Mistaken Identity at a Party

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All participants in this story are over 18 and any resemblance to people living or dead is fully in the mind of the author. Another story I wish was actually me but is just a product of my imagination.

This is loosely based on something that happened to me when I was in university. I didn’t get nearly as far but a bit of mistaken identity almost turned out this way for me. Hope you enjoy it.


He was very, very tired. It had been an extremely long week and he had no idea what possessed him to go out to the party. He was finding it was a little too loud in the living room and he couldn’t carry on a conversation with anyone over the drone of the people. Not that he knew many folks here anyways. He had managed to snag a chair early in the evening and had camped out in the corner and his friend Nat had been bringing him a steady stream of alcohol. He made the necessary small talk with those around him for a bit then just found himself watching the party. Without realizing it he drifted off.

He started awake very suddenly and his friends all had a laugh at his sheepish grin. Nat just sighed and got up from where she was entwined with her boyfriend on the sofa and pulled him up out of the chair.

“C’mon, sleepy, have a nap for a bit and then join the party…” she said as she pulled him down the hallway. Her sock feet made slipping motions on the hard wood floors as he allowed himself to be led. She checked a couple doors before finding one she approved of.

She pushed him into the darkened room and he just made out a corner of a bed spread before she closed the door behind him shutting off the meager light from the hallway. He fumbled forward a couple steps before his knees crashed into the wooden bed frame and he swore quietly. Groping around him he found the head of the bed and lay down, exhausted. The bed smelled like fabric softener and he went to sleep dreaming of clean laundry.

When he next woke up the room was much warmer than before as rooms often become once a sleeping body is in it for a while. He sat up and pulled off his cotton sweater, leaving just a t-shirt. Blearily he also reached down and slid off his shoes, letting them fall to the floor with a pair of thumps. He then bunched up the pillow and fell promptly back to sleep on the soft coverlet. It occurred to him to seek out the young lady whose room this was and marry her.

His eyes opened again later and he could just make out the light from the hallway under the door. He wasn’t sure what had woken him until he realized there was an arm across his chest. His first thought was one of terror. Who was this? His hand went to the arm and he quickly realized it was a girl’s arm attached to a very shapely shoulder. Inwardly he sighed in relief. They must have stumbled in too. He tried to disentangle himself but whoever it was didn’t appear to want to let go and the hand went down around his side and they nuzzled in close to him. Her head moved up onto his chest and she squeezed him tighter.

Oh well, when in Rome.

He simply lay there trying to sleep and just praying it wasn’t some jock’s drunken girlfriend. It was so comfortable in the room that he almost forgot he was wrapped in a girl’s arms. He just tried to keep his hands in a purely PG-13 position for posterity.

Whoever it was they weren’t easing up. They had a vise grip on his ribs. He moved his hand slowly down her arm to his ribs and gave a few half-hearted tugs to see if he could get free without waking her but she just shrugged off his hand and rose up on one arm over him.

“If you want sex just ask for it, okay, don’t be so shy.” she said. He didn’t recognize the voice but it was slightly blurry either from sleep or too much alcohol he couldn’t tell.

“Listen, I don’t think…” he tried to say, but her lips came down onto his and her tongue moved into his mouth. Hard. He actually had to grab her by the hair to keep her from smothering him. When he grabbed her hair and pulled it back she moaned loudly into his mouth before breaking the kiss.

“Again…” she said, putting her face into his neck and licking his skin lightly.

“Listen escort bostancı I am not wh…” he tried to protest again but she moved up and kissed him again, this time more softly her tongue seeking his. She was a very good kisser. He tried to pull her away again but she moved her body up half on top of his and her hand went to the side of his face and just behind his neck pulling him into the kiss.

Despite himself he was getting excited. She continued to kiss him and their bodies pressed together even more tightly. He was distinctly conscious of her body next to his as she curved herself into his side. He began to run the hand that was trapped under her up and down her back. The smooth curve of her spine was slightly damp with sweat and her silky skin demanded attention. Moving up from her waist he was surprised to feel a satiny top. He moved his other arm up to embrace her, running both his hands up her spine, dragging his fingertips lightly up he realized that whatever she was wearing had very thin spaghetti straps and felt very much like lingerie. Moving lower they met the waistband of jeans and crept inside, the fingertips moving along the top of her panties. Cotton. Something about cotton has always aroused him and he lets his fingers play along her lower back and dip lower to feel the top of her shapely ass.

