Milk Duds Ch. 07.1

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A slight departure from the norm with the Milk Dud stories. This one is a continuation of Milk Duds 7, so you really should read it first then cum back to this episode. Again this story is dedicated to that special woman giving me the inspiration and idea. Now on with the show.


Labor Day weekend:

Suzie and Anna had heard the closing of the front door just as they had finished giving and getting sexual pleasure from each other. Forgetting Jim, Anna’s husband and father of Suzie, was coming home from his business trip that morning they quickly scrambled for clothes and hurried out to greet him.

“Honey I’m so glad you’re home,” Anna greeted him with just hint more enthusiasm than what seemed normal. True, she loved her husband dearly, but almost being caught with their daughter naked in bed caused her heart to race. “How was the trip? Did everything go as planned?”

“Baby it’s good to be home,” Jim exclaimed hugging his wife tightly and planting a hard kiss onto her lips. As their lips clamped together Jim noticed an odor that seemed very familiar, but put in the back of his mind knowing it couldn’t be possible. “Yeah, everything was just great. Signed up the client to a huge contract and just you wait until you see the commission check we’ll get.”

“Daddy,” Suzie greeted patiently waiting for her mother to let go of him. She flung her arms around his body and held him close and tight wanting to hide the deep blushing in her cheeks. “I’m so glad you’re home and I wanted you to know just how much I missed you.” She had from the time she could remember loved him and he had always been her hero.

“Uh, well hello back little girl,” Jim stammered as he felt her body pressing hard to his. She had always been his best girl after her mother and there was little they didn’t do together. Still there was a little something more in her greeting and hug he wasn’t sure about. Maybe it was for the first time he was really feeling how her breasts, having become more of a mirror image of her mother’s, were pressing hard to his chest. Because he had been gone for several days and his body was wanting sex he gently moved her away not wanting her to notice the growing desire he was feeling.

Jim saw their flushed faces and wondered what had been going on before he came home. His question was quickly answered.

“We were moving furniture around in Suzie’s room when we heard you close the front door,” Anna gasped still somewhat out of breath. Actually they had done the work the day before but she wasn’t about to tell him that. “It’ll help the carpet from becoming worn in just a few places,” she quickly added.

“Makes sense to me. Just like the rest of the house,” Jim commented with approval. “I don’t know about my two most favorite women but I’m hungry. Let’s order out for Chinese,” he suggested and was met with eager yeses.

As they waited for the food to arrive the three of them sat and talked. Jim told them of his business trip. It seemed the company he was visiting was very interested in the computer programming he had developed just for them. What with the specialization of the work they did his program was just what they had been looking to use. It had taken Jim eight months to develop the program based solely on the scant input they had provided, but knowing of their work the first version worked well beyond the expectations of all involved. Even Jim was surprised how well it functioned once loaded into their test computers.

The order out Chinese was delivered and they wasted no time devouring everything in the little white cardboard boxes. Supper finished just as Bill woke and cried his demanding scream. Anna got up to tend to him as Jim and Suzie moved to the front room. Both knew Anna would eventually bring the baby out to breast feed him and they made themselves comfortable on the sofa. Jim flicked the remote and the TV glowed to life. Like a flashback from the past an old episode of ‘Wild Kingdom’ came to the screen complete with the ever present white haired Marlin Perkins as host. Father and daughter both groaned but quickly their interest grew as the program moved onward.

“Look, dear,” Jim said to Anna as she came to join them. “Perkins has caught on film wild animals nursing their young.”

His glance easily moved into an open stare as his wife sat beside him. He noticed she had changed into her bathrobe making it much easier for her to breast feed their new baby. As she settled comfortably beside him she slipped open one half of her robe exposing her naked left breast. She lifted Billy closer and Jim saw how he took to her milk swollen nipple. He quickly settled in for a good belly filling of her milk and Anna sighed. Within seconds Jim was interested in the TV program anymore. His attention was drawn closely to his wife’s large milk filled breast and the small suckling sounds of his son. Having been gone for a week had caused his body to become more than ready for sex at home as his lips longed to be beside that of his son using her other breast to satisfy his own craving. His Escort Bayan body reacted to Anna breast feeding their son and he wished Suzie would find it in her heart to leave them alone, but she had yet to budge.

