

Angela, knowing what her husband likes best, leaned over and whispered in Maria’s ear, “Jason likes a lot of variety when he’s getting sucked off. Don’t keep doing the same thing unless he tells you to. Why don’t you explore all over the surface of his dick with your tongue, while I explore his balls.”

Maria replied, “I can’t wait. Jason’s dick is special to me, since he was the first boy to put his dick in my mouth.”

Maria stuck out her tongue and started licking the head. She swirled the tip of her tongue around and around the surface of it. Then she pushed the tip of her tongue onto the slit opening and teased it.

Jason was looking down at her, closely watching what she was doing to him. He put his hand on her head, “Oh shit Maria, that’s so nice. I love it!”

Then she proceeded to move the flat surface of her tongue up and down the length of his shaft, sometimes pushing down hard with her tongue, and then alternately barely touching him, driving him crazy with desire.

Angela watched her friend getting her husband off, and decided it was time for her to participate too. She sat down on the ground under Jason and pushed her legs under and through his legs so that her mouth was directly below his scrotum. She stuck out her tongue licked the surface of his balls all over, and then concentrated on licking one testicle at a time. This went on for another minute before Maria said, “OK, let’s trade places.”

The girls swapped positions. Angela quickly put her husband’s dick into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on his shaft, and each time she went down she took another inch of him into her mouth and throat. On the fourth repetition she had his whole cock in her mouth and her lips were touching his balls.

Maria was also busy. Instead of licking his balls, she took both of them into her mouth and sucked them as hard as she could. She knows Jason loves having his balls worked, even when it hurts a little, because Angela told her everything about him. She continued sucking until her jaw muscles started to tire, and then she released them. She got back up on her knees. Maria’s face was on one side of Jason’s dick, and Angela’s face was on the other side.

Maria looked at her girlfriend and smiled, “OK, let’s do this together.” Both women stuck out their tongues and started licking up and down the length of Jason’s shaft. They took their time, going slowly down to the base, and then working their way back up to the head. When they reached the tip their tongues touched. The feeling was surprising at first, maybe a little shocking, but also very exciting. The two women started licking each other’s tongues and the head of Jason’s cock at the same time.

Marcus had been observing this closely. The sight of both women licking his friend’s dick at the same time really excited him. He got up on his knees and began to stroke his cock. After a few seconds he couldn’t take it any more… he needed to join his friends. He stood up and walked over to them, and said, “Mind if I join you?”

Maria looked up at him, “Sure babe, we have enough love for both of you!”

She moved back a little to give Marcus room to join the group. Marcus stood in front of Jason, and their dicks were about two inches apart. Maria brought both of her hands up and grabbed a dick in each hand. She pulled them together so the cock heads touched. Then she started rubbing the two cocks against each other. She opened her mouth as wide as possible and put both cocks into her mouth.

Angela had sat back on her haunches and watched her girlfriend sucking off the guys. Drops of pre cum were starting to leak out from both men. She thought to herself, “Wouldn’t it be fun if both of my men came at the same time? Awesome sauce!” She picked up the bottle of lube and put some on both of her hands. Then she put her right hand between Jason’s thighs, and shoved her middle finger into his ass all the way. She probed around inside of him for a few seconds and located his prostate. With her other hand she wrapped her index finger and thumb around the base of Marcus’s balls, making a tight ring that forced his testicles down into his scrotum. She gripped his balls tightly with her other fingers and then pulled down and back, stretching his ballsack.

Both men had their eyes closed, enjoying the wonderful sensations. Maria rubbed the heads of the two dicks against each other faster and harder. Angela pushed hard on Jason’s prostate with her finger and continued pulling on Marcus’ balls. Both ladies leaned their heads back and stuck out their tongues.

Jason whispered, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” A strand of thick white come spurted from the opening. Some of the sticky liquid landed on the shaft of Marcus’ cock, and the rest hung down from Jason’s dick, just above kaş escort the Maria’s tongue. Maria licked up the strand of come, while Angela licked the rest of the come off of Marcus’ big black cock.

Marcus looked at the sky and yelled, “Is this what you want ladies? Fuck yes it is!” Four six-inch strands of spunk quickly shot out, coating the women’s tongues with his thick white semen. Maria and Angela quickly licked it all up and swallowed.

