Meet Old Friends…End up Fucked

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Sun streamed from my window as the sound of a bulldozer began my Tuesday. For two weeks that machine has been my alarm clock. Always starting off at the crack of six every morning. The old lady who used to live next door to me died from a heart attack when the pool boy she was doing got her overly excited. I really never wanted the picture of an 86 year old woman being pounded by an 18 year old boy in my mind, but that’s what I got when the whole story hit the neighborhood.
I had been living alone here since I was 17 and moved away from home. My mother was a drunk who wanted to still be 16 and my father like me got fed up with it. Except he left me there with her and ended up getting shot by some crazy old fart. Bastard deserved it, leaving a 14 year old with an alcoholic and really whacked mother. So when I hit 16 I dropped out of school and moved in with my old boyfriend Randy. He was 21 and needed a third roommate real bad. I was the only thing on short notice. I mean, I really didn’t want to live with an asshole like him. He puts the douche in douche bag. But thank some deity I was only there for eight months before finally getting out of that town and on my own. This is where I am now, except I’m 21 now and in college at least.
Pissed off that the family who bought the old bitch’s house felt the need to dig the whole fucking yard up, and started early in the morning, did I pulled my sweaty body from my thin red sheets. Summer in Idaho was always iffy. Sometimes it was farging cold at night and other times it was so hot that you wished it was winter. And to add that the whole area had been on fire for basically two months, it wasn’t just hot it was smoky hot.
After getting my clothes back on I stumbled downstairs and to the kitchen to grab myself a bowl of dried cereal and some juice. Money was tight and my summer job at a local farm had been ended due to the damn fires in the area. Sometimes I hated living in such a dry climate, but it had its perks. Like today I was meeting up with two old friends to go on a hike through Massacre Rock National Park by American Falls. Finally when I was ready and dressed I grabbed my bag and got into my old clunker off to meet my friends.

Sara was standing at the lookout station next to Jason as I pulled up in my car and parked next to them. They didn’t notice me until I came right up to them and poked Jason in his old scar he got from when we all decided to jump off a cliff at Derkies. He landed on a few rocks and got the scar as memory of that stupid day.
“Hey! Who the fuck?!” quickly he flipped around and the scowl across his face soon morphed into his beaming smile. “Dezzy! Chick you look just the same.”
“Wow baby, you really haven’t changed much. Well in the weight department. The broke college girl lifestyle really does wonders hu?” Sara was a tall, muscular girl who did track and field in high school. Her arms could probably crush me with just a squish. Her blue eyes glowed in the bright sunlight as golden brown hair curled around her face from a loose ponytail.
“Well you sure did change Sara! Where’d these come from?” I grabbed her left boob firmly in my hand and squeezed.
“They came in after senior year. When I stopped pretending to be a boy.” Sara was what you would have called a bull dyke back in high school. She wouldn’t be caught in anything girl like nor girl sized clothing. But looking at her now I just had to admire her full B breasts and actually having an ass.
“Well don’t hog her Sara. I’m here too.”
“I know that! God! You’d think he would have gotten over his little crush on you after five years?”
“Ha-ha, guess not.”
Jason was only a head taller than my 5’4″ with pure Swedish blood. He may have been born in Idaho but both his parents were transplants from some small town in Sweden. He has a decent body but hitting the gym a bit more would have done him some good back in high school when he was trying to get girls.
“Bitches!” guess he still had that sore spot too.
As soon as we got the “epic re-meet” done with did we finally get started off on one of the trails. There was one that was supposed to take you to the Oregon Trail ruts from the wagons and it was a quarter mile. We had all day so we grabbed our backpacks and some water and started off on the trail after driving to it. Sara was ahead of course as Jason and I hung back a bit to talk.
“So how’s my mother doing?”
“Better. She got some help and canlı bahis is actually sober. She remarried some guy who has a shit load of money and who gave her a boob job. Though yours are and will always be better than hers.”
“Well thank you Jason. You can touch them if you want to. It’s not like I don’t mind that you have always liked my boobs. Their Cs now.” the expression on his face said it all. He was shit scared out of his mind at how I just was so forward with him. I could tell that he really wanted to but with Sara with us he was hesitant. “Hey! Sara!” she stopped looking back to us, he shirt half unbuttoned from the raging heat in this rock cave. She had some major cleavage going on.
“Wanna touch my boobs. Jason is too much of a pussy to do it while you’re here.”
“Sure, but when we get to the tunnel. It’s just too hot to stop and do that out here!”
So we moved forward for a few more minutes with me slowly lifting my shirt to make it shorter and to give me more cleavage when I then pulled the neckline down. I faintly could see an outline of his dick in his shorts as we continued to walk. Sara either was oblivious to what I was doing to Jason or fully knew and was playing right along.
As we got to the cave Sara flipped around and looked back behind us and then raced to the end of the tunnel only to come back. “I don’t see anyone else on the trail. Since it’s a Tuesday I don’t think we will see anyone else besides some birds. The whole place was a little empty when I first got here.”
