Mature Shares Her Husband

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One late afternoon while sitting at the kitchen table with my close friend Lois, who also happens to be my manicurist, the subject of sex came up. In spite of being close friends we never discussed sex much. No doubt the wine we were drinking loosened up our basic shyness to delve into the subject for the first time extensively.

Lois is about five years younger than me. 62ish. And divorced. She’s an attractive woman and I just naturally assumed she had a friend or two to keep her sexually active. Wrong. At least according to her. Claimed her sex life is pretty much non-existent. Has been for a while. No steady boy friend or lover and about the only sex she has is self induced.

I tended to be skeptical about her being “sexless” as she claimed, since she’s an attractive woman and would have no problem finding someone to tend to her needs. But I didn’t push the point. I figured in time she would eventually fess up so for now I accepted her claim about the lack of any sex.

After Lois’s 5th glass of wine she blurted out how she was attracted to my husband Walter. Which caught be by surprise, although I know Walter finds her attractive too.

Claimed she often fantasies about him while masturbating. Then she asked about our sex life. Since I was pretty tipsy myself I shared some of Walter’s attributes, like his long cock, and how well he performs with it. I even went into detail about the great anal intercourse we have and how I love to suck his cock. Maybe I went into too much detail because it was obvious Lois was getting turned on and kept begging me to share more with her.

Finally I suggested instead of me telling her about sex with Walter that if she would like I could arrange for her and him to have sex. I explained my husband was attracted to her as much as she was to him, and would jump at the chance to have sex with her. “He’s often told me how hot he thought you were and how you’d probably be a terrific piece of ass. His words, not mine.”…I said.

“Really?”, she asked as she blushed with a big sheepish grin on her face.

“Really” I replied. “Plus at our age it would be foolish to waste an opportunity for you two to have sex and to make your mutual fantasies a reality. Besides, I’d love to watch you and Walter getting it on together. Who knows I might even join in.”

“That would be awesome Lacey”

Little did Lois know we already had two MMF threesomes with Walter, myself and our mutual friend David. I figured since hubbie was kind enough to let me fulfill one of my fantasies to get ass-fucked twice consecutively I should reciprocate in some way by letting him fulfill one of his. Having sex with Lois. Besides it could be our first MFF threesome together.

Plus with our scheduled foursome with David and Cindy, and my sexcapades with David while Walter watched I had no qualms about suggesting Lois and my husband do their thing together. Maybe 10 or 20 years ago I wouldn’t have entertained such an idea, but now it seemed perfectly sensible.

When it was all said and done I told Lois I would arrange a date and time for her and Walter to do each other with the provisos that I would at least be able to watch and also take a few pictures. Walter would kill me if I didn’t take some photos of him and Lois. Something he would most definitely masturbate over afterwards, or have me suck his cock while looking at them.

Lois had no objection to me taking photos since she knows I’m an avid amateur photographer. Plus I promised her a set, which her eyes lit when I did. No doubt she would masturbate over them bostancı escort too.

Once I made the arrangement with Walter, who was thrilled about the chance and the thought of having sex with Lois, the day finally rolled around. It was one evening during the week and Lois arrived an hour early. No doubt she was all psyched about up things and wasn’t going to chance being late.

We sat in the livingroom and had a few drinks to get relaxed. After a couple of rounds Lois said she couldn’t wait any longer to get the “show on the road” and immediately disrobed. Quick as a wink she was standing there buck naked in front of Walter and asked if he liked what he saw. Without saying a word Walter stood up, undressed, and then pointed to his fully erect cock as a way to answer her question.

I wasn’t surprised Walter’s cock was already hard since Lois looked better naked than he and I expected. She looked good for someone in her early 60’s. Firm tits, albeit not very large, but with big hard nipples for such small breasts. An attractive pubic mound with silky brown hair and very long pinkish-brown pussy lips protruding below it. She was a small woman, almost petitie, and had a small but very perky ass as one would expect for someone her size. Slim legs and pretty feet that were as expected nicely pedicured. We would find out a bit later she also had a pretty butthole. Definitely one of Walter’s favorite parts of the female anatomy.