She waited as long as she felt was needed before standing. Suzie lifted her arms high over her head stretching and yawning. Her eyes took in how her father’s eyes shifted quickly to take in how her breasts moved and rose up on her chest before looking back to her mother nursing her brother.

“I think I’ll go to bed,” she quietly announced not wanting to disturb her baby brother from his feeding. She leaned over and kissed her mother’s cheek then shifted towards her father. At the same time her fingers slipped open two of the buttons of her blouse and as she leaned to kiss his cheek she made sure her blouse fell open enough for him to get a good look inside. Suzie was glad she had removed her bra and knew he would easily be able to see her naked breasts. “Goodnight Daddy,” she cooed giving his cheek a peck.

“Uh, yeah, sure,” Jim said as his eyes sought out and saw inside her blouse. In his mind he couldn’t believe he was actually looking down the front of his own daughters blouse, but the sight he beheld was so very erotic. “Have a good sleep and I’ll see you in the morning,” he managed to say hoping to sound normal. A week without sex was clouding his mind, he scolded himself still unable to tear his eyes away from the nakedness she was showing him.

“Is he done yet?” Jim asked Anna. His breathing was rapid and several times he’d had to shift himself on the sofa. Seeing his wife nursing their son was erotic enough, but having seen his daughters bare breasts inside her blouse was just to much.

“Yes just now,” Anna panted feeing her own wanton desires building to an erotic peak. “I still have some left if you want,” she said seductively opening the rest of her robe.

Jim gazed longingly at both her naked breasts as his tongue licked his lips. His head moved closer to her chest and captured her unused nipple only to find it leaking the milk from her full breast.

“I think it would be better if I put Billy in his crib,” Anna gasped as she felt his mouth suckling and pulling the milk from her.

Together they put the baby in his crib and quickly retired the their bedroom. Jim shoved the door closed not noticing how it didn’t quite close completely. He turned to Anna as she stood waiting. His fingers harshly flung open her robe as her shoulders moved just enough for the offending garment to fall into an untidy heap at her feet. He stood gazing at her naked form taking in the sight of her luscious sexy body, the spread of her hips and the fullness of her breasts. He silently dropped his pants, his throbbing erection bobbing hot and heavy in front of his body. No words were spoken as Anna easily knelt before him using both hands to hold his manhood. She saw the clear drops oozing from the slit of his organ as her tongue lashed out capturing it. It was salty with a bitter/sweet taste as she pulled it into her mouth. Quickly her lips surrounded his thick pulsing shaft taking in half of what she knew was nine inches of prime manhood.

As if rehearsed they moved as one to the bed as Jim lay on his back. Anna never let her lips leave his organ as they became more comfortable. She began to move her lips up and down his erection savoring his feel and taste as her buttocks rose higher. She felt Jim’s hands touching her breasts, gently squeezing them as they hung over his groin and the milk spurted out to coat his testicles.

From her room Suzie watched through the slim opening of the not quite closed door of her parents room. Seeing her mother taking her fathers thick hard erection between her lips caused her body to glow with arousal. This was the first time she’d had an opportunity to see her dad naked and the sight of his throbbing organ brought about an almost instantaneous orgasm. She felt her juices running down her thighs as she held her legs tightly together. Her middle finger slipped and rubbed her swollen sex nub helping her to another climax as she watched her mother gobble her fathers manhood.

‘Oh, Daddy, if only it were me sucking your thick hard cock,’ she groaned as quietly as she could. Suzie couldn’t remember just how long she had longed to see him naked, to touch his hard prick and to have it in her mouth. Now she was having to just watch her mother doing what she had dreamed. Her eyes moved enough to take in her mothers buttocks thrust lewdly in the air, her sex open to all to see. Drops of liquid seeped from inside only to slide down her thighs. She wanted so much to have her tongue between those same legs as her tongue lapped up the sweet nectar.

“Oh yeah baby, suck my cock,” Jim groaned as Anna took more and more of his massively thick organ down her throat. “That’s right, take all of it and let me feel you swallowing my shaft. Press your nose hard into my hairs and feel my cum filled balls against your chin. Taste your own milk when you lick my balls and suck them.”

