Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 21

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It was early summer, and Emily had been at her new job for three weeks, and enjoyed it. Her mother had connections at the local government level, and nudged her resume to the top of the list for a position at a city-sponsored child care facility for low-income mothers.

The position was more bookkeeper/receptionist than anything else, but she did sometimes watch a few children while other people took breaks, or if they needed to leave work early.

Being around the small children stirred maternal instincts in Emily, and she pondered her future with Ted. He was much older, but he said he loved her and wanted to spend his life with her, as soon as he was free of his marriage. She was fairly sure he was still fertile, but sometimes pictured the age difference being a factor in the future.

She imagined their child in school: “Is that your granddad? No, he’s my dad..” . Just as Ted had warned her that there would often be cases where Ted himself would be mistaken for Emily’s father, not her husband. Emily dismissed all these negatives with how much she loved Ted, and was sure they could overcome any problems together. Besides, it would still be months before Ted was ready to divorce.

As she drove home, she texted Ted to ask if he was free. As many times as Ted had warned her not to text and drive, she still did it almost every time she was out, confident that she could focus on both. She always held the phone at eye level, so the road was in her range of vision, and she never did more than a few words at a time. It was during one of those words as she was driving through her neighborhood that she heard a loud “crunch”, followed by a smaller, “bam” and she realized something was amiss at the right side of her car, judging by the direction from which the sound had come.

She immediately braked and looked in her right side mirror to see if she had run over a trash can or something, and was surprised to see the mirror was missing. She pulled over and walked around the car, and saw her mirror was hanging by the adjustment cable, dangling halfway to the ground. Panicked, she looked back up the street, to see a mailbox on the ground.

A combination of worry and relief filled her as she realized what had happened, and although this was a bad thing, it was just a mailbox. It could have been a car, or worse; someone’s pet, or a person.

Steeling her nerve, she walked back to the house and knocked on the door.

A middle-aged woman answered, and Emily recognized her from seeing her sometimes out in her yard, working on a garden that was in front of the bay window.

“Um, I’m really, sorry, I just hit your mailbox…”

“Oh, dear, are you all right?” The woman came out to see the box in the street, knocked from its wooden post. It was dented but not badly.

“Yeah, I’m fine, but I’m really sorry, I got too close, and I didn’t think I was that close and I thought there was room and…” she lied, not wanting to mention that she was looking at her phone.

“Oh, don’t worry, dear, it’s fine. My husband can fix it. But you’re sure you’re all right?”

Such a sweet woman, Emily thought. She was expecting someone to be livid about the mailbox, and here this lady was making sure she hadn’t been hurt.

“Yes, really, I’m okay. But I’m really sorry. I have a job, I can pay for it if you think..”

“Nonsense, honey, if you’re okay, just go on, it’s nothing my husband can’t fix.”

“Thank you, thank you so much,” Emily was genuinely grateful, as she was already playing out scenarios in her head of police reports, insurance claims, and more.

She pulled into her driveway, looked at the mirror again, and sighed. She was sure her parents would grill her about how it had happened, and she dreaded the conversation. She called Ted.

“So it’s just hanging there. I don’t know what to do.”

“Let me come take a look; maybe I can make it look better.” He was happy to get out of the house, as his wife had taken a day off and she was in a foul mood already.

“A friend just got in a minor fender-bender. I’m going over to see if I can help with their car, it’s a little dinged up,” he said, heading for the door. His wife was scowling into some reports and didn’t even answer him.

When Ted got to Emily’s house, she was still outside, looking at the car.

“You okay Angel?” Ted asked. She looked nervous and apprehensive.

“My parents are going to interrogate me for days about this, I just know it,” she fretted.

“Well, let’s see if we can make it look like less than it is,” he said, squatting down by the ataşehir escort door.

It was a clean break, he noticed. No damage to the door itself, which was great. The mirrors were designed to detach easily in case they were hit, reducing damage to the car, and lessening the chance of serious injury to a pedestrian.

The mirror itself was toast, though. The glass had shattered and the plastic housing was crushed beyond the point of salvage.

“Salvage,” Ted said out loud.

“What?” Asked Emily. She did the thing with her head again, turning sideways, like a dog hearing an unfamiliar sound. Ted had seen it so many times it no longer got his attention like it once had.

“There’s a car salvage yard, I get stuff there any time I can to save a few dollars on repairs. This is a pretty popular model, I bet I can find another mirror,” Heading back to his car, he was already on the phone.

“Can I come?” Emily was following him. He gave her the “hold on” signal with his finger as he spoke to the person on the other end.

“Yeah, the plastic kind, white would be great but I can paint it if not…” He waited as the clerk checked their database. “They have one,” he said to Emily. Hanging up, he answered her question. “Only if you don’t touch anything. The place is full of rusty, sharp edges and greasy junk. You’ll ruin your clothes.” Emily nodded and got in with Ted, not wanting to be home if her parents returned early.

At the yard, Ted found the part he sought. It was beige, but a trip to the car accessory shop where he bought her wheel covers fixed that easily enough. About an hour later, Emily’s car looked exactly like it had that morning; no one would be the wiser.

