Max-imum Desire Ch. 01

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(Hi guys! Thanks for the feedback on my previous stories. This will be my fifth story on this forum. I am going for a one-shot story this time. If strangers and public places are a turn-on for you, this one will be enjoyable. Hope you guys like it! Don’t forget to comment and rate! Read on!)

I scanned about the trial area to count the number of change rooms the store had. It was a pretty fashionable brand in a central location of the mall, so the large crowd gathered on a weekend wasn’t too surprising for me. All the eight trial rooms seemed occupied as I turned my head to notice feet at the bottom of each which confirmed my thoughts.

“How long will Sally take, man?”, I grimaced to myself as I turned my hand to check my watch.

Sally was my best friend. We had known each other since we were in 6th grade. We were together all the time in school. We studied together, played together and eventually decided to go to the same college together. In college, things changed to an extent. I think being together all the time wasn’t going to continue to remain a natural thing to do for two people who are just friends. She was really pretty though. She was slim, about 5’6″ tall, had gleaming fair skin and a very infectious smile that her long straight black hair almost covered when they were let down. She was the best player of the basketball team even among some talented seniors and aced her scores. These were the reasons she was often linked with me even though we were not going out. We would try to catch up once a day at least but her basketball commitments and my football practice kept us busy. There were many guys who liked Sally. She was likable. But very few approached her in the first two years of our college life. I assumed that was because they all thought she was my girlfriend. But Sally wasn’t my type at all. Far from it.

As I sat outside trial room impatiently, my thoughts wandered to my own recent relationship. I had started dating this cute girl at the end of my first year. I would say I was a pretty average looking person, but I knew I had good physique. My involvement in sports ensured I had a muscular but athletic and well-toned body. My 6-foot frame and jet medium-length black hair were the reasons girls liked me according to my then-girlfriend. We started dating 6 months after I started college, but It was nowhere close to fun for me and we eventually broke up a month back. Since the break-up, Sally had been dragging me around on weekends wherever she wished. I sensed she was just trying to make me feel better, but waiting for her while she shopped and being misunderstood as her boyfriend if we were spotted by someone I know in the mall, were wearing me out now.

“Sally, are you knitting a sweater in there?”, I asked mockingly as I tapped her trial room door.

The door immediately burst open and Sally stood proudly in a long white summer dress that had thin shoulder straps and ended just above her ankles. “What do you think, Max?” Sally enquired while twirling around to let her dress rise in the air as she took a full circle.

“Pretty good if you want a role as a Disney princess!”

“Hmmph! You have no taste!”, Sally rebuked at my laughing face as she turned around to the door. “I have five more dresses to try out and I’m not going to show them, since you don’t appreciate my undeniable charm!”

“Gee! I’m so unlucky, aren’t I?” I replied with my innate sarcasm as I saw the door of trial room close on me.

Almost in the same motion, the door for trial room

swung open and out stepped one of the most beautiful women I had ever set my eyes on. She was tall (5’10” by my estimate) and curvy. I could imagine some of my friends who preferred slim girls calling her too curvy for their liking, but I was instantly mesmerised. To add to that, her dark skin almost gave off a bronze shine as she walked out of the room into the light. She had short golden hair which fell softly on her shoulders as she turned and faced the large mirror at the end of the corridor. The trial room mirrors were oddly small which made many customers come out and turn towards the life-sized mirror on the wall adjacent to trial room #8. As the dark skinned beauty checked herself out in the mirror, I let my gaze travel all along her body. She was wearing a short white dress which seemed like the attire models donned for celebrity party events I would see on TV. It was body-hugging tight and barely covered her thighs. The part that made my bulge grow most was the deep cleavage and the way the dress enhanced her large spherical breasts. I don’t think I had seen anything more perfectly shaped in my life.