“So why don’t you touch my breasts Jason? It’s only us and no one else here to see you do it.” I coxed him in to touching my boobs as Sara just watched, like she was waiting her turn. Slowly Jason inched closer to me and raised his now shaking hand. His eyes were dead center on my rack the whole time, burning into them. As if it was in slow motion I watched as his hand collided with my left boob and squeezed, then he grabbed the right one pushing them up to create more cleavage. His hands felt great to their touch as he squeezed them up and down, finding my now hard nipples and rolling them. The sensation of just his touching me was enough to get me soaked. “Uhhhhh” I moaned as he continued.
“You must be really enjoying this Dez, your face says it all.” Sara casually walked over to me and took over the left boob, pulling my shirt up and bra cup down. Just the touch of her icy fingers on my throbbing tit was enough to jolt through my body and pull a gasp from my body.
“Oh God! Sara! You’ve gotten better since you and I last did this.”
“Well I’ve gotten older and had a few girls since then. But Dez, you’ll always be my favorite.”
Jason still wasn’t talking but he had followed Sara’s lead and just unhooked my bra and ripped off me. It now lay at our feet, pink and brown now. He had forgone with the fingers and now was sucking my tit as he stuck his own hand into his shorts, stroking himself. I caught what he wanted and pulled his hand out and replaced it with mine. His cock was already semi hard as I gripped onto it and started gently stroking it. I could feel every inch of his fleshy shaft as he continued to suck and bite my tit; sending shock waves down to my now drenched pussy.
I started off slowly but as he got harder I sped up my strokes and sensed it was going to be a tight fit. His shorts already were straining to contain his cock and my hand. So I temporarily let his cock go and unbuttoned his pants, pulling them down. He sprung up at attention. It was bigger than I imagined. But just before I could grab back onto that lovely piece of man meat Sara stopped playing with my tit.
“I hear people. Stay quiet and I’ll get them to go away.” quickly she left and Jason and I found ourselves on the ground lying on the jacket he had brought. We could hear Sara talking to them as Jason went back to biting my nipple and playing with the other one. “I wouldn’t go up there. I saw a couple that came down and said that they thought they saw a mountain lion and when I went up there I saw some tracks. I’ve called the lookout station and already told them. I thought it would be better if I just stayed here until they came so that I could warn people.”
“Oh my gosh! Thank you. Honey let’s go. We can do the other four trails.” I heard them leaving as Sara came back into the tunnel and found Jason on top of me.
“Just couldn’t wait for me could you two?” what she found was that Jason had pulled my shorts and my bahis siteleri shirt off and they were now in a heap in the dirt floor.
Through gasps of pleasure I answered back, “It…just happ…ened. And you…were…occupied.”
“Well I’m back, so move over Jason!” as if she was a cat she squeezed next to Jason and dove her hand into my panties, shoving a finger in. The loudest gasp tore from my body just as a car came rumbling by.
As I came back down from Sara’s invasion to my cunt I regain control of my hand I grabbed Jason’s dick, now pointing right at me. He released a sound when skin touched and a twitch raced through the pink shaft. Not to leave Sara out I slid my hand up her shirt and found her nipple, pulling it and twirling it around. She repaid the action with thrusting a second finger into my cunt and going faster in finger fucking me. Jason, not to be out done stopped sucking my tit and instead stood up and shoved his now rock hard cock into my mouth, face fucking me.
Somehow this groping session had taken a turn for an all out fuck-a-thon and I was the bitch. Sara thrusted her fingers faster as Jason sped up his own thrusting. Soon his face started to contort and I could feel his balls, which where now slapping me face, tightening up. He was getting ready to blow. So instead of just letting it happen I grabbed the base of his shaft and pressed just as he started to cum. Nothing came out. I held my fingers there until I pulled an old shirt from my bag and tore a strip off, tying it around his base and removing me fingers.
“An old trick I learned from a perve. When I take this thing off you will cum so fucking hard that you’ll have a sex coma of pure pleasure.” He looked a little hesitant for a bit before fixing it tighter.
“But when I cum it’s going to be all over you.”
“No other way.”
During this time Sara had figured out what was going down now and had my panties ripped off and she was dressed only in a purple tie-dye bra.
“Dez scoot closer!” she grabbed my hips and slid my cunt to her cunt. A smell of sex and cum was in the air of the tunnel. Her lips were puffed up and her cunt glistened from how sopping wet it was. Before she could get me close to her pussy I shoved my own finger in her cunt and finger fucked her for a minute to really get her hot. Cries of pleasure erupted from her as her whole body tensed up and she fell to the ground pulling at her own tits. I thought she was going rip them off on how hard she was pulling them. Just watching her got my tits just as hard and got Jason in a hornier mood.
He shoved his pants off and started jacking himself off watching Sara and I as we pulled closer and I started to grind my slick cunt into her equally slick cunt. Screams and moans of pleasure escaped from both our lips as we gyrated to our own rhythm and Jason stroked himself to another orgasm, only to have it stopped by the tie.
Quickly we slid over each other as her labia slid over mine and our assholes loosened from all our lubrication. Soon I found the pleasure going from ecstasy to pressure as I felt an orgasm coming through my body. Quickly it found the spot and I erupted in a gush of juice as my body stiffened up and I shoved my pussy into Sara’s who also was experiencing her own orgasm. Juice went everywhere as Sara squirted onto my tits and I screamed, clenching my teeth to keep it down. For two minutes we writhed around on the ground as we rode to the end. When we finally stopped I flopped to the ground as Jason got between us and pulled me up.
