Milk Nurse Ch. 02

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Jim made his way to work a bit faster today. His new job at SmartMed had recently led him to some… interesting assignments. He and his wife had drunk Rachel’s sweet milk for breakfast. She asked where it came from, and he was still a bit too nervous to be totally honest, so he told her the hospital provided it. The milk was easily the best milk either of them had over tasted. Additionally, there was something eerie about knowing that it came from a pair of enormous breasts.

As he walked into the office, John was where he was yesterday, sipping his coffee. He was reading the paper with one leg crossed over the other, casual as a clam. Apparently, this strange hospital of oddities was completely normal to him. He was excited at the prospect that this bizarre turn of events could be his normal day, his nine to five.

“Hey there Jim! How was your first day yesterday?”

“Great John! I didn’t realize just how interesting working here would be.”

“Well I’m glad. You’re going to find that nursing school didn’t really prepare you for what you would find here. Maybe you can learn a whole new side of medicine.” He took a sip of coffee.

“Well, Rachel is with Trish right now. She was complaining earlier, so we had to have someone help her our early. Are you ready?”

“Of course,” said John.

“Okay, let’s get to it.”

Jim made his way to Rachel’s room. The door was already open. He peeked in, but nobody was in the main room. There were some movement noises coming from the bathroom. He assumed they must have already gotten started.

Trish was a regular of Rachel’s. Rachel pretended that the two had a good relationship, and it wasn’t that they didn’t, but Rachel honestly preferred her due to her nice lips. Trish was her go to girl whenever she needed her breasts sucked, which was obviously quite often.

For Trish, it honestly was a fairly awful experience. She felt incredibly demeaned and embarrassed. After all of her time in nursing school, it felt so savage to be manhandled by this woman’s breasts. But here she was, knees on the floor of a large bathtub, sucking on Rachel’s massive breast. Rachel was sitting on her stool, as usual. She had just started when she heard the door open. Rachel turned her head to see Jim. She secretly had a crush on him, and her heart stopped when her eyes met his. Not thinking, she pushed Trish’s face harder than normal into her left breast. Trish squealed and squirmed, antalya escort milk now spilling over her face.

“Oops, sorry Trish!” she said, quickly relinquishing a bit. She turned to Jim. “Hi sweetie,” she said, blushing just a little bit. Today she was wearing a pink shirt, and it looked like she may have had some make up on as well. She had light purple skirt on, which her beefy thighs were filling out fully. As she turned, Trish’s head went with it. Jim still was unable to see her face, just a head of long blonde hair. Both of her hands were groping her one boob, and they appeared to be fighting a losing battle. She tapped breast with one of her hands, and Rachel let her off.

Rachel wasn’t too pleased that Trish was here at the moment. Considering her feelings for Jim, she thought Trish was a very pretty skinny girl, someone the guys would consider more attractive than her. She was teetering here; if Jim liked big boobs, she was the obvious choice. But if he was into skinny girls with pretty faces (as most guys are), then she felt she was out of luck. She decided she would push for the former and accentuate that today. She wasn’t normally so ruthless, she just really liked Jim and wanted to see where she could get with him.

Trish gasped for air, but she noticed him. “Oh hey. I’m Trish, you must be Jim.” She indeed was a pretty girl. She had some nice features, though like his wife, she was skinny as a rail. Not to say that’s a bad thing, but in comparison with the big boob queen next to her, she felt a little lacking in the meat department.

“Hey Trish! Yeah, that’s me. I’m the noobie around here. How are you doing?”

She looked exasperated and red. She had milk dripping from her face. “I’m… doing amazing. Never better.” Rachel pushed her back in, and Trish complied, sucking more and more milk.

“I’m super glad you’re here, Jim!” said Rachel. Trish was now back in action, Rachel holding onto her hair. “Did you drink any of that milk?”

“Yeah, you were right! It was delicious and sweet.”

“Did you share it with your wife?”

“Uh, yeah. She really liked it to.”

Rachel blushed. “Haha, well I guess I could say I’ve breastfed you and your wife now.”

Jim laughed awkwardly. “Yep, I guess you could. Okay, are you ready to get started? Should I take over for Trish?”

“I’m really feeling full today,” she replied. “Is there any way you both could do it at the same time? serik escort One on each boob?”

