Maverick Cattle Company Ch. 02

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There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in this story. In all cases it is between the two main characters who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.

Mitch walked into the kitchen and was stopped by the disaster area in front of him. Darrin had decided to make Josh a cake for his 18th birthday and it looked like the flour sack had exploded. Mitch’s soft chuckle caught Darrin’s attention as he struggled to clean up the mess.

“You so better not be laughing. Or you can get your ass over here and help,” said Darrin.

“Oh, no thanks. I think I’m good.”

“Whatever,” muttered Darrin as he tried to wipe up the sticky mess. He motioned to the chocolate cake on the table. “What’d you think?”

Mitch moved to the huge pile of presents, walked around it and checked out the cake. As he looked over the table he reminisced about the past few months with Josh. Although he still had his moments of insecurity, he had progressed so far from the beaten child in an adult sized body that he was initially. While Mitch had his doubts at first, he had to admit Josh had become a valuable addition to the ranch. . . the kid worked his ass off. Mitch gave Darrin most of the credit for getting Josh to relax around them. He was a master at subtle comments that told Josh that he was a valued addition.

In mid-thought the aroma of warm chocolate tantalized his senses and his recollections faded. His mouth watering from the delicious smell, Mitch checked to make sure Darrin wasn’t watching and ran his finger through the icing on one side. As he was licking his finger clean, Darrin looked up and realized what he had done.

“Damn it, Mitch! You can fix it now, asshole!” yelled Darrin as he tossed Mitch the can of icing.

Mitch popped open the container and repaired his damage with the table knife he’d fished from the drawer. Watching Darrin finish clean up while he ate icing from the container, an ornery smile crept across his face. Mitch plunged his finger into the container, coating it with thick chocolate icing. When Darrin moved within range, Mitch’s hand flashed out and he smeared icing across Darrin’s nose, down to his chin.

Darrin froze for a second and then exploded. “You fucking asshole! Now you’ve made a bigger mess. I can’t fucking believe you did that.” Before Darrin could continue his tirade, Mitch leaned in and ran his tongue over Darrin’s lips.

“Umm, tastes yummy.”

Darrin looked at him in disbelief and then started laughing. “Damn it, Mitch. Sometimes you piss me off so much.”

“Someone has to loosen you up,” replied Mitch with a chuckle.

Mitch cupped Darrin’s neck in his hand. Carefully he mixed quick licks at the icing with soft kisses. Just as Darrin was relaxing from the attention, they heard the slam of a pickup door. Jumping apart, Darrin grabbed a wet cloth and wiped the last of the icing from his face. He managed to finish cleaning himself and tossed the towel into the sink as the front door swung open.

Josh looked first at Mitch, then at Darrin and smiled. “Jeez! You two. Can’t you give it a rest occasionally.”

“Nope!” said Mitch with a twinkle in his eyes. “Did you get all the stuff on the list?” asked Mitch.

As he watched Josh drop the bags on the counter he noted again the changes in Josh that had been forged in their time together. His comfortable teasing and shy smile had been hard won but Mitch was glad Josh was doing better. He realized the boy was even gaining muscle on what had been a very lean frame. All the solid food and hard work was giving Josh a body that a lot of gay boys would envy, or lust after. As Josh answered him, he mentally shook himself thinking he was too young to be drifting off like that during a conversation. With a smile he brought himself back to the discussion.

“Yeah, but I had to go all over Lawton to find it all. And those damn army boys are everywhere,” said Josh.

“Yeah, they’re hot aren’t they,” said Darrin with a smile.

“No!” stammered Josh, “They’re in my way. Like ants.”

“Smoking hot ants,” said Mitch.

Josh started to argue but realized from experience that they were teasing him. Then he saw the table piled with presents and his jaw dropped. He walked over and surveyed the display and then looking at Mitch and Darrin with glistening eyes.

“These’re mine?” asked Josh.

“Know anyone else whose birthday is today?” said Darrin with a smile.

Josh tearfully looked first at Darrin and then Mitch, overwhelmed with emotion. He hadn’t expected anything for his birthday. A roof over his head and food in his belly were all the presents he needed. The main event his 18th birthday marked for him was he was no longer a minor. That meant he didn’t have to worry about Human Services showing up to take him to a group home. With that weight lifted he had already had a great day. And yes, the eye kartal escort candy around Ft. Sill didn’t hurt anything. But he wasn’t going to give Mitch anything new to tease him about. He already gave him a ton of crap. But Josh had finally realized that Mitch only teased people he liked, so it was a good thing. His eyes drifted back to the table crowded with gifts. He was simply speechless as he looked over it all. Mitch smiled at him and motioned him.

