Me and My Cousin_(3)

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Characters-Calvin (me)
Mick (my cousin)
Brent (Mick’s bro)

I was over at my Michael’s house and we were playing Wii together. We were playing Super Smash. Bros. Brawl. My brothers didn’t come with me to Mick’s house, and Mick’s
parents and brother were also out. So it was only me and Mick ALONE together. We were playing for about half an hour before my cousin started to get bored with playing
because I kept on winning. Mick had a suggestion.
“Let’s raise the stakes,” Mick said.
“Ok, but how will we do that, we don’t have anything to bet,” I replied.
“Whoever loses has to do something that the winner says,” Mick said.
“Ok, but you know that I’ve almost won every single game we’ve played,” I said.
So we started to play, I had chosen Lucario and Mick chose Ike. As I predicted I won first, but I didn’t know what to get Mick to do. I thought for another few seconds.
“Go into your brother’s room and take one of his things and hide it,” I said.
“But I’m not allowed in there, I’ll get in trouble,” Mick replied.
“Do it or I’ll get you to lick the toilet,” I said.
“Fine, you’re a f***king bitch you know that,” Mick said
Nick got up and headed towards Brent’s (Mick’s brother) room. I followed behind him, Mick stopped walking right outside Brent’s room.
“What are you waiting for, do it,” I told him.
“If I get into f***ing trouble,” he said.
I cut him off, “You’ll do what, remember this was your idea,” I said.
Mick just shut up and went into Brent’s room. He seemed to look back towards me, as if Brent was going to come right in and see him in his room. Mick creeped quickly to
Brent’s desk and picked up the closest item and ran out of Brent’s room. We ran back to the games room and I followed. When I reached the games room Mick was holding
Brent’s Rubix cubes. I’ve seen Brent play with the Rubix cube and I’ve always wondered how he could do it. We started playing again, I chose to play as Sonic and he chose
Link. And again, the same outcome, I thrashed him.
“Ok, now you can lick the toilet clean,” I said.
“Eww, that’s f***ing gross,” canlı bahis Mick said.
He complained and complained until he got up and headed towards the bathroom. He knelt down to the toilet and started licking the toilet seat.
“Hey, lick the inside, you pussy,” I told him.
“No way, that’s just dirty,” Mick replied.
“Do it, you know I could have made you do something a lot worse,” I said.
Mick knelt down a started lick the inside of the toilet, with one long lick from the bottom to the top of the inside of the toilet.
“Ohh that’s nasty, I think I can taste shit, can’t believe you made me do that,” he said.
“Your gonna really get it,” Mick said.

We headed back to the game, and started to play again. I told Mick that he could choose my character, he decided for me to play as King Dedede, the character I hate the most
mainly because its a “Fat Ass Penguin”. We played another game, Mick played as Ike again. The game was really close when Mick’s character hit me and all I saw was the “Fat
Ass Penguin” crash into the screen. And I had a really BAD feeling, as if something is going to happen.
“Close your eyes and don’t open them until I say so,” Mick told me.
So I closed my eyes and I suddenly started to shiver. I heard him walk into the corridor and heard door slam closed. I peeked and of course he wasn’t there, when he told me to
go to his parent’s room. I went over to his parent’s room and opened the door to find Mick standing there shirtless. This sort of turned me on as I felt my dick erect at the site of
Mick’s body. I walked into the room and closed the door behind me.
“Why are you shirtless,” I asked him.
“I want you to be my slave,” he told me.
My jaw just dropped right at the moment I figured out what he wanted me to do. I knew my Mick was bisexual person but didn’t really think that he’d want to do it with me. I
was honoured that he wanted to do it with me, but I’m not GAY.
“Stop fooling around, you’re kidding right,” I asked him.
“Nope, I’m very serious,” he told me.
My heart sank, I didn’t think that the first time I had any sexual activity with another person would be with another guy, bahis siteleri especially not my own cousin. But I knew that I had to do
it cause he won and I am a man of my word. So I walked up to him and pushed him hard onto the bed. I ripped his pants down but I kept his boxer shorts on. All I saw was a
bump coming out of his boxer shorts and I knew that was his boner and that made me feel really horny. So I stripped down to my boxer shorts and Mick licked at my boner
through my boxer shorts.
“Yours is huge compared to mine, mine’s only 4.5 inches long when its hard,” he told me.
“Mine’s only 5 inches, its not that huge,” I replied.
There was no more time for talking so I get the bed and started to play with his balls through his boxer shorts and he started to moan. I hadn’t even touched any of is skin yet and
his was already turned on. I slowly pulled down his boxer shorts and I found, Mick’s rock hard dick pointing right at me. Its the first cock I’ve ever seen besides mine and it was
calling to me “Suck me”.
I didn’t want to suck him yet because I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to so I just got closer and kissed Mick on the lips. And he kissed back, put our tongues into each others
mouths occasionally.
Mick pulled away and said, “Well what are you waiting for, you know what I want you to do.”
I got off the bed and pulled Mick to the edge of the bed so I could suck him a lot easier. I knelt down and just slipped his dick in my mouth. I was sucking his cock and I felt a
weird feeling, I was actually enjoying this. I was only sucking really slowly when I felt Mick’s hand on the back of my head. Mick pushed my head down until I couldn’t fit
anymore of his cock in my mouth so I pulled away. Making sure to lick the head of shaft. I looked up at him but all I got was a glimpse was Mick’s face. His eyes were close.
I felt his hand pushed my head down his shaft, I was adding a twist while I sucked hoping that make give him more pleasure. And it did, Mick started to moan louder, so loud
that I thought that the neighbours would hear. I continued to suck and he was also thrusting his cock. I felt that his cock was bahis şirketleri throbbing and I knew that he was going to cum soon.
I tried to pull away but Mick just pushed me down again.
“Eat my cum,” he said.
I didn’t really have a choice, I felt his load burst into my mouth in my mouth, one, two three jets of cum. I swallowed every single drop just to make him happy. Surprisingly I
thought it tasted really great despite the salty flavour.
“Did that feel good,” I asked him. I wasn’t really sure because I’d never given anyone a blowjob before.
“That was great, now fuck me now in the ass,” he told me.
Mick reached under the pillow and got a bottle of lube. He pulled me closer and put some on my now rock hard cock and rubbed it in. He gave me the bottle and then lied on
his chest.
“Lube my hole or its gonna hurt,” he said.
I put a huge glob in the palm of my hand and rubbed it on my fingers. I put my middle into his ass and started to push and pull to really spread the lube in his ass. His hole started
to open more easily so I fit two fingers in and started to ram it into him. I pulled my fingers out of his ass and replaced it with my rock hard cock. I felt the head of my penis on
skin. I penetrated his ass and started to push my cock slowly into him. I started out slow but started to speed up when I felt that his hole allowed me. I put my hands around his
waist to make it a lot easily to fuck him. I felt my penis starting to throb.
“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum,” I told him.
“Go ahead,” he said.
I started to ram my cock into and out of his ass even harder, Mick was loudly moaning again. I felt my cum bursting out of cock and I felt my penis starting to go soft, so pulled
it out of his ass. I sat down on the bed, I was panting.
“Let’s do this again another time,” he said.
His words relieved me, as I really wanted to do it again too. But I want him to give me a blowjob and him to fuck me in the ass next time.
We headed towards the shower TOGETHER and started to clean ourselves up.

Please feel free to comment on my little fantasy story, of course fiction.
I’d really like to know what you think and if I get good comments I might make another one.
I’m thinking of making one that I wished would happen at my Geography camp.

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