Missy’s Surprise Pt. 02

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This is the second part of a trilogy. Please read Missy’s Surprise to get the background on the characters and situation.


I awoke with no idea what day or time it was and walked/staggered out of my bedroom to the bathroom. Took a quick shower, barely dried off and wrapped a towel around my waist. Walked out into the kitchen and saw a note from Missy that said they were at the complex pool. I decided to sit on the couch and watch television until they returned. After about 30 minutes, Missy and Amy walked in laughing and giggling like they have been life long friends. They were both clad in bikinis with my t-shirts covering them as per complex rules. What excited me the most was that Missy had on her white bikini, the swim suit itself was nothing special, however, what she once did while she was wearing it was.

Last summer, Missy was tanning with a small group of her friends at my apartment pool, apparently, they had a discussion about sex, sucking cock and swallowing cum. Missy got really worked up and decided she was going to do something about it and show all of her friends my cum in her mouth when she was done. She walked into my apartment, and without a word, took me by the hand to my bedroom. Pulled my shorts down, pushed me back so I was sitting on my bed and gave me one of the most “enthusiastic” deep throat blow jobs I have ever received. Her mouth and tongue were all over my cock, balls and my ass while never breaking eye contact with me. It was the most erotic scene I have ever experienced, or for that matter, saw in a porn movie. After about 15-20 minutes of pure pleasure and my cock down Missy’s throat, the underside rubbed all over her tongue and face, and her tongue up my ass, I blew my load into her mouth. She took it all, got up and walked out of my apartment without a spoken word.

I got up from the couch, now with noticeable rise in my towel and give Missy a passionate kiss and used my hands to take off the t-shirt she is wearing and explore her entire body. This caused my stirring to be a full blown erection. After a minute or so, we broke the embrace and Amy pipes up, “What about me?”

I walk over to her and repeat what I had just done with my girlfriend. Missy interrupts us by telling me that I am taking the three of us to dinner, they are showering and will be ready in 45 minutes.

I respond, “Showering?” “Together?”


As I am standing there with a hard on, I ask, “Can I join you two?”

“Nope, just the girls!”

I slip on some boxer briefs, khaki shorts and a light blue, long sleeve button down oxford shirt. Put on some cologne and deodorant and I am ready. I return to the couch, turn on the television and relax.

After well over an hour, my redhead and her new friend walk into the room and announce that it’s time to go. They were both wearing Missy’s floral print, summer dresses that were loose fitting and short, revealing a lot of leg.

I inquired as to what was underneath those dresses, they both turned around, flipped them up to reveal g-strings. But what really caught my eye was a round metal object with a blue jewel in the back side of my girlfriend. I asked, “Hey antalya escort Miss, what is that “jewelry” you have in your ass?”

She responds, “Since I really enjoyed the butt plug from earlier today, Amy is letting me try out her smaller one to wear around. It really excites me when I walk with it in and I am getting wet just thinking that I will be wearing it in public.”

I questioned, “How much stuff do you have in that bag, Amy?”

“It’s a big bag”, she responds.

“Where am I taking us for dinner?” I ask.

Missy says, “Pompeo’s.”

Pompeo’s is a small neighborhood Italian restaurant that is a few minutes away. After the two minute car ride, where Amy sat in the back seat and had her tongue on Missy’s neck, we parked and walked in and got a corner booth in the back. As if it was planned, the two “friends” sat on each side of me. Hands were all over me the minute we sat down. Before the waitress even came to the table to greet us, my cock was out of my shorts and being subtly stroked. Thank heaven for the ironic red and white plaid tablecloths.

“Hi, I’m Dana, I will be your server this evening.” Dana is a petite, top heavy, perky little blonde standing at about five foot even. Amy is immediately “smitten” and starts questioning her. We find out Dana just finished her junior year at a major university where she is a member of the dance team/majorettes for the band.

Needless to say, dinner was quite eventful, every time the waitress came to the table, the girls would stroke my cock and flirt with her. Amy took her elastic hair tie from her ponytail, doubled it and slipped it on my cock to the base. I have never experienced such a sensation, it was bright red and hard with veins bulging out in every direction.

Amy whispers, “It stays on until will get back to your place.”

Let’s just say, that was the longest dinner of my life. Finally it ended, our petite little waitress came to the table, “Dessert?”

Missy ordered a spumoni to share.

My cock was now somewhere between the most pleasure I had ever felt, or the most pain. Or maybe a combination of the two, I just knew I had to endure at least another 15 minutes of it. Finally, the waitress arrived with the dessert and instantly hands were on my vein engorged cock as Amy now blatantly hit on the waitress.

“These two are boyfriend and girlfriend, and I am all alone,” Amy quipped. “They are going to be fucking and sucking all night, I need some one to keep me company.”

Our little blonde waitress, Dana, started opening up and asking Amy what she had in mind.

Amy said, “I just wanted somebody to spend the evening with.”

Dana responded, “I get off work at 10:00.” Then she left to get our check together.

Missy said, “That gives us two hours!”

We finished our spumoni, my cock got a little thicker and the veins bulged a bit more to look like a road map. Dana came back to the table with the check and Missy gave her my address as Amy stroked my cock.

The girls made me leave way too big of a tip and Amy gave Dana her phone number and a note that she was looking forward to spending the evening with her.