It took all of Suzie’s will power Bayan Escort to keep from gasping aloud as she watched her mother shift her body around. She saw Anna’s tongue lapping hungrily at her father’s large heavy balls licking off the milk she had sprayed over them as her ass rose even higher. Her legs moved apart and Suzie had an excellent view of her mother’s swollen wet pussy. Unable to decide which she wanted more, her mother’s juicy cunt or her father’s thick hard cock Suzie decided to take what was closest. Moving slowly into the bedroom of her parents she came closer and closer until her nostrils filled with the musky scent of her mother’s heat. Cautiously she knelt on the bed behind her mother and moved her long pointed tongue closer to the heat she could feel. The first light touch was exquisite in taste as she carefully began to probe the wet slit in front of her.

Anna was so engrossed with licking and sucking Jim’s huge heavy nuts at first she paid little attention to the new sensation between her legs as they easily moved further apart. At Jim’s insistence and with the help of his hands guiding her head upward she again engulfed his thick shaft between her oral lips and began taking him deeper into her greedy throat. It wasn’t until she felt Suzie’s tongue sliding far up inside her pussy that she knew they weren’t alone.

“Oh my God,” she gasped loudly raising her head and letting Jim’s cock slap wetly against his hard belly. “Suzie, what in the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she demanded.

By now Jim’s attention was drawn away from his throbbing erection and to what his wife was talking about. He looked down and saw their daughter sitting timidly at the end of the bed.

“I………, I’m sorry Mommy. I just couldn’t help myself,” Suzie admitted her face turning eight shades of red. “When I saw you and Daddy, well, when I saw you taking him in your mouth……………., uh, well I just kind of wanted to be a part of things. Then your ass was up in the air and I saw your pussy all wet and ready. I just had to taste you again,” she said her head hanging low.

“Again?” Jim asked in shock. “What the hell does she mean again?” He was looking directly into Anna’s eyes.

“Oh Lord,” she exclaimed. “What a mess this is turning out to become. OK, sit back, relax and just listen,” she told her husband.

Anna began by going into detail of how it all started. How Suzie began asking questions and how it had all started out with such innocence. She explained that it soon moved beyond that point and before either of them knew it they were having sex, giving and getting sexual pleasures from the other.

“You mean you went along with all this bullshit?” Jim asked still in shock. “You and our daughter became lesbians?”

“Lesbians we defiantly are not,” she retorted. “Lovers yes, but we both still like and prefer men. Would I be so willing to take your cock down my throat if I didn’t want it more than a pussy?”

There was a long pause while Jim digested her words. They all sat without moving, their individual thoughts racing through their minds.

“Well, I suppose not,” he finally answered, “but it still boggles the mind especially mine. I would have never suspected you of liking and wanting to eat another woman’s cunt especially that of our own daughter. I do have to admit, however, I find the idea quite arousing.” He glanced down at his still rigid organ as both his wife and daughter saw the same thing.

“Are you angry with me Daddy?” Suzie asked timidly.

“Yeah and while you’re at it are you angry with me?” Anna wanted to know.

“I don’t know what to say or just how to react,” Jim sighed heavily. In spite of the fact his daughter was there seeing him naked, or maybe because of it, his erection began to shrink even though he did nothing to hide his exposed nude body.

“Are you saying just because Suzie and I have been together sexually you don’t want us around anymore or would you prefer to move out,” Anna asked hotly.

“That’s not what I said and you know it,” he retorted just as hotly. “I just don’t know what to think. It’s all so new and sudden. Look, like most any other guy I know, seeing two women getting it on together is normally a real great turn-on, but when it’s his wife and daughter……………, well that’s something very different.”

“Well, as much as I love you Jim, I love our daughter just as much. Now it’s up to you if you stay or leave. As for me, I’m going to stay and if Suzie wants to stay and sleep with me then so be it.”

It was a very pregnant silence that permeated the bedroom. Jim still remained on his back with his manhood laying half hard across his thigh. Anna turned to Suzie and pulled her close planting her open lips to that of her daughters. Within seconds Suzie began to respond, her lips parting and allowing her mother’s tongue to slip between them. They began a duel, tongue foisting with tongue fighting to gain control but both knowing it was just sexual gamesmanship.

Suzie was the first to respond more physically as her hand slipped between their bodies to firmly grasp Escort Anna’s milk filled breast. She broke the kiss and moved her lips down her mothers neck and upper chest until she was at last taking the swollen nipple into her sucking mouth. Her lips clamped tightly around the turgid nipple as she began nursing and pulling the milk from her mother as she had so many years before.

