Midnight Admission

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It was my third night in the hospital. I had arrived on Wednesday for some basic tests but during one of these I had some form of reaction. The doctors decided to hold me over until they determined the cause. So, there I was on a Friday night wishing I could be at home. Funny, if I was at home, I thought, I wouldn’t be doing anything anyway, so I settled in and directed my attention to the television.

I flipped through the channels but could find nothing of interest. I stopped at one of the sports channels figuring at least I’d be able to keep up with what college teams were playing on Saturday. I guess that’s when I drifted off. I couldn’t have been asleep long; maybe a couple of hours, when I heard the door ease open. I glanced at the time on the television. It was after 11pm. “Okay,” I thought to myself, probably the night nurse coming in to check on me at the beginning of her shift. I could see the white dress as she stood at the door apparently reading my chart.

Though her back was toward me, I knew right away I hadn’t seen this nurse. She had golden blonde hair pulled tightly up on the crown of her head. As my gaze shifted lower I could see her long slender neck. hidden slightly by strands of her silky hair that had fallen out of place from the rest. Her shoulders weren’t exceedingly wide but seemed slightly disproportionate to her slender waist. Her hips completed what appeared to be a perfect hourglass figure. Continuing my visual investigation, I noticed how long and slender her legs appeared. I could see their smoothness even through the white stockings that covered them. There was no doubt; I’d never seen this nurse before.

As quickly as I had assessed her, she slipped out the door again. I wondered who she was and found myself longing to see her face. She had made an impression on me with her presence alone. I began imagining her face, trying to finish the unknown details. Again, I settled back against the pillow and began to feel the pull of sleep. I turned the overhead light off leaving just the lamp and television to light the room. I was thinking how nice it was to have a private room and turned my head toward the large window on the far wall. I closed my eyes.

I thought it only seconds later, when I heard the squeak of the door again. Looking at the dark window I could see the reflection of the room. I recognized the shape of the visitor as the same nurse who had just checked my chart. It peaked my interest and I turned my head toward the door. She spoke.

“Oh, you’re awake. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you. I just wanted to see if you needed anything.”

Her voice was angelic and soft. It fit the amazingly beautiful face it came from. Her eyes were deep blue pools, like artesian wells and her skin had the smooth texture of cream. Her lips were thin but formed a near perfect pout. She was radiant.

“Oh no,” I said. “I’ve just been lying here thinking.” I tried to ease her worry about waking me. “As a matter of fact, I am getting a little thirsty and my carafe has no ice in it.” I reached over to get the pitcher and met her hand as she reached for it as well. It seemed the moment lasted for minutes. Her skin was as soft as velvet.

She lifted the carafe and said, “give me just a minute, I’ll take care of this immediately,” and disappeared out the door. Her perfume lingered in the room. I couldn’t place the aroma but it was sweet. “Jasmine,” I thought to myself. Yes, she had the presence of a wonderful flower and I reveled in the memory of the moment.

Her return was prompt. She placed the carafe on the nightstand, then poured a cup of water. “Here,” she said, handing me the cup. I smiled and took the cup, drinking the contents empty. “Gee, you really were thirsty weren’t you?” she asked. I nodded and placed the cup on the nightstand. She refilled the cup but I waved my hand to signal her I was fine. She smiled and did something I wasn’t expecting.

She sat in the chair facing the bed. It confused me. In all the visits I’d made to a hospital I’d never had a nurse sit during her visit. “Tired?” I asked. “Yes,” she replied, “I’ve been on my feet since 3 this afternoon.” That’s when it hit me. This nurse wasn’t coming on duty, she was getting off. I asked her if she was working a double shift. She told me she wasn’t and that she had been off duty for about a half-hour. My mind wandered. Why would she come to my room and see to my needs if she was Sakarya Escort no longer working? I thought to myself, “Ok, maybe she’s just bored and looking for some conversation. Why me?” I wondered.

She had shifted her attention to the television and while she looked away I took a moment to survey her. My eyes were drawn to her chest. Under the close fitting uniform I could detect the presence of a pair of well-shaped, medium sized breasts that appeared to be larger than her small frame suggested. Her nipples were slightly visible through the fabric of her bra and uniform. As I lowered my eyes I could see the soft skin of her thighs as they disappeared under the folds of her dress. I found myself mesmerized and excited. I looked up to her face and realized she had caught me looking.

“Like what you see?” She asked coyly. There was a smile on her lips and she shifted her legs, crossing them, revealing more of what had captured my attention. “Um, yes, ” I muttered, “you are stunning.” Her smile broadened and spread to her eyes, sparkling like diamonds. She was indeed, the most beautiful woman I had laid eyes on in many years. I could feel the warmth of the blood in my face as I blushed but it was the sudden realization of activity under the sheets that caused me to squirm a little. She was turning me on and she knew it!