“Come on, birthday boy,” said Mitch. “Yes, we got you a few things. But it’s not a big deal. You’ve been working for practically nothing.”

“No, you’re feeding me and helping with sh . . .stuff,” said Josh as the tears began to gather again.

“Go on,” Darrin said as he nudged Josh forward.

Josh stood and quietly looked over the table packed with gifts and the cake again. Looking up he saw Mitch threatened to run his finger through the frosting and Darrin’s scowl in response. As a smile broke across his face, he heard a small gasp come from Mitch.

“Oh crap,” said Mitch with a knowing smile. “I forgot the candles.”

With that Mitch whisked the cake back to the kitchen and then retrieved a small plastic box from the bedroom. With his back to Darrin and Josh, he quickly arranged the candles and lit them. Carrying the now burning cake back to the table, he stopped the conversation as he approached. Josh was the first to get a good look at the candles, and turned crimson. Darrin looked from Josh’s bright red face to the cake and just shook his head.

“Oh crap, Mitch,” said Darrin with an embarrassed moan.

Setting the cake carefully down, Mitch stepped back to enjoy the effect. He grinned at the 18 little wax cocks that were burning on Josh’s cake. He looked at Darrin and Josh, completely enjoying his adolescent humor. Mitch gleefully nodded in Josh’s direction.

“Well! Are you going to blow them or not,” said Mitch with a chuckle while Darrin moaned at his dig at Josh.

“Josh, please blow them out so we can open presents,” said Darrin with sigh.

Josh leaned in close and blew out the candles. Mitch relented slightly, pulled the tiny dildos from the frosting and took them back into the kitchen. Darrin watched him for a few seconds and realized Mitch was washing them off and putting them back in the box. He lifted one eyebrow and glared at his back.

“I don’t want to see those again on my cake, mister,” said Darrin.

Mitch’s only reply was a soft chuckle. Wiping his hands he moved back to the table and looked at Josh.

“Well! You gonna open ’em or not?” asked Mitch with a smile.

Josh grinned at them both and grabbed the first package. Opening it slowly to prolong the anticipation, he discovered several pairs of new jeans inside.

“Thanks guys! I needed some decent jeans. My old ones are full of holes.”

“Yeah,” said Darrin with a smile, “We’d noticed.”

Josh sat aside the first present and began working his way through the others. By the time only two remained he had a pile of shirts, jeans and underwear. Mitch and Darrin had agreed that clothes were what he needed most, so they had worked together to make certain he got everything he needed.

Josh picked up the smaller of the two packages and shook it, wondering what it was. Looking at the tag he saw it was from Mitch, which made him a little nervous. He had long ago gotten comfortable with the idea of Mitch and Darrin as a couple, but Mitch still pushed his boundaries a little too far sometimes. The birthday candles were a good example. But he flashed Mitch a smile and started opening the present. As the paper and tape parted he realized what it was. By the time it was open, Josh’s face was, again, red as a beet. Without looking at either man, his eyes were fixed on the box of condoms. Mitch reached over, gently took his chin and turned him so their eyes met.

“This isn’t a gag gift. It’s to keep you safe and alive. And later we’ll have a talk about when and how to use them. Whenever you need more just let me know. I won’t ask questions, so you don’t have to be embarrassed. And it doesn’t mean you have to do anything, it just means you’re prepared.”

Josh nodded, knowing Mitch was right. “Thank you,” he almost whispered.

After a few quiet minutes Josh realized he had one more gift, this one from Darrin. Hesitant at what it might contain after Mitch’s gift, he slowly opened the package. As he peeled off the paper to reveal the box underneath, he looked at Darrin.

“Is that really what’s in it?” asked Josh.

“Yup, new boots. I thought you could use a pair.”

“Damn,” whispered Josh without realizing he had cussed. He opened the box and smiled. With the smell of new leather surrounding him, Josh slowly traced his finger over the stitching on the uppers. These were not the cheap work boots he’d had most of his life. These were well made and beautiful. The kind of boots that would last for decades if you took care of them, and were very expensive. maltepe escort bayan

Josh looked Darrin, “They’re beautiful. Thank you so much, but they’re too much.”

Darrin waved away his hesitancy, “Nope, it’s your 18th birthday. It’s about time you had a good pair of boots.”

Josh shrugged and smiled as he stared at his new boots. Remembering Mitch, he turned and grinned, “Thank you too, Mitch.”

