Mistress Marisa’s Estate Pt. 05

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Double Penetration

I am one of several slaves my Mistress Marisa keeps in her household. I am completely owned as are the other slaves that serve her. These episodes are written with her permission. It is my, our story…


“Hurry up, just the things you need for the weekend, that sissy shit you do to look like a girl. Let’s go.”

He’s staring at me as I hurry to pack makeup, shaving things, k-y, ‘girl’ stuff, moisturizer, all of it rushed and thrown into an overnight bag.

“No clothing, just the shoes. I liked what you wore tonight at her party, you won’t be needing anything else. Does that bother you? Naked all weekend?”

I ignore the question, more a taunt.

I hurry to please, know I’m going to his house for the weekend, so scared, so wanting to please my Mistress, somewhat terrified of him, missing her deeply already. Just don’t want to go, don’t want to be with this man. But I could never say ‘no’ to her. Ever. I know it’s for my own good, she told me that.

I can still taste his cum all over the inside of my mouth. She hasn’t even been gone half an hour. He took me right to my sissy room, the room she keeps me in when she wants to be alone or with him. He sat on my bed and put me on my knees in front of him. Still naked, wet from the bath she took me out of before rushing out the door to catch her flight. Feel bruised and whipped, feel so vulnerable. My cock locked up, slightly dripping bath water from the harness lock, him staring down at me, feel his true nature, a real man. A very big strong man, and he doesn’t like the fact that she keeps me around.

“You know even though I like the dirty fun at her salon parties there isn’t much that interests me about a faggot like you. But you’re her pet, I will have to live with that, have to admit it.”

He leans forward, puts his hand under my chin. He raises my face up to him.

“And I like what some of her friends have done at those parties with their slave playthings, all you kinky little stuffed animal like pets, very much fun to watch all the things you whores will do. Never ceases to amaze.”

He stands, unbuckles his belt, undoes his pants, zipper down, quickly, he lets them fall to the floor.

“In fact we’re going to play with some of them over the weekend.”

I feel fear as he smiles, feel fear as he says that. He laughs, knows he’s scaring me. He moves in closer to the front of me as I look up at him, startled.

The bulge in his underpants is huge. He’s all man, feel his presence, smell it, so strong and virile. He moves in toward me, his soft yet very large cock like a cucumber in his underwear, down across his thigh, down his leg. He is huge.

“She is always telling me that you make her cum by whipping you, licking her ass, that you do this, you do that. She’s my girlfriend, you know. You do know that, I hope, know your place. I do things for her you could never do.”

He holds the outline of his cock out in his underwear, pulls the cotton back over it. He smiles at me.

“She needs a real man, a man with one of these.”

He runs his finger over the end of it, down on his leg. He’s so big.

“Now let’s see just what the fuck she means when she tells me that mouth is worth keeping around. I know you sure don’t keep her amused with that pathetic little dick of yours.”

He steps in so close, an inch from my face. Pulling his underwear down, his large cock bounces out against me, hits my face. I look to the side. I don’t like this man, fear him, think he may make her leave me behind, so afraid to displease her, lose her to him.

I look up at him. Feel him squeeze the sides of my face, opens my mouth with his fingers.

I know what he wants. I take the head of it into mouth, start to run my tongue up over the underside, across and up into the hole, gentle but firm. Taste his male taste, feel him grow hard in my mouth.

“She may have a point about you, princess. Nice.”

Feel his hand go the back of my head, he holds my hair tight, holds me against him as he pushes in deep, forward. I start to gag. Feel my eyes fill with choking tears, start to whimper, slight choking sound fills the room. I struggle to pull away.

“Now, now, she doesn’t gag like that.”

He laughs.

“But then I don’t push it down her throat. I let her do that on her own.”

He pulls out of my mouth and sits on the edge of the bed, stares at the tears in my eyes from choking. His cock stands straight up off of his naked lap. He must be at least ten inches, so hard, so very huge.

“Come on, don’t be a baby. I’m sorry, didn’t mean to hurt you.”

He holds it up by the base of it, huge erection sticking straight up, bobbing.

“I want you to make me cum with that mouth, take your time and not choke. I am sorry. I promise to be good.”

He smiles at me, devilish smile.

“I really want to know what she sees in you, bitch. Now, fucking get busy, make me cum.”

He glares at me.