I diverted my attention to the television. “Do you follow college football?” I asked, trying desperately to gain control of my longing. “Not really,” she replied, “I watch it sometimes with my dad but I’m more into watching movies. Do you mind if I change the channel?” “Of course not,” I said, “please, help yourself.” She rose from the chair but instead of reaching for the remote at the bedside, she walked to the TV mounted on the wall. On her tiptoes she reached up to change the channel, exposing all but the very tops of her legs to me. She flipped through the channels until she found something of interest as I stared at the smoothness of her delicious thighs. She stopped, adjusted her uniform and returned to her place in the chair. My thoughts were racing as I adjusted my position to my side so I could see her better. I propped my head on my hand; my elbow deep into the pillow and my eyes again met hers.

“You’re really quite sexy,” she remarked. “I saw you when you were admitted. I’ve been keeping my eye on you but I’ve been keeping my distance. I overheard the doctor say you were going home tomorrow, so I decided I had to come in and meet you. I’m Donna,” she said as she held out her hand. I was stunned. I reached out with my left hand since my weight was firmly planted on my right arm and shook her hand saying, “Hi, I’m Marty, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Still grasping my hand, she pulled herself toward me. Her perfume was intoxicating. She looked directly in my eyes and then slowly, deliberately she kissed me. Our tongues flirting ardently as passion began to rise. ‘Could this really be happening?’ I thought. I extended my left arm behind her neck and drew her onto the bed. “Wait,” she said. My heart stopped for a moment as she pulled away and stood next the chair. She walked over to the door and I heard the “click” of the lock. She returned to my bedside then turned her back to me and said, “Can you help me with this?” Pointing at the zipper at the top of her uniform. I sat up in the bed, reaching for the zipper. As the clasp made its descent the skin of her back was exposed and I marveled at how smooth and soft it appeared.

When I reached the bottom, she turned and shook the garment loose from her body. It fell in a pile at her feet. Her breasts were cradled high in her bra creating mounds of soft flesh pushed together to form an image of cleavage like I’d never seen before. I could see the silkiness of her panties through her hose. The curve of her hips was delicate but pronounced. She kicked off her shoes then wiggled free of her pantyhose exposing the supple skin of her upper thighs I had earlier dreamed about. She turned towards me and in something of a query of approval, she said, “What do you think?”

I have to imagine that my eyes were enough to answer her because she didn’t wait for my reply. Instead, she twirled, then stopped and proceeded to unfasten her bra. Her eyes remained locked with mine. She slid the bra down her arms and her beautiful breasts bounced slightly from their confinement. I heard myself say something Sakarya Escort Bayan but the pounding of my heart filled my brain. She reached to her head and pulled loose her hair, which fell, gracefully over her tender breasts. Her nipples were erect and peaked from behind the curtain of her golden hair. I was entranced. “I want you to remove my panties,” she said, as she moved back to her position next to the bed. By this time, I had begun to push the sheets down the bed in anticipation of the nearing events.

I pulled her close to me and softly kissed her stomach at the top of her delicate panties. I carefully pushed my fingers under the fabric and gently slid her panties off her hips and down her legs until they dropped to the floor. Her golden pubic hairs were neatly trimmed and I could readily see she was already excited. I pulled her closer and buried my face between her thighs. The aroma of jasmine and her arousal heightened my own excitement as I felt my manhood swell. I pushed myself back to the side of the bed and drew her into it.

I quickly removed my nightshirt and with one hand pushed my shorts down to my knees where I freed them from my legs with one foot. We began a long impassioned kiss that seemed to consume the oxygen from my lungs. It was exhilarating. Her lips tasted like cherries and her breath was like springtime. My lips searched hungrily for her neck and she tilted her head back to accommodate me. She brought my hand to her mouth and sucked on my finger as I playfully nibbled her neck and shoulder. I could feel the warmth of her skin on my lips.

I raised myself above her. I kissed her lips once more, then began the journey down her neck until I found her breasts. I paused and looked into her eyes. She returned my glance with a look of urgency. As I began my soft assault on her breasts she pushed her head back deep into the pillow and moaned a soft and soulful sound. My tongue began to flick her nipples and they elongated as her pleasure increased. I tugged at one with my lips, then opened my mouth and tenderly nipped it with my teeth. She writhed in contentment. I moved to the other and repeated the same. I kissed between her supple breasts and began to push my intent lower, down her ribcage, across her flat tummy and ended at the hairline of her pussy.

In anticipation of my teasing, she parted her legs granting me access. I kissed her navel. She tilted her pelvis allowing a clear path. I began teasing her with my tongue, carefully avoiding her clit. She shuddered as I grazed it with my chin. With both hands she grabbed my hair and pulled me into her. She would not be denied nor was she willing to be teased further. My tongue parted her lips tasting her seeping passion, her nectar sweet. I concentrated my efforts on her clit playfully darting over it and then extending my tongue to its fullest extent; I slowly licked the entirety of her pussy. Her hips rose to prolong the contact. She was nearing ecstasy and I wanted no less than to provide it for her. I rekindled my efforts and found her moistness increasing. Her juices sated my mouth and permeated my senses as I felt her explode under me. She loosened her grip on my hair and I knew she had reached the sacred awareness of lovemaking. She relaxed, then pulled my face to hers and kissed me feverishly.