As for Lois, her eyes lit up like looking at a winning lottery ticket when she saw Walter’s long slender cock capped by a big cockhead. All she said was…”Wow. What a beautiful cock you have Walter.” Lois didn’t say another word before she got down on her knees and immediately took it in her mouth.

First she licked and sucked Walter’s large cockhead like a Tootsie Pop. Then she began to slowly mouth fuck his cock. Taking at least 4 to 5 inches in her mouth easily.

After watching Lois for a few minutes I realized from the way she was devouring Walter’s cock that it has been a while since sucked one…and it was very obvious she was enjoying it immensely.

Plus she was very good at it…at least from my perspective. While Lois and Walter were enjoying themselves I got naked then busy taking pictures of Lois mouth fucking Walter’s cock while she tightly held him by the butt cheeks. Taking pictures turned me on like crazy…especially since I was naked. Being naked made me feel like I was participating in things. So much so pussy juice started oozing from my cunt.

After about ten minutes of pure bliss from getting his cock sucked, Walter reluctantly asked her to stop before he ejaculated and asked Lois to lie on her back on the carpeted floor. When she did Walter put a couch cushion under her ass and then immediately dove head first between her widely spread legs. No sooner than he did he was going at her pussy like a hungry animal. It didn’t take long from Walter licking and sucking Lois’s clit and pussy before she had her first orgasm. And it was huge. Especially since she hadn’t had one for a while that was brought on by someone other than herself. And when she did she discharged what seemed like an endless stream of pussy juice all over Walter’s face.

Lois was definitely a “squirter”.

After Walter licked Lois’s pussy clean, he asked if he could do her in the ass. All she said was…”I was hoping you would after Lacey explained how good you are at ass-fucking.”

She then changed positions and got on all fours and spread her legs so her asshole was fully exposed. Upon ümraniye escort bayan seeing how pretty her butthole was Walter immediately began licking and tonguing it, which after a second or two caused Lois to begin purring like a cat. Walter asked me to lubricate his cock, which I did with baby oil, then I got ready to take pics of him inserting his well oiled cock into Lois’s asshole.

Lois asked Walter to be gentle since it was a long time since she had a cock in her ass. Walter assured her he would be. He inserted a finger first so as to prime Lois’s asshole before inserting his cock. Then he inserted two. After he did he finger fucked her asshole for a few minute before he withdrew them and replaced it with his well oiled cock. First his big cockhead, which popped in easily since her asshole was primed by him fingering her. Then he slowly but surely inserted about two thirds of his long 8 inch dick. Once he did he began humping Lois’s ass in long slow strokes.

Walter gradually picked up the pace of his humping motion. As he did, it didn’t take long from steadily pumping his long cock in & out of Lois’s asshole before she began moaning with pleasure. Gradually her moans became louder and more frequent and she couldn’t stop telling Walter how good his cock felt in her ass. I thought I moaned a lot when being ass-fucked, but Lois put me to shame. Then she began massaging her clit with two fingers while Walter continued to hump away at her ass.

I have to admit that while watching Walter doing Lois in the ass, along with taking pictures, that I soon became totally aroused. So much so my pussy was literally sopping wet. For a while I thought I was going to orgasm just from watching them. I knew how good a cock could feel in one’s ass and it was easy to tell Lois was in Seventh Heaven with Walter ass-fucking her. It gave me an incredible urge to masturbate while watching, but I refrained from doing so. Although I did catch myself rubbing my clit occasionally in between taking photos.

Back to Lois, who all of a sudden began to orgasm. Don’t know if it was brought on by her massaging her clit or the ass-fucking. Most likely a combination of both. Didn’t matter, Lois had one orgasmic spasm after another and let out a loud scream of pleasure with each one.

Just when Lois’s multiple spasms began to subside Walter let out a loud groan and shoved his cock as deep as it would go in Lois’s asshole. As small as she is Walter was still able to bury all 8 inches in her ass. And just when he did he unloaded a steady stream of hot cum deep inside her rectum.

