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Author’s note:

This story and all individuals contained therein is/are fictitious. Any resemblance to any real person or persons, events or situations is purely coincidental. All individuals in this story are of the age of eighteen years or more.


Kevin had been an accountant for more than thirty-five years for various automobile dealerships, and this experience made him a sought after controller in that environment. After fifteen years at the same dealership group, his position was phased out when the group was bought out by a multinational group with dozens of dealerships across North America.

Suddenly, in spite or, or because of, his decades of experience, no one wanted to hire him. He believed that everyone he interviewed with believed they could hire someone with half the experience at half the wage to do the job just as effectively.

After two years of looking for any job in accounting, he found himself running a checkout at a large grocery store, where the average age of his coworker was eighteen or nineteen years old.

Kevin hated that he had to take such a menial job, but he needed to find something to pay the bills until he could start drawing retirement. This job would pay the bills. He was fortunate that his children were grown and his house was paid for.

He was also glad that his ex-wife lived several states away, and wouldn’t accidentally run into him working at the grocery check out counter.

Since his divorce over twenty years earlier, he had not had many long-term relations. He just didn’t find them rewarding enough to invest the necessary time, just to be disappointed in the long term. He found that his biggest reward from his new job was the opportunity to watch the young girls who worked there.

During his first few weeks working at the grocery store, he had learned most of the other cashier’s names. They all knew his though, because he was, many times, the only cashier over twenty-one and able to ring up alcohol sales. They had all been told to call him when they had orders involving alcohol.

Friday night of his third week as a cashier, his shift ended at 8:00 p.m. The sun was low in the sky, but the August air was still hot and thick with humidity as he walked out to his car parked almost as far from the store as it could be and still be in the parking lot. The simple walk in the heat and humidity had raised beads of sweat on his forehead.

“Kevin! Kevin! Wait up!” a female voice wafted across the parking lot from behind him. He didn’t recognize the voice, so turned to see who was calling to him.

He thought he would see one of the front end managers, and that they would want to tell him something work related, such as he had forgot to clock out, or a change in schedules.

Instead of a manager, Krystin, a bagger, not even a cashier, was crossing the parking lot toward him pushing a bicycle. As a sort of mental exercise, Kevin tried to keep track of who was working with him, and when they came and went. The shifts of front end people were always, or usually, staggered. People would come and go one or two at a time, but never a group together. Krystin had come to work that day a few hours after Kevin, and he thought she had left an hour before his shift was over.

He had never had a real conversation with Krystin. In fact, he didn’t remember even exchanging greetings with her and that their interactions had been limited to the few times he had asked her to run an errand for him, such as bringing him a supply of bags or register tape.

“Hi Krystin,” Kevin greeted her as she was close enough to not shout at to be heard.

“Kevin, thank god. I have a huge, ginormous favor to ask.” Krystin was looking at the ground as she spoke.

Krystin wasn’t one of Kevin’s favorite girls to watch. She was always dressed in a baggy uniform shirt and cargo pants that were equally baggy. Her clothes hid any possible curves, or the more likely chance that they hid the lack of any curves on her body.

Krystin wasn’t an ugly girl. Her hair was more strawberry than blonde, and was straight down to just past her shoulders, without even a hint of any styling. Her eyes under her mostly red eyebrows were light blue, sitting above a patch of freckles that run from one cheekbone, across the bridge of her button nose to the other cheekbone. Her lips were plump, but not thick, and they never smiled.

Krystin’s baby face, the fact that she was a bagger, the lowest entry level position in a grocery store, and that he could not detect any breasts or hips under her uniform led Kevin to believe she was young. He was certain she was sixteen, or seventeen at the oldest.

“What’s up Krystin? What can I do for you?” Kevin asked kindly.

“My tire is broken. It won’t hold air. Can you help me?” She was now looking, almost straight, into Kevin’s eyes. He had noticed she was tall, but now he realized she was almost six feet tall, and less than an inch shorter than he was.

“I might be able to help. I have a portable air compressor bostancı escort bayan in my trunk. I can see if I can get it inflated for you.”

Krystin pushed her bike between them, and they walked in silence to Kevin’s car. He tried not to look at her, but he noticed she had long fingers that gripped the curved handlebars and steered the bike. Her nails were clean and well-kept, though not manicured and had no polish. They still looked nice to him.

