Microkini Fan Bikinis Ch. 02

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Over the past few weeks I have been working on our new business venture – the Microkini Fan Bikini Company. It all started this summer with my step sister Erin and some local bikini contests. We designed a created an ultra tiny sling thong just for her and it became a crowd favorite to win quite a few contests. Too radical to be worn in public, it basically was just two small patches covering the top of the breasts and a narrow strip of material just covering her pussy. After a few of the contests, we would be approached by curious girls (and a few guys) asking where we got such a suit. After many inquiries, we realized that we may have found an untapped niche market for ultra tiny microkinis and began discussing the possibility of making and selling some of these original creations.

Creating a small business is easy these days. There are plenty of incentives to get one started and a filing a few simple forms got us on our way. I had a little money saved up for a rainy day and I invested it into our fledgling company to buy three commercial sewing machines, a serger, and a moderate amount of fabric from which our first designs would come from. We set this up in my spare bedroom and started to work.

We had four initial designs of some microkinis that we created for Erin last summer, so these were our starting templates. We spent a few days checking and modifying these designs to make them work on what we referred to as a generic body. (Erin’s is well above average). Using various color combinations that we carefully selected, we assembled about twenty initial microkinis. If we could sell these, then we knew we were onto something.

Next we had to advertise. So far the only people to have seen the microkinis were the crowds at the local bikini contests in the Houston area. The response was usually extremely positive, except for a few prudes that though they were inappropriate. (Usually these comments came from larger girls that probably could never wear such an erotic suit, so I think that they were really just jealous.) We plunked down a few dollars to reserve our own domain name and began to design a retail website to advertise and hopefully sell our bikinis.

Erin selected one of the more moderate micro sling bikinis and we went outside by the pool to take some high definition photos for the website. They turned out OK, but not enticing enough for us. The photos looked just average, like we were taking them in our backyard (which we were). We found one that we liked, cropped it down to just her body, rendered it in false colors and posted it on the start page of our new website with an “Under Construction” banner and a hit counter.

Later that evening we prepared for our usual Friday night activity after a long work week. We saved our Netflix DVD for the weekend and over the past few months; we developed quite a fun little evening routine for ourselves. Earlier in the summer we finally admitted to an ongoing sexual attraction between us and since have become very active fuck buddies together. Nobody else knew that Erin was my step sister. They all thought that she was my real sister, so we kept this little secret to ourselves. On most Friday (or Saturday, or even Sunday) evenings, I would grab a few beers and a bag of chips and she would get a glass of her favorite wine and we would snuggle on the couch in front of the TV. I’d start massaging her shoulder and work my way across her body as she rested on top of me. As she became hornier, I’d help her to remove her clothes as she would also remove mine. Usually half way through the movie, we would be naked together and obviously getting quite aroused. The trick was to then try to please each other through the rest of the movie, without having sex until it was over. Kind of like a tantric sex ritual.

Erin has been stroking my dick while watching the DVD and finally put her empty glass aside to give me a slow blowjob. After about ten wonderful minutes, I was starting to get that deep arousal so we traded places. Erin lay down across the couch and I softly kissed her soft breasts, working my way slowly downward. When I reached her awaiting pussy, I paused with my warm breath just above it and she purred with delight. I gently explored every inch of her with the tip of my tongue until she couldn’t take it anymore and we traded places again. This back and forth went on for another hour as we (mostly) tried to watch the movie and continued to pleasure each other.

When the final credits roll, that was our permission to eagerly fuck each other. Erin liked starting out on top of me and impaling herself on my erect dick. Sliding into her warm pussy the initial time was always the most satisfying part for me, and I think for her too. We would remain together silently for a minute or two. I loved the warmth of her pussy as it engulfed my dick and she also enjoyed when I was within her body. We would slowly begin to fuck and work our way through our favorite positions.

I would imagine that most people have sex relatively quietly, with the occasional tandoğan escort “Oooohhh” and “Aaahhhhs” throughout. But we would just talk as of nothing special was happening.

“I’ve been thinking about our website photos a little bit,” I said as I watched my cock slide into her wet pussy. “I think we need a little more than backyard photos.”