Both men nodded in acknowledgment and then stacked the presents to the side for Josh to take to his room later. Sitting back down at the table they started cutting into the birthday cake. Josh ran his fork along the side, gathering up the thick frosting and slipping it into his mouth. After Mitch topped each piece off with a huge scoop of ice cream, Josh settled in to enjoy his dessert. The sounds of contentment had all the hallmarks of a successful family event. Mitch and Darrin caught each other’s eyes several times, recognizing their evening was a winner. After the table was cleaned and the gifts safely stored in Josh’s room, Darrin watched as Mitch and Josh played video games. As the night stretched well past midnight, Darrin found himself yawning more and more often.

“I think it’s time for me to hit the hay. I teach in the morning so I need some rest. Unlike you two worthless bums.”

Mitch nodded, “Yeah, I’m ready too. I’m getting too old to play video games all night. I’m about to crash.”

“Ah, come on! Don’t be a wuss. Just one more game, Mitch,” begged Josh.

“Sorry bud, but I’m tired. I’ll whip your ass tomorrow night.”

The pair moved off to their bedroom while Josh finished his game and then headed to his own bed. He drifted slowly to sleep, replaying the events of the evening through his head. As Josh fell into a deep sleep, he drifted off thinking about the pair.

A singular hand emerged from the mist and softly touched Josh’s bare nipple. As the shock waves of pleasure rolled through his body he felt a second hand rubbing his other nipple. As his eyes adjusted to the faint light of his fantasy he could see Mitch and Darrin on either side of him. He licked his lips at the sight of their tight muscular bodies and packed underwear. His body trembled as he felt their fingertips gently glide down the sides of his bare chest. Josh panted with lust as Darrin leaned down, taking his nipple between his teeth and gentle chewing on it. At the same time he was still distantly aware of Mitch’s rough hands stroking the sparse hair on his legs. He felt Darrin’s teeth release his nipple. Josh’s areolas hardened even more as the cool night breeze wafted over them. He let out an audible gasp when Darrin’s hot tongue moved back in and started lashing each nipple.

Josh refocused on Mitch when he leaned forward and gently blew into his ear. The warm caress of his masculine breath caused a faint moan to escape from Josh. When Mitch’s lips slowly kissed the rim of his ear, Josh’s body began shaking with delight. He could feel his cock straining against the supple fabric of his new briefs. Crystal clear juice pumped from his cock and soaked the fabric. His head already swimming from the stimulation, Josh froze in place when he felt Mitch’s tender kisses move lower and slowly trailed along his jaw. His lips stopped just before contacting Josh’s tender mouth and Mitch whispered, “Do you want to know what it feels like to kiss a man, Josh? Do you want to know how hot it will make you to feel a man’s lips pressed against yours?”

“Yes. Please. I’m so ready,” Josh whispered.

With that invitation Josh felt Mitch press his passion inflamed lips against his own. Mitch’s rough face left a trail of heat as it passed over Josh’s almost hairless cheeks. Josh gasped at the new sensations as his body shuddered with desire. He melted as he felt the tip of Mitch’s tongue touch the union of his lips, opening them slightly to allow the intruder to enter.

Suddenly Josh’s focus shifted back to Darrin, his wet nipple again exposed to air when Darrin moved down the bed and began kissing his inner thigh. He could feel Darrin’s hot breath as it caressed his aching nuts. His cock convulsed with each swipe of tongue over the tender skin of his inner thigh. Josh froze as he felt Darrin’s lips press against the tight fabric covering his nuts, blowing his hot breath over them. At the same time, Mitch had thrust his tongue deep into Josh’s mouth. The combination broke Josh’s gossamer thin control.

“Oh fuck! I’m coming! Shit, I’m coming!” yelled Josh.

Mitch reached down and worked Josh’s nipples as the first massive wave erupted from his slit. The thick white cream jetted through the enclosing fabric. As the men muttered encouragement, Josh’s over-stimulated body emptied round after round of cum into his briefs. Soon they were saturated and the excess was trickling down his leg. As the last of his load oozed from his cock, his slender body relaxed.

“Nice job, boy. You really soaked ’em,” muttered Mitch.

Darrin escort pendik reached up and pulled Josh’s drenched briefs off and held them to his face. While he inhaled the scent of boy cum he kneaded his own swollen cock through his stretched jock. Looking at Josh’s soft cock nestled in his patch of dark pubic hair, Darrin took a last sniff of the briefs and tossed them to the floor. Leaning in he sucked Josh’s softening cock into his hot mouth and began licking it clean. Josh thrashed under the new stimulation until his tender dick couldn’t take any more.