He placed me back on the jacket and sat Sara on top of me and I quickly started licking her holes. She was still a little out if it but still managed to tease her nipples. Jason positioned himself in line with my pussy and thrusted forward, skewering me onto his shaft. He ripped into my still tender cunt as he started pounding my cunt to hell, causing me to moan and scream into Sara’s ass. He thrust so hard that he managed to move both of us, causing me to plunge my tongue deeper into Sara’s now burning hot hole.
“Fucking tell me you love my cock!” Jason shouted at me, twisting one of my tits.
Through licks and gasps I answered. “Oh fucking God! I fucking…love your cock! Fucking me…harder! Pound my…cunt…make me bleed!”
“Oh God! This is so not what I thought today would bring!” Sara cried as I felt her body tense up. She gave a low moan and then covered her mouth as a scream ripped apart her body as I was drowned in all the bahis şirketleri lovely cum. She flipped off me and grabbed my head, kissing me as Jason continued to pound roughly into me. All of my screams were muffled by Sara’s lips as Jason grew faster and rougher with every stroke.
He grabbed my waist and pulled me to him every time he pumped into me. I could feel his balls slapping my asshole as he shoved in and out as Sara continued to kiss me to quiet my screams of pleasure. Now her free hand was pulling at my right tit, twisting and tugging at it, engorging it with blood as it was stimulated. I wanted her to suck it; I pulled from the kiss to look into her brown eyes, “Bite my tits, now!” She did as I said and soon I felt her nibbling at my right tit and playing with the other.
The sensation of being rammed into and having my tits chewed on was enough to shove me over the edge of this cliff I had been on since Jason started pounding me. Instantly as soon as I felt it coming I wrapped my legs around Jason’s frame and grabbed onto Sara’s head, shoving her mouth harder onto my tits, causing her to bite down harder. That last bite was all I needed as the biggest orgasm racked my body and I went stiff, head flying back as no sound came from my screaming mouth. Jason just kept ramming into me the whole time I was out in pleasure, using a finger to play with my little pleasure button in my cunt, furthering my orgasmic journey.
As I fell back to this world I watched as Sara now was getting rammed by Jason as she held onto him. They had stood up and she was being held in midair by him. I slowly crawled over to them and started to lick Sara’s asshole as Jason tore her apart. She was moaning so loud I thought someone would hear us but so far no one had even came.
“Jason, wanna fuck her ass? It’s all ready for you.” Sara had a thing for being fucked from behind and she didn’t care who did it.
“Fuck yes. Do it. Fuck my shit hole Jason.” Sara moaned as she tried to keep some composer in this situation. Effortlessly he slid from her gaping cunt to her sopping wet asshole in one breath. And as soon as his monster of a dick slipped in her she orgasumed so hard she actually blacked out. Instead of just stopping he continued to fuck her ass as I licked up all the cum running down from her gaping vagina and I decided that she needed another good fuck in her cunt. So I slid three fingers in and pounded her cunt so hard that she was like a rag doll between the two of us.
Soon she woke up to our threesome and screamed in pleasure, “Keep! Fucking! Me!” she wanted to be broken and Jason’s dick was just perfect for that. I continued to finger fuck her silly as Jason started to ram so hard into her that she was screaming every time he hit. After what felt like five minutes she orgasumed again and we finally let her go to rest. We set her down on the ground and resumed our own fuck fest.
“Ready to cum Jas?” I said grabbing his still rock hard cock and pulling it and him with me over to the other wall.
“Fucking God yes!” slowly I started to untie the piece of fabric on the base of his dick as I positioned his cock right at my asshole.
“I want you to cum in my ass baby! Fuck me hard then cum in my shit hole!” right before I undid the last knot I shoved my ass onto his dick and rode him hard. He bounced me up and down fucking me so hard that I felt my legs were going to break.
“I’m getting close Dez!”
“Untie the knot and cum in me!” In one swift motion he whipped the fabric off and slammed into my ass. Cum shot out of his shaft like bullets and filled me up so much it poured out of my ass with his cock still in me. He just kept slowly fucking me until he shot empty and I fell onto him.
“So you still have that little crush?”
“Nah. It’s a big crush now.”
“God you two still finished without me. Assholes!””Sara cursed as we looked over. She looked horrible and we probably didn’t look any better. She was trying to get up from the ground with both her tits hanging out of her bra and cum still streaming down her legs from both her ass and clit. Quickly Jason and I shot up and we all got dressed and cleaned some of the cum up as we hurried out of the tunnel and back to the car, not as fast as we wanted to since we all had fucked so hard our legs wouldn’t seem to work. When we had gotten back to the car we piled the shit in and Jason took the driver’s seat, Sara and I stayed in the back. But our fucking didn’t stop there, once back on the road to the lookout Sara and I got to masturbating each other to yet another loud and pleasurable orgasm with Jason stoking his dick as he drove us all back.

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