I hurry forward on my knees, put my mouth Tipobet to him. I start to fuck him with my tongue, deep licking as I go up and down on him, long tongue strokes. Can only get him two thirds of the way in, so big, I concentrate on the head of it.

I want to please her, not him.

He loses himself to me, falls back on the bed. My arms braced on his naked legs, my head moving up and down on him. I’m in control now. The only sound in the room, my wet mouth on him, slippery, moving up and down, him moaning, moving on the bed, spasms as he shudders, I hold him tight in my mouth.

He starts to get so into it that I lose myself to it also, don’t feel afraid of him now, know that I am showing him what I am, what I can do, how I can be her bitch to be given to him. Be his bitch too, I can please him.

“Fuck! You are good at that, you little cocksucker, so good.”

Breathing so hard, he’s writhing on the bed. Feels me grip the sides of his hips and hold him in place, my fingers dig in softly, hold him firmly in place, feel him pump back slightly into my mouth. I play with him like that for a while, just tease him. I look up at him with wide sissy eyes as I move my mouth for him.

Then I decide it’s time to make him cum.

I cup my tongue up under the soft underside of his erection, surround the underside of the head and over the hole, push him up tight and hard, lock him against the roof of my mouth…my special trick. I’m going to make him cum whether he wants to or not. He won’t be able to resist. I know how to do this. I know how to please a real man, how to end it for him.

I hold him tight in my suction grip, my wet little mouth holding him in place, start to pump fast and in tight little circles. I move on him quickly, darting, so fast.

And it happens almost as soon as I start. He cums hard as I hold him tight and do my little trick, my short little effective strokes, I swallow it all.

As he spurts, very heavy at first, I open my

throat for him. I release the grip I had with my tongue, feel the rhythmic spurts, first fast and hard, then soft and dripping, taste him completely. Hold him tight and milk him with my mouth, now running his cock in and out as deeply as I can without choking, almost full length. I eat his cum for him.

When he finishes he pushes my head a way, rough and dismissive. So fast that his cock ‘pops’ out of my mouth, feel some of his come drip to my chin. Even somewhat soft he’s big. I feel a twinge of jealousy. She will never be able to get that from me. I feel hurt, say nothing.


He sits up on the edge of the bed.

Naked in only cock harness at his feet, I turn my eyes to the floor. Then look up at him with doe eyes.

“Did I do it right for you, Daddy?”

“She was right. You are a gifted little bitch.”

He stands, wipes his cock on the side of my face. Then takes the spread on my bed and wipes himself clean on it. Pulls up his underwear and pants. He’s through with me.

“You know, what I just gave to you she can’t get from you.”

He laughs.

“I don’t know why I’ve at times been jealous of a faggot like you, but I have. She is so fucking protective of you. She loves you, it’s obvious. But I think she loves you like a little puppy dog, like a baby, not like a man.”

He walks to the door.

“She’s my girlfriend. Not yours. Let’s get moving. I have people I want you to meet, people from the party earlier. You are being expected. Get moving.”

He waits as I hurry to stuff all my things into an overnight bag. Will he hurt me? He’s so big, so strong, remember the time he hurt me in my cage, the one she milks me in. I feel myself tremble, shudder at his somewhat cruel tone. I hurry back into my pink boots. Do lipstick, no time for eye makeup. Looking around my room, do I have all that I need?

Split second of memory flashes back to me as I see her room across the hall, remember the first

time he came into Mistress Marisa’s home.


“What the fuck is this?”

He laughs, enters your bedroom, you on his arm. You look to me, smile up at him.

“This is the surprise, the kinky thing you said you had to show me?”

He stares at the cage, at me.

“You know princess, you’ve have heard me talk about him before.”

You move into the room, put your back to him, he unzips your dress. As you wiggle out of it, lay it across the end of your bed he walks to my cage, looks down, sees my naked back and rear through the top of the thin bars. You join him, look down at me, put your hand on top of the cage.

“I do, have seen this girly boy on your cell phone, that picture of him dressed like a woman, thought about him, but have never seen him like this. I like it. Like that he’s there and I’m her, with you.”

I hear you giggle, kiss his cheek. Feel my face flush, look to the side away from you, his shoes and legs next to my cage, almost at my face, inches away on the floor.

“You Tipobet Giriş know, Marisa, you and this bitch aren’t the only ones with a kinky streak.”