Kevin popped the trunk open with his key fob and retrieved the hand held compressor from inside. After plugging it into the socket on the dash inside, he knelt beside her disabled bicycle and removed the valve stem cap.

He immediately saw the problem. The valve stem had no core. The tire could be inflated, but wouldn’t hold any air pressure.

“That’s a problem, Krystin,” he said pointing to the valve stem. “A part is missing, and there’s nothing to be done to fix it unless you go to a tire shop, or bike shop.”

“Damn, Kevin. This is my only way home tonight. Do you think my bike will fit in your trunk?” Her eyes held a look of pleading as she spoke.

“I don’t know.” He wasn’t answering her question. He was sure it would. His midsize Mercedes had a huge trunk, and the back seats folded down, effectively doubling it’s size. He was concerned with the proposal itself.

He knew that having a young girl, especially one he wasn’t really even acquainted with, in his car, alone, could get him into so much hot water. This wasn’t the kind of hot water he wanted in his life, and he could think of no sixteen or seventeen year old girl worth that kind of trouble.

“Can we try? If I have to walk, it’s going to be way after dark when I get home, and I’m scared to walk alone,” Krystin plead.

“What part of town do you live in?” Kevin asked, not really needing that information to help him make a decision, but he was stalling while he thought of other options.

He had lived here most of his life, so he recognized the area of town she mentioned. It was on the north east end of town. They were standing on the south edge of town, and his house was on the north west edge of town. She was right about it being dark if she walked. At this time, it was going to be dark if she rode her bike. It would be dark before anyone could drive from the store to her house now.

“Krystin, I’m sorry. How old are you?”

“Nineteen, next month,” she spoke barely above a whisper.

“Seriously?” Kevin questioned her. She definitely did not look that old.

Krystin dug into one of the many pockets in her pants, and pulled out a wallet.

“People never believe me,” she said, maybe to herself, maybe to Kevin. It wasn’t really clear.

Kevin leaned over and looked as she held up the wallet. He saw a state issued ID and a student ID for the local State university. The birth date on the ID confirmed her claim that she would be nineteen the following month, and the university ID was for the previous school year, so she was at a minimum a year out of high school.

Kevin chuckled as he looked at the two identification cards.

“What? What’s funny, Kevin?” Krystin asked.

“You were born on my fortieth birthday, Krystin.”

“What? Are you serious?” she asked skeptically.

Now it was Kevin’s turn to dig out his wallet and drivers license.

“Oh my god!” Krystin shouted. “That’s too funny, Kevin. We should have a shared birthday party! That would be so much fun.”

Kevin just laughed, but didn’t think it sounded all that much fun to be at a birthday party with a bunch of teenagers. It might be a pool party though, since it would be early September, and the idea of being at a pool party with a bunch of teenage girls could be interesting.

“Will you give me a lift then, Kevin?”

“OK,” he agreed, still with a little trepidation. “While I put your bike in the car, you go inside and tell Ashley I’m taking you home, so somebody knows where you are.”

Of course, Ashley, the front end manager on duty, wanted to know why Krystin thought she should know this.

“I don’t know. Kevin said for me to tell you, cause somebody should know where I am.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s actually a good idea.”

The bicycle fit nicely in the back of the car, and the trunk closed as it should without even squeezing against the bike inside.

The sun was low on the horizon as they pulled out of the parking lot and headed for Krystin’s house. Krystin had the small backpack that had been strapped to her back outside, but it was now in her lap. She pushed it off her lap onto the floorboard between her feet and started digging inside it.

“I hate these clothes. I’m going to change. Don’t look, Kevin.”

“OK,” he mumbled through his more than a little disbelief.

Krystin raised her hips off the seat and pushed her cargo pants down, then pulled her knees up to her chest as she dragged the pants down her legs and off her feet. She put one bare foot on the center console next to Kevin’s arm as she ümraniye escort leaned forward and dug some more in her backpack on the floor.

Her bare leg was less than a foot from Kevin’s head, and he tried desperately not to look. He could tell that her skin was lily white, like it had never seen the sun. He glanced quickly over. Even with his furtive look, he could see that her legs were long and well muscled, ending where they met equally muscled hips that were covered by nearly transparent panties.

