Melanie Ch. 04

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Roberta arrives on the scene:

Roberta felt pleased with her performance convincing Eddy to accept the hastily invented story. She had pretended to be in trouble, needing to escape the area, and was now in a plane being sent to a rich mans home as a servant.

That’s what Eddy had told her, but she knew the truth. The two stupid oafs had told her all about this nefarious business. The thieves had carted off the two friends belongings and mistakenly carried Melanie with them. In their panic, finding Melanie in a packing case, they had taken her to Eddy. He in turn sold her to a rich man as a slave not a servant.

Now Roberta was on her way, also sold, but Roberta was not as compliant as her friend and intended to free her. It had been over a week since Melanie had gone missing but the police hadn’t been much help. Not that Roberta had dared tell them the whole story. They thought it a case of missing property not a missing person.

Roberta didn’t have much of a plan. She intended to find her, get back home, and that was about it. Roberta was aware Melanie was a submissive and would be susceptible in a slave role and was worried how she had survived what was in effect a kidnapping.

Feeling guilty over her stupid mistake Roberta had jumped at the idea without thinking it through, until now, on a plane to an unknown destination. She was inclined to make sudden decisions and relied on Melanie’s sensible advice to talk her out of making a mistake. It was no good worrying now she would just have to get on with it

Roberta noticed they were travelling south but how far it was hard to tell. The landing was on a private strip out in the desert. The pilot didn’t push but guided her out of the plane in a hurry to take off again. A jeep was waiting and so she walked toward it wondering what trouble she had gotten into this time.

“Jump in,” Joe cheerily told her. The jeep sped away with Roberta’s arse slamming into the seat. A cloud of dust swirled behind them and in the distance a ranch house with barns and stables appeared through the shimmering heat haze.

Roberta stole glances at him while trying to study the terrain in an attempt to establish where they were. The ranch house didn’t look as impressive as expected. If this was a rich man’s home he didn’t exactly flaunt his wealth.

Relieved to be out of the morning heat she stood by the air conditioning tempted to lift the back of the dress to cool her bare ass. He seemed a rugged yet cute kind of guy. Under different circumstances she would have considered getting to know him.

She had expected some old pervert, someone she could kick until he told her where Melanie was. With this one she considered a more tactful approach was called for. “So, what now?” she asked.

Joe looked her over assessing this new trainee. The finder had been right; she needed a lot more work before selling on to a master. Apparently she had blustered her way in to the finder’s office with some preposterous story. If he hadn’t been warned by a friend what she was up to he would have sent her on her way.

“So you’re in trouble at home and need to get away for awhile. You can’t get much further away than this,” he told her.

Holding up a hand to stop what might have been a repeat of the boring story he added. “I don’t want to know. I’m a trainer and you are here to learn the rules. Be warned though. If you don’t keep to the rules you’ll be sent straight back to where you came from,” he lied.

“First thing is to get some details down. Health and safety is important so you need to provide some information, then we can join the others,” he smiled.

His disarming smile left her feeling more confident than on the journey. He hadn’t given her a chance to say anything which was fine while finding out what in hell went on here.

This wasn’t what she had expected when thinking of being sold as a slave, though it had been hard to imagine such a thing happening at all. Images of the Far East or a harem in the Middle East came to mind, but not this.

Roberta plonked down in the large padded chair before a computer screen. “Ouch!” she screeched.

“Be carful there are scorpions around here,” he told her. He watched her jump up rubbing her bottom under the dress and laughed. “Not here in the house though. It’s an old chair but comfortable. Just some of the horse hair stuffing working its way out I guess.”

Roberta gave him a withering look then turned to the screen to read through the list. He didn’t seem to be much of a threat and the rules looked innocuous enough. By the time she got to five her eyes were so heavy she couldn’t keep them open. Next moment her head fell against the keyboard.

A hypodermic needle in the seat of the chair had injected a tranquiliser. “You look almost innocent asleep,” he sighed. Taking a hold of her hands he pulled the inert body out of the chair, up and over his shoulder.

