Mia The College Girl

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Mia woke up grumpy, knowing that the day was going to idly pass her by without anything at all happening to make it worthwhile. It’s the end of the semester, and her housemates have finished their exams and have left for home, leaving her alone in the apartment since she has another paper in two weeks. The solitude was at first a welcomed change from her usual hectic and crowded pace, but it was beginning to get mundane.

She dragged herself out of bed, being awake early out of habit more than anything else, and found out, after her shower, that the bathroom sink was flooded. She rummaged around the apartment, looking for tools to fix it herself, but realized that she hadn’t the first clue as to how to fix plumbing.

The plumber’s name was Joe, and over the phone he sounded typically like a plumber should: loud, irritable and lacking in manners. She was rather apprehensive about letting a strange, greasy man into the house when she was alone, especially since she was minimally dressed in a tight-fitting tank top and short shorts. She made a mental note to do the laundry much more often, so she could dress appropriately in case of emergency.

There was a knocking, and warily she opened the door.

A man stood before her, smiling. “Hi, I’m Joe,” he said, “did you call to fix a broken faucet?”

Mia was pleasantly surprised to see that Joe wasn’t a greasy looking plumber at all. He was quite good looking, with a lean body and a nice smile. He almost seemed out of place working as a plumber, what with a refined look about him. He looked as though he belonged in an ad in a glossy magazine.

“Um, yeah,” said Mia, regaining her composure. She couldn’t help but get a little flustered at the sight of the yummy looking Joe. “Er,” she said smiling, “please, come inside,”

As Mia lead Joe into her bathroom (which was connected to her bedroom), he couldn’t help but check her out. From her tight fitting attire, he could tell that she had a nice, shapely body. She was on the slim side, and she had nice long legs which she displayed proudly in those skin tight shorts. She had the perfect breasts for her slim, willowy figure, and Joe couldn’t help but develop a minor hard on looking at her delicious body dressed as though she was begging for a good fuck.

” Hmm, looks like quite a leak,” Joe said after surveying the damage. He was squatting on the bathroom floor, while Mia peered curiously behind him. He turned up to her and smiled reassuringly, antalya escort “No worries, just a normal hiccup. These things happen sometimes,”

Mia smiled nervously, as her vibrator was in plain view on the washroom counter. Almost as though he was reading her mind, Joe turned and caught the bright pink colored naughty thing. To her horror, Joe reached out and grabbed the vibrator, studying it almost intently.

“You know, I’ve seen these things in girl’s bathrooms a lot, but I never knew what they’re used for,” he told her. She couldn’t tell if it was some cheesy pick up line or whether he was telling the truth, but she blurted a reply that surprised herself.

“You want me to show you how it’s used?” she smiled , taking the vibrator from Joe’s hands. He had a confused, dumbfounded look on his face. She tossed him a teasing look, while still unsure what she was doing. He was quite hot, and she was rather horny and bored.

“You’re kidding, right?” Mia said finally, waving the vibrator near Joe’s face “you do know what this is, right?”

Joe looked a little hurt, “Honestly, miss. I have no idea what that thing is,”

“Are you curious to find out what it does?”


Mia let out an amused giggle, as she licked the tip of the vibrator playfully. Joe stared in curiosity as she ran the vibrator along her neck, her sides, until finally, she stopped rather dramatically at her hips. For a brief moment, they looked at each other, Mia with an innocent teasing grin and Joe with a confused look on his face. Then, she slid the vibrator into her shorts, giving Joe a glimpse of her tender womanhood.

“Oh,” Joe gasped, “OH!”

“Uh huh,” Mia breathed, teasing her clit with the vibrator. She was already damp between her legs, at the thought of having an audience. “This is what it’s for,” she said, as she turned on the vibrator and currents of pleasure jolted through her.

Joe stared hungrily at this wonderfully tight –bodied girl pleasuring herself in front of him. He could see that she was soaking wet, now being afforded a full view of Mia’s gloriously cute pussy after he helped her pull down her shorts to her knees. Over the hum of the vibrator, Mia was moaning in self-pleasure.

“Hey, can I…uh…help you out with that?” Joe managed.

Mia nodded, “Yes, please,”

Joe took over the vibrator which until now had teased Mia’s awakened clit mercilessly. Helpfully, she lifted a leg alanya escort onto the bathroom counter, giving Joe more than enough room to ‘help her out’. She let out a sharp gasp as Joe gently inserted the vibrator into her awaiting wet cave. A wave of overwhelming pleasure came over her, and she almost buckled from the sensation.