Emily returned to her previous train of thought of wanting to go out with Ted, and he agreed. He parked his car on the street in front of her house. It was no longer a concern for either of them about being seen together in public as long as they didn’t display more than friendship. It was all part of their long-term plan: Ted intended to emotionally distance himself from his wife gradually and eventually ask for a separation, followed by divorce. After that, the “friendship” between he and Emily would grow into a relationship.

He had already started a cash fund hidden away at a location outside their house, and had researched simple divorce options. He had also participated in several carefully-timed arguments with his wife. (It was easy to get those going, actually, considering his partner.) The arguments were over subjects that often led to divorce. The foundation had been laid, now all Ted had to do was keep building on his project, and eventually, it would be time.

Ted drove Emily’s car towards the ocean. There were many favorite spots they frequented for their “dates”, including restaurants and shops where they would pretend to shop for items for their future together. Furniture, decorations, even baby items.

Ted and Emily both wanted to have children together, and Emily had gone so far as to tell Ted the names she had picked for their yet-to-be offspring. Ted admired her commitment to what was ahead, seeing it as willingness to face the realities of what was coming, rather than it being just a game. She told Ted about her plans for college, and her dreams for their future together.

The dreams and conversation was interrupted by Ted feeling Emily’s car pulling hard to the right, and he realized a tire was very low. Getting out to see, he found the right rear tire was almost flat. After changing it for the spare, he found a piece of metal embedded in the tread that had started a slow leak. It may have been part of the mirror, he thought.

Ted drove to a tire shop and had the tech look at the tire, who said it wasn’t something that could be patched. They’d have to replace the tire. Ted told the tech to get on it, and they went for a walk.

“This isn’t going like I had planned,” Emily sighed. “I didn’t mean for you to spend your day buying crap for my car.”

“Don’t worry, Love. It’s an adventure. Let’s see what we can find that’s new. Something we’ve never done before!” He took her hand and they started walking briskly down the street, not caring if anyone saw.

After a block, Emily repeated, “I wish you didn’t have to keep spending money on me.”

“Hush,” Ted said. “I spend my money on what I want, how I want. I like seeing you smile, and I like seeing you happy.” Emily squeezed his hand in response; a nonverbal “I love you.”

As they rounded a corner, Ted spied a shop he had driven past before, but never kadıköy escort bayan entered. “I see where we need to go,” he said, pulling Emily along by the hand.

“Oh gosh, what if someone sees us?” she said, realizing where he was headed.

“So what if they do?” He answered. “We’ll say you had to get a gag gift for a friend’s party and you were too embarrassed to go alone, so I said I’d go with you.”

Sexscapades was part of a chain of “adult novelty” stores popular with people who weren’t afraid to be seen walking into a store that sold adult DVDs, latex fetish clothes, handcuffs, vibrators, and other sex toys. The door chimed as they entered, and Emily immediately noticed the camera and monitor that was intended to be seen, no doubt to discourage shoplifters.

As they passed the counter, Ted confidently nodded to the man behind the counter, who smiled at Ted but did politely ask to see Emily’s ID. She fished it out and he glanced at it quickly, and handed it back.

“Thanks, hun. Gotta keep the local rule makers happy, you know. You look closer to 20, honestly.” Emily took her ID back and blushed a bit.

Ted let Emily browse the whole store, not rushing her. It was fun watching her reaction to some of the things that were openly displayed on the shelves. He noticed she spent a good long time examining the dildos and vibrators.

The clerk appeared, startling her, and said, “Everything on these two rows is 25% off this week, and a set of alkaline batteries are free with the purchase.”

“Cool, thanks, we’ll check them out,” Ted answered. Emily blushed again.

Getting closer to him, she whispered, “Are you serious?” He whispered back, “You want one? Do you have a place to hide it?”

“Yeah, my mom doesn’t really snoop in my stuff,” she mused. “And if she did I can say a friend took me to get it.”

“Sounds like something Sierra would do,” Ted chuckled.

She looked at several of the vibrators, and with Ted’s guidance, made a selection, along with a silicone rubber dildo in her favorite color, purple. At the counter, Ted once again produced his charge card, and rang up the purchase.

“Enjoy!” said the clerk as he handed Emily her bag.

As they walked on down the street, they found a coffee shop, and had frappes on the patio. Emily was glad the adult shop used plain gray plastic bags. She peeked in, wishing she could examine her new toys more closely.

“When you finish your frappe, take the bag in the restroom, wash everything off, and put the batteries in,” Ted instructed her.

She did, and came out, with a big grin on her face. “I tried turning it on, it’s not too loud, but God, it feels like it’s going to jump out of my hands.” This made Ted laugh.

“We should take it for a test drive,” he said. “Have you finished your frappe?”

Emily indicated she had, and they walked back to the tire shop, where her car was ready to go. Ted paid the bill with his card again, and they drove off the lot, Ted once again behind the wheel. It was dusk, and they cruised up and down the side streets, admiring the expensive houses.