Krystin sat up without removing anything from the backpack. She relaxed her leg and let her knee drift over against Kevin’s shoulder.

“You were peeking, weren’t you Kevin?

“Maybe, just a little. Not much.”

Krystin turned her torso toward him, pivoting her butt in the seat. Her knee slid down his arm and her shin and knee know rested against his forearm on the center console.

“No peeking. I’m taking my top off now, so no peeking at me.”

“OK,” Kevin stammered. Even with the air conditioner running, he felt a bead of sweat form and run down his temple.

He didn’t move his arm, not even a tiny bit, and the skin on her shin felt gloriously soft and smooth, like silk. He felt a little uncomfortable because he could feel the beginnings of an erection coming on.

Kevin brought the car to a stop at a red traffic light as Krystin pulled her baggy work uniform shirt over her head, and dropped it across his arm and her lower leg. She was still turned in the seat facing him.

Involuntarily, he turned and looked straight at her chest.

She had on a bra, but it was the same transparent material her panties were made of. He could see her areola, topped with prominent erect nipples. His eyes quickly darted downward, where he spied, barely covered with her unsubstantial panties, her labia.

Krystin cleared her throat, and he looked into her face.

The first smile of hers Kevin had ever noticed revealed straight, pearl white teeth, and her blue eyes sparkled.

“I said no peeking.”

“I wasn’t peeking. I was flat out just looking,” Kevin defended himself.

“You have a point. Do you like what you were looking at?” Krystin interrogated him.

Kevin looked again. Krystin’s work clothing had not been hiding a lack of curves, but some very appealing curves. Her breasts weren’t large, but he thought they would make a very nice mouthful. The patch of freckles on her upper chest, then diving down between her tits gave her body an amazing, exotic look. Her flat stomach, even relaxed, revealed a well defined six pack.

“Krystin, you have a great body. I like what I see. I like it a lot.”

“I don’t like boys,” she announced.

“Oh. I see.” Kevin sounded disappointed, even though he tried to hide it.

Krystin leaned toward Kevin as he drove. Her lips brushed his ear as she whispered, “I like men. Boys are idiots. They just want to get off. I hear men want to get off, but get off getting a woman off too. I’ve tried boys, but always lost interest when they wouldn’t pay me back for a hand job or blow job.”

Krystin sat back in her seat and dug in her backpack some more as Kevin drove silently. She pulled out a tank top and skirt and pulled them over her underwear.

“I like these clothes. Please don’t tear them. Can we go to your house?” Her voice was suddenly low and sultry. She sounded older than her nineteen years now. Kevin stole a glance over at her, but she still looked sixteen.

Krystin poked some buttons on the car’s radio controls until she found some pop music and turned the volume up. She danced in her seat as Kevin drove, occasionally touching his shoulder or arm with her hands and arms.

As Kevin unlocked the door from the garage into his kitchen, Krystin purred into his ear as she held him by the waist and slowly gyrated her hips against him. He pushed the door open and let Krystin go in ahead of him but she turned and pulled him by the arms inside. They were suddenly kissing passionately as she was tugging at his belt and the zipper of his pants.

By the time they reached the bedroom, they were both naked. Kevin had been very careful to not damage Krystin’s clothes, but he was going to need to replace the button on his work pants, and probably one from his shirt.

Krystin lay back on the bed, and pushed herself toward the head with her feet. Kevin had a clear view of her pink pussy lips and pale red pubic hair. Her pubes were neatly trimmed into a circle above her clitoris, and her lips were bright pink and puffy.

He could now see that she definitely had the curves of a woman, and her toned body only emphasized her curves. Her small breasts were rising and falling rapidly with her breathing as Kevin stood and admired her nakedness.

“Do you still think I have a nice body? Now that you get to see it all?”

“Even better now,” Kevin growled in response.

Krystin sat up and wrapped her strong fingers around the base of his erection.

“Now what do we have here?” she asked escort kartal right before she ran her tongue from base to tip of his cock.

Kevin just pushed her onto her back and lowered his face to her pussy.

“Kevin…” was all she was able to utter before her breath caught in her chest as his tongue separated her pussy lips and slid over her clit.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she moaned as he made his way over the length of her pussy to her opening, then back up.