Now lara escort came the hard part, tucking my monster of a penis back into my shorts. The only thing I could do was pull it towards my stomach and use my belt to hold it there. I couldn’t button my shorts, but my belt kept them from falling down. I untucked my shirt to conceal as much of “my problem” as I could. My only solace was that I was walking out behind two beautiful women, because all heads turned to look at them and no one would notice my situation.

During the ride back to my apartment, my girlfriend drove, as I could not bend at the waist to sit properly, Amy announced that, “Missy would be in charge of tonight’s festivities.”

Once inside my apartment, Missy instructed Amy and I to undress each other and have a little fun until she returned. “…and the ponytail holder stays where it is.”

Amy could not wait to see her handy work, my shirt, shorts and boxer briefs were on the ground before Missy could exit the room. She pulled her dress over her head and put her thumbs under the strings on her hips, but I stopped her telling her how good a women looks in a g-string. I went and sat on the couch and the brunette vixen followed. As I sat there the biggest, thickest hard on of my life, I felt like a porn star. Amy pulled my cock towards my stomach, then sat on my lap facing me. She put her arms on my shoulders and put her hands behind my head to pull my face closer to hers. We started lightly kissing and playing with each other’s tongues. She then started rubbing her fabric covered pussy up and down the underside of my cock which caused even more swelling.

We played around for about 10-15 minutes, then my beautiful redhead made her entrance. She was wearing Amy’s boots, but pulled the flaps at the top of them up, so they were an inch or so from her pussy. She was also wearing a strap-on rubber dildo, it was about eight inches long, thinner than my cock, and a translucent purple color. She was still wearing Amy’s silver butt plug with the blue jewel, a black g-string and a miniscule, wet look, black bikini top that barely covered her nipples. She had blood red lipstick on and her hair was slicked back to complete the dominatrix look.

She immediately grabbed Amy by the back of her hair and pulled her to her knees in front of both of us as Missy was standing at my feet.

“Lick my boot from the toe, all the way to my purple dick!”

Amy did as instructed, I grabbed my cock, but it was too painful to stroke. So I just rubbed my balls as I watched this scene in front of me. My girlfriend stared straight into my eyes the entire time Amy was “worshipping” her. When Amy got to the dildo, the redhead grabbed the back of her head with one hand and under her chin with the other, and forced her throat on the fake penis. Amy started gagging and slobbering instantly, Missy was unfazed, and continued the onslaught of her new slave’s throat. After about five minutes, she told Amy to continue, but on my cock. She turned to fellate me as Missy knelt on the couch and kissed me as passionately as she ever had, trying to force her tongue down my throat. Amy started side escort licking from my balls to the swollen head of my cock.

Missy then instructed, “Suck his dick, don’t lick it!”

Amy did as she was told and was bobbing up and down on my cock while her hand was stroking it at the base.

“Look up at us while you are sucking!” Missy ordered.

Amy obliged. Seeing my girlfriend direct the scene and Amy dutifully obey was amazing. There was so much blood in my cock it was tingling, if not for the elastic ponytail holder, I would have exploded.

Then Missy shoved her tongue in my mouth, found my tongue and started sucking it in and out of her mouth while painfully twisting and pinching my nipples. She was clearly to a point sexually that she had never even approached before, and was absolutely loving it.

She abruptly jumped up and told Amy to make room for her. Amy did as was told, Missy joined her between my legs and started licking and sucking my balls, while continuously keeping eye contact with me. After a few minutes of this, Amy was instructed to kneel on the couch and continue sucking me while my redhead picked my right leg up and pushed my knee towards my chest. She then started licking my ass. It was euphoric, never in my life had I felt such pleasure. My girlfriend’s tongue then attacked my ass pushing against the anus. Once she felt I was receptive enough, a finger entered my ass as she continued with her mouth.

She took her mouth off of my ass to yell, “Deeper Amy, take his dick as far into your throat as you can!”

I was not expecting what happened next, when she stood up and placed the tip of the dildo against my ass, and in one stroke, buried it to the hilt in my rectum. After a minute or so of a most pleasurable pain, she told Amy to take the ponytail holder off of my cock. Amy did as told, ripping it off painfully. The second it was removed, I started coming, Missy kept the dildo deep in my ass, grabbed Amy by the hair with one hand and my cock with the other to make sure that my come hit her face. Peter North would have applauded this load, rope after rope connected with the brunette’s hair, forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, chin and neck. Missy pulled the dildo from my ass and announced that the come stays where it is.

Poor Amy was absolutely plastered with my come, her left eye was completely covered as she laid her head on my thigh awaiting further instructions. Missy then sat beside me on the couch and started kissing me in a most delicate and loving manner, telling me how happy she is.

Tonight’s dominatrix looked at the clock, announced, “It’s 10:15, we (pointing to herself and me) are going to bed,” then stands up and removes the strap on. To see her in crotch high, black patent leather boots and the smallest black wet look, g-string bikini I have ever seen, my cock actually started twitching. I rose from the couch and followed her to my bedroom leaving Amy come covered and stunned.

Missy turned around, “When Dana comes, you answer the door, just as you are, understand?”

Amy just gave a resigned affirmative nod.

In the bedroom, Missy put on a slow and sensual display undressing that any stripper would be envious of. Climbed on the bed and we made love more passionate than our first time. Then we blissfully fell asleep with her head on my chest, my arm around her, and her leg on top of mine, our favorite position.

Part 3 soon.

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