“Me too,” Erin replied. “I want a cool looking website, not one of those generic template sites. High Def photos and video too.” She was holding my ass and was pulling me into her over and over.

“Should we hire a photographer?” I asked.

“Naw, we can do these ourselves.

I pulled out of her and she turned over on her hands and knees. I entered her doggie style and reached around to fondle her clit.

“How ’bout some photos at the beach?”

“That would look better. Give it some real-world feel. Not contrived like being indoors in a studio,” she stated.

“We still going tomorrow, aren’t we?” I asked. “Do you want to try a photo shoot there?”

“Sure, it would be fun to wear the micros in public again.”

We continued to fuck doggie style a little longer. We were both getting pretty worked up and were ready to finish. Erin rolled onto her back and raised her legs in the air as I slid in between them. With my hands squeezing her tanned tits, we worked ourselves faster in harder until I came hard inside of her and she came shortly after. I pulled myself out and continued to rub her clit causing her to climax three or four more times in a row. We finally fell together in a sweaty heap and laughed together.

Being fuck buddies with my step sister has been awesome.


Bright and early Saturday we packed up our standard beach gear: chairs, drinks, snacks, etc. But this time we also brought along six of our microkinis along with our cameras. It’s only a twenty or thirty minute drive to the beach and we wanted to get there before the afternoon crowds. Forsaking our usual spot, we decided that it would be better to drive a little further down the beach, away from the family areas. We picked an isolated spot that was both close to the water’s edge and the dune grass. There were a few people around, minding their own business a few dozen yards away, but that was all.

We spread out our beach gear and settled down for some sun. Erin took of her T-shirt and shorts to reveal a tiny orange WickedWeasel bikini, one of my favorites. I was wearing my navy blue thong but had a pair of “normal” swim trunks when I was up and walking around. These beaches aren’t known for lots of thonging.

Erin applied a light layer of suntan oil, not the heavy stuff that makes her skin look wet but just gave it a light sheen. I put a little on too since we would probably be here awhile and I didn’t want to burn.

Erin dug through her bag and extracted six zip lock bags containing the microkinis. We decided to start with a simple slingshot thong in green. Erin discreetly pulled off her bikini and put on the sling, adjusting the tiny patches of fabric over each breast and over her pussy lips. We didn’t bring any Bikini Bite with us to keep the sling from slipping off, but we weren’t going to be dancing around either. Erin stood up, adjusted it again and looked mighty fine.

I had the camera ready and we decided to start near the dune grass. Erin posed and moved around as I started filling the memory card with as many pictures as I could take. We could choose the best ones later. Kneeling and then lying she became covered with sand. We then moved near the water’s edge to wash off the sand and get some pictures while wet. We probably got about a hundred good shots and moved back to our chairs.

Sitting down, I passed her a bottle of water. “Those turned out good,” I stated.

Erin sat down in her chair and her left breast popped out. She made no attempt to cover herself. “Yea that was fun,” she replied.

“You were definitely drawing some attention. Just about anyone within sight was watching you,” I said. “It’s not every day that they see a hot girl in a tiny slingshot thong.”

“Aw stop it!”

“Ready for another?” I asked, pointing to another baggie with one of our microkinis.

“OK – I’m feeling sexy out here in public. Let’s go!” Erin exclaimed. Right then and there, she easily stepped out of the sling bikini she was wearing and reached for another microkini, fumbling with the bag as she stood naked on the beach. The next sling microkini she had chosen was a blue metallic with fluorescent orange strings. It contrasted nicely on her tanned skin. Once positioned carefully to just barely cover the top of her breasts and almost her pussy lips, we went back over to the dune grass for the next photo shoot.

By then others in our vicinity had noticed what we were doing and began to watch our sexy photo shoot. Both men and a few women were watching Erin pose in these miniscule sling bikinis and most were enjoying the free show. I believed that some single guys would have moved closer tekirdağ escort to watch and maybe strike up a conversation with her, but with me present, they all kept their respectful distance.

We continued through the noon hour with our photo shoot, eventually getting some great shots with all six of the microkinis that we brought along. When the final shot was completed, Erin was standing next to me inspecting the recent images on the camera. Behind us, someone was approaching.

