Maybe Massage with CUM Ch. 05

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Author’s note:

Reading earlier chapters will give you a better understanding of this woman, her sexuality, and her sexual journey. However, it is not necessary.

This story deals with a cum fetish and much more.


The story so far:

While researching for her doctorate, Temma had met Charles (CJ) and was now in his country home for a social evening. A social evening with sex being the focus and the main activity. She had met him when he booked a massage that ended with his cum all over her. Their common sexual interests had driven a connection between them. She was not sure she would call it a relationship, but it was developing.

This evening, the plan was for men to cum on Temma, and then she was to spend a social evening with them, while still covered in cum. There were five men, friends of CJs and Renata. Renata was a stunning woman with large breasts, and so much more. She had only met Renata this evening but was immediately attracted to her. The two women had received cum from one man, in a separate room, and had gone back into the main room to join the other men and show them Temma’s cum covered face. Now they were back in the smaller room waiting for the second man.


“In your research into fetishes and human sexual behaviour, have you looked at pornography or into the industry?” Renata was standing close to Temma when she spoke. Temma still had cum on her face and tits, though almost all of this cum was now dry.

“Yes, it is a significant part of my research as it provides much data and specific examples of extreme sexual practices. However, it does not represent all human sexuality.”

She paused, “I must admit, standing here with cum drying on my face and tits, that I have found porn a fascinating part of my research. But that is not all, I know it has changed me.”

Staring at the cum on this beautiful woman’s tits, Renata said, “OH, I know exactly what you mean. I have experienced that change too. You still don’t know what our ‘enterprise’ is, do you? You don’t know details about the company my late husband and CJ started. We all own a share of it and work in it.”

“No, I think it’s in the digital technology sphere. So tell me more,” As Temma spoke, her bare breasts moved. The other woman’s eyes did not leave them. The plan was for Temma to be the only woman present with the five men. However, CJ had asked Renata to join them for the night, as support for Temma, but also because this big, blonde woman was like a Goddess. A goddess in body and her sexuality.

“They were young when they developed a program, well a system actually, that allowed people to purchase material from, and subscriptions to, websites in a way that didn’t show who they were or where their money was being spent. Back then this was new. Only one other team had developed anything close to their system. Their creation was perfect for subscribing to porn sites and was safe and secure for the user. Being the first to venture into porn finance in this way, they grew exponentially and made an obscene amount of money. We are still in the top three sites offering this service.”

Renata’s eyes moved between the other woman’s eyes and her large breasts with their large, dark areolas. The beautiful bumps on the areolas were visible and the erect nipples looked so inviting. The dried cum on her breasts was evidence of the sex they had already shared that night. Earlier in the evening, Renata went to Temma’s house to drive her to CJ’s home. Renata had been ready for any sexual activity that might happen between the two of them, but she was surprised by the intensity of their encounter in the car.

Temma ran one hand across both breasts with enough pressure to stimulate her nipples.

She was looking into Renata’s eyes, as she did this, “That all makes sense now. But do you have any direct contact with the different porn sites or companies?”

“Oh God yes. For years we have met with them and we regularly go to watch them film scenes, although not every company or director will allow visitors on the set. The best bit is that the many different companies create all the different types of porn. So we go to so many different sessions and we see many different types of sexual behaviour. It’s fascinating, incredibly exciting and I absolutely love it.”

“That is fascinating and so exciting. I want to hear all your stories. I also have many questions. Have you ever wanted to join in any of the situations you have seen?” Temma had her hand back on her tits and was using her palm to rub her nipples.

“We have been involved in that. However, that is a long story. It gives you and I much to talk about and share. Has your research brought you into direct contact with porn and the industry?”

“Yes, it has and it has removed many of my inhibitions,” Temma continued. “It is that exposure to porn that has made me so open with you and so open to the amazing sexual contact ankara sınırsız escortlar we have had….and are having”

Renata’s hands were now on Temma’s tits. She slipped her hands around her back and kissed her. Not just lips, but not like the deep, wet, passionate kiss they had already shared. This was more a kiss of affection, with tongues gently exploring the mouth.