“That was wonderful,” she said as she gasped for breath. She patted the bed beside her motioning me to move. “Now it’s your turn,” she announced. I lay on my back and she too began a slow descent from my lips to my neck and then to my chest, where she tugged at my nipples. Her hands were already well on their way to my manhood as she caressed my sides and stomach. I could feel my own desire building. Her hand found my cock already swelling with passion. She looked up at my face and with a look of pleasant content she began to stroke my cock with slow deliberate intention. She gently squeezed my nuts. Her hands were soft and warm. My cock was beginning to throb from the attention she so amorously applied. She lowered herself further and still looking into my eyes she kissed the bulbous head of my cock parting her lips slightly. Her tongue darted over every inch of my swollen member sensitizing me further. She opened her mouth and in one motion took the bulk of my cock inside it. Her mouth was moist and warm and her tongue was continuing its maneuvers along my shaft. Again she looked up to my Escort Sakarya eyes to check her progress, her blue eyes beckoning for approval. I moaned a soft sigh as my eyes rolled back in pleasure.

Likely, that was her signal. She positioned herself over me. Her knees were on each side of my body. Her blonde hair fell around her breasts and with her hand she placed my cock at the entrance of her love nest. She was in no hurry. She wanted to tease and to give me a chance to allow the pressure to subside from her oral manipulation. Her pussy was moist, almost dripping. She meticulously lowered herself onto my cock. At first encompassing only the tip but then slowly drawing me deeper inside her. She wanted to feel every micron of my presence within her. I separated my legs causing hers to open wider and could see her eyes widen as well. Her descent stopped when she had engulfed my whole and I could feel her gently squeeze me from within. Then, just as slowly, she raised herself until only the tip of my cock was still in her.

It was a graceful dance, each rise and fall becoming more deliberate and forceful. As she would reach the point of total insertion I raised my hips to allow her more. Her breasts rose and fell with each movement and her belly contracted as my cock drove deep into her. I could see the glistening of her nectar on my cock as she rose and felt the smoothness of the glide as I plunged back inside. Her movements began to become frenzied and erratic and I knew she was nearing a climax. I placed my hands on her hips and when she had me deepest within I pulled her tight against me. She shuddered with delight and began to milk the very essence of me. I could feel the ooze of her cum as it trickled down my balls and I began to slowly gyrate my hips to maximize her pleasure.

Without losing my penetration I rolled her over on her back. She voiced her approval with her eyes never saying a word. My cock was throbbing with tremendous pressure and I knew I was not long in joining her in the throws of ecstasy. I moved my arms under her legs and lifted them to assure ultimate plunge depth. I was going to give this beautiful woman all she could ever desire. My hips drew back and I plunged quickly. I repeated my effort. I could here the suction created from our unity. My balls were bouncing on her soft ass as I increased the frequency of my lunges. Faster and faster I probed. The sweet smell of passion and jasmine surrounded us. The bed was shaking violently as I increased the speed of my assault. I felt the ache in my groin of my impending crescendo. The pace was nearing critical. I couldn’t breathe. Sweat poured from my body and onto hers as we indulged our deepest animal passion. She grabbed my ass and pulled me so deep inside her I knew she was beyond the point of no return. I could contain myself no longer. Her fingernails buried deep in the flesh of my butt as I exploded my cum inside. Her own orgasm seemed heightened as she felt my secretion within her. There was at that moment, no distinction between the two of us, only the unified effort to succumb to the desire of the other. I remained rigid, steadfast to the task of fulfilling her every need. She whimpered and released and I knew she had experienced the totality of satisfaction.

The next few moments lasted ages. Time stood still for us. I collapsed in her embrace. She kissed me adoringly, smothering my face with tenderness. She looked into my eyes and uncontrollably began to laugh. The pressure caused my manhood to slip from inside her. The wetness of the union seeping into the bed we lay on. “Marty,” she said. “That was the most incredible sex I’ve ever had. You are a wonderful lover.” I blushed at her announcement.

We lingered there in the others arms for a few minutes longer. I wanted it to last forever. We talked of silly things and joked. We basked in the glow of fulfillment and for a while there was no one else in existence and silence engulfed us.

“I have to go,” she said finally, breaking the silence just as I was on the brink of sleep. She kissed me and slid off the bed, scurrying around collecting her belongings, then disappeared into the bathroom. When she returned she was fully dressed and seemingly undaunted save the fact that her hair was still down. She leaned over me and kissed me, a tear fell on my face. “Marty, you’re the best,” were her last words to me and she turned and vanished into the night.

The next day I was discharged. I asked the charge nurse if she knew Donna. She told me there was a Donna who had worked there but had transferred somewhere out west that day. She asked me if I had a problem with her. “No,” I replied. I never saw her again but I remember her whenever I smell jasmine.

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