Max and Martina Ch. 01

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Dear Readers!

I get an idea, a fictional based on my own life. It is an alternate universe, and it is the central Martina. And the name Max is a gender-neutral name. You have often wrong about the gender. To be honest, I am born with a Cerebral Palsy. It is not a disease, but it is a physical disability. I am open for your questions or you can google after it.

This chapter is not sex, a bit. I promise to write so much about sex.

If you haven’t seen or read “My left foot”, I recommend it. There also are many books, reality-based or documentary films about the Cerebral Palsy.

Edited by sexnovella


“Is Max in a wheelchair???” the lady screams angrily with a Swedish accent.

She got more information about Max when the date fixer called her. She doesn’t like people with different diseases. Yes, she always is afraid for them, and she thinks that she would wear the diseases from them.

“Yes, but she is the famous professor of archaeology.” the date fixer says.

“Wait… It’s a she? It is a guy name.” the lady says.

“Yes, but it is neutral.”

The lady doesn’t like the lesbians either. Yes, she is homophobic. She always wants to have a man, not a woman. It must be a mistake of the date register. The date fixer waits.

“Can you cancel the date?” the lady wonders.

“Yes, are you sure?” the date fixer says.


“Max is a nice and rich person!”

“What? Is she rich?”

The poor lady just wants to meet the rich people, because she is so happy. Wait, she wants to have just a man.

“Yes, you know to her?” the date fixer wonders.

“No, her last name?” the lady says.

“It’s Ace.”


“Max Ace, it is her real name.”

There are many professors. The lady doesn’t know who is who, so she just knows to the most famous professors.

“Do you know to her?” the date fixer wonders.

“No, she is strange to me. Let me think!” the lady says.

“There is a time, and if you still can say no to the date, so we look for the girl to her fast.”

The lady hangs up. She goes around like an idiot and thinks. Suddenly she walks to her room and then she sits before the computer. When she becomes very surprised, so she googles after the mythic professor. The google shows more than three hundred billions hits. That’s written that the mythic professor sits in the powered wheelchair, but that is everything.

Oh dear, who is the lady? The name is Martina Adamsson and is 20 years old. She is a workless Swede who lives in Paris, France and tries to talk perfect French. Guess how good she is. She never learns about the language. Her French is too bad and gross, all French talking people think.

Martina uses the bad excuse to say that she is good in the French school. The French people don’t believe in her. They know that the Swedes live here. A part of the Swedes’ French is good. Yes, it is true. Martina has to talk English.

The Adamssons are worried for her. Yes, they are rich, and she doesn’t want to have the money. What is Martina doing in France? She is a mad shopper. Soon she becomes broke, because her family becomes worried for her. Her father thinks that she seeks for the help. And her mother contacts the employment agency in Paris.

But Martina says no. Why does she say no? She is an adult. Her friends say that she must sell the clothes. Martina says that she is happy with the clothes, despite she never uses them. Today she becomes pissed off with the date fixer. She doesn’t understand a thing, and it is the question about the date.

Martina never was careful with the things and it is just about the love. Yes, she met the wrong men. The persons were hopeless, feeling, randy and criminal. There are many sweet and sexy guys. Martina has to decide if she is ready to be a lesbian. Is she a lesbian? No, she likes the guys. Is she a bi-curious? No, she is not.

Why does the damn date fixer want to match Max and Martina? Is the date fixer blind? The answer is yes. Now Martina’s curiosity is dangerous. What if she says no? What happens if the professor is sad? No, she begins to be curious of the mythic professor. Naturally, Martina is ready for the date.

She calls the date fixer, and she says yes.

The motto is Carpe Diem, or Seize the Day. Martina undresses, so she enters the shower room. She showers the body and hairs. The body is small and muscular. Martina’s bra size is 34 A, and her legs are short. She has blue eyes and brown hairs. Her face looks like a sweet baby.

After the finished shower, the curious workless lady wonders which clothes she will wear. She chooses the blue and red evening dress. Then she fixes her hairs. She put on a makeup.

“I am ready for the date.” she says.

Next moment Martina enters the expensive restaurant. She waits at the booked board for Max. The restaurant is the most famous in Paris, she knows to it. And there is good music in two languages. Martina wonders what the hell she is doing here. She is close to leave the board directly, but the unfamiliar woman goes to her.

“Maîtres’ bursa evi olan escort Adamsson?” the unfamiliar woman wonders.

“Oui, can you talk English?” Martina wonders.