In the stable he lowered her gently onto a pile of straw. He slipped the dress off then Sahabet pulled the panties down with the shoes coming off entangled with them. Unclipping the bra was next. Careful not to snag the skin he snapped manacles over wrists and ankles.

Joe pulled her hair up to fasten a collar around the neck and snapped its lock shut. The manacles were connected by chains and one of these he clipped to the collar and locked that too.

He rolled her over and tightened a thick leather belt around her waist. He pressed a button on a small black box attached to the back of a belt to test the battery. The chains slowly slipped through it pulling on her wrists and ankles. Once her legs and arms had been pulled up behind her back into a hogtie it stopped.

From a back pocket of his jeans he pulled out another control box, looking much like the one on her back. Joe pressed the release button watching the chains reverse allowing her limbs some freedom. Her arms flopped to her sides where she lolled, snoring loudly. Next he filled a water bottle and a food container.

Glancing around the barn he noticed the two slaves had cleaned it and strode out to check on them. Walking in to the practise barn he found Sandy at the computer busy paying bills and generally looking after the accounts. At least she was making herself useful until he could find a buyer for her.

Curiously the last two prospects had declined the offer, saying the price was too high, so he was considering placing her into an auction. This was tricky as he kept a low profile with none of his customers ever meeting him. He arranged for a friend to fly the slaves in for training avoiding direct contact. Taking Sandy to an auction would necessitate meeting potential buyers and getting his face known by too many people.

Melanie was practising slave positions on a soft leather mat. He watched her settle over a dildo fixed to the floor poking through the mat. Easing her torso down over it he watched fascinated as it disappeared into her body. With strong legs she began to push up the length of the dildo until only its head was still inside her.

The movement was repeated with deliberate downward thrusts squashing her cheeks on the mat. A slave wasn’t allowed to look directly at a master but he could see the pleading look in her eyes as they implored him to give permission.

She didn’t have to say anything, he knew what she wanted. Since the chores had been completed she had been practising movements designed to strengthen her body. She could almost split herself in two and hold most awkward positions for an hour.

Taking on this large dildo was meant to improve inner muscles as later she would have to grip a small one. On her back with legs spread she would have to push it almost out then pull it back in. An hour a day over the past week had improved her grip to perfection.

All morning she had been teasing her body and mind so now she was ready. All through the routines she was only too aware all this was to improve her sexual ability for a master. This thought was humiliating yet added to the arousal.

Looking almost directly at him she pleaded with her eyes for relief. He smiled at her adding to the torment. It was all the more frustrating that he had her so well trained she couldn’t orgasm without permission. The harsh punishment for disobedience had her completely subdued.

After just a few days the state of slavery had been accepted so the trainer found excuses to punish Melanie, pushing her further into the role. Now all she needed was to learn the techniques and duties of a slave. She was nearly there.

Little sobs of anguish were choked off knowing a punishment would be earned. The trainer looked at her waiting to see if she could bring herself under control. She tried hard to obey though desperately needing to plunge down on the dreadful thing. Instead she slowly, agonisingly, controlled the descent and upward movements.

Intently looking out of the corner of her eye for permission she almost missed it, a slight nod of his head. The damn thing was almost lost in eagerness to finish. Plunging down on it her bottom hit the mat, burying the hated thing deep inside her pussy.

With great will power she lifted her body up its length and again plunged down. Faster and faster, with frenzied movements straining leg muscles she fucked herself on the large dildo. Eventually she pushed her body over the edge into the abyss.

Her head fell to the mat with the dildo still deep inside. Pulling her legs together she squeezed it, imagining a master had used her. This thought was bad enough but knowing the trainer had merely nodded his head to allow this tremendous orgasm crushed her self worth.

Lying on the mat gasping, Melanie shivered at the thought of having learnt to use her body for someone else’s pleasure. A master could watch and control her in a number of lascivious acts, or have her pleasure him using an uninhibited well trained body.