As my stare continued along her cleavage Sinop Escort up to her shoulders, I longed to see her face properly. Her back was towards me but I knew I would get a perfect view of her reflection in the mirror. She was extremely pretty! I assumed this was what they reserved for the phrase ‘drop-dead gorgeous’! As I began smiling at my exotic discovery, she caught me starting at her. For a second, our eyes met and I was transfixed in part horror and part awe. I quickly turned my gaze away but I was half-sure I caught a mischievous smile on her face during my getaway. I made a few awkward glances at the floor and the trial room in front of me, as I felt her check herself out from the corner of my eye. Once she seemed to get back into trial room

, I heaved a sigh of relief. I had been caught staring at girls before but this was intense. She was definitely a decade older than me but almost got me aroused with a 10 second show. I wondered how the Playboy cameramen managed to work with a straight head.

“Errmmm…. Excuse me?”

I turned to see the voice coming from trial room

, as the woman I had just ogled stuck her head out and gestured towards me.

“Me?” I asked her nervously, half-afraid my gaping ways had landed me in trouble.

“I need some help. Can you please come here for a sec.”

I got up and approached her room with anxiousness, to find her with her back facing towards me. The dress had a very low back and a small zip below it until the end of the dress.

“I’m not able to unzip this. Can you please help me if you don’t mind?” She asked in such a smooth voice that even if I had harboured murderous intentions, I would have agreed immediately.

I looked around to see if anyone was watching but the entrance to the area was in front of trial room

so it would be impossible for someone to notice from there. On the other side, trial rooms
and #8 were closed. I decided to go with the flow.

“Sure. Can I step in?”

“Yeah come on in,” she replied with a child-like smile and gave me some room to enter the space beside her.

I closed the trial room door without locking it and took position behind her. A third person could not have fit in the cramped room, so this was making me really sweaty. There was a small mirror in front of her on which I could see her reflection smiling back at me. With sweaty fingers I tugged the zip she was struggling with. As she mentioned, it wouldn’t budge.

“Damn! I’m stuck in this stupid dress. I knew I was too fat for this!” she exclaimed as I tried pulling the stuck zip down with my right hand again.

“No! No! You’re perfect. This dress seems faulty to me,” I thought I was stretching my luck, but the response was encouraging.

“Hehe. Thanks, cutie!” She gave me the million-dollar smile again through the reflection and continued, “Try harder. Don’t be shy now. Hold me for support, sweetie.”

She pushed the backside of her body closer to mine which gave me permission to boldly wrap my left hand around her waist for support as I tugged harder on the zip with my right hand. The feeling of her stomach’s soft flesh through the thin dress was exciting enough. The sight of her bare back with its beautiful shoulder blades was turning me on badly. She placed her palms on the mirror for support as I gave a hard pull to pull the zip down successfully. The resulting loss of balance pushed my left hand upwards onto her breasts as my lower body rubbed into her ass. I could hear a few soft noises from her that sounded like erotic moans each time I pulled but I wasn’t entirely sure of her intentions. On my 20th attempt or so, the zip completely pulled open revealing her silky bare back. It was getting quite arousing for me and at this point I was letting her know the same with my now-enlarged bulge pressed against her rear.

“Wow! Someone is really turned on, huh?” She spoke in a sensual voice as she straightened her back so that most of the front of my body was now in contact with the back of hers.

“I saw your horny face when you were ogling me outside the trial room,” she continued as I felt her hands turn backwards and tug my shorts down. “You’ve been a bad boy and you’re gonna pay now!”

She ordered me to lock the trial room door from the inside. As I turned my upper body to follow her orders, she pulled my shorts down forcefully till they were around my ankles.

“Errr….Ma’am? I don’t think this is a good idea!” I gawked as a combination of fear and sexual excitement made me lose my usual calm.

The lady in front of me bent a little and moved in a way that rubbed my thick bulge right at the centre of her ass. This made me rock Sinop Escort Bayan hard and at a loss of words, as I watched her press my tent with her well-rounded butt again.

“I think it’s a great idea!” she replied teasingly while working on my erection through the underwear. “I think little Johnie down there thinks it’s a great idea too!”