The kissing continued and he pulled her up on top of him so she was laid out on his chest, straddling him slightly. Only the thin layers of their jeans separated the heat of them. He raised his hips slightly to rub his crotch against hers and she moaned again into his mouth grinding down against him and it was his turn to moan.

Things were rapidly spiraling out of control but they were beyond caring. Driving her hand down between them she grabbed his crotch through his jeans and while still kissing him began to stroke his hardness.

He decided to make one last attempt at sanity.

“Listen, I really…” he started but she popped the button on his jeans and her hand swiftly went onto his cock directly through his underwear, squeezing. He stopped trying and decided he must be dreaming. His hands went into her hair and he realized it was cut short, about shoulder length. His fingers entwined tightly again and pull rhythmically as he kissed her and she continued to squeeze his hardness.

She pulled away from the kiss suddenly and moved down his body. Seated next to him she gave a frustrated sound and pulled his t-shirt out of his pants and went to work on the rest of the buttons of his jeans. With three sharp snaps his pants were open and she leaned down to nuzzle him. Her hot breath moved across his cock through his underwear and he involuntarily moved his hips upward. When he did this she gave a triumphant cry and pulled his jeans down slightly giving her full access to his erection..

He felt her hair on his stomach as she laid her head on his belly looking down at his cock as she played. Running her hands under the waistband of his underwear she pulled them back exposing him. She was curled up making happy sounds and his hands were at the small of her back and neck, rubbing softly. He loved the feel of her silk camisole against his skin so he pulled off his t-shirt, which is hard to do when lying flat on a strange bed with a girl curled up in your lap.

She was holding him upright and running her hand up and down his length, her thumb occasionally rubbing the wetness over the head as she moved her head closer. He tensed, uncertain, until she placed her moist lips at the top of his hard shaft and kissed him near his pubic hair while still stroking him softly. Keeping contact with his cock with her mouth she moved her lips up and down, moaning softly.

His breathing became more pronounced and he became less certain this was a dream because dreams didn’t usually work out this well. His hand went back to her waistband along the soft skin of her back and he ran his fingers across the notch at the top of her ass. She moved it conveniently closer and then pulled his cock closer to her. She ran her tongue over the head wetly then pulled it into her ümraniye escort mouth. Hollowing her cheeks she moved it in and out a few quick strokes before taking it out and flouncing back up to her knees.

“Enough of that for a minute I think!” she exclaimed happily as she ran her hands up and down his chest, running her fingers through his downy chest hair. Not one to be complacent he sat up and reached up to stroke her cheek. He could barely make out her outline in the darkened room but he managed not to poke her in the eye. She sighed and leaned into his hand. Pushing up for another kiss he quickly grabbed her by the shoulders and laid her down as she giggled.

Kneeling up beside her, his jeans undone, he quickly tucked himself back in. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips again, pulling her tongue into his mouth. He nibbled at her lips slightly before taking his kisses down to her neck. His tongue played tic-tac-toe on the soft flesh at the nape and he let his hands wander down over her breasts, the thin camisole the only barrier to his touch. He could feel her hard nipples through the silky fabric and he allowed his face to follow his hands, raining moist kisses. He kissed down her chest and across the fabric until he reached her tummy. She giggled again and tried to push his head away as he put just the tip of his tongue into her navel and wiggled it but he pushed her flat with one hand while he put his other flat on her navel and began to move it south.

She went stock still as his hand went into the waistband inside her jeans. He almost stopped, not sure what the signal meant but he needn’t have worried as she sucked in her breath to allow him access. He held his breath as his hand moved down over the cotton panties and towards her wetness. He could feel her arousal and she spread her legs slightly as he moved his hand further down. She ran her hand over his arm as he worked slowly at her and when his hand finally could go no farther due to the constricting jeans she simply reached down and popped the button and pulled back the flap giving him full access.

She began to squirm with anticipation. His hand moved slowly up her inner thigh. He had always loved the soft, sexy feeling of a woman’s inner thigh and his lips longed to be there in place of his hand. When at last he reached the top of the journey, she quivered at the first soft touch of my finger to her clit through the cotton but he then moved quickly away. He moved his fingers lower, over the lips of her pussy and with the lightest strokes he could manage, began rubbing left and right, slightly parting the petals, moving slowly deeper into her wetness and becoming more aroused even as he pleasured her through the thin cotton of her panties.

