Meredith Ch. 01

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Let me start by saying that this story is entirely based on real life. My name is Thomas, but most of my friends call me Tom. While the events in this story happened a few years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 19 years old, a freshman in college, studying computer science. Now I was and am your typical nerd at heart. I love sci-fi shows and anything to do with space or advanced technology. I am a huge computer nerd. At the same time, I am also a functioning member of society. I spent a lot of time with people who were not as fanatical about the stuff that I loved. Most of my friends were your average, run of the mill, American kids. I had two very good friends in particular, but this story is about one specific friend.

Ben was one year younger than me and was obsessed with sports. He lived, breathed, and dreamed about sports. I too shared an interest in sports, although not nearly to the extent that Ben did. Ben had an older sister, Meredith, who was just 5 days younger than me. All while we grew up together, Mer, as we used to call her, was a pain in my side. If I had to choose three words to describe her, I’d choose cynical, witty and sarcastic. Other words that come to mind would be bold, brash, and adventurous. While I enjoyed the banter that we would engage in, she always seemed to know how to annoy me. People always insisted that we liked each other, and I kind of did, but with the way our relationship was, I figured that she had no interest in me whatsoever.

Computer Science is a tough subject, as you can probably imagine. One semester was very taxing in particular. I still remember sitting in Mr. Moorman’s algorithm class and thinking that I hated myself for choosing this career, but I loved every minute of it. A couple of weeks later, shortly before Spring break, Ben called and asked if I would like to go on vacation with he and his family. His father had made his money in the accounting business and had been very successful. They had quite a bit of money, and were always very generous. This year, they were going to Destin, Florida and had told the kids they could each invite a friend for Anadolu Yakası Escort the trip. Ben had chosen me and Meredith had chosen some girl named Morgan that I had only met once or twice. Of course I said yes!

Ben and I drove separate in my car, since I couldn’t leave until the day after his family. Still, I was looking forward to two whole weeks on the beach. We mostly talked about sports on the 10 hour drive, but we also talked a little bit about our lives. Ben had a girlfriend, Emily and it was looking more and more serious all the time. He figured that he’d probably be married within a year and a half, so he viewed this as our last big fling together. I was single, since between work, school, and personal projects, I had 0 time to dedicate to a girlfriend. I didn’t really mind though. He also told me that his sister had just suffered a horrible break-up with her boyfriend a few weeks back. He told me that I should probably dial back the cynical and sarcastic comments towards her, and I agreed.

When we got there, I was really surprised to find that Micah, my other best friend, and his family were also tagging along. One interest all three of us boys shared was video games. It was going to be sweet! We immediately set out on an epic night of gaming. By the time we fell asleep it was past 4 AM. I woke up the next day around 11 in the morning, with Ben and Micah still out cold. I decided to jump in the shower. Now the house we were staying in had two floors. Downstairs there were two bedrooms, one with two sets of bunks, and the other with a king-sized bed. The girls immediately took the king-sized room, which was absolutely fine with us boys. There was only one downstairs bathroom. You might already see what’s coming.

I didn’t hear anyone around, so I figured that the parents were either upstairs or already at the beach. The girls were almost certainly either sleeping or on the beach. I grabbed my stuff and headed into the bathroom, which was insanely nice. It had a huge shower with one of those big, rainfall shower heads. I couldn’t wait and jumped right into the shower. A couple Kartal Escort minutes in I hear the door open. I peek around the corner and much to my surprise, Meredith is standing by the sink, looking in the mirror.

“Umm, Mer are you okay?” I asked from the shower.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine, don’t worry about me, I’m not looking. Carry on with your shower” she replied

I was a little anxious to say the least. She carried on doing her thing for a little while, then walked right in front of the shower, which had huge, clear glass doors, and asked “Mind if I jump in?”.

I was taken aback by her confidence and hesitated a little, which she immediately picked up on and added: “Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting we fuck or anything”. I managed to grunt out a positive response.

“Cool” she said and immediately began stripping down. Now even though she was my best friend’s sister, I still thought she was hot. She took off her shirt, revealing a perfect pair of boobs. They weren’t 32DDD or anything like that, but they were a heavenly combination of size and pertness. Her nipples were perfect little pink nubs. They were so perfect that I wanted to reach out and squeeze them. She slid off her panties, revealing a perfect little pussy that was deliciously bare. I guess she caught me checking her out and rolled her eyes.

I instantly became self-concious. I was in the presence of a gorgeous woman who was naked. It was extremely difficult for me to keep from getting hard. She knew it and decided to tease me a little. She would take a long time lathering up her boobs, gently squeezing and stretching them. I couldn’t control myself any longer, so I decided to just get out and try to cover up my erection. I moved towards the door and she grabbed my arm.

“Listen Tom, I don’t know if you know or not, but my boyfriend cheated on me and dumped me. That was two months ago. Now, I came on this vacation to have fun, and by that I mean sex, specifically with you.” She stood staring at me.

My mouth was notably agape. “What?” That was all that I could muster.

“Yes,” she replied “you. Truth Maltepe Escort is, I’ve always liked you. You’re wonderful. You’re kind, incredibly smart and handsome. Girls love you.”

This was news to me, as I had never known any girls to take a real interest in me. “But you always hated me, or so I thought.”

“Well, I just thought that it wouldn’t be appropriate. You know, since my brother is your best friend. Now that we’re older though, I think he can handle it.”

I was still completely dumbfounded by the whole situation.

“I want to have a relationship with you, and this seems like a good place to start,” she said, clutching my cock, which had now grown totally erect. She dropped to her knees and began to fondle it. It felt both pleasurable and weird to have this girl, whom I’d grown up with, being sexually involved with me.

She gently stroked my penis, with soft hands and smooth motions, making sure to rub me firmly, but in a way that felt really good. Then she put the tip of her tongue on the tip of my cock and gently swirled her tongue around it. This sent tingling sensations up and down my shaft. She looked up at me and smiled and I realized that she was truly a gorgeous girl. She proceeded to take my cock in a little deeper, sucking on it and using her tongue, which was divine.

I reached down and gently cupped her right breast. She moaned a little bit; with my cock in her mouth I could feel the vibrations of her moan. I continued to massage her breast, applying light pressure and occasionally tweaking her nipple. She continued her relentless attack on my cock.

“You’re quite good at this, eh?” I asked her

“Yep, I’ve been waiting for this moment.”

After that she went on to start massaging my balls, which, mixed with her sucking and licking, took me right to the edge.

“How do you feel about cum?” I asked, not wanting to do anything she didn’t like.

She gave me a devilish look and said, “Bring it!”. She ramped up the intensity of the blowjob, taking more and more of me into her mouth until I couldn’t hold it back any more and came all in her mouth. I groaned, being immensely relieved and feeling amazing.

Meredith promptly stood up and walked out of the shower. She grabbed a towel and began to dry off. “Thanks for that”, I said.

“No problem. This is just the start, we’ll be doing lots over the next two weeks.”

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