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Big Balls


by Musings of Pan

I have known Miriam from seeing her in the neighborhood and community events for years. She had beautiful long hair, a prominent bust, a great smile and was quite energetic.

Life is constantly changing and at this point I found myself with a too large house to take care of and trying to learn the house keeping skills which my wife had always taken care of. I was learning but not that well.

I was trying to keep from becoming a hermit by going to any community events I could find. There were library lectures, an investment club, walks to raise money for one cause or another, and many other things. It wasn’t long before I realized that I frequently found myself next to Miriam at these gatherings. This was a treat because she is pleasant to talk with. After the lecture on global warming I asked her to go for coffee and she agreed. Now please understand, Miriam is attractive but she is much younger than I and I was certainly not looking for a girlfriend. It was nice companionship.

We went for coffee again after the local art fair but she seemed subdued. I asked her what was wrong and she explained that her landlord had decided to sell the building in which she was living and she would have to move. She was concerned that she would not be able to find another place she could afford on what she made as a private language teacher.

This, I thought, may be a serendipity situation. My too large house has two bedrooms and a bath which are not being used. What better than having her in the house for company?

I explained my house layout and suggested she could live there. If she could not pay rent, help with cooking and housekeeping would be very welcome. Miriam wanted to think about this but I insisted she at least come home with me and see the arrangement. eryaman orospu numaraları We rode over to my house and I gave her a quick tour, explaining that she would have use of the common living area and kitchen as well as her own room and bath.

Two days later she called and said she would like to try living at my place if I could find room for her furniture and a few other things. That was no problem so the next week some friends helped her move in. That evening I took her out to dinner to celebrate and we had a chat. I again emphasized that her living in my house would cost me almost nothing and that I would much rather have some housekeeping and cooking help than rent money. I would keep having my cleaning lady come every two weeks and do my own laundry but needed help with the other tasks. We divided up the tasks as best we could and agreed to continue to adjust this arrangement as we go along. I went to bed that night very happy with my new situation.

We quickly settled into a routine around the house and understood who was doing what. I was happy to have more time for my hobbies and even better to have someone to go to a play or movie with occasionally. Much to my delight Miriam proved to be a very good cook. Almost three months rushed by before I realized it.

It was hot that mid July and my house does not have central air conditioning because it is an old house heated by radiators. I had never felt the need to have duct work put in for cooling. Instead I have a whole house fan which on most days makes the house comfortable also I have a few window air conditioners for the very hot days. I was changing a faucet washer in the kitchen wearing only shorts and sandals when Miriam walked in. Her shirt was wet with persperation and clearly showed she was wearing not only shirt ankara escort but a bra also. She looked at me and said, “This isn’t fair, I wish I could dress like that on a hot day.”

I grinned and told her, “Why don’t you. You don’t have to dress up in the house.”

“Would you be shocked?”

“No, I think it would be both sensible and delightful.”

With that she stripped off both shirt and bra and stood in front of a fan I had in the room. Her somewhat large breasts swung free. She sighed and told me, “I didn’t realize how good this feels. I may go topless all the time and it is alright for you to look.” I told her that was alright with me. We could both be topless.

I spent the rest of the day trying not to stare but sneaking glances whenever I could without being obvious. In my opinion her breasts are magnificent!

The next day was also hot and I had an idea. I dressed in only my sandals, nothing else. When Miriam came down to breakfast topless, she looked at me and stared. I said, “It’s okay to look. I intend to be as cool as possible today and why shouldn’t we dress the way we want in the house.”

She slowly smiled and said, “What a way to get a girl naked. Well if you think I am going to chicken out you have another think coming.” With that she pulled off her shorts and panties.

Then she stood in front of me and told me, “Let’s get the looking out of the way right now.”

I told her I thought she was beautiful, then I handed her a towel to sit on and we both sat down to breakfast. We went about our normal routine that day and it did not take long before both of us being naked seemed natural. In fact the freedom felt very good. Both of did occasionally brush against each other in passing which made the experience even better. I must say watching Miriam elvankent escort bend over to get something out of a low cabinet was a treat and I think she knew it.

Being naked in the house became a part of our routine even once the weather was no longer hot. It was not only freeing but brought us closer together. We could talk about anything.

One day about a week later I walked up close behind her, put my hands on her hips and asked, “May I touch you?”

“I wish you would.” she whispered.

I moved my hands up to her soft breasts and massaged them. When I felt her nipples were hard, I took them between my fingers and twisted and pulled them. Miriam leaned back into me and sighed. I was sure she could feel my hard cock against her. I stroked my right hand down her body to the place between her legs. It was warm and wet.

Miriam responded by bending over as she reached behind herself and pulled my cock to her entrance. It only took a small push for me to go inside and inside her vagina felt wonderful. I put my hands on her hips so I could control a steady in and out motion. She was pushing back in time with me.

When in a vagina I cum quickly so I felt myself cumming too soon. Fortunately I stay hard after I cum so I continued to stroke in and out of her. I moved my right hand down and located her hard clit which I stroked lightly. That brought her to climax and I could feel her vagina spasm around my cock.

I pulled out, she turned around and we hugged. “I really needed that,” I whispered.

“I needed it too,” she replied, “does this make us friends with benefits?”

“Yes, I think it does.” We both laughed.

As was our habit we stayed naked. That evening when it was time for bed I said, “Why don’t you sleep downstairs in my bed?” She nodded and headed for my bedroom. We did not have sex that night but it was heavenly holding her naked body.

Since that time we have grown very close. Neither has any intention of getting married but we sleep together and have sex when we want. It is a comfortable and sweet relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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