“Yes! I am the professor’s personal assistant. She comes here soon. I have a good advice to you. She has hard to talk, because of her disability. Be patient. Let her finish the talk. Do you understand what I say?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Bon! Bonne Chance!”

The personal assistant leaves Martina. Then another woman drives the powered wheelchair with the chin joystick to her. The two women meet at last. Max is mature, sweet and wild. Her dress is beautiful. It is dark pink. Martina’s heart beats faster and faster.

“Good evening. My name is Martina Adamsson.” Martina says.

“Good evening. My name is Max.” Max says unclearly.

“Will we eat?”


The waitress stands before their guests while the women read the menu. Martina chooses the cheap because the foods are too pricey. Max asks why. The poor woman wonders if she must lie. No, she must be honest. Max is the rich and mythic professor.

“I am sorry, I am broke and workless.” Martina says.

“Maîtres excuse me, but the professor will pay the food, not you.” the waitress says.

“Do you?”

“Yes, what is your favorite food? Pizza, sushi, Chinese food or other food.” Max says unclearly.

“Haven’t we to decide the menu?”

Max shakes the head. Martina becomes surprised and orders the chicken pizza. The mythic professor orders the fish pasta, but she watches the poor woman. Martina wonders what she will do then. Will she give the food to Max? Yes, she has to do it.

“What do you want for the drink?” the waitress wonders.

Martina wants to have the red wine and Max wants to have the Fanta wild berries. The waitress leaves the board, and the two women begin to talk.

“What is your disease?” Martina wonders but thinking of the language.

“It is not a disease, but it is a physical disability.” Max says unclearly.

“Sorry, I always thought that you had a disease.”

“It is ok, but there is a part of the people who still thinks so. Yeah, I am born with a Cerebral Palsy. It is a Latin or medicinal language. Cerebral means brain and Palsy means paralysis. It means that I am fine in my brain. I can’t walk and my arms can move a bit.”

Martina becomes warm in her body and listens. Max is intelligent. Why is she more intelligent? The waitress leaves the drinks to her guests and goes away.

“Have you been in the countries?” Max wonders unclearly.

Martina wakes up. She wonders why she as a straight girl is in love with the mythic lesbian professor. Then she behaves herself, she listens carefully what her date says.

“Sorry, what do you say?” Martina wonders.

“Have you been in the countries?” Max wonders unclearly.

“Oh yeah, I am a Swede, and I have been in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany and United Kingdom. You? Forget it; you are a professor of archaeology. You must have traveled over the world?”

The mythic lesbian professor nods.

“I googled after you, but it is a bit about you. What is your special archaeology study?” Martina wonders.

“I am a forensic archaeologist. The Internet is hard to look for me. Ask me.” Max says unclearly.

“A forensic archaeologist? Is it like a crime scene, though it is archaeology? WOW!”


“Oh yeah.”

The ladies talk with each other about their life. Max is a common woman, as all other women. She is a Chinese-English woman. Her life is like a roller-coaster. She hadn’t time to date anyone during the job. Then she loves just young girls and sees guys as friends.

Martina tells about herself. The waitress goes with the food and leaves them on the board. She enjoys the guests and goes. Martina eats while she gives a food to Max. Their eyes meet each other. They are close to kiss, after a short time the mobile calls.

“It is mine. Can you pick my mobile up by my bag?” Max wonders.

“Yes, I can do.” Martina says.

She picks the mobile up and turns on. Then she holds it on Max’ ear. She listens carefully.

“Yes? No, you know that I am on the date. Oh my god! When? Right now? I come.” Max says.

Martina hangs up. She wonders when she will meet Max next time. The mythic professor puts on her the powered wheelchair.

“Is it the police?” Martina wonders.

“Yes, I am sorry; Interpol, NCA, BKA, DCPJ and FBI need me. Do you want to have the second date?” Max wonders.

“Yes, please!”

“Can you add your number in my mobile?”

Martina adds her number in Max’ mobile and then she puts the mobile into the bag. Max drives away from her. What will Martina do now? She is sure Max just said “Interpol”, “NCA”, “BKA”, “DCPJ” and “FBI”. It sounds like a serious crime. Bad, Martina will ask Max later.

After the date, she is home and wants to know more about the mythic professor. She doesn’t care about the disability and the guys so longer time. And she is happier. altıparmak escort The mobile calls. Martina picks it up from her handbag and hopes that it is the mythic professor.

