Memorial Day – soldier return – Love

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Memorial Day – soldier return

Mary cut off the main trail toward the old picnic grove. I couldn’t figure why she took this
route until I saw her head to the old washroom building.
She stopped by the door.
“No, You not thinking?” I grimaced.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me in.

We were a sweaty pair.
Her face was dripping and her t-shirt was all wet, her breasts stood out against the
clingy shirt. We were all over each other. Mary jumped up and wrapped her legs around me
Our sweaty bodies clung to each other. I set her on the sink. We rubbed up against each other.

My shorts were off, hers were off. She was begging me to fuck her. My sister?
There was no stopping now.
She guided me. I was inside her.
“Harder. Harder.” She yelled at me. We were one in each other’s arms.
I pulled her as tight as I could, I was as deep as I could.
She was squeezing tight on my cock. I could feel it.

We left the toilet building and I saw a couple with their kids walking toward us.
Wow, what a look. “Nice Day, Huh?” I said as we walked by. What else could I say?
I just did my sister.

It was uphill from the field at fast pace.

Mary started.
“I got a brother his name is Davey, he has a cock that drives me Crazy……..”

I followed. “I got a sister, her name is Mary, she has apussy that is very Cherry…..”

I couldn’t keep my eye, my mind off my sister’s butt. I watched, I was so aroused again.
Losing control I grabbed her and pulled her down. She screamed as I pulled off her shorts right there
on the trail. After I pushed her down I fucked her in the ass right there. I was forcing my own sister.

“Dave! Dave! Hello Dave!” canlı bahis I snapped back. What are you thinking about Davey?
“Oh nothing Sis. “ OMG, how could I think that? My own sister?

“Day Dreaming Dave, I hope it was about me?” Laughed Mary.
Jogging along. “Dave, you were watching my ass, you like it?”
Mary turned and Ran backwards. “Now you can watch something else?”

“Little Brat, You are a tease.” “Oh ya, you ain’t seen nothing yet big Brother.”

In the kitchen I grabbed a beer from the fridge. “Davey get me one?”
“No you don’t, not for a few years for you!” “Mom!”
Not old enough to drink but old enough to…. I laughed to myself.

”Why did you call him Davey, you never do Mary?”
“Don’t know Mom, just sounded good.”
“Well kinda strange, Anyway, your Dad and I are going over to our friends for a few hours”
“You guys want to come?” “No, we will just hang out for a few hours.”
“We have to shower.”

My eyes met Mary’s, talk about a look. We watched the car leave and waited for a few minutes
to make sure. I was in the shower first, hot water running. Mary got in right behind me
laughing. “Her I come, Ready or Not.”

As the water poured over her body I realized even more how beautiful she was.
She raised her arms over her head and swayed back and forth.
“You like what you see.” Boy, did I. I had never seen her like that. We embraced slowly
rubbing against each other. We ground our crotches together.

Mary took a bar of soap and started to lather all over me. She absolutely tantalized me as
she moved down slowly finally running the bar over my cock. She held it and washed it,
I felt I was ready to burst.

My totally hard cock was in her loving hands. Around, back and bahis siteleri forth. I looked and she was
on her knees, the water poured over us steaming up the shower. My cock was in her mouth.
I looked down as my sister sucked, licked my dick. She pushed her mouth on it further until
my cock disappeared in her mouth.

I could feel it in her throat as she slid it in and out. The water poured on her face.
Mary stood up and kissed me. We embraced and then she turned and put her hands on
the shower levers bending over in front of me. Take me Dave. Take me brother.

What a sight, the water splashing over her, her ass stick out inviting me. Her pussy looking
so ready between her spread legs. Mary swayed her hips. “Come on Dave, what are you waiting for.”
I ran my hands over her ass, over hips, back and forth. Reaching down I ran my fingers along
along her pussy.

Our first encounter was a rush, this would be longer to savor. I knelt down crawled between her legs and pushed my head Between her legs. I was turned around so I was facing her. The hot water and the steam covered me as I dug my mouth into her pussy. Mary groaned softly then louder as ran
my tongue up and down her groove. I sucked and pulled with my tongue. I found her nub
and she started to yell.

Fuck, my sister is a howler.

I slid back behind her, stood up, grabbed her hips and began pushing the head
of my cock inside her. I teased her slowly finally pushing deeper and deeper.
“Fuck Me Fuck Me Don’t wait, Do IT NOW .”
Slap slap slap. I was screwing my sis, she was pushing back against me trying to get every inch.
I pushed in hard hold myself as deep as I could, my cock was throbbing but I did not want to cum

I bahis şirketleri slapped her ass and watched it ripple. Slowly now I worked it. I loved watching her ass meat giggle
with every thrust. I realized I was being a little bold but I found it hard to control my fetish.
I teased her butt hole with my middle finger. Wet from the shower I pushed it in a little, up to
first knuckle while I kept up a steady rhytm. I twisted my finger around waiting for any response.

More, More Mary cried. OH YEA. OH YEA. I pushed my finger deeper and deeper, bottoming out.
I couldn’t contain myself. I fucked her faster and faster.
I could hear myself yelling, I could hear her, I could feel my cum shooting deep inside her.
I held myself inside for what seemed forever. The feeling was awesome I didn’t want it to end.
Mary, turned around and wrapped her arms around me.
“I love you, I loveyou.”
I had not said anything the first time she said that but now I knew.
“I love you Mary.”
We held each other and cried.

Maybe not so romantic but as we got out of the shower it was like Mary read my mind.
“Dave, next time I want you to fuck me in my ass. I want your cock inside my ass.”
I couldn’t believe it. This is my little sister, well not so little anymore, but she is
telling me she wants.

“Well if that is what you want Sis, I guess I can.”
“Look who is the smart ass tease now.” Laughed Mary.

We toweled each other off then held each other tight. We had lost track of time and no longer
we had sat down on the sofa, the folks came home from their visit. I couldn’t believe we
had spent that much time fucking in the shower.

You guys look like you had good showers, all nice and fresh.
“Yea Mom real nice.”
“Mary, are you OK, you look a little flushed.”

“Sure Mom, everything is fine”

To Be continued.

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