Then the ladies sat back on their haunches to catch their breath. Maria looked at her girlfriend and smiled, “Good work Ang. Your magic hands and fingers were what pushed the guys over the edge to an amazing orgasm.” The two women hugged each other affectionately.

Jason and Marcus got down on their knees next to their wives. They took turns kissing both ladies and thanking them profusely. Both men felt blessed to have these beautiful wonderful sexy women in their lives.

A little while later they got up and took a quick swim in the beautiful clear water of Mattie Lake.

Chapter Seven, Marcus’ Fantasy, Part Two

They had a light lunch and then relaxed for a couple of hours. No one felt the need to talk about what had happened. It was obvious that all of them were extremely happy with the way things were going.

At mid afternoon Maria called over to Marcus, “OK dear, I think it’s time you told us about the second part of your fantasy, though I don’t think you’ll be able to top what happened this morning. For me, it was truly an amazing experience that I’ll it cherish forever.” Then she grinned at her husband, “So, tell us what you want, and don’t by shy.”

Marcus looked at the group, “I want to do something that you might think is kinky. For this session we’re going to pee on each other.” He looked at his friends, waiting for one of them to respond.

Jason thought about what Marcus had said, “Wow, that’s pretty wild. I’ve never peed on someone before. Actually I’ve never even thought about it, but for you, my friend, I’m willing to try it.”

Maria looked at her husband and giggled, “That’s certainly a surprise. I’m in babe, the wetter the better. Let’s go nuts!”

Marcus turned to Angela. She chuckled, “OK, what the fuck. Whatever you want is fine with me, Marcus.”

Marcus smiled back at her, “Thank you Ang. It’s something I’ve fantasized about for years, but I never thought it could ever happen. I’m really looking forward to it.”

He turned to face Jason, “Can you grab the end of the tarp? We need to move it away from camp. I don’t want the campsite to smell like pee.”

“Maria, can you bring the bottle of lube, please?” His wife nodded her head and picked up the bottle.

He looked at Angela, “Ang, there are two gallon jugs of water in my tent. Can you get them, please?”

“Sure Marcus, I’ll be right back.”

Marcus grabbed one end of the tarp while Jason picked up the other end. The two men walked along the shore of the lake for about a hundred yards, where there was a large flat grassy area along the shore, and laid out the tarp on the ground.

“OK guys, everyone take a seat and relax.” The four friends sat in a circle on the tarp, smiling at each other. Angela put the water jugs next to Marcus.

“Ok, first of all, we need to have full bladders, so we’ll need to drink all of this water. Everyone drinks a half-gallon.”

He handed one jug to Jason and the other to Angela. They removed the screw caps from the jugs and began to drink. After about ten minutes they had drunk their share of water, and handed the jugs to Maria and Marcus, who proceeded to finish the remainder of the water.

“We’ll wait for a while until we all really need to pee.”

The four friends lay down on the tarp and enjoyed the feeling of the warm sunshine on their naked bodies. After about a half hour Jason was sound asleep and starting to snore. Angela opened her eyes and poked him in the side with her finger, “Wake up sleepy head.”

Jason opened his eyes and looked at his wife, who was smiling back at him, “I guess I dozed off, didn’t I?” He sat up and looked at his friends and remembered what they were doing, “Ok guys, I don’t know about you but I really need to pee.”

Angela said, “Yeah, me too.”

Maria chimed in, “I think we’re all ready now.” She smiled at her husband, “Ok Marcus, how do you want to do this? Did you have something in mind or should we improvise?”

Marcus looked back at them, “I have a general idea. I want Maria to lie down on the ground and open her pussy while I pee on her.”

Maria laughed, “Wow Marcus, you really know how to make a girl feel special… NOT!”

Marcus smiled back at his wife, “Enough with the sarcasm. If you don’t want to do it just say so.”

“Oh honey, of course I want to do it. What I want more than anything is to make you happy, you big dope. That’s why I married you!”

Marcus replied, “That’s a really nice thing to say. I love you Maria. Thank you for being here, and being my wife.”

For a moment Maria was speechless. She wiped a tear from the corner of her eye. Then she laid down on her back, brought her fingers down to her pussy and spread her labia open as far as possible. Marcus walked over and stood over her with his feet straddling her hips.

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