The weather was nice, and Ted rolled down the windows and opened the sunroof. He told Emily to recline her seat. Then he had her take off her shoes, and her jeans, and her panties. The body of the car hid the fact that she was bottomless well enough, although there was always the possibility they might be passed by a 4×4 truck, or a pedestrian could get a peek if they were stopped at an intersection. Emily got out the dildo first, licking it, and gently inserted it slowly until she had it about three-fourths in, and started sliding it in and out, looking at Ted as she did.

Ted kept his eyes on the road as much as he could, but it was a distraction to have a sexy, bottomless teenage girl masturbating with a dildo next to you.

After about ten minutes of the dildo, Emily was ready for the main event. She slid the purple shaft out and placed it back in the bag, and examined the vibrator. It was covered in bumps and ridges, and the outer covering was transparent silicone, so you could see the inner workings when it was activated. A set of gears and motors made it move in so may different ways at once that Ted imagined it would drive Emily insane. Rows of beads rotated in opposite directions along the circumference of the shaft, and ribs pulsated up and down at the tip. The tip itself bent upward, and moved as well, simulating a finger moving in a “come here” action. Lastly, the whole of the device vibrated at several adjustable speeds. Any or all escort maltepe of these effects could be used, depending on the setting chosen.

Emily chose a simpler setting, vibrate only, and slowly slid it in, past her wet opening, and moaned immediately. “Ohhh shit shit shit…God that’s amazing,” she purred. Ted couldn’t wait to see what the other settings would do, but he didn’t want her to rush either. “Try a little more when you’re ready,” he said.

As they drove, she tried each of the next higher settings in turn, adding features, until she had the whole contraption doing everything it possible could, but vibrating at the lowest setting. She then began fucking herself with the toy at a medium pace.

Ted continued to drive, turning into an on-ramp so they could drive faster on the expressway. He hoped they might pass a few semi trucks. The windows were still down, along with the open sunroof, and the wind whipped through their hair.

Ted turned the radio on and it blared 70s classic rock. Emily was getting so into the pleasure of using the vibrator on herself she would sometimes lift her pelvis as she played, not caring if anyone saw from another car. Gradually, she increased the intensity of the vibrations.

More than once, Ted adjusted their speed to match that of a semi, and they gave the driver a show. Some showed their appreciation with a short blast on their air horn. After this happened a third time, Emily said, “I’m really close, really super close.” Ted said, “Are you ready to cum for daddy?” Smiling, Emily replied, “Yeah daddy, I want to cum now,” and she set the vibrations to maximum.

Ted said, “Tell the world. Yell it to everyone out there.” Emily looked out into the night and yelled out the window, “I’m ready to cum, daddy!” and she giggled.

“Say, fuck me, daddy,” he told her. As she started her orgasm, she yelled, “Fuck me daddy! Fuck me daddy!!” There were no cars nearby, but Ted imagined if anyone was out in their yards and lived near the highway, they caught a girl yelling something unusual as the night traffic buzzed by.

She managed to yell out one more time, but her orgasm overcame her ability to vocalize coherently. She had arched her back to the point that even a person in a shorter car would see her. She gave a few more nonverbal shouts until she finished.

She turned the vibrator off. It was warm from the motors’ running at full speed. Exhausted, she settled back in the seat, breathing heavily, flushed from the wind and the orgasm, and the exhibitionist thrill she was experiencing.

She was sure at least three men had seen her; the truck drivers, and maybe more, as she was having her orgasm. It made her heart race.

“Good girl, that was amazing,” Ted praised her. She sank into the fabric of the seat, relaxed now, not caring that she was still exposed to the world. She withdrew the mechanical beast from between her sweating thighs. It had driven her into a sexual seizure.

She held it up in front of her face, watching the street lights reflecting off the wet surface. Then to tease Ted, she took it into her mouth and tasted her own juices.

Ted steered Emily’s car off an exit onto a smaller street and Emily reluctantly put her clothes back on. Ted enjoyed that she was happy with being almost nude in the car, and also with being seen. He made mental notes for their next game, and made sure it would involve more exhibitionism. He drove her home, pulling over at the entrance to her subdivision, and had her drive the rest of the way, in case her parents were up.

The lights were on, but they didn’t come out, and Ted quickly kissed Emily on the lips before he got out of her car. It scared and thrilled her at the same time, because she feared her parents would see, but his smile as he got out made the fear vanish.

“G’night, Angel. I love you.” He headed to his car.

“G’night Ted. I love you,” she half-whispered.

She got out of her car in time to see Ted’s tail lights disappearing around the corner. She stashed the bag and its contents in her book bag, and took it in with her.

The succubus giggled as it watched Emily walk confidently past her parents, who were watching a movie on TV. She said hi, and they asked her if she had fun, and she said, “Yeah, it was great. We did some fun window shopping and sightseeing.” They didn’t ask who the “we” referred to, as they recognized Ted Carson’s car. They were becoming suspicious of the relationship, but kept silent, as if making an accusation would disrupt their simple, quiet lives.

Ted’s demon sat in the backseat and whispered ideas into Ted’s ear as he drove home. “She’s really into being your little pet, isn’t she?” It purred.

“Yeah, this is going better than I’d ever hoped,” he answered, speaking to his own imagination.

The demon smiled.

End of part twenty-one.

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