Midnight Snow

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Big Tits

Saturday night. After a neighborhood holiday party in a nearby apartment on this old Boston street, Peter and Yvette ended up at Ricky & Allison’s place for some more late night partying on a cold, clear, star-filled night with the dusty streets deserted and a few fallen leaves blowing around. Peter with boyish good looks worthy of an Abercombie & Finch poster is nearly 5’6″, with a moppy head of straight sandy brown hair and blustery blue eyes. Yvette is a svelte, dark haired beauty with a tiny waist and eyes of crystal blue with dark long lashes and a tiny nose that frames her lovely face. She is not well endowed but her gorgeous tiny little pear shaped breasts have always been a source of great pleasure for Peter.

Ricky is much like Peter yet taller & lankier with blondish hair and the same striking good looks. His girl Allison is a catch and has bright blond hair cut a bit above her shoulders. Tonight she is dazzling in her simple beige sweater and tight jeans. Her breasts are not too big, but in the tight sweater that is cropped short they are impressive and quite hard not to notice. When she reaches or stretches her sweater rides up revealing her taut smooth stomach.

The two couples partied a bit with some more libations and smoke. Eventually they settled into a silly card game with Yvette sitting at one end of the couch and Ricky at the other with Peter and Allison in chairs pulled up to the coffee table. Behind them a simple Christmas tree glowed with its array of lights and decorations. They game ran its course and the couples lost interest with Ricky not feeling all that well and Yvette fading too. She was not a big drinker, but tonight in all the fun she drank more than usual and her work had been dragging her down so she curled up in the corner of the couch as Allison got up and went to the bathroom. Peter and Ricky chatted a bit about sports and Yvette was soon sleeping in a fetal position. Ricky pulled his coat over himself and too began to fade.

When Allison returned Peter got up and went to use the bathroom. He stood over the stool and in his inebriated state he held himself up against the wall with one hand as he peed a powerful stream with the other hand holding his cock. Upon finishing he actually felt quite good considering how much he had partied and his cock twitched a slight hard on as he washed his hands and looked himself in the mirror. He searched for a towel but it had fallen on the floor. Reaching down for the towel to dry his hands Peter noticed on a terry robe hung close by behind the door. He still had a bit of a hard on and he wiped his hands. He smelled a wisp of Allison’s scent on the robe as he thought back to earlier in the day.

A lazy Saturday morning found Peter pawing the lovely Yvette playfully on the couch. The youthful and energetic Peter always had the libido of a racehorse and his hands found their way under her top to fondle her treasured jewels. She playfully slapped away his hands but soon relented to allow access to his touch upon her braless titties. Unfortunately for Peter it was “that time of month” for Yvette and she always made herself “off limits” during this time. She knew his arousal was intense and would be hard to deny so she didn’t mind satisfying him in other ways. Yvette pulled off her top and in her jeans was topless and stunning with her dark hair cascading down and her lovely little titties available for Peter to see and touch. Peter’s cock grew in his jeans as Yvette rubbed his growing hardness and she rose over him draping her titties over his face for Peter to enjoy.

Peter licked and kissed the pointy little nipples of her perfect tiny breasts as Yvette shivered to the sensation and rubbed his cock some more. Stopping for a moment she reached down and unzipped his pants and pulled out Peter’s throbbing hard cock. As she was stroking the spongy, slightly sticky, manly rod, Peter was taking off his shirt. Soon he was topless too and Yvette rubbed his perfect chest as she continued to jack on his cock. Peter was going wild and he loved being naked so he reached down, yanking his jeans and boxers further off, then lifting his legs and pulling it all off. Naked there on the couch with his topless sweetie, Peter’s arousal leaked clear pre-cum from his handsome cock as Yvette returned to jacking on it as Peter fondled her naked little titties as she knelt next to the couch beside him.