“Yes, Martina?” she wonders happily.

It is not Max, but her family. Martina and her family talk Swedish about the life. Her mother wonders what happens when she sounds happy. The daughter tells to her mother about the date. Luckily, her family is open-minded, so her twin brother is bisexual. Martina says to her brother that she is sorry, because she was very homophobic to her brother.

The brother forgives her and says that his sister chooses her own life. And the mother wonders who the date is. Martina tells about everything. She likes the date. The family is happy to hear that she is good. Martina hangs up, and it calls again, if it is Max.

“Yes, Martina?” she wonders happily.

“It is Max.” the mythic professor says.


“Hello, Martina. Sorry, I left you!”

“It is ok. A question. It sounds dumb. But why do Interpol, NCA, BKA, DCPJ and FBI need you, Max?”

“I am sorry; I can’t answer, so it is an ongoing investigation.”

“I understand. My mother is a prosecutor. And my brother is a police.”

“You know how it is.”

“Yes, may I dare to ask when we will meet next time?”

“It cares on my free day.”

“If you can be free, so you can call me.”

“Yes. Believe not everything in the media. I must hang up.”

“I won’t do it if you tell to me. Bye.”


Martina hangs up and then she puts on the TV. The CNN says that the local farmers discovered many skeletons in the forest of Fontainebleau. They say that the serial killer is back, so-called Dare Killer. The serial killer killed more three hundred people, special women, not raped. And the police never have seen the skeletons before. The behavior specialist says that it sounds like the tic-tac-toe.

Then the TV shows that the US FBI, the British NCA, the German BKA, the French DCPJ and the Interpol are very worried. In four years the law enforcement agencies from the whole world hunt the murderer. The serial killer foils them. The top law enforcement agencies wonder why the Dare Killer kills just woman every week.

“Oh, Max works on the big case.” Martina says in Swedish.

She looks at 11 pm and turns off the TV. When she enters the room and lies on the single bed, so she becomes happier than those hopeless dates. She wonders when the mythic professor begins to call her. Her eyes fall asleep.

Martina’s erotic dream aims to Max, how they meet each other and kiss. Max is a sweet and nice woman. Next morning Martina wakes up. Her vagina begins to become wet, but she won’t touch it. She looks at 8 am. What will she do today? Will she look for the job? Yes, she is workless. Then she looks for the mobile. She gets a SMS from Max and it sent 12.30 am. Why did Max send it to her so late?

That’s written:

“Hello, Martina! I am sorry, I sent the SMS to you so late. Yes, you wonder why I sent so late, and I am free tomorrow (Friday) if I won’t get the same case. Again. Hugs from Max.”

Martina becomes emotional over the SMS. She begins to smile so big. Which day is it today? It is Thursday today! Will Martina send it? Yes, she likes Max.

Martina writes:

“Hello, Max. No, I didn’t hear the bell from your SMS. When and where will we meet tomorrow? Hugs from Martina.”

The workless woman wonders where she will find the job, and she can’t talk French. Will she become a prostitute? No, her family would not become happy, neither her new girlfriend would. What will Martina do? She is the only uneducated. Her family is lawful educated.

Yes, Martina’s mother is a public prosecutor, and her father jobs for the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention. Her sister studies the criminology and their big brother is a police. Their twin brother also studies as a lawyer. Because the whole family is rich. The parts of Martina’s good friends are police and lawyers. Max jobs for Interpol, NCA, BKA, DCPJ and FBI.

The SMS shows from Max and that’s written:

“Yes, 1.00 pm at my or your place? Are you allergic to the pollens?”

Martina’s place is too much messy for her new girlfriend and writes:

“I will go to you. No, I am not. May I get your address?”

Martina wonders why she is the only uneducated. The SMS shows from Max and that’s written about her address with a heart and a kiss. Martina wonders how she gets the new job because she wants to buy a fun thing for her girlfriend. Suddenly the workless woman looks for the English-talking and vacancy job on the computer. She finds the job as a hotel maid. Then she calls the hotel and presents herself.

“Have you any big experiences to clean the rooms?” the hotel manager wonders nicely.

“To be honest, I don’t like to clean, and you will teach me about everything.” Martina says worriedly.

“Okay, you know that you will get basic knowledge.”

“Thanks you.”

“Any questions?”

“No, or yes, gemlik escort how much do I get the salary? When will I get them?”

“It cares on what you can.”

Martina hears that the hotel manager moans.

