Milkshake Mishap

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Four women shared a spacious upscale apartment, they were all well-acquainted friends, and no more. Though they had all had private thoughts on becoming more, but they never fed these thoughts.

The first of these woman to return to the apartment that day was Sasha. She stood at 5’8″, as she glanced over the kitchen with her hazel eyes. She squinted at a milkshake sitting out on the counter, still frosted on the outside with condensation pooling at the base.

“Oh yea, Elaine gets milkshakes on Friday.” she reminded herself as she grabbed one of them, they all appeared to be the same, but this one was marked with an ‘S’. Her full lips took a sip of it through it’s straw. Cookies & Cream, same as always. A bit thicker than usual, but she didn’t mind. She took it to her room, changed into some comfy clothes, and sat her 170lbs body at her desk, opened her laptop and found herself just staring at it as she drank down her milkshake. She shook it off, she usually didn’t space out like that. She scrolled through Reddit, setting the milkshake on the edge of the desk and still drinking it. She stopped, shouldn’t she have gotten a brain freeze by now?

Sasha looked down at her milkshake, only to see something she didn’t expect: Her boobs on her desk. “What the?” she leaned back, brushing her dirty blonde hair from her face, then saw her thighs were bigger. Flabbergasted, Sasha jumped up from her desk chair, and felt just how much her body had changed. “How the hell?” she looked in her full length mirror to see her breasts had swollen to the size of her head, and hung down over a soft belly, newly exposed due to her now ill-fitting shirt. Her yoga pants strained to hold in her hips and ass, which spilled from the top, and her thighs threatened to tear their way out. She looked back at the milkshake, then brought it over in front of the mirror. Staring at herself she took a deep gulp of it, and saw herself grow fatter.

“What the hell kinda milkshakes did Elaine get?” Sasha said aloud as she stormed from her room with the beverage of dubious providence.


Jasmine was the second and tallest woman to return home that day, standing at 6’2″. She pulled her black hair out of it’s bun and let it cascade down, parting it so her brown eyes could see. She looked over and saw three milkshakes in the kitchen.

“I thought she usually got them later in the day.” The 200lbs thought to herself, grabbing the vanilla milkshake marked with a ‘J’ without question and taking it to her room. Upon entering, she took her bra off and tossed it aside, the J-Cup tag lost among a sea of other clothes. Topless, Jasmine reclined on her bed and started watching videos on her phone, mostly old Vine compilations, taking gulps from her milkshake between laughs. She held her phone close to her face, and drank maybe too much of her milkshake. Finishing a video, she set her phone aside, wiping a few tears from her eyes as manisa escort she regained her breath from laughing. She went to pick up her phone again, but was shocked to see just how much she had fattened. Her weight rested most prominently in her boobs, which had almost doubled in size as they lay heavy on her torso. However, the rest of her was not untouched by her gain. Her belly parted her breasts softly, and her shorts not uncomfortably tight as well.

“Dang it, these were already big enough! How did this even?” her hands reached up to feel them, and she gasped. They were sensitive, and her nipples felt bigger than normal, even for being engorged. “How the heck–” she started, then stopped as she felt something wet leak from her nipples. Pulling one up towards her face, she saw a small trickle of white coming out. “Milk??” she asked aloud to no one. She glared at her milkshake before grabbing it and leaving her room.


The third woman to return, Abby, sauntered into the home and smiled as she saw the milkshakes sitting on the counter. Her lithe 5’0″ form silently went over and grabbed the one marked with an ‘A’. Quickly scanning the room with her blue eyes, she deduced no one else was around, and scurried to her room.

“I love milkshake Fridays” she thought to herself, “chugging the whole thing and then weighing myself, mm~” she hummed, getting riled up in anticipation. She went to her bathroom and pulled out her scale. Stepping on it, “104” she read, “still the same, well hopefully this time will be different!” Abby repeated the same thing she always said to herself. She got up on her bed and slid off her shorts. She retrieved her strawberry milkshake from her nightstand, removed the lid, licking the inside clean, and started to chug it. Her other had rubbed her bloating belly and slid down to her clit, teasing it before sliding down and entering between her wet lips. She moaned as she felt her stomach fill with thick cream, eagerly gulping down more before she finished the beverage.

She licked what she could out of it, then set it aside, focusing on herself entirely. Her free hand playing with one of her nipples, when suddenly, her breast started getting softer. Her previously flat chest was getting bigger! All of her was! Her entire body was fattening right before her eyes. She withdrew her other hand from her pussy as she groped herself, fervent moans filling her room as she grew thicker and thicker, her breasts growing rapidly on her chest, quickly surpassing her head in size as streams of milk started to spray out from her hyper-sensitive nipples as her pussy soaked her sheets. Her erotic euphoria only increased more and more with her weight, her body thickening on her bed as her juices and milked soaked it through, “God fucking moo~” she moaned before her orgasm made her mind go blank and she passed into a blissful sleep.

Waking up sometime later, escort manisa she shakily got up, grabbed the empty milkshake cup, and filled with her own readily flowing milk before going out into the main room, reveling in how her fat, soft body felt.