“Wow! That was quite a show!” a female voice said. “I think I saw most of it.”

We turned around and found that a young woman was slowly walking towards us, looking a little shy but smiling broadly.

“Hi, I’m Keyla,” she introduced herself. “I love those bikinis, if that’s what you call them,” she said with a thick accent.

Erin replied “Hi, I’m Erin and this is Mike.” She made no mention of me being her brother.

“We’ve started our own company to make these little microkinis, and we’re taking some photos for our new website,” I added.

“Well, they’re certainly like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” Keyla said.

“Would you like to join us here on the sand?” Erin asked to my surprise.

“May I?” Keyla smiled. “I’d like to see more of these little things,” as she motioned to the pile of microkinis that Erin had previously been wearing. She spread out her towel next to Erin and sat. She was still wearing a light yellow sundress from her way to the beach.

We told her our story of designing and creating an ultra tiny bikini for Erin’s entry in the bikini contests, and our idea to try and sell them. Erin offered her a bottle of water and told her to make herself comfortable. Keyla obliged.

Removing her sundress, Keyla exposed a tiny floral thong on her true bikini body. She was a small and thin girl – couldn’t have been more than one hundred pounds, but had truly magnificent huge breasts. Tanned on every visible piece of skin, she must have been out in the sun all summer long. I did my best not to stare directly at her chest as she adjusted the tiny bikini top.

“Where are you from?” I finally asked.

“Caracas” Keyla replied.

“Venezuela – that’s a long way from Texas,” I said.

“I’ve been visiting my aunt and uncle for the summer, but I’ll return in a few weeks to start school.”

“I like your bikini,” Erin told her.

“Thanks, these are made locally in Caracas. They’re a signature design of a company named Johnnie Team bikinis. Everybody always assumes that the Brazilians wear tiny bikinis to the beach, but our bikinis are tinier.” She sat up straight and posed a little.

“In Venezuela, most girls get boob jobs,” she said proudly. “I just got these last year when I turned eighteen.” Keyla pushed her chest out and moved side to side to display her monstrous breasts.

“I’ve heard that Venezuela is the plastic surgery capital of the world,” Erin said.

Keyla smiled “Yes, we are!” Everyone laughed.

“How would you like to be a model for our microkini company?” Erin asked. I was shocked since we had never yet talked about our new company with anyone else, let alone a cute stranger that we just met on the beach. But just imagining Keyla wearing our microkinis was enough to convince me to immediately agree.

“Oh, that would be fun!” Keyla exclaimed. “I’ve always wanted to be a model, and these designs are like nothing I’ve ever seen!” “You want me do it now?”

“No, we’ll have to customize some of these suits for you,” I said. “These were made to fit Erin’s body, so we’ll have to take some measurements and size them just for you.”

“Doing anything tomorrow?” Erin asked. “Can you come on by our house?”

“Nothing, I’d love to visit.”

Erin scribbled our address on a piece of paper and handed it to Keyla. The two girls continued to talk, as I imagined her soon to be wearing the tiniest of bikinis.


It was Sunday evening and Keyla called and said that she was on her way over. Erin and I had spent the afternoon by the pool and we were both still wearing our swimsuits. Around 7PM there was a knock on the front door.

Erin opened the door and greeted Keyla with friendly hug. “Ready to model?”

“Yes, I’ve been looking forward to this all day,” Keyla replied. Erin led her into the living room where she dropped her bag in the corner and walked over to where I was arranging some of our micro bikinis.

“Are these all for me?” Keyla asked.

“We can try on as many as you’d like,” I said. “I’ll have to make some adjustments for your body.” I pointed to her huge chest with a grin.

“Let’s get started.” And with that, Keyla took off the little blue dress that she was wearing. I was amazed. She wasn’t even wearing a bra, only some tiny blue panties. Her large D-cup breasts were sitting high and very perky on her chest. I had assumed she was wearing a bra under her dress, but her figure was just naturally firm and tight. Her breasts had nice large flat nipples that were perched tokat escort on top. She noticed that I was checking out her body and came next to me under the guise of choosing the first microkini. She leaned across to select a pink slingshot and intentionally pressed her breasts against me. This was going to be fun.

“I like this one,” Keyla said.