Yvette rose over Peter and draped her soft little titties over Peter’s cock and teased it with her pointy, erect nipples before pressing the sensuous feminine flesh firmly into his rigid cock. Peter humped his aching manhood up into the tender and delicate orbs as he was going wild with this stimulation. Next to a istanbul escort romp with his sweetie Peter couldn’t of anything better than an erotic titty fuck on Yvette’s soft breasts. Yvette then brought her lips over his cock and slipped the wonderful meaty hardness into her warm wet mouth. She relished the sensation, taste and scent of his manhood and alternated sucking and rubbing her naked chest over his throbbing cock, now quite steeled and soon to pop. Yvette however was not all that fond of the taste of cum and as she sensed Peter was close she caressed his aching balls with her soft hands and continued to titty fuck her honey. Peter humped up against her wonderful chest and a torrent of cum blasted out all over Yvette’s titties and neck and all over Peter’s stomach as he moaned and gasped his sexual exultation.


Peter replaced the towel to the holder and smiled to himself remembering the titty fuck in the afternoon as his cock was squirming a little harder in his jeans. He was about to open the bathroom door and leave when he spied a crumpled pair of jeans in the corner behind the door. A sock hung halfway out one of the bottom legs and he saw a patch of red material up in the waist of the wadded jeans. He was aroused, amused and a bit high so in a bit of curious fun he reached in to the jeans lying there and fished out a pair of panties. They were a simple pair of designer cotton string bikini panties in holiday red with tiny white snowflakes. “Merry Christmas” he chuckled to himself as he inspected his find.

What is it, he thought, that fascinates nearly every man in the western world with a pair of women’s panties? While it holds the last access to a woman’s femininity, their nearly endless array of styles and colors and materials fascinates, amuses, excites and captivates the psyche of men. Some men, while fascinated and aroused by them, are intimidated and are perhaps a bit afraid to touch them when not in the presence of a sexual encounter. Other men have blown any pretense of grounded behavior and are at the other spectrum with their love and adoration of panties lured by their power to relish the feel of the feminine garment on their masculine skin and fetish its touch on their excited cocks and asses in wild masturbation.

Peter was somewhat in the middle, certainly not afraid of them, but he had no real desire to get kinky and wear them. He was satisfied seeing the lovely Yvette in her many fantastic panties and was always aroused looking at the lingerie catalogs with her seeing the many fine dainty panty styles on many fine hottie little models. He loved fingering a pussy through a pair of panties and caressing a soft, round little panty clad ass. Allison’s perfumed scent on the robe lingered in his nostrils and he wondered if the panties too had this scent. They did. With the panties close to Peter’s face he chuckled again and thought of an amusing little thing he had heard some men do. He found the cotton swatch that tucks between a woman’s legs and connects the front with the back of the panties. His nostrils were overpowered with the raw feminine sexual scent of Allison and this shook him back to reality. “Dude, you pervert” he said to himself as he replaced the panties in the jeans and tried to make it look like they had not been disturbed.

While he chastised himself for his little misadventure, the intoxicating aroma lifted his hardening cock a bit more. Opening the door he figured it was time to wake up Yvette and head home. As he entered back in the living room he saw Allison standing by the window, looking out. As she heard him he was about to speak but she turned and placed her finger to her lips issuing a silent “shhhhhhh”. She then pointed to the couch with Yvette and Ricky now quite passed out, the two of them. Allison had put a blanket over Yvette and Ricky was laying back with his jack still draped over his front. Holiday music played almost imperceptibly in the background on the radio and Allison had turned out all the lights except for a small lamp. Allison then curled her finger in a silent “come here” motion as she returned to looking out the window. Peter walked over and Allison whispered, “look” as she stared out.