Having learnt to Sahabet Giriş avoid punishment she was now addicted to receiving the rewards of obedience. With a well trained mind and body the orgasms were tremendously rewarding. There was no need for punishments for she was now pushing herself into the role of slave.

Sandy turned from the computer to submit to the trainer. Kneeling on the floor, with legs spread, she linked her fingers behind her head to thrust out a pair of large breasts. With head down, buried in the long blonde hair, she stole a look at him. He was watching the new slave performing lewd tricks.

At least she no longer had to submit to such degrading exhibitions. As a mature woman wearing a Barbie doll outfit and talking like a stupid teenage cheerleader it was bad enough. The trainer considered her broken in enough to leave her alone and even help in the training.

With a flick of his hand she was dismissed to continue with the task of organising the accounts. This demonstration of submission was the first of the day so from now on would be left alone to get on with humdrum tasks.

Roberta came round feeling drowsy. The fine chains didn’t clank or restrict movement much but were a potent symbol. She sat looking at them knowing they were a message declaring stridently she was a slave. Being in a barn sleeping on straw added to the effect meant to make her feel insignificant.

She had been lulled by his welcome into thinking this would be easy. She had presented the image of being just another soft pliable woman easily subdued but he had seen through the deception.

Taking advantage of his absence she decided to explore the place as well as needing to walk off the effects of the drug. With determination she stood and looked around. One of the other stalls looked as though it was lived in with what looked like a nest in the clean straw. Roberta hoped to find Melanie or at least discover a way to escape this dreadful place for when she found her.

There were more chains, harnesses and what looked like torture instruments hanging from the walls. What might be lurking inside the cupboards she didn’t want to think about.

A brazier with branding irons was set up in a stall giving her a moment of anxiety on realising what this meant. On examination she found it rusty so it was probably for effect. Looking around she wondered how Melanie had survived this frightening place.

A small door set into one of the barn doors squeaked. Looking out into the bright sunlight she blinked and saw the coast was clear. With small steps on bare feet she daintily crossed the yard between the house and two other barns forming a square. First she would take a look at the outside world to try and establish where this was.

Looking for hills or some landmark might help. The flat land shimmered in the heat revealing nothing but scrub and she wondered why a farm would have been built out here in the wilderness. A city girl could only wonder but there were more important things to consider especially as there was no convenient town nearby. No taxi to call!

Where was Melanie and where was the trainer. Who else was here and would they help or hinder an escape attempt. Feeling confident from such clear thinking she stepped away from the barns to take a look behind them. Perhaps in that direction there might be something useful.

As soon as she stepped away from the square a noise like a motorised toy car started up. Roberta turned around startled for it sounded loud in the silence. The creaking of heating metal distorting under a hot sun was all she heard, apart from the soft mechanical sound.

Even the insects had the sense to stay out of the midday heat. Where was the noise coming from? Before she could dismiss it as irrelevant she felt the chains to her feet tighten. Intending to reach down to them the movement was caught short. The chain to her wrists had shortened too.

Her head was being pulled back and her knees had to be bent to gain some slack. Intending to return to the relative safety of the barn she stumbled unable to straighten her legs. Roberta knelt on the ground before she tripped over for she wouldn’t be able to defend herself with both arms being pulled behind her.

It carried on, despite struggling, until she lay in the dirt face down. Both lower legs had been bent upward behind her with hands still being pulled up her back. When there was little slack left in the chains it pulled her head back.

This reminded her of putting Melanie in a hogtie a week ago, only she was lying naked in the dirt, not on a soft carpet. This was no silly game either. The whirring mechanism had stopped at last with the chains gripping her naked body tight.

“Damn!” she shouted. “Damn! Damn and shit!” One last struggle was enough to show there was no escape. Deflated from the previous elation she tried to hold on to the anger, her only defence.

Joe looked out of the window. As expected the latest acquisition was Sahabet Güncel Giriş out in the yard face down. ‘Eat dirt slave,’ he thought and almost laughed at the corny saying. The training and the isolation of the abandoned farm had an effect upon him too. Perhaps he might use her to break the monotony.