You laugh out loud, truly laugh.

“Baby, you have no idea, none. But I appreciate the effort, I do.”

You are in all black. Short little black dress on the end of the bed hangs over the edge. Black seamed stockings, garter belt, spike heel pumps, lace top underwire push up bra, makeup prefect, hair up in a tight bun behind your head, shows off your shoulders and huge gold hoop earrings that just barely touch your soft shoulders, bounce, caress them. So dominant, so beautiful.

“Notice how my earrings match the little ring around his balls? Am I good or what, so well accessorized, me and my little bitch boy.”

You move to this man, kiss him on the cheek again, run your hand up his back. He looks down and for the first time sees the ring that holds my penis and balls outside of the tiny metal circled hole on the cage door, locked outside of the cage. The milking hole holds me tightly in place.

You move away from him, to the door.

“I’m going to freshen up, do some girl things, I’ll meet you in the next bedroom over. The one I play with a real man in. I just wanted to check on my baby, make sure he’s safe. You can look but don’t touch.”

You walk to the hall, we hear your heels click on the floor, going to your master bathroom and makeup room.

He looks down at me. I hear him slightly giggle.

‘Princess’. I like that name. Don’t like it much that she even thinks about this little thing.”

Feel him bend down and flick the end of my penis with his finger, stretched out and soft. He hears me whimper.

“Please, Sir, please…”

I beg him not to hurt me.

He sits on the leather ottoman at the door of my cage, your ‘milking stool’ as you taught me to think of it. It is where you sit to masturbate me when and if you decide to reward me with your hand.

“Please what?”

He moves up closer, looks in at me from behind.

“Do you fuck her? With that baby thing?”

Feel his finger bounce just the end of my exposed and trapped penis twice, feel his finger trace the gold ring, the cage trap door holding it all tightly in place. Feel him pinch me. I cry out softly, don’t want to make him mad, don’t want to ever disappoint my Goddess.

“Can’t imagine her ever touching that.”

“No, sir…please don’t hurt me.”

I bury my face in my hands.

“She only uses me to make her cum, never her man, not like you, sir.”

Balls red, stretched like little tomatoes, sack stretched thin over each, slight crevice, fold between them, penis pointed straight down at the floor, all pulled back tight, displayed and exposed on the cage metal door.

“But she lets you put that in her?”

Feel him slap my right ball with his middle finger, pulled back against his thumb and released quickly, flicks it hard. Can’t hold it back, I cry out, loud.

“Uhhhhhhhh, please, don’t, please…”

I feel the second flick of his finger, harder, only sound in the room is my cries, feel my eyes fill with tears.

“Does she? You fuck her with this, seriously?”

He flicks me again, center of my soft penis. I scream, cry out so loud the neighbors could hear if your milking room were not sound proof, as are all your playrooms.

Then I hear the sound of your heels in the hall, fast, rushing, very hurried walking, almost running to the room.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

You are mad as much as you are mystified. You move to his side, pull his hand away from me, slap it hard. Can see you in the mirror, beautiful, just silk robe tied up around your waist, hair down, makeup more spectacular than before, him still in coat and tie, I am openly crying in my cage before both of you.

“I was just playing, come on. You must know that this is what he wants, no?”

He looks up at you, puts his hand on your rear and pulls you closer to him.

“And if he does, it’s my place, not yours.”

Feel you lean forward, you place your soothing hand over my balls, cup them, pet my penis.

“Baby, I’m sorry, really am. This fucker needs to learn that you’re mine, not his.”

He runs his hand up the crack of your rear under your robe, lifts it slightly in front, see you as you stand next to him, see his fingers caress your thigh, see you spread slightly to allow him to feel your baby smooth pussy. I see it all.

He stands, takes you up by both arms, kisses you.

“Are we going to argue over him or am I going to do fuck you, girl.”

He puts one of your hands on the front of his pants. He’s rock hard, hear you swoon, girlish like.

“Oooooo, baby, I like that. Did you get that hard on over his little balls when you touched them or over this?”

You take his hand, push it down on your pussy, up under your short robe, you are wet, so wet. You lean in and French kiss him. He takes your Tipobet Güncel Giriş arm.

“Don’t want to make any more mistakes. Which room are you taking me to? I want to make it right for hurting your little prize puppy dog. Make up sex already?”