Peter looked out to see the world all white and glowing with an unexpected midnight snow. The wind had died down and snow fell steadily in the nighttime silence. Perhaps from before the time the card game had ended and no one had noticed to when Peter had used the bathroom more than an inch of snow had fallen. Looking out the streetlights dotted up the street and shone their umbrella of golden light down in expanding and fading cylinders. kadıköy escort Christmas lights pierced intermittently from windows their green, gold, blue and red twinkling. An occasional neon sign glowed hesitantly out and one or two souls walked quickly along making tiny tracks from Allison and Peter’s vantage point with their own Christmas tree glowing besides them. A car sputtered by slowly leaving its parallel indentations behind it in the untouched snow.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Peter whispered. Allison nodded and continued to look out. Peter turned and was trying to determine if he should wake Yvette and leave when his hand brushed against Allison’s hand. She looked up at him and as he was about to turn again and walk over to Yvette, Allison’s eyes caught his and shone a passionate sparkle. He was about to speak again when she put her finger to his lips to “shhh” his words. Her hand reached up behind Peter’s head and she pulled Peter close to kiss him. The kissing was tentative at first and Peter was not quite sure what was happening. Passion grew as their kissing became stronger and more exciting. The shear unexpected event had Peter’s senses reeling, and his cock grew with the intimacy of kissing a new woman in this forbidden manner but a few steps from his sleeping girlfriend.

Reason lost out to desire and Allison and Peter kissed as intensely as they could trying to muffle the sound of their kissing as their hands wandered onto each other’s bodies. Allison’s scent now overpowered Peter and he reached up to feel her breasts through her sweater. They both glanced over to the couch to see that Yvette and Ricky were still sleeping. Allison’s hands found their way under Peter’s sweater and she began to lift it off. She kissed his handsome chest as soon as he finished helping her take off his sweater. Peter then slid his hands under her sweater to feel her breasts. Unlike Yvette whose breasts were exquisite but smallish and were rarely confined by a bra, Allison had shapely rounded breasts that felt incredible as Peter began to fondle them silently. He marveled how they felt all pert and firm in a bra and for a man to touch a new woman’s titties for the first time is almost always a memorable sensation of wonderful discovery and excitement.

Peter lifted Allison’s sweater over her head and was astonished at their beauty nestled there in a lacy little bra glowing by the shimmering tree lights in the near darkness. He continued to knead and caress their loveliness as she unsnapped her bra from behind and slid it off her shoulders. The two were now topless in their jeans and they hugged and kissed to feel the sensation of their own naked chest on the other’s body. In the dim light Peter was in awe of the beautiful round feminine globes and he gently tweaked her nipples to pointy hardness. In silence they continued their kissing and caressing and almost simultaneously they reached for the snap on each other’s pants. Allison succeeded first and had Peter’s zipper down and had her hand reaching in to feel his cock. She felt its lovely spongy hardness as she stroked on it and cradled his balls in her deft hand, eliciting a shiver from Peter and an involuntary thrust from his hips. Allison pulled on Peter’s jeans and slid them down along with his boxers as silently as she could, falling to her knees to help Peter step out of them. Soon he was completely nude illuminated in the glow of the tree lights with his beautiful hard cock sticking out and almost immediately jacked on by Allison.

On her knees Allison too was experiencing the exciting newness of an unknown cock and she rubbed it all over her face drinking in its pleasant manly scent before engulfing it in her mouth. Peter stifled an excited sexual moan as best he could as Allison’s mouth worked charming magic on his cock plunging it in & out in delightful sucks. Peter ran his hands through her hair to steady himself and tried to be quiet. He enjoyed this cock sucking but wanted to feel more of Allison’s nakedness and he began to lift her gently up. She almost grudgingly gave up the stimulating hard cock from her mouth and she stopped on her way up to press her titties into the now slippery manhood. Peter grimaced at the sensation of another woman’s titties on his cock and he pulled her up, kissing her forcefully as they muffled their ravenous kissing. He reach for her jeans and helped Allison slide them down her slender legs. She stepped out of them and stood there wearing only a pair of beige satin string bikini panties. Peter placed both his hands around her tiny waist and kissed her again as she pressed her titties into him.