From his reaction it must have been a big load and a super orgasm since I never heard him grunt & groan so much from shooting one cumshot after another deep in her ass. Once fully drained he slowly withdrew his cock and when he did it was followed by a steady stream of semen that flowed down Lois’s pussy lips and onto the carpet.

Needless to say, both Lois and Walter were pretty pooped from their respective orgasms and Lois said it was one of the best ass-fuckings she ever had. It was understandable since it’s been a while that she has been ass-fucked and it’s one of the things Walter excels at. Probably because he’s had so much practice doing me in the ass.

After a short break to clean the cum from the carpet, and another drink, Lois suggested that both her and I take turns sucking Walter’s cock. Although my intention wasn’t to participate in the activities other than taking pictures, I couldn’t say no because I was hot to trot for anything after watching Walter kartal escort ass-fuck Lois.

Walter ass-fucking Lois happened to be the first time I ever watched Walter fucking another woman in the ass. Now for the first time I was going to watch Walter’s cock being sucked by another woman. While it would freak out some woman it had just the opposite effect on me. Made me horny as hell. So much so I was wishing there was another cock in the room to do me. The foursome we had planned with David and Cindy couldn’t happen fast enough now.

Lois went first and took Walter’s limp cock entirely in her mouth. After some serious sucking on her part it became erect and hard as a rock once again. Once it did Lois offered it to me and I immediately wrapped my hungry lips and mouth around it while Lois massaged Walter’s balls.

Then I began a slow but steady mouth fucking action and easily took all but two inches or so on every forward head motion. Which is about all I can take of Walter’s long cock in my mouth. After about five minutes or so I decided to let Lois have at it again since I could suck Walter’s cock anytime I wanted.

Lois sucked his cock back into her mouth, but just before she did she wetted an index finger with saliva, stuck her hand in between his legs and inserted it in Walter’s asshole. Once inserted she began mouth fucking his cock and finger fucking his asshole simultaneously. Walter sometimes dildos himself in the ass while I give him a blow job so he must have been thrilled when Lois decided to finger his ass.

To top off the finger in the ass trick Lois then did something I never expected she could, she took Walter’s entire cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. All 8 inches. Wow…was I impressed.

That’s all Walter needed before he began moaning with pleasure and talking dirty so I knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold back any longer from ejaculating.

It really turned Lois on to hear him tell her how good a cock sucker she was and how good she was making his cock feel.

Then suddenly Walter let out a load moan which could only mean he was going to unload. Since it was the first time Lois sucked his cock he wasn’t sure if she would appreciate him cumming in her mouth, although he thought it would be okay. But to be on the safe side he decided to ejaculate on her face instead. Then again, she might not be thrilled about that either, but he decided it was the best course of action to take between the two.

In spite of cumming once earlier his cumload was still pretty big. One thick glob of creamy white cum after another splattered onto Lois’s face. Then Lois opened her mouth invitingly and Walter couldn’t resist shooting a load into it, which Lois immediately swallowed. Bummer he thought, her opening her mouth inviting him to shoot a load of cum into it could only mean one thing. It would have perfectly fine for him to have cum in her mouth.

When done ejaculating, Lois took Walter’s cock back in her mouth and literally sucked it dry. Then she removed her finger from his ass and gathered all of Walter’s cum from her face and licked her fingers clean. That clinched it for Walter, next time he would most definitely unload in her mouth.

When Lois finished consuming Walter’s cum she said…”You disappointed me Walter. I was looking forward to you cumming in my mouth. Hopefully if there’s a next time you will. I so want you to fill my mouth with your hot cum like you did my ass.”

“In spite of that, it was still the best time I had sucking a cock in a long while. Not forgetting the great ass-fucking you gave me. Both delicious in many ways and I can’t thank you both enough. Especially you Lacey for being so generous in sharing your husband and cock with me. I so hope it won’t be the last time.”

Which it wasn’t now that Pandora’s Box was opened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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