Midnight DP

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I was woken up with a bright glow and from movement in our bed. I opened up my eyes to catch a glimpse of my wife holding her cell phones in front of her face. It took me a couple of seconds to get my eyes adjusted to the light but when I was able to see clearly what I saw was a pleasant surprise. My wife was watching an adult movie and the scene was a woman getting double penetrated by two cocks. The movement was from my wife masturbating next to me.

At this time she was unaware that I was awake as she moved onto her side away from me. And this put her bare ass right against my left hand.

So I started to gently rub her ass cheeks and I could her softly moan as I did so. Then I would let my fingers to slide up and down the crack of her ass and to make sure that my fingers will brush her tight rose bud. I could feel her shiver every time I would pass over the entrance of her ass. With every pass I could feel that my fingers were getting wet from her pussy juicy that flowed out of her pussy and down her ass. So I would start to rub the natural lube around her hole and started kurtköy escort to probe it a little then take my finger out to get some more juice then I would return back to her waiting hole. I would stick my finger a little deeper each time until she was completely relaxed so I could start to finger fuck her deeper and faster. By this time she was moaning loudly with pleasure as she was getting finger fucked in both holes at the same.

I pulled my finger out of her ass and got out of the bed. She looked up at me and her face had a weird expression.

She asked me “where do you think you are going.”

I didn’t say anything but just simply walked into our closet and retrieved her favorite toy. It is a dildo that has a cock ring built-in so that I can give her a double penetration. I also went into our bathroom to get the bottle of lube.

She saw what I was bringing back and she rolled over to give me full access to her wet pussy. She moaned and shook as I put my mouth on her pussy mound. I could feel her clit was enlarged as I took it into my mouth. I bit down malatya escort of it without hurting her so I could suck it and lick it. I felt her claws scratch my ass as the sensation was sending waves of pleasure over her body. I grabbed the toy and slide it into her pussy. As I was fucking her she said “fuck my pussy harder. Fuck my tight pussy.” And then she said to finger fuck her ass. When I started to slide my finger in I felt she was very open and well lubed up so I slide in two fingers. She bucked as I did so and she loved they was she was being stuffed.

She moved underneath me so she could suck my cock. As the head of my cock touched her lips she felt my pre-cum on her lips. She frantically started to lick it all up as she loves the taste of it. Then in one quick motion she grabbed my ass and pulled my cock all the way deep into her mouth and made herself gag on it. She did this a few more times which caused me to really fuck her pussy with the dildo.

She told me that she didn’t want to cum in my mouth that she was ready to be fucked by two cocks.

I pulled her kayseri escort out of the bed and positioned against my dresser. I lubed up the cock ring portion of the toy to help it slide over my very hard and swollen cock. She first pushed the tip of the dildo into her pussy and then lined my cock up to her waiting open ass hole. As I pushed my cock in her ass the dildo pushed in deeper into her pussy. She let out a very big moan as both her holes now had a cock in them. I let her relax a minute and then pushed both beeper and then slide it back out. She told me “stop fucking around and fuck my ass.” I did as she said and with both the dildo and my cock were in perfect rhythm, it wasn’t going to be much longer until she was going to cum. I could feel her ass was starting to grip my cock as I was fucking her. Then her whole body tensed up and she screamed out loud “oh fuck I am Cumming, don’t stop, fuck me harder. Make me cum with your fucking cock in my ass.” She must have had a orgasm that lasted for over a minute. As soon as she relaxed I started to pump harder as I was feeling my balls were starting to swell up. She knew I was close also and she told me that she wanted my hot cum in her ass. I grabbed her hips real hard and pumped two more times and shot my load deep in her ass.

What a way to wake up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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