They turned for a second kağıthane escort to make sure that the others were still asleep and Peter turned Allison around and began to press his cock into her pantied ass. He rubbed his massively hard cock along the satin covered crease and lifted his hands to fondle her naked titties from behind as he continued to press his cock against her remarkable ass. They were both facing the couch watching to be sure no one was stirring as they persisted their sexual gyrations by the tree. Snow fell silently outside as Allison turned her head up and back to steal a little kiss from Peter. Her titties felt so good as his cock was being pampered by the sensation of grinding against the soft, round, bikini covered little ass. Allison enjoyed this little game too and loved the manly touch of Peter’s hands on her feminine softness and the stimulation of his hard cock riding against her ass.

Peter turned Allison around and began running his fingers intently along the panty sheathed dampness of her femininity. Allison whimpered at the attention to her delicate pussy and slowly pulled Peter down on the carpet by the tree. She fell forward and stretched out, planting on her knees almost doggie style with her ass facing Peter and her head and elbows on the carpet so she could still keep an eye on the couch. Her ass wiggled enticingly in the air and Peter cuddled the satin encased finery one more time before pulling down the lovely panties.

As Peter brought his face closer the intoxicating scent he discovered in the bathroom began to overpower him full force. His face sank in between Allison’s legs as his tongue found a scented prized he only amusingly toyed with in the bathroom, not know at the time his boyish indiscretion would lead to such an unexpected carnal indulgence. He licked and kissed slowly and silently at first, taking in the powerful, yet delicate feminine scent. As Allison wiggled her approval and desire back at Peter and ground her femininity back to meet his loving licks, Peter’s gentle molestation became a fiercer and fiercer tongue-lashing. The taste and scent was heavenly and Peter could barely get enough as his cock throbbed ant the two clandestine lovers peered an occasional eye to the couch.

Peter couldn’t help himself as he slipped his tongue into Allison’s rosebud little opening between her cheeks and pierced it with the warm, wet hardness of his tongue. Allison was beside herself with tension and arousal and when Peter brought his mouth back to her pussy and licked across her enflamed clit she gushed forth a shattering orgasm that she had a hard time stifling. Peter continued his assault as Allison came in waves and stifling her whimpered moans in this almost public lovemaking made her orgasms all the more intense. Allison was so enflamed with her lust now she wanted Peter’s cock in her. She fell down off her knees and rolled onto her back, pulling Peter over her.

Peter began to pierce her throbbing, soaked femininity with his aching cock and was just about halfway inside the warm thrilling wetness of Allison’s pussy when there was movement on the couch. Ricky turned over, his jacket crinkling and squeaking, chortled a bit and fell back asleep. Allison and Peter froze when they heard this and Peter slid all the way into her in an attempt to almost hide as he heard the noise. This thrust filled her completely and when his pelvic bone rocked against hers and smashed into her clit, Allison came again muttering and squealing as quietly as she could. The tension and arousal of the scene was almost unbearable and with his beautiful big hard cock deep inside Allison’s tight, warm, alluring feminine crease Peter knew he wasn’t long for the world. With her legs spread and Allison rocking against his thrusts Peter fondled her titties a little more as she fucked him forcefully and less and less quietly, both of them lost in the animal passion of their lovemaking.

Peter fell upon Allison, kissing her neck and shoulders, licking her ears and fondling her magnificent breasts. Allison’s scent on her neck and shoulders proved to be the ignition for Peter’s blastoff and he couldn’t hold back if he tried. He rocked into Allison like a thrashing racehorse and began to cum in a shattering explosion of pent up passion. As he had a hard time muffling his orgasmic moans Allison put her hand over his mouth to stifle it as best she could, but she was whimpering and close to screaming herself. In gasping breaths and fits their raging orgasms spasm-ed and shook, surely shaking the floor.

Peter then collapsed onto Allison as the two attempted to comprehend the magnificence of their unplanned union. They tried to quiet themselves to survey the scene to see if their partners had been roused at all by their incredible, once in a lifetime, remember it as long as you live fuck. Allison lay back with Peter still deep inside her and watched the snow continue to fall outside the window. Peter stirred a bit and whispered in Allison’s ear, “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas,” a whisper drifted back.

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