Joe went at it faster and faster, until she couldn’t stand it anymore and almost collapsed, at which point he grabbed her and carried her to her bed. She wrapped her legs around him, as he pinned her down and ripped off her top and began unceremoniously to suckle her nipples. He began taking off his overalls while his hands ran along her body, his tongue teasing her nipples until they were bullet hard. Finding each other naked, Joe promptly directed his stiff cock at Mia’s glisteningly wet lovehole. Being a very accommodating and horny host, Mia spread her legs wide for him, eagerly waiting his man-meat to pound her.

Unlike with the vibrator, Joe’s penetration of Mia wasn’t at all gentle. He rammed his rock hard cock deep into her silken womanhood, and Mia shrieked in surprise and shock at such a rough penetration. He hammered her wildly, the pain and pleasure of it all making her unable to think. He was furiously humping her, and she buckled and flailed like a ragdoll, screaming and moaning in the experience of it all. She was loving every minute of it.

“Hey, Joe. What’s taking you so long…OH!” said a strange voice. Mia looked over Joe’s shoulder to see a plump looking middle aged man staring at her. She was aware that she was naked, and that there was a stiff cock throbbing deep inside her, but she didn’t care.

“Er, hi Matt,” said Joe, sheepishly. He had stopped pumping her, but his stiff cock was still inside of her.

“You know, we’re going to get in trouble for this,” said Matt. Unlike Joe, Matt looked the part of a plumber. He was plump, rather potbellied, with a bushy moustache. Matt reminded Mia of Mario from the Mario Bros. video games. She giggled at the thought. Matt was someone that Mia would never even let touch her, let alone fuck her, but she was so horny she’d let a dog screw her. So she said, “you guys won’t get into trouble if we don’t tell anyone, right?”

From her flirty smile, Matt knew he was going to get some young pussy.


Mia had never had a threesome before and was enjoying every moment of the experience. She’s never had belek escort two different hands fingering her tender, soft, juicy pussy all at once; and she’s never had both her nipples licked at the same time. Her favourite was when she was giving Joe a blow and Matt deftly penetrated her. Unlike Joe, Matt was very methodical in his fucking. He was tender and smooth, and her insides were begging for more. They suggested a double penetration, but Mia wouldn’t allow it. So they did the next best thing: both of them penetrated Mia’s tight little pussy at the same time. Stretched for all she’s worth, she was rendered half-conscious from the delicious sexual assault.

“Matt,” Joe said, over Mia’s shivering, half-conscious shoulder, “just to let you know, our cocks will NEVER, EVER, be touching ever again,”

Matt humped deeper into Mia, and Joe did the same. Mia buckled and shook from the sudden movement. “This,” Matt said as he thrusted again into a weakly squealing Mia, his cock grinding against Joe’s inside Mia’s abused young pussy, “this never leaves this room,”

“Deal,” said Joe, as they continued to sandwich the hot, tight-bodied girl into unconsciousness.

They waited for her to regain consciousness before they finished her off. They took turns cumming into her. Joe went first, depositing his warm load deep into Mia’s eager womb. “What the Hell, man? Are you crazy?” Matt panicked at the sight of Joe cumming inside her. Joe turned to Matt and told him, “Well, she did say please come inside when I was at the door,”

Mia smiled, savouring the feeling of fresh warm cum inside of her. She looked at Matt and said, “well, it’s your turn now,”

Matt did not need to be asked twice.


They spent the whole day together, the two plumbers taking turns pleasuring the horny little college vixen. She let them do anything they wanted to her, and eager to impress, Joe and Matt did not leave her unattended for even a second. For lunch they had a serving of Mia on the dining table. After that they went to her room again, where she paraded in her sluttiest clothes for them to fuck her in. They took her everywhere in the apartment: the living room, the kitchen, the laundry area. Even the balcony.


They managed to fix the clogged washbasin, despite all the distractions that that Mia provided. As the sun began to set, they dressed themselves and took their tools, and began to leave.

“Wait,” Mia said, still naked, with an overwhelming afterglow of sex, “how much do I owe you? For the plumbing?”

Joe and Matt smiled.

“It’s free of charge. Think of it as an introductory offer,” Matt said.

As they left, she thought to herself that the day wasn’t so bad after all.

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