She started removing her underwear as she continued massaging my cock. As her underwear dropped to the floor and I saw her naked ass rub my bulge again, I lost the last bit off willpower I had. I took my hands over her back to feel the smoothness and let my palms go inside her dress from the sides.

“Hmmmm…yes, boy. That’s the spirit!” she moaned as I pulled off her dress from the front and started massaging her naked breasts.

“Ohhhh yes. I wanted you to do that!” I could see her eyes close in excitement, as I rubbed her boobs passionately with my palms.

I felt a tug at my underwear and sensed it being pulled down by her hands from the sides. My underwear dropped to the floor as my hard erect cock flipped out to strike her between her legs.

“Oh wow! Little boy has a big cock. This is going to be fun!” She exclaimed while licking her lips as she turned around and pushed me against the locked door.

She planted a long emotional kiss on my lips as both her hands encircled my throbbing cock. Her tongue infiltrated my mouth and rummaged passionately in it as her hands worked their way right from the base of my cock to the tip. She was using all ten of her fingers in such a way, that no part of my dick felt untouched. All the while, she continued sharing a lengthy arousing kiss with me that used every part of her tongue. She was overwhelming in her desire to excite me and played with the wet tip of my dick at the same time as her other hand stroked my balls. Her mere hands were doing much more to my sexual levels, than what the best blowjob could have. As she kept stroking my cock, she could feel my tip getting wetter and my breath getting heavier during our kiss.

She suddenly stopped and took a step back. She looked down at her handy work and was pleased to admire my cock in its most erect and hard state. She knew I would have orgasmed ferociously, if she had continued for 5 more seconds. She seemed like someone who knew these things well.

“Not yet, sweetie! We have a lot more to play for!” She announced as she lifted her left leg up and planted her foot on the wall to my right. “Your dick isn’t the only thing that’s super-turned on, kid!”

Her posture opened up her legs for me to clearly see her wet cunt. She let her right hand drop between her outstretched legs, for her fingers to travel all along the walls of her pussy.

“Don’t you wanna taste this, pretty boy?” She asked in a seducing manner as the fingers of her right hand opened up her cunt wide and started playing with the soft center.

“Get on your knees, kid!” she ordered as she started rubbing her cunt with her purpose. “Oooohhhh….I’m so fucking wet right now!”

I got down on my knees and shifted closer to her so that my head was almost in front of her outstretched excited pussy. The sight of her fingers rubbing her twat and the sound of her moans were keeping my rock-hard cock stand at attention.

“Suck me, fucker!” she commanded as she clutched my hair with her left hand and rammed my face into her open snatch. “Suck me with all you’ve got now!”

The strong smell of her cunt was enough to make me start licking the insides of her pussy obediently. The orders being barked aroused me more. I wanted to please my current mistress. I wanted to make her moan badly.

“Oh yes! Keep going! Aah!” she screamed loudly as I held her thighs with my hands and buried my head deeper between her legs.

I sucked hard at the centre of her cunt and let my tongue play all around her vagina. I stroked the insides vehemently with the tip of my tongue and could hear the fruits of my efforts within a few more seconds.

“Fuck! You’re so good! Oh yes! Jerk yourself too!” she yelled as she clung my hair tighter in excitement. “I wanna see it! Now!”

I didn’t even need an invitation as I started stroking my erect cock with my left hand with pace while continuing to eat her out passionately.

“Oh yes! That’s right! Stroke yourself! Get yourself ready! Keep it hard and ready for my fucking wet pussy, kid!”

She suddenly pushed me back and turned her whole body around.

“Get up now!” she barked with venom.

I immediately got up to see her place her hands on the mirror in front of her and spread her legs with her back towards me. She smiled wide at me as our expressions Escort Sinop met through the mirror.

“Give me the best fuck of my life, NOW!”

No sooner had she completed her words, I bent forward to ram my erect thick cock completely through her dripping wet pussy. It comfortably pushed itself all the way in, as I heard both of us scream in unison.