“No, stop, please. Fuck, it’s sensitive,” said Josh, almost squealing.

Darrin took one last lick before releasing the flaccid member. “We’ll give you a few minutes to recover before the final event then,” said Darrin with a smile.

Josh watched as Darrin crooked his finger a few times at Mitch. They moved together over Josh and passionately kissed. Josh watched avidly as their tongues attacked and retreated in a war for supremacy. Soon they had gripped each other in a passionate embrace as they explored their bodies. They broke with an audible gasp, stripping and then moving back to the bed. This time they lay beside Josh and sucked in each other’s hard cocks in a hot 69. The sight of two hot and hairy men sucking on each other soon had Josh stroking his reviving cock.

Josh could see Darrin watching as he jerked off. As his hand stroked up and down his now hard cock, he watched Darrin coat Mitch’s dick with spit. He let the thick cock slide almost out and then tongued Mitch’s slit, smiling at Josh he let Mitch’s cock go with a soft pop.

“Come here, Josh. I want to munch on some boy butt,” said Darrin with a low growl.

Bodies shifted until Josh was squatting over Darrin’s face, exposing his dark pink eye. Josh sighed with pleasure as the tip of Darrin’s tongue wiggled against his hole. He watched Mitch lift his lover’s legs and started eating out Darrin’s hairy ass at the same time. He moaned with passion as Darrin’s hot tongue explored the folds of tender skin leading to his pucker. Josh braced against the muscular chest under him and rode the waves of pleasure as Darrin’s tongue danced across his hole. Looking down he saw Mitch’s eyes glint with delight as he opened Darrin’s hole. Soon Josh’s felt his need building, and Darrin responded by burying his tongue deep inside of Josh.

“Oh! God yes! Tongue my tight hole. Fuck yes!”

“You like that don’t you, you little fucker. You need some man cock inside your tight pink hole,” said Mitch.

“Fuck yes. I need my hole pounded,” grunted out Josh.

Darrin’s hands clasped down on Josh’s ass cheeks and pulled them further apart. His fingers slowly began stretching Josh’s virgin ass, getting him ready for the main event. Between Darrin’s hot thick tongue and his wet nimble fingers Josh could feel his butt relax and open. Soon Josh felt two fingers sliding in his clenching hole. Wanting more he started pressing his ass down, craving what Darrin was giving him. Darrin buried his fingers deep inside of Josh’s ass and twisted them back and forth.

“Yeah, I think you’re ready, cowboy. Wanna ride some cock?” said Darrin with a sneer.

Josh nodded, unable to put thought into speech. He watched Darrin move to the center of the bed and Josh knelt over his hard dick. Mitch grabbed Darrin’s cock and helped aim it’s dripping head at Josh’s hole. A rumbling moan erupted from Darrin when his hot glans touched Josh’s tight hole. Josh gasped as his hole stretched when he pressed down and the invader entered his ass. The touch of pain that flashed as Darrin breeched his ass only served to accentuate the pleasure. After a brief pause, Josh started riding up and down on the thick man cock that filled his bowels. With his own throbbing dick swinging up and down from the powerful motion, he rode his first cock.

As his pleasure mounted, Josh felt a rough hand on the back of his head pulling him forward. His eyes flew open and he saw Mitch’s dark red cockhead just before it touched his lips. Opening his mouth, the dripping cock was slowly shoved to the back of his throat. Gagging with his first attempt, he quickly picked up the technique. Mitch pinned Josh’s face between his rugged hands as he skull fucked him. The powerful lovemaking of the trio had the bed banging against the wall. Josh’s head was swimming as he heard Darrin calling his name over and over again as the bed almost exploded with their passion. The pounding was louder and louder, and finally . . .

Josh woke from his dream as his cock exploded and Darrin opened the door. Josh’s body locked, helpless to stop his orgasm. The first blast trailed across his face as Darrin’s eyes became as large as saucers.

“Oh shit, man!” said Darrin. “I didn’t . . . I’m sorry, oh fuck!” With that Darrin turned and fled the room. He walked back in the living room, his face bright red.

“Did you finally get his ass up?” asked Mitch.

“Oh, he’s up. He’s very up.”

Mitch looked at Darrin with a quizzical look on his face.

“I walked in on the end of a really good wet dream,” explained Darrin, his face reddening even further at the thought.

“No shit? Oh my god, that’s hilarious,” said Mitch, trying to stifle a giggle.

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