Merry Christmas

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I wake up Christmas morning and you are already awake and in the kitchen. I can smell the bacon cooking so I go on into the bathroom and get a shower before I go to the kitchen. After I finish getting my shower I am on my way to the kitchen and see a giant box in the living room. I wonder what it is and walk on into the kitchen. As I enter the kitchen you hand me my breakfast and I ask you what is in the giant box. You tell me that it is my Christmas surprise and as soon as I eat you will let me open it.

Curious and excited about what could be in the box I quickly eat my breakfast. When I am finished you tell me that I need to help you clean up. Not wanting to wait that long I ask if the dishes can wait. You laugh and tell me I am worse than a kid then tell me to get to the sink if I want to open the package. I rush to the sink and wash the dishes while you clean the counters and the stove.

As soon as we have finished cleaning I run to the living room and start to open the giant package. I take the ribbon off then tear off the paper. As I get the paper torn off your friend comes out of the giant box wearing nothing küçükçekmece escort but a ribbon and a bow. I get extremely excited but I am not sure if I should take the ribbon and bow off of her. I stand there and just stare at her not moving at all so you walk over and pull the ribbon making it fall to the floor.

You move up close behind her and put your arms around her. Softly you kiss her neck as you massage her breasts. Finally I walk up to her and kiss her passionately. Slowly I kiss down to her breasts and slide my tongue around her nipples. You hold her breast as I suck her nipples and lightly bite them. Getting down on my knees I softly kiss her stomach as you gently pinch and pull her nipples. I kiss on down to her pussy and softly slide my tongue over her lips. Tenderly I rub her clit with my tongue as you slowly slide your fingers inside her pussy. You are behind her massaging her breast and sliding your fingers in and out of her pussy as I rub her clit with my tongue. Putting my lips around her clit I suck it gently as you move your fingers küçükyalı escort in and out faster. She starts to tremble and shake as her orgasm rocks her body.

Her knees are weak from her orgasm and she sits down on the floor. You remove your T shirt and underwear and I get my shorts off as fast as I can and we all get in the floor. Taking turns we kiss each other tenderly as our hands slide over each others body. She begins to kiss down my chest and stomach and you put your breasts in my mouth. As I suck your nipples she puts her lips around my erection and gently sucks it into her mouth. You put your leg over me and place your pussy in my face. I slide my tongue up and down your lips breathing in your wonderful aroma. Her mouth is going up and down on my erection making my passion rise. I wrap my lips around your clit and gently suck it. Your moans grow louder and you start rocking your hips back and forth. My excitement is screaming out of control as she passionately sucks my erection. You rub your clit against my face as your excitement goes wild. We maltepe escort both start shaking and erupt in a beautiful orgasm.

Weak from our orgasms we lie on the floor catching our breath. She gets on top of you and puts her pussy in your face. Leaning down she kisses your pussy as you slide your tongue over hers. You rub her clit with your tongue and I am getting extremely excited. She starts sucking your clit and I move around behind her. You start sucking her clit and I slowly push my erection into her pussy. Her moans turn to screams of pleasure as you are sucking her clit and I am sliding my erection in and out of her. She starts shaking and screaming loudly as her orgasm rolls through her body.

She collapses on top of you and slides off onto the floor. You have me lie down and you get on top of me placing my erection at your opening. You slide down onto it then lean down and kiss me passionately. She catches her breath and gets on top of me placing her pussy in my face. I rub her clit with my tongue as you kiss her tenderly. Your hips are moving around on my erection and she start rubbing her clit on my tongue. You and her massage each others breasts and you move your hips around on my erection rubbing your clit against me. We are all moaning and groaning as our desires soar higher. We all start shaking and we explode in a wonderful orgasm.

We collapse on the floor and kiss each other passionately. As we catch our breath you look over at me and tell me Merry Christmas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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