Me and My Shadow Ch. 01

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A new project! I’m not sure where i am going with this but i do have a few favors to ask for your readers. i wasn’t in the popular click in school so i have near no idea what people with mire then 2 friends do on a day to day basis so I’m gonna kinda take suggestions from comments. Otherwise updates might be slower than my normal speed.


I first noticed it when i was 5 years old. My shadow didn’t seem right. it moved oddly, or wasn’t quite shaped right. I spent years questioning this, but my parents just laughed it off, and my friends all just thought me crazy. eventually i learnt to stop asking questions about it.

3 years later, when i was turning 8 i would learn exactly what was up with my shadow. MY birthday was the grand affair one would make for that age, i got all the games and cool new toys i wanted, Cake and games were plenty. all in all the day was a sugar fueled potential headache for the adults involved.

That night, when i want to bed, I decided to be brave.

In the darkness of my room, not a single light shining in, I closed my eyes and listened carefully. it took a few minutes, and i nearly feel asleep, which was probably what made her…it? come out. It sounded like wind whistling at first, but then i heard breathing, then that small laugh people tend to make when they smirk. I lunged forward, and my arms sank into unbelievable softness, right up to my little elbows, and my face felt like it was squished between two globes of the same softness.

I had no idea what it was, but a woman’s giggling break the silence and added to my childish fears. I thought something was eating me alive. When i finally managed to free myself from whatever i was being absorbed by i saw two soft glowing eyes from in the darkness, leering at me in the same fashion a cougar would eye up her next boy toy. I was about to scream out when i felt a chilled silk like ribbon spiral up my leg and across my body till it felt like a hand covered my mouth.

“Shush little boy…I’m not here to hurt you, i promise.” Her voice probably would of turned me on if i had any hormones at the time.

“I have known for some time that you noticed my presence. Had i felt threatened I’d of already killed you, but i’m not here for anything like that. I’m sure your kind trades rumors and wives tales about us “sub-human” folk, but in all honesty we are just like beylikdüzü escort you. We eat, we sleep, we…do adult things. I am a shadow, and more importantly, i’m your shadow. A reflection of yourself, and i must say i am quite proud of the body i have…But i’m not ready to show myself to you just yet, and i don’t need you spreading my existence out to your friends either. So how about we strike a deal?”

I felt the hand on my mouth slowly release me, and the chill slowly retreated down my body till it was gone. “W-what kind of deal?”

“The fun kind…” She said, and i bet with a smile too. “I’ll help you live the life you want, and in return, you give me the odd things i want too. I’ll keep you safe and happy, you keep me entertained and happy…deal?”

At the time, i didn’t think she could spin this into something i’d regret…boy was i wrong.

10 year later…

The only thing that sucks more than having a birthday in summer is going through your entire final semester of high school as a legal adult. All that promised freedom would have to wait 9 whole months to be enjoyed. That, and add in a super natural shadow woman whose greatest joy is making young men nervous and edgy…

Sheila, as i learnt her name was, has been with me all my life apparently, and enjoys dredging up my most embarrassing moments when i’m alone. When she can’t form a physical body i can hear her like a whisper in my ear. And when she is “solid” she takes the form of a top heavy businesswoman type deal, that has he face of a supermodel/porn star. The perfect 11 on a scale of 10 cougar.

These last 10 years have been hell. She’d stolen my cherry (technically) when i popped my first boner, teased me relentlessly whenever i got one when i was looking at another girl, and even made a few embarrassing moments with my mom at home…she was like this sex obsessed cougar with the teenage mind of a prankster. Growing up with her made me into a skeptical pessimist with a nigh permanent scowl. My humor was drier than most of my mothers roasts. I have no idea how i thought having a super natural shadow woman attached to me was a good idea as a kid…

“Earth to Johnny, you in there? Your going to be late for home room if you keep spacing out like that.” Her words were whispered but her tone was grating, beyoğlu escort another downfall of this whole thing is i can’t berate her in public when she does things like this.