Elaine was the final woman to return home that day. She stopped in the doorframe and checked how wide her bottom heavy 150lbs frame was. She still fit through, not that it was close, but she liked to check.

“Oh hey, a milkshake.” Elaine said flatly with a slight smile. Claiming the last milkshake labelled with an ‘E’. “Wonder who got these? I actually forgot to get milkshakes on my way home.” Elaine thought as she entered her room. Elaine plopped down on the love seat in her room, and took a sip of her milkshake. Her amber eyes were looking down and saw her thighs get thicker. Her brow furrowed as she took another sup of her creamy peanut butter shake. She saw again as her thighs and hips got fatter, her belly pushing over the waistband of her shorts.

“Huh.” she said with no inflection as she pulled out her phone and scrolled through Instagram, chuckling at esoteric memes as she apathetically continued to sip from her shake. She grew and grew, fattening and spreading across the loveseat. She removed her clothes when they got too tight. She was pulled from this state when she suddenly heard three different voices, with three different intensities, call her name from the main room. “What now?” she huffed as she struggled to get up a bit, then waddled to her door, blushing as her hips brushed both sides of the door frame.


Sasha shakily stepped out into the main room of the apartment, angry at the effects of the effect the milkshake had had on her, still holding it.

“Elaine!” she yelled near the woman’s door, and she waited a moment, but before she could speak again, Jasmine exited her room. Sasha looked over, then did a double take, seeing Jasmine’s breasts so much fatter and leaking milk… Sasha blushed at the sight.

“You too?” Jasmine asked, “This is so freaking weird! Elaine! Get out here, please?” Jasmine spoke to Sasha then yelled at Elaine’s door. The two woman looked at each other. Jasmine tried to cover herself but her milk leakage was making her blush in embarrassment as the milk continued to leak out despite her efforts.

“When did that start?” Sasha asked, trying not to stare.

“After I drank some of this milkshake, I was just– Fatter! And my boobs are huge and leaking now, and making a mess.” Jasmine pensively looked at the damp areas near her feet.

“Same, but uh, no milk” Sasha replied.

“Elaine! Elaine! Look at me! The milkshake was amazing!” Abby moved out from her door. Sasha and Jasmine stared mouth agape at her. The small woman had to have doubled in weight– if not more– and where Jasmine had trickles of milk, she had streams of it, running down her body manisa escort bayan and to the ground. “Hey guys! Isn’t this great!?” Abby’s voice crack slightly in excitement to see she wasn’t the only one who had plumped up over the course of the afternoon.

“No, it’s not! My clothes don’t fit and you’re making a huge mess!” Sasha scolded Abby.

“I can’t help how my body is now” Abby shrugged.

“Sorry” Jasmine said, once again trying to mitigate the trickle of her milk.

“Jas, you’re at least trying to stop your.. milk..” Sasha looked her Jasmine’s breasts and then to Abby’s, her face blushing as she licked her lips.

“Want some? I refilled my cup with some of mine~” Abby offered her cup of milk to Sasha, who slowly took it and brought it to her face. Before she could drink, however, Elaine’s door finally opened.

“What the hell are you all yelling about?” The also nude and much larger woman asked.

“Elaine!” Sasha moved Abby cup away from her and held up her own, which still contained milkshake in it, “What the hell was in these milkshakes? Look at us!”

“I dunno, and I got the last one, I got home late, besides, I also drank one, I know what’s going on.” Elaine replied, gesturing to her corpulent hips and thighs.

“Then how did they get here? They were here when I got home” Sasha’s anger mellowed. Elaine shrugged. The two stared at each other for a second, both taking in how the other had changed. A soft moan broke the silence.

Sasha and Elaine turned to see that Jasmine was drinking the cup of Abby’s milk as Abby suckled from the tall woman’s teat. They watched as Jasmine slowly plumped further from the drink. Again, her breasts growing most, her nipples grew, the trickle of milk turning into a stream. Jasmine moaned as she finished the drink, moving and setting herself down on the large couch in the main room. Abby, who now was even fatter, her large breasts hanging down to her waist and even more milk streaming out, pounced on Jasmine. Well, pounced on her udders. Abby started by pushing one of her tits to Jasmine’s mouth, then taking one of the taller woman’s into her own.

Sasha’s hand couldn’t help but reach for her own nipples as she watch the two women form an ouroboros of milking, both drinking the other’s and in turn making themselves fatter. And milkier.

“Fuck it” she gasped, dashing over and taking Abby’s free tit into her mouth, relishing in it’s delicious cream, and how it electrified her body in erotic growth. Eventually, Elaine also waddled over, having polished off Sasha’s milkshake.

“Probably can’t fit back into my room, so scoot your fat hips over.” she said, nestling in next to Jasmine and taking the last milky teat for herself. The hands of the four women started to explore each other, grabbing and groping and teasing all they could reach on each other as their bodies grew more and more corpulent and curvaceous. It was impossible to say how large they were at the end, or if Abby and Jasmine were more tit than woman by the end, or how many collective tons were between the four. One thing was for certain though, and Abby was the one to speak it aloud

“I can’t wait for milkshakes again next week!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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