“I see you naked, standing in front of me. No shame. Proud and so beautiful. I also want to know your naked thoughts. I want to witness your bare sexuality. My sexuality is a mental experience as well as a physical one. It is in the mind that the greatest sexual adventures and experiences can be heightened. The mind is the source of the greatest orgasms. I want to see and experience your sexual mind,” Kissing her again, Renata applied more pressure to the nipples, now between her fingers.

A door opened and they slowly separated, turning to look.

The next man entered and moved onto the table. This was the man who asked Tema to play with the cum. She removed the towel from him and examined his cock. It wasn’t hard but well on the way. That lovely in-between stage where it is heavy but not ridged, she thought.

“I have been looking forward to exploring this cock. When I felt it in the other room it felt like it was a perfect shape. It is. The head is a beautiful size and has a faint purple colour about it,” Temma spoke as if the cock had a life of its own. Sometimes she did engage with a cock in a way that did not include the cock’s owner. This was challenging for some men.

She bent down and took the head gently into her mouth. She let it rest in her mouth and looked at Renata who had the camera going and was smiling. She then removed the head from her mouth and drooled saliva over it, ran her hand over it and used circular movement around the head. Slid her hand back down it and took the head into her mouth.

Raising her head she said, “This is not much of a massage Paul. Do you mind if we don’t do the massage part? After all, the plan was to have you cum on me. The massage is not necessary for that to occur.”

Paul put his hands on top of this sexy woman’s head and applied gentle pressure. His cock slid into her mouth. More pressure, more cock. More pressure, more cock. More pressure but no more cock. The entire length of his cock was in her mouth and throat. He removed his hands, but she kept her head still and his cock all the way down her throat. She tried to relax and enjoy the achievement of having this cock right down her throat, keeping it there and moving her tongue a little. She looked into Paul’s eyes, then to Renata. Renata smiled at her as she continued to video the scene.

The camera came in close as Temma slowly, so very slowly, lifted her head. The good-sized cock was slowly revealed, inch by inch wet with saliva and glistening. When her mouth came off the cock, it was still connected by several long strings of saliva. The camera got it all. The cock was now hard as iron. Tema held her position with her gaping mouth just above his cock. More saliva drooled out and over the head of the cock.

“Renata, can you come here please.” Renata moved beside Temma. “Put down the camera and bend over Paul’s beautiful hard cock.” She did.

“Open your mouth,” She did as she was asked.

Temma then pushed Renata’s head down. She used a lot more force than Paul had used. Renata’s head moved smoothly down until her nose and lips were hard against tight stomach muscles and pubic bone. She had not flinched, hesitated, or made a sound. Temma pulled her head off the cock. Turned it to see Renata’s eyes. Not a word was spoken as she again forced Renata’s head back down onto this hard cock. Pulled her head up, then down. Up then down. She was doing this harder and faster each time. Now she was forcefully fucking this lovely big cock with Renata’s head and mouth. She felt an urge to do it harder and faster. She had her hands full of hair and was pulling and pushing the head. She did not want to stop. The mixture of power and pure sexual energy consumed Temma. She was wet.

“Suck that cock. Fuck it with your face,” Temma’s voice sounded forceful and a little out of control.

Paul groaned. Tema pulled Renata’s head off and up so she was looking into her eyes. “I just fucked his hard cock with your throat, and you never flinched. You were forced to throat fuck that big cock again and again and you did it with such ease. God, you are impressive Renata. Fuck, you are such a sexual and desirable woman. And God you are beautiful. Did you mind me forcing you to throat that cock?”

They kissed. A wet, sloppy, saliva covered kiss. Renata’s long tongue again probed Temma’s mouth. They both lowered their heads until this wet kiss engulfed the head of the cock. They kissed as if the cock was not there.

This was too much for Paul. He groaned and raised his hands to stop them.

Renata spoke in a throaty voice, “Did you like that Paul? I loved having my head used to fuck your cock. That was so hot to have my head forced up and ankara suriyeli escortlar down onto your big cock. Your cock impaled my throat over and over, I loved it. Are you alright Paul? Was that OK for you?”

Paul answered by bringing his hand to the head of his cock and squeezing. A lot of precum flowed. This was not normal, Temma thought. That is a lot of precum, and flowing not just oozing. Was he about to cum. Paul recognised the look on her face.