I looked up to try and find my name and my homeroom number, great, first period phys ed. Sheila would have fun there…

She decided to spark up a one sided conversation with me on the way there.

“You know, you’d of been a lot more lucky with the girls by now if you didn’t have that scowl on your face all the time.”

I rolled my eyes and kept moving, but i think she somehow managed to translate my words perfectly.

“Oh come now, i can’t be that big of a problem can i? As far as they know i’m not even real, I could do things to their bodies when you get busy and make you into some kind of dynamo, come on, you could be the best lay in the entire school with someone like me helping out.”

I just grated my teeth as silently as i could, not that having a bit more “real” experience with a girl wasn’t something i wanted, but with Sheila on me all the time its like having a nosy aunt right there in the room with you. She always liked commenting and narrating on the porn i watched growing up.

I know i know, if she bothered me that much why the hell did i keep doing it? Well, hormones don’t really listen to the brain, plus, no matter what i did she enjoyed it, when i fumed she laughed, getting a kick out of my “virgin like” responses, when i ignored her, she got to dig deeper into her game and just watch me flush red trying to hold myself back.

I made it to gym class without bursting at the seams thankfully. And like any first day it wasn’t filled with much strenuous activity, we weren’t marked for our attire today, and we just got into a game of dodge-ball. I should of known Sheila was gonna have her fun here…

The first ball i threw seemed to break the sound barrier, and thankfully missed my target and blew up into a cloud of fluff and plastic flakes. Another time I saw a fellow student shaking in what i’ve come to know is an uncontrollable orgasm, I’m hoping she only gave him a secret hand job, I don’t want to be responsible for that kid having trouble finding a partner cause his first taste happened to be ambrosia. At the end of class all of the boys shoes managed to find themselves tied together…I’m bizimkent escort gonna have to talk to her at break.

The bell rang and i darted around the school trying to find the most secluded part to give Sheila her loudest verbal thrashing to date.

“Can you not mess around with everyone around me for fuck’s sake!!?” My voice echoed at the top of the western staircase. Sheila had taken a physical form and surprisingly my raised voice seemed to frighten her a little.

“If you keep this up everyone’s gonna start avoiding me cause they think i’m cursed or something! All you ever do is prank and make things difficult for me! For the last 10 fucking years I’ve been nothing but a fucking god damn play thing to you and i’ve had it! I’m not gonna start my adult years being pushed around by some…puffed up, self centered, narcissistic, black hole!”

That seemed to strike a nerve, I swear i saw a tear forming in the corner of her eye. I was waiting for some witty matureish retort. But all she did was force a blink, swallow her breath and give me a silent nod before returning to my shadow. I stared at it for a moment wondering if i had maybe over reacted but a voice from behind me nearly made my heart leap out of your chest.

“Who are you talking to?” The voice was quiet and meek, and considering the voice i was using, surprisingly unafraid.

Turning around i saw a small girl, probably no taller then 4’6″, she’d be the small cutey of our school no doubt, especially coupled with her twin tails, puffy blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and mousey squeak of a voice. Loli bait for sure.

“Um…uh…just…myself?” I’m not sure why i was at a loss for words, giving what i said it wouldn’t of been far fetched to try and pass off berating a girlfriend who just ran off in an insulted fury.

“Well…you have a unique way of describing yourself…not sure i’ve heard someone call themselves a black hole before.” She smiled and chuckled a little. “Don’t be so hard on yourself regardless, it’s just your first day, everyone’s gonna be judgemental.” This seemed surprisingly mature coming from a girl who would no doubt be spending her year being the butt of “keebler elf” jokes.

“Um…yeah, ok, i’ll…remember that.” I’m definitely not into Loli girls like her, Sheila taught me that, but why was it so hard to talk to her? I couldn’t help but silently wish Sheila was still talking in my ear at that moment.

With another titter of a laugh she walked passed me and entered the hallway and off to her next class. I breathed out a sigh and was about to give Sheila a mouthful when the bell rang for next class. Great…late to my second class on my first day, High school is gonna be a blast…


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