“OHH! FUCK! YES! Fuck me!” she yelled as I held her ass tightly and started pounding her pussy from behind.

“Fuck me harder, you little fuck! HARDER!”

I bent more and wrapped my arms around her breasts to get more room to ram my dick into her. As I ploughed deeper into her cunt, I couldn’t help screaming myself.

“You like that, bitch? Huh? You like that?!”

“YES! YES! I love it! More!” She looked at me through the mirror with a crazed expression as I rammed her faster.

I pulled on her nipples forcefully while fucking her as fast as I could. Her body was almost being pounded against the wall as I felt her cunt tighten and get wetter. Our screams were loud enough to be heard by someone but at this point, none of that mattered for us. I picked up my pace and generated more power with each thrust, as I felt the dripping tip of my dick penetrate deeper into the warm depth of her near-orgasmic vagina.

“CUM FOR ME BITCH! CUM NOW!” I screamed into her ear as I rammed her against the mirror real hard.

I clutched her hair and tilted her head upwards with force, as my last few strokes reached a barbaric frenzy.


We screamed in unison with my last few thrusts and I felt my dick fill her whole cunt up.

“AAAARGH!!!” I pulled her hair tightly and let out a huge grunt with my final stroke, as I came all over her ass.

“Oh Fuck!” She sighed heavily as her legs gave away and she dropped to the ground. “Oh my fucking god. That was crazy good!”

I splurged so much fluid from the tip of my organ that her lower back and ass was completely moist and dripping. I was sure I hadn’t cum this much before in my life. It was as exhilarating as anything I ever imagined I would do. We both took a while to regain our breath, as I once again stood over the woman in front of me. She smiled seeing the wetness drip from my cock.

“You came a lot for a scrawny kid.”

“You came a lot for a middle-aged hag.” She started laughing at that statement as she got up to face me. After laughing with her, I turned around to see the state of the trial room.

“Someone is gonna have a bad time cleaning this shit.”

“The wilder, the messier!” she chirped as she started wearing her bra and panty hung on the pegs of the change room and disposed the white dress she had worn when all of this started. “Don’t need this anymore.”

I realised she had come in a tank top and jeans with proper undergarments underneath them. As she wore all of it and I dressed along with her, I wondered if she had noticed me before I noticed her and set up this whole masquerade on purpose. She wouldn’t go that far to seduce me, would she!? I dismissed the thought as she unlocked the door and walked out.

“It was fun. See ya later, boy!” she turned around and allowed me to stare at her perfect figure walking away as I pondered over her words.

She said she didn’t need the dress “anymore”! And she just said “See ya later!”

Is this a sign? Am I supposed to go after her? Was this something more meaningful than two strangers fucking around?

“Dude, where have you been all this time? I was searching all over for you and you turn up back here! I should have-!”

“Not now, Sally!” I interrupted my best friend as my eyes frantically searched for the mysterious woman, whose name I didn’t know but just had a doggy-style session with.

I rushed towards the front of the store and glanced around to no avail. I ran out of the shop and looked either side. The mall was too crowded and there were a million directions she could have gone towards. After a few more hopeful glances towards the lift and escalator, I accepted my defeat and walked inside the store again.

“What was that all about?” Sally asked quizzing.

“Nothing. I thought I saw someone I knew,” I answered disappointedly. “Let’s get out of here, Sally.”

As I walked up to the counter to pick up the bag I was carrying, the store owner approached me.

“Sir, someone kept this at the counter and asked me to give it to you,” he explained as his outstretched hand contained a piece of paper.

I immediately snatched it from him and opened it up to read the contents.

“Yes, Max. I had my eye on you from the start. So it’s only fair you have my number My number is XXXXXXXXXXX.

Call me if you ever want to have fun with a middle-aged hag

Love. Zara”

I smiled as I re-read the letter again, folded it to keep it in my pocket and chuckled at the voice in my head.

“Scrawny kid, at your service, Zara.”

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