She let out a long breath and then pulled out from underneath him and quickly moved out of the bed to stand next to it. She shucked her jeans and panties in one swift motion and jumped back onto the bed to kneel next to him. They were kneeling facing each other now, her lips sought his and she reached down to start pulling his pants off too, her hands more often stroking his cock than doing any real good at disrobing him. By the end they were both panting and the only clothing left was her silk camisole the rest now joining his shoes and her jeans on the floor.

Laying her back onto the bed again his hand went back to the juncture of her thighs to continue his ministrations.

Her lips parted easily in the wetness and warmth of her arousal as his fingers moved more insistently at her lower lips. As she moaned and pressed herself up against his hand he inserted a gentle finger into her opening being careful to stay away from her clitoris. With his free hand he continued to stroke the bare skin of her arms and stomach while his finger moved in and out of her. He inserted another finger and then leaned down to put his mouth near her clitoris and lightly dragged his tongue across it while he worked. He let his tongue move gently against his fingers as he pushed them into her, she tasted like heaven but he couldn’t do what he wanted in this position.

Sliding down the bedspread kartal escort bayan he moved down between her thighs and spread wide to give himself better access.

His hands returned to the paradise between her legs and he chose to torture her clit with soft circles of wet tonguing. Her hips gyrated as she pressed herself up against his mouth striving for the satisfying pressure of his tongue. He fingered her more quickly as she seemed to enjoy the sensation of his hands moving roughly within her. His tongue moved against her clitoris, flicking lightly in time with his stroking hand.

She moaned often and was tossing her head back and forth in pleasure. Finally he relented easing off of her sensitive button and when at last she was near orgasm, he focused on keeping the rhythm she wanted, fingers deep inside, thrusting. The end came quickly as she suddenly stopped breathing, froze as if electricity had suddenly replaced the blood in her veins, and then erupted in moans of pleasure her thighs clamped down on his hand.

Grinning like the proverbial cat, he helped work her down from her orgasm, mercilessly and slowly driving his fingers in and out of her to keep the pressure high but no so much as to be uncomfortable. She shivered as she lay in a sweaty heap on the covers.

“Come here” she said, pulling him up to her, between her legs. Pulling her knees up slightly She reached down between them putting his cock in line with her. He instinctively held himself up on his hands as she rubbed him once on her clitoris and then sliding him down and then into her. With a groan he lowered himself until he was fully inside of her and her arms went around his neck pulling him tightly against her. She was incredibly wet and the heat around his cock was amazing as she pushed hard up against his thrusts.

They made no pretext as he fucked her, driving deep inside of her. He slowly drew one of his legs up from where it was laid out and this subtly changed the angle at which he entered her, forcing his strokes up towards her g-spot. Dragging her arms from around his neck he gathered them in one hand and pressed them hard above her head into the soft pillow as he pushed into her with more passion. She hunched her head forward in pleasure; whimpering, and the bed began to squeak slightly. He realized where he was and stopped suddenly about halfway out. They were both breathing heavily and he sensed she too was watching the hallway door, wondering if anyone heard. After a moment the tension passed and they laughed quietly at their shared fear.

She pushed him all the way out and got up on her hands and knees and pulled him forward. He guided his hard cock back into her from behind as she grabbed the headboard, almost kneeling on the pillows, her hands gripping the heavy wooden frame. He went back into her in a single smooth stroke as he put his hands on her hips and pulled her back onto him. He began to fuck her strongly, not caring at this point if the bed fell apart, let alone a little squeaking.

The sound of skin pressing together was the only sound other than their panting at this point as they moved together. She reached back and stroked his chest lightly as she leaned forward against the headboard; head turned trying to watch him in the dark as he fucked her from behind. Knowing he had not yet cum she began to squeeze her muscles around him as he stroked. She knew a few tricks too.

He groaned out loud.

“No…fair…” he said through gritted teeth as he thrust into her one last time, unable to survive the pleasure she was exerting on him. His cock swelled once, and then exploded inside of her. He pushed in as far as he could as she rocked back against him, cooing with pleasure. His knees almost collapsed as he moved slowly in and out enjoying the feeling of her around him.

After a few minutes he pulled out from her and rested back on his haunches, breathless.

“Thanks uh…” he said, not sure how to proceed now that the passion was subsiding. He didn’t even know who she was.

“You are welcome, lover. I missed you so much I just couldn’t wait! Sorry I woke you. I thought your bus wasn’t going to get in until tomorrow” she said in husky voice. In the dark he could tell she was reclining back against the pillows watching him. “I was really surprised to find you already here when I got home from work. Pleasantly surprised. Did you miss me?”

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