Jim watched in shock as his wife arched her back to press her breast more firmly to the face of their daughter. Still not quiet believing what he was seeing he felt himself becoming aroused as his manhood slowly came back to life. Somehow he found the scene before him very erotic and couldn’t wait until they really got into having woman on woman sex. It was like a dream come true except he was now seeing his daughter about to make love to her mother. He wasn’t sure just how long his desire to see Suzie’s naked body had possessed his mind but he was certain before the night was over he would see her just as naked as the day she was born with the exception of her now being fully mature.

The sight before him shifted and now both of his women’s hands were freely and wantonly roaming each others bodies. Suzie had yet to shed her nightgown as he watched Anna’s hand move up from the bottom to caress her daughters breasts. As Suzie pressed against her mother’s body helping her to lay down Jim moved and allowed them all the room they wanted. By now, with Anna laying flat on her back, Suzie was kissing her way down the naked body beneath her. Her lips moved from the milk filled breasts down to her stomach as her head stopped allowing her tongue to probe the indentation of Anna’s belly button. Then she slowly slipped lower still kissing the hot skin until she touched the thin strip of hair above her mothers sex.

“Oh yes baby, lick my clit and suck my cunt,” Anna gasped pushing Suzie’s head still lower. “Yeah, there babe, that’s the spot,” she said as her body shuddered.

Jim knew it was a minor orgasm she was having and marveled how easily it hit her. Even at his best he knew his own tongue and methods weren’t even close. The thought forming in his mind of his daughter giving him lessons sprouted and took hold. His first instinct, that of a man with a huge ego, said it could never be but the more he watched the more he began to change.

Suzie was now lost in her desire to have her mother’s pussy. All thoughts of her father being so close escaped her mind as she concentrated on what she was doing and what she wanted, that being tasting the juicy climax of her mother. Her lips found the swollen hard nub of her clit and she tried as hard as she could to trap the wet slick mini-prick between her lips. The more she tried the more Anna gasped with pleasure. It was like being teased and she loved it. Suzie began to taste the juices freely flowing from the pussy at her mouth as he tongue lanced its way into the folds Anna’s vagina. She shoved and rammed her pointed hard tongue as deep as she could and was rewarded when Anna lifted her hips and mashed her orgasmic cunt harder to her face.

Anna’s mouth opened wide yet no sound was issued. Her eyes scrunched tightly shut as the orgasm shook her very being. It was one of the most intense she had ever felt and it was her subconscious mind telling her it was because her husband was watching their daughter bringing her off. Her body slowly relaxed as Suzie lifted her head and smiled, her face slick with female cum.

As Jim watched his wife climax at the mouth and tongue of their daughter he couldn’t help himself. His cock swelled up thicker and harder than he could ever remembering it becoming as he saw Suzie sitting upright. Not even thinking his fingers lightly clutched the hem of her nightgown and began lifting. Suzie’s eyes were glazed over with lust as she raised her arms to allow her garment to be removed. Feeling her panties moving down her hips she lifted first one leg then the other so they could be taken from her body making her just as naked as her mother.

Suzie knew in the back of her mind it was her father stripping her as she rose up on her knees and turned enough for him to see her nudity. Her eyes still filled with lust she gazed at him proudly thrusting her chest out so he could see just how closely her breasts matched that of her mother’s. She slowly looked down at his throbbing erection as her hand moved closer. Jim silently gasped when her fingers curled around his hot shaft yet they couldn’t quite close around him.

In her mind she knew she wanted him. She loved the hot soft feeling of the velvet like skin and the hardness hidden inside as she slowly and lovingly moved her hand up and down his erection. Suzie felt fingers touching her cunt and looked to see her mother with her hand between her legs. She sighed and slowly moved to lay on her back pulling her father’s rigid cock with her. Jim had no choice but to follow. When he saw his daughter laying on her back and how her large firm tits refused to lay flat his cock grew even longer. His eyes watched as his wife moved between the legs of the child of their union and saw her face dip between them. He saw her tongue lash out and fiercely lap at the slick slit oozing thick gobs of juice. Jim saw Anna’s tongue slip easily and deeply into the crevice of their daughters sex as her lips began to suck from her the very essence of her being.

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