“Do you think that I am a fucking ho? No, thanks you, bye!” Martina sulks.

Martina still hears that the hotel manager moans like he comes while he says to not hang up now.

“You are gross! Bye!” Martina sulks.

Martina hangs up and then she looks for the other and vacancy job. She finds the vacancy café staff and calls, so she presents herself. The proprietress asks about her experiences to cook or bake. Yes, the workless woman is good in baking, but she asks about the salary. The proprietress answers that it cares on how good she is and that she gets the salary immediately after the closed time. Martina is happy.

“Thanks you!” she says.

“You are welcome.” the proprietress says.

All day long Martina works very hard and thinks of Max. What is the mythic professor doing? When will she send the SMS? The proprietress becomes satisfied with her new worker’s baking. Martina wonders how much she earns and the time is over. The proprietress gives the salary to her worker, but Martina becomes astonished at her salary.

“Thirty billions euro?” Martina wonders.

“Yes, I saw that you probably thought of your boyfriend while you worked so hard because I gave the bonus.” the proprietress says.

“Thanks you, but it is actually my new girlfriend.”

“Oh, I thought that you were straight.”

“Yes, I was, but my feelings developed.”

Martina tells about the idiotic date fixer and how she met the woman.

“I don’t know so very much about her. I am just in love.” Martina says.

“WOW! What a big story! What is her name?” the proprietress says.

“Max Ace.”

“Say to her that Jeunesse Molyneux will get the revenge.”

“Yes, I… Wait! Do you know Max?!?”

“Yes, we are the best childhood friends. Max likes all the bad jokes, if I will be honest.”

“What does she like more? Please, I am curious!”

“I can’t tell everything. It is not good because she is your new girlfriend now, and you will ask everything to her. You are a girl who knows what the girls think.”


Martina hugs on Jeunesse and thanks for the salary. She leaves the café and goes on a way to the shop. What does Max like? If she wore the dark pink dress, so she has to have liked dark colors. There are total dark colors of the things. Martina nods and looks for the girly things.

After a long shop, she is home and hopes that her girlfriend likes the present. She enters the room. Will she call? No, she doesn’t want to disturb Max’ job. Martina lies on the bed like a hopeless frog and waits until the mobile will call. She becomes happier.

When will the professor call? And where is she? Martina can’t wait to hear Max’ sweet voice. She never tests to have sex with her own gender. Will she google? No, she is not a porn surfer! The mobile calls and it is Max.

“Hello, Max.” Martina says.

“Hello, Martina!” Max says.

“It is good to hear your voice.”


“Yes, your friend Jeunesse Molyneux will get the revenge.”

Max laughs at her best friend.

“Do you know what it means?” Martina wonders.

“Did she say about her childhood with me?” Max wonders back.

“Yes, not so much. Is she also a lesbian?”

“No, she is straight, but we challenge to each other about the young date. We are like sisters.”

Jeunesse got an idea. The two best friends would challenge about the love. Yes, they would get the bad price. Max would win if Jeunesse would eat the Chinese fruit Durian while she would lose if she would eat the French cheese Pont Leveque. They accepted the bad challenge

“So you won over it. Are you serious?” Martina wonders.

“No, it is a joke. Did you meet Jeunesse?” Max wonders.

Martina tells honestly how she meets Jeunesse.

“And because you bought the present to me. You are too precious to me, Martina.” Max says.

“Yes, you come to like it.” Martina says.

“I come to like it. Yes, my house has high-tech security systems.”

“Your horse?”

“No, house!”

“Sorry, I thought that you said horse!”

“It is okay. My parlance is hard to understand. Call me if you come here. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“No, I have to hang up. See you tomorrow!”

“See you!”

Max hangs up. Martina wants to know more about her new girlfriend’s life and the house. She wonders which clothes she will choose to wear when she will meet the mythic professor. Will she wear the sexy, slutty or friendly clothes? She is thinking of them. Then she looks at 11.00 pm. Martina wonders what the professor will plan to do. Her eyes close.

In the dream Martina runs after the professor and Max smiles. They French kiss each other. Martina wakes up and looks at just 9.00 am. But the newly awakened woman’s vagina becomes wet. Martina wonders why she is wet. She enters the shower and showers.

After the finished shower, she walks to the chest. She chooses to wear the friendly clothes because Max is a mature professor. Martina goes to the kitchen, so she fixes the breakfast. She wants to hear the voice again. Then she sits down on the chair and eats slow. The mobile calls and it is the professor.

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