“I need to warn you, I produce a lot of cum. A lot of precum too. It is not an unheard-of condition,” he said. “But it is not often discussed. I have seen one or two men on porn sites with this same ability or condition. The description depends on your attitude. Let me show you.”

Paul continued to squeeze the head of his cock. Precum flowed, it really flowed. The girls were enthralled by this. Temma ran a finger over the head and through the clear fluid. Renata used her tongue to do the same.

She kissed Tema again, “Are you ready to cum Paul?”

“I can cum if you want me to. I think you will be surprised.”

The women looked at each other and nodded. “Just a moment Paul,” Renata said. She put the camera on a tripod and set it. Temma moved to the stool while Renata took Paul by the cock and led him to stand in front of her.

This was no ordinary stool. It was long and a little over a foot wide. Padded with textured leather, the padding was highest down the middle of the stool. Temma had already discovered the joy of this stool. She straddled it and moved her hips back and forth a few times. Lips parted, her wet pussy was now in contact with the textured leather and her clit was getting a wonderful, well-lubricated work out against the unusual leather.

“As you cum so much Paul, it might be best if you jerk off over Temma.”

Acting like a slut, she wanted to get him over the edge, “Can you produce more precum for us to play with?”

“Sure, but I can do better than that. Tilt your head forward a little please Temma.” Paul said as he was stroking his cock in a deliberate and controlled manner. When her head was in position, he placed the head of his cock right in the middle of her forehead. He used one hand to maul her tits and the other was on his cock. Renata came close, her top gone and big, bare, beautiful tits close to Temma’s face. She watched the head of his cock. A large volume of thick white cum streamed out of the cock head. It did not shoot, and it was about the total volume of a normal male’s ejaculation.

“Fuck Paul, that is awesome,” Renata was fixated by the cum on the face in front of her.

“Please kneel Renata. I am going to do the same on your tits.”

Renata was on her knees before he finished speaking. He put the head on her lips and Renata opened them and licked the head, tasting cum. He then moved his cock onto her massive right tit. Paul repeated the process. He made sure his thick deposit was just above the nipple.

“Now hold your tit for Temma to lick the cum off,” She did and she did.

“Show me the cum. Hold your mouth open,” She did. Paul then added another thick wad directly into Temma’s mouth. Just those two wads were more in her mouth than any man had given her. The cum on her forehead was moving down.

“Now give that cum to Renata and look up at me,” Paul was directing the scene. Both women were happy to do as asked. In a kiss, Tema gave Renata a mouthful of Paul’s cum.

“Renata, kneel beside Tema and hold your tits up toward me. Keep your mouth open so I can see the cum. Temma, tilt your head back a little,” Through all of this ‘directing’, Paul was stroking his cock. “Now with your permission girls, I’m going to cum on you both. Temma, I will focus on your face, Renata, on your tits. There will be a lot and it will all be thick and mostly stay where it lands.”

“Cum all over my face. Make me look like a cum slut. Cum in my hair and my eyes. I’ll keep my mouth open, cover me,” Temma was in slut mode! She acted like this to help Paul cum, or so she told herself. In reality, she loved abandoning her ‘logical’ self to be a slut.

“I love cock, Paul. I love watching a man stroke his cock. There is something so real and personal about it. No two men seem to stroke it the same way. Come on Paul, show me how much cum you can shoot. Cover my face.”

Then Renata, “I have your cum in my mouth, Paul. Look how much there is and how I’m moving it around in my mouth. Cum for us Paul. Your cum is so thick. You know I love cum Paul, but I do love yours best.”

Looking at Temma she said, “Do you know how many times Paul has cum on me? More than I can count. He has cum everywhere, on and in my body, that is possible. Paul has also made me do many things with his cum. Now let’s get as much of this cum as we can. I want to see his white cum against your beautiful skin. I want to see his cum all over you. Give it to us Paul. I want to lick and eat it, I love your thick white cum.”

As intended, the talk and obscene display sent Paul over the edge. He stepped back a little and sincan türbanlı escortlar started to shoot. Renata knew what was coming but for Temma, it was a first. Paul shot cum directly at Temma’s face. Right cheek, left cheek, nose, hair and both eyes. He turned and released 5 huge shots over Renata’s tits. Back to Tema and a few more shots for her tits. Then he moved close to put the head into Temma’s mouth.