“God, Kevin!”

He sucked her clit between his lips, then circled it with his tongue inside his mouth.

“Don’t… stop… please… god… keep going!”

Kevin’s lips and tongue ran up and down her wet, aromatic pussy, circling her clit, sucking it, licking it, then down and into her, over and over. Her voice rose higher with each movement against her clit and vagina.

Kevin slid first one, then a second finger inside Krystin. She was very tight, and he could feel her contracting around his first knuckles.

“God, god, gawd, gawwd, gonna cum… cumming…” Krystin shouted between gulps of air. Her strong legs started to thrash against Kevin’s shoulders and she threw her head from side to side as she thrust her pelvis against his mouth over and over.

Kevin held her clit between his lips as the waves of pleasure washed over her body and her pussy juiced bathed his face. As her body began to relax, he began to flick his tongue over her clit in unison with each of her receding hip thrusts.

Soon, she was climaxing again, having not completely come down from her first orgasm.

“Daaammnnn. I’m cumming again Kevin! Oh god!” Krystin shouted again as her body started to buck again. Her hands were tangled in what little hair he had on the top of his head, pushing and pulling him against her in time with her orgasm.

Kevin tried to remain motionless as Krystin rode out her second orgasm, letting her come down completely this time.

“Get up, mister. I want to taste you now,” Krystin gasped out in a ragged voice.

Kevin crawled up onto the bed beside her and kissed her body the entire trip until her found her lips.

“Lie back, lover. I have a bill to pay,” Krystin whispered, and kissed him quickly on his lips before moving down his body. Her hands roamed over his chest and stomach, and soon found his cock. She licked the precum off his mushroom head before sliding her lips around it and down his shaft.

She was working his shaft with one hand and massaging his balls with the other while sliding the top half of his throbbing cock in and out of her mouth and along her tongue.

“Stop, Krystin,” Kevin spoke soon after she started her penile ministration.

“I’m only good for one shot and then I need a good rest. I want to make it count.”

Krystin understood, and wanted the same thing, even considering her current status. She retreated from his erection and lay back on the bed, knees up and lovely legs spread.

“Come here, Daddy. I want you,” she growled.

Starting at her toes, Kevin kissed and licked his way up, over her feet and ankles, then calves and knees, her thighs, belly, between her tits. He spent some extra time on her breasts and nipples, bringing some moans and squeals from her throat before he moved up and passionately kissed her lips, their tongues dancing together.

Krystin reached her hand between her strong legs and moved Kevin’s throbbing cock toward her pussy.

“Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me. I’m ready.”

Kevin’s large head felt glorious as it pushed across her clit and soaked up the pussy juice flooding her. He felt even better pressed against her opening.

“God, yes, Kevin,” she cried as his head struggled inside her tight pussy. She felt a slight tug inside her as he pressed further in, and he stopped.

“Krystin?” Kevin asked as he raised himself on his arms to look in her eyes.

“Kevin, I told you I lost interest after a hand job or blow job. I want you all the way inside me. I want my first man to be a real man, that cares about me as much as he cares about his own orgasm. I want it to be you. Take my virginity, please.”

Kevin kissed the little girl underneath him tenderly on her lips as he pushed his hips forward. The resistance he had felt gave way as she cried out loudly, then wrapped her arms and legs around him and held on tightly.

“Holy crap, you feel good inside me, Kevin. Now fuck me. I’m not on the pill, so pull out.”

Kevin started to slowly thrust into Krystin. He was taking his time. He wanted her to feel as much pleasure as he could give her.

Soon Krystin was bucking underneath him, screaming out her pleasure as she reached orgasm. Her pussy contracted around him, holding him inside her. As her thrashing slowed, he began his thrusts again, this time picking up speed.

“I’m fixed, Krystin. I want my cum to fill you up. I want you to feel everything.”

“Oh god, yes, fuck me til you fill me with your cum. Faster, Daddy, cum in me.”

He was already close, and her words drove him to his goal faster. Soon his body jerked and twitched as his cum sped up his cock and out the end. She felt the warmth fill her as she climaxed again around his hardness.

Krystin and Kevin cuddled together in the center of his bed for a long time before either spoke.

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