Erin selected a similar purple slingshot. “I’ll model this one too,” she said. “We’ll take a few photos together.”

Erin took off her bikini and stepped into the slingshot and adjusted it on her body. Without any hesitation, Keyla did the same right in front of us. The tiny slingshot had no hope of containing her larger breasts.

I offered to adjust the small patches of fabric and to figure out what needed to be modified. Keyla stood still as I moved around the top patches to center them across her nipples. I estimated that I probably would have to double them in size for her, but it would still be a very tiny slingshot thong by any measure.

“How does it feel?” I asked.

“Very sexy,” she replied. “Like I’m not wearing anything at all.”

“You do look incredible,” Erin stated. “I wish I had a set of tits like that.” Both girls laughed.

Because of the additional strain on the slingshot from her large chest, I noticed that the tiny teardrop shaped bottom was beginning to slip between her pussy lips as she moved around to create a pretty camel toe.

In the meantime Erin had moved closer to us. “Can I feel your boobs?” she asked Keyla. “They look so natural.” “I can’t believe that they are fake.”

“Feel them.” Keyla allowed Erin to fondle her.

“When I saw you two on the beach yesterday,” Keyla continued with a smile, “I could tell that you would probably be fun to fool around with. My feeling was right.”

Our offer for her to model our microkinis was just the invitation that she was looking for. Erin was having a little fun with her. I grabbed the camera and starting taking photos of the two girls acting silly. Erin was grabbing Keyla’s breasts and started to over-act with fake pleasure like in a cheap porno film. The three of us simultaneously laughed out loud. Just being silly again, the two girls starting posing in all kinds of suggestive positions together, pulling the microkini tops aside to kiss a nipple or lick a breast.

Taking pictures as fast as I could, I began to notice that the playful teasing was starting to get serious. It looked to me like Erin and Keyla we genuinely getting turned on by each other’s playful actions. A minute later, both girls were sitting together in the middle of the room and slowly kissing each other. I was truly surprised and a little turned on, seeing Erin like that. I had no idea that she was ever interested in being with another girl. She had never mentioned anything like that to me.

The viewfinder in the camera turned blue and blinked “Memory card full”.

“Aw crap!” I exclaimed. “Just filled up the memory card. Let me grab another one”

I hurried down the hall to our computer room where I kept our camera equipment. I opened the desk drawer and dug through the mess to find one of my spare SD memory cards. Walking back I was concentrating on swapping the memory card in the camera when I re-entered the living room. I stopped and my jaw dropped.

Erin was leaning back on her elbows, sitting on the floor with her legs spread wide. Keyla was between her legs and softly kissing Erin’s pussy. I was stunned. First Keyla, then Erin smiled at me to acknowledge my presence, but then continued onward.

I raised the camera and started taking pictures of my sister getting her pussy licked by this girl we had only met the day before. Erin’s eyes were closed and her head dropped back while she enjoyed the moment. I zoomed in close and got the most fantastic shots of just Keyla’s tongue gently separating Erin’s moist pink pussy lips.

I noticed that Keyla’s tanned ass was raised in the air while as she continued to pleasure Erin, so I maneuvered myself behind her with camera in hand. I captured the beautiful sight of the pink slingshot material which had disappeared almost completely between her tanned little pussy lips. Got some good close-ups of that. Keyla knew that I was behind her taking pictures and she playfully wagged her ass at me. I reached forward and gently pulled the pink fabric from within her lips and moved it aside. Her pussy had just a hint of moisture as I guess she was becoming aroused by being with Erin.

With just my right hand now holding the camera, I took my left finger and gently placed it between her soft lips and she quietly moaned with pleasure too. Taking that as a signal to proceed, I slid my finger into her pussy and felt her warm juices start to flow. I fingered her while she was licking my sister’s clitoris. Erin was in heaven and Keyla was enjoying herself sandwiched between us.

I was starting to become aroused, more from watching my sister getting her pussy licked. I finally realized that the camera was becoming a nuisance to our little game and I put it aside. I situated myself directly behind Keyla and replaced my finger with my tongue in her cunt. The quiet moaning deep within her started to increase. I rose back up to watch my sister some more and caught her eye as he smiled at me.

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