She had her other massive tit flopped out. Milk was already dripping from the exposed nipple. It looked swollen and ripe, like it had been producing milk on overdrive since he left her yesterday. With one hand, she gently squeezed the breast, and milk squirted out in a stream in front of her. Jim couldn’t help but stare at that, and Rachel took notice. “Are you going suck on my breast, Jim?” she asked, in an oddly stern, dark tone.

“You got it,” he said back to her, his voice quivering just a bit. He got into the bathtub on his knees. She spread her legs, her pink underwear slightly visible from his vantage point. Trish was now elbow to elbow with Jim, but Rachel moved her knee in a way that slid her to her left side, outside of her legs. Jim ignored the strange show of dominance and eased into her body. His face found its way to the large monument of milk, and his hands rested on either thigh. He licked her nipple, and immediately got a taste of her sweet nectar.

“I’ve been waiting all morning for you Jim. Nobody sucks milk out of me like you do,” she said softly, her hand now stroking the back of his head. An erection was forming in his pants, and unfortunately, he was in no position to hide it. Rachel got excited. “And I’m starting to think you’ve been waiting all day too.”

He felt humiliated. “Well, you’re definitely one of, if not the most interesting patients I’ve ever had.” Her fat boob was now dangling in front of his face, brushing up against his nose. He looked to his side to see Trish drenched in milk. The weight of Rachel’s breast had bent her backwards, and she was desperately trying to push back against them, but to no avail.

“Don’t worry about her, sweetie. We do this all of the time. She can never lift it, so it slowly pushes her down. She won’t get hurt or anything. Now, where were we?” His mouth wrapped around her thick nipple and he started sucking like a baby. Milk immediately exploded into his mouth, just as sweet as it was for breakfast. The milk engulfed his mouth quickly and started dribbling down his neck. She started talking to him, almost casually.

“So today I woke up, and I just felt full. Like my boobs were blowing up with milk. On one hand, it was uncomfortable, but on the other hand, I was excited because it meant we would have something to do side escort together. I really had a good time yesterday, and I think you might be my new favorite nurse. You’re the cutest for sure.” She pulled him in closer. His face was now buried into her right breast. At this rate, he felt like he may suffocate in there, so he stopped sucking and pulled back for a second. “Do you need some air, sweetie? It’s okay that I call you sweetie right?”

He was gasping for air, but managed a nod. Trish was now on her back on Rachel’s left thigh, her massive tit now completely covering her face. Her legs were squirming a bit, but Rachel seemed pretty confident that everything would be okay, so he ignored it. She eased him back into her nipple, where more milk awaited.

“I know your wife would think this kind of thing is weird. She probably wouldn’t understand if she saw us doing this, would she? I wonder if she would hate seeing you suck another girl’s boobs? I know a lot of the girls here look at me like I’m some kind of freak, and they choose to hate me for it. If your wife saw you sucking milk out of a giant breast like a little baby, do you think she would get upset? Even if it was for medical reasons?”

Jim popped out again. He was now as drenched as Trish in delicious milk. His hard on was now fully going, and he felt almost ready to burst. “She would… not like to see it. Her breasts are… she can’t compete…” Rachel pulled him back in.

“Of course she wouldn’t,” Rachel said. She gave Trish some air. “Aw, you don’t think your wife can compete with my breasts? Sweetie, that’s why I like you. You make me feel so good. But I’m jealous of her. She gets to wake up every morning next to a cute boy like you. I’m just up here all alone every night. I can just imagine rolling over every morning and finding someone like you next to me, someone to hug and hold and kiss. Maybe I wouldn’t need a nurse, I would have a baby boy to do all that for me haha! Does that make me a bad person, to want what your wife has?”

“Of course not…” he panted. “I’m actually quite flattered.”

She looked down at him and smiled. He looked up at her, still a bit dazed.

“I think I’m good for now. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Jim nodded.

“Awesome! I can’t wait!” She excitedly hugged his face and pulled him into her huge chest. His arms were pinned to his sides, but they desperately tried to push against her belly. His face was wet with milk, but in between her exposed breasts, he was unable to slip out. Rachel whispered into his ear “Let’s see if your wife can compete with this.” She let him go, and he said his goodbyes. He walked to the locker rooms, trying to shake off what had just happened.

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