“Suck it. Suck the last of my cum. Look into my eyes as you do it.”

This last instruction meant Temma had to open her eyes. Several softer shots of cum flooded her mouth. She looked at Paul. Well, she looked at a blurred image that she knew was Paul. Cum in her eyes and the stinging blurred her vision. Both eyes were a pool of cum.

Paul continued to stroke his cock gently. He looked at the scene he had created and was pleased. Temma’s face was a mask of cum. Thick white glaze coating most of the face. Cum oozing from her lips. Then there were Renata’s magnificent breasts. Breasts that had fascinated him for years. Tits that he was captivated by any time he has been able to get access to them. These breasts now had a lot of cum on them. For some people, cum makes a woman look sexy. Even sexier than she would look without cum on her. Paul was one of these people.

“Now you are ready to go back out there,” He gave them each a small glass. “Keep the cum in your mouths until I tell you. Then drool it slowly and obscenely into the glass. I will have more for you before this evening is over. Now you can go out into the big room.”

Completely naked now, Temma got to her feet. Renata, also now naked, stood beside her and held her hand, “You look so hot Tema. Cum does suit you.” The two women were lost in the view they had, Renata’s tits were free and on show, the first time that Temma had seen them and her fully naked body. Temma stood with mouth open. Her tits were huge, no doubt. They were not as high as they were in the half bra she had on earlier. But they were full and still sat out from her body a little. Cum was in lines across her big areolas. The nipples were standing out like small stones.

“God, you look amazing. The sexiest woman I have ever seen. Your tight, muscular body, beautiful lips and face and then your tits. I do not have the words for the effect you have on me. It is like it was with CJ. I am overwhelmed with desire and what feels like love. I want to be beside you. I want you, Renata. Not just now, or tonight. I mean I want you. I want to see you again. Many times. I….”

She looked at Paul and realised she was going too far. “Sorry, I have gone too…”

“No apologies, remember. I am captivated by you Temma. I want to see you and go out with you. Sit and talk and more, but I do want to fuck your face with my cunt. I want to force you to do dirty things. I want to put big objects in you. I want to watch you being fucked by many cocks, until you can’t take anymore. I want to explore OUR sexual limits together,” Renata placed a finger on Temma’s lips and guided some cum between them. Her finger followed the cum into her mouth.

“Fuck, it was so hot when you forced my head down on his cock. I love it when a man has the confidence to fuck my face. To grab my hair and fuck my throat hard. It is a real turn-on. But when you did that, it was another level. I will do it for you soon and see how it affects you. It was so good to see you take cum in your eyes and keep focused,” They both laughed, “Focused is the wrong word. You kept going. You opened your eyes while they were pools of cum. I could see your eyes blinking through the cum. That is so HOT!” She kissed her through the cum, with the cum, loving the cum. Their talking had caused cum to run down their chins.

They held hands and walked. When they entered the room, Temma was surprised to see all the guests sitting at a big round table, with food. Walking slowly to the table, they were the centre of attention. All eyes on them. Temma’s pussy tingled and her juices flowed. She had not experienced this before. Being admired is nice but this open sexual exhibitionism was turning her on more than expected. She sat beside CJ and Renata sat beside her. Both placed their glass on the table. A small plate of food was in front of each lady. As the others began to eat, the two cum sluts sat and waited. CJ looked at Temma as if he knew what was happening.

“Stand please ladies. Now we will see the girls empty their mouths. Do it!” Paul really had become the ‘Director’. They both made a dirty show of drooling the cum into their glass. They put the glasses on the table in front of them. Temma leaned over to Renata and kissed her cheek. Then she bent down and used her lips to move a little of the vast amount of cum on Renata’s tits, ending on her nipples and sucking as hard as she could.

Smiling Renata said, “Please don’t mind us, gentlemen. Please enjoy your food.” She looked down to see Temma still sucking her cum covered nipples, “As you can see, the evening is progressing. Temma and I want you to know that we are happy for you to cum up beside us and use us. We will suck cock and accept fingers, objects and cum anywhere you want to put them,” finished speaking, Renata turned to Temma, pulled her head from her tits, then placed her hand on Temma’s clit and started massaging it. Temma spat cum onto the beautiful breasts in front of her.

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