She didn’t have an owner yet and might provide some conversation before being broken. He had become sated with sex from pliant women. Even that palled after awhile.

Perhaps that was why most masters sold them on after awhile, hoping the next one might be something special. It was ironic that the possibility of having something special, the individuality, was being trained out of them.

Once enough money had been earned he would look for a partner, not a slave. Someone to share his life with, someone equal, someone interesting and challenging was needed. “Oh well, back to work,” he sighed.

“Slave, Doll, with me,” he told them.

Joe led them out to where Roberta lay.

She didn’t sob rather she gritted her teeth, not caring what came next.

He pressed a button on the control box through the jeans pocket. The chains began to slacken giving her the chance sit up and massage her limbs.

“Help the slave back to where it belongs, in the barn,” he told them. When she opened her mouth with an obvious protest he slapped her face. It was dirty, so covered in dust Melanie didn’t recognise her. Pulling a crop from his belt he pushed her over into the dirt with a boot and flicked it across her bare ass.

“No back-chat slave. You are here to learn the rules and obey them. No complaints, this isn’t a health farm,” Joe told her. The calm voice was more threatening than a shouted command. He spoke from experience and a sure knowledge that all would submit eventually; easily or the hard way.

Following them into the barn he watched the new one looking for signs of arousal from rough treatment. There weren’t any so added this to his assessment of how to break her.

In a corner of the barn he clipped the collar to a dangling chain. She stood on tiles over a drain. He turned on the hose and began to wash the dirt form her face and body. The long hair flew around her face with the jet of water.

She would need shaving too, he noted, as the water bounced over her pussy. This ordeal had no effect either but he would find out the weakness soon. It was hot in the barn and the water wasn’t exactly cold yet sometimes the humiliation of being hosed down in a stable like an animal was enough.

It was the little discomforts and humiliations that did it in the end, not the obvious punishments with a whip or spankings. Subtlety was the key to making a woman into a well behaved slave.

Dressed in a ball gown being humbled at his feet did it for one while another would be brought to heel in a short skirt showing off a pair of frilly panties. One slave may be turned on while another would be deeply embarrassed. Either way it would be used against them.

“Look after it and fill it in on what I expect of a slave, even a trainee,” he harshly said.

Shining clean Roberta was led to her stall. Sandy had no sympathy for a young woman running away from trouble only to land in deeper shit. Having suffered at the hands of those self-important wealthy, so called masters, she wasn’t going to add to the woman’s suffering either.

Melanie stroked the hair away from the new slaves face. She gasped out loud. “Roberta! What the hell are you doing here?” Her eyes were wide with shock showing white in the gloom of the barn.

It had been too easy to succumb in this threatening place, especially with the thought of no escape bearing down on her. Suddenly confronted by a friend from that other world, it all came flooding back – its normality and moral fences began to reform. She took a step back trying to cover her naked body with both hands.

“Trying to rescue you, fool!” she tried to laugh only it was an ironic cackle. She lifted both hands showing off the manacles. “Not doing a very good job of it. Guess I need a clever thought out plan, any ideas?” she plaintively asked.

“You give up too easily. I’m surprised you got this far.” Melanie said, sounding more like her old self.

Roberta told them her story guessing the two thieves had given her away to the finder called Eddy. She explained he ran a brothel and probably recruited desperate women if they were suitable as slaves.

Melanie told them about the bizarre house she had been delivered to and how she had been sent for training as the master required complete submission. She was nearly there too only her friends presence gave her fresh heart to resist.

Seeing the two friends cuddling each other for comfort Sandy suddenly felt very alone. For once she let her guard down and told them her story. How she had stolen company funds for the sheer hell of it. “Just because I could,” she said. “Doing it under the very noses of those pompous men was thrilling,” she laughed.

Melanie noticed the silly voice had been dropped and she no longer lisped. She wondered what the woman had been up to on the computer while supposedly helping with her training. When the trainer wasn’t around she was constantly playing with the thing.

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