He says that into your ear, hear you breath heavily, giggle, respond to his voice. You look down at me in my cage.

“Baby, Mama’s gonna be busy for an hour or two. Maybe three or four.”

Hear you giggle that sexy girlish laugh, see you looking up at him, your hand still on the front of his pants tracing the outline of his erection.

“You be a good boy. I know you can. He’s not going to hurt you ever again. I’ll punish him real good, teach this big bad man a lesson.”

You hear him laugh.

“Yeah, maybe by having me cum all over you.”

He kisses you so deep, feel my heart go to my throat. Hear you moan, ‘the girl sound’, I hear the melting for him ‘super hot and wet’ girl sound’.

I feel my crying go on softly, feel the tears in my eyes, on my cheeks, but for something other than the pain from his hand. I feel a surge of white hot jealousy. He is to you what you will never let me be.

Watch the two of you walk, see his hand up under your robe from behind, across your naked and exposed rear, I feel the tears in my eyes, my balls throb, light goes out and the room goes dark. You leave the door open.

I hear the two of you in the next room, muted, soft talk, laughter. For the next almost five hours, soft conversation, moaning, often very pitched and excited moments, hear you cum, cry out his name, hear him slap against you, hear the bed…over and over. I hear you fucked repeatedly.

I also hear my tears, hear them fall on the cage metal floor.

The first time I met your special lover, first time I learned that he too was special to you, that he would be a regular fixture around your estate.


I have seen him fuck you many times since then, in many rooms of your house. I have never been ‘given’ to him, he’s never been interested in me sexually. Now I’m going with him for the weekend. He’s ‘baby sitting’ me, your sissy boy, I am his to do with as he pleases. You have made that clear. Told me in no uncertain terms that this is a big step for me, you told me before leaving for your trip away to ‘be a big boy and do not disappoint’.

“Let’s go, don’t worry about clothing, you won’t need it for what I have planned for you. Just shoes and makeup, that slippery stuff you use for your disgusting pillow fucking show thing, you’ll need that. And know right now that none of that amuses me. It may amuse the men you’ll be given to this weekend but not me, bitch.”

He walks to me, takes my bag before it’s zipped all the way, takes my arm roughly. He marches me to the stairs.

He rushes me naked and in just ankle boot heels to his car, out the door and to your driveway. Opens the back seat and pushes me in. I am naked, I feel that terror of that! I feel my bag hit my foot as it is tossed in after me. I don’t say a word, look out the window as his car leaves your drive, cold leather seat on my rear. He says nothing all the way to his house.

When we get to his house he pulls into the

garage, shuts off the car, closes the garage door. He turns to me,

“Don’t fucking move.”

He looks at me, glares, then exits the car.

Sitting alone, naked, in a strange garage, I feel a tear in my eye, don’t dare start to cry. An hour goes by, can see his dash clock. Feel like jumping and running. I don’t dare.

I hear one, then another car pull into his drive, hear it through the closed door. Then a third, some laughing, muted. Feel my heart skip a beat, start to shake, feel so afraid. I am trapped naked and alone. Little naked rear on his leather seat, little soft penis in only ankle boots, I am the perfect sissy.

Then the light comes on in the garage. It’s him.

He comes back into the garage fast. Opens the door, takes my arm gently.

“Come on, princess girl. Let’s go get to know each other. Get to know a few of my friends too. Let’s move, move, move. Some folks from the party last night didn’t want it all to end as abruptly as it did. We’re going to have a real good time.”

Feel him lead me to my feet, pull me from the car. He holds me by one arm tightly as he takes my bag from the floor of his back seat. Me in one hand, my bag in the other, he leads me to his house.

He turns to me, stops at the door, face up close to mine.

“You do everything to please me just like you do my woman, my Marisa, you be on your very best behavior. I won’t have to mark your little ass, she will. Trust me bitch, I can make that happen. Mark you real good!”

He pulls me up on my toes.

“Let’s go.”

I hear my heels click on his garage floor and up the stairs into his hall. He leads me to a bathroom off the hallway. I can hear others in the front of his house, hear muted laughter, chatter, music. He pushes me into the bathroom, releases my arm. He hands me my bag, pushes it at me.

“Make yourself real pretty, big girl eyes like she had you do when you fucked that pillow. Don’t let me down, make it all happen. And don’t keep me waiting. Get real sissy girly and get into the front room and back to me. Move.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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