Molded to Her

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CH 1

The pill had I just swallowed seemed as big as a bus on its way down, and now sat heavily in my stomach.

Well, probably not. But it seemed that way.

I looked up, across the room to where my long-term girlfriend, Hannah, sat on the recliner, her feet curled underneath her. She was ignoring me, intently studying something on her phone, her face adorably scrunched up in concentration, glasses almost falling off her nose, freckles standing out starkly with the summer sun. She didn’t seem bothered by the identical pill she had just swallowed.

I sighed and looked back down at my phone, where I already had the app pulled up as well, where a neon-and-black interface that looked like it was out of a 80’s-themed corner of the early 2000’s proclaimed itself to be the “Nanite Body Augmentation Control Panel.” As I watched, a box slowly populated with a outline of my girlfriend’s figure.

I sighed again, and this time she looked up.


“I’m not sure I really like this. I like you the way you are!”

She laughed, and blew me a kiss. “I like you the way you are! But isn’t there anything you ever thought you would like to experiment with? Give me a different hair color? Different eyes?” she paused, licking her lips. “A better ass?”

“But I like your ass!”

She smiled again. “I know you do, but… you have to admit it could have a little more… shape.”

Another heavy sigh. “Fine. Bigger, better ass.” I adjusted the sliders accordingly, and the figure on the screen changed. “What else do you want?”

I looked up, only to hear the bedroom door close behind her. “Figure it out!” She called back.

I smiled, and looked back at my phone. If she was going to be like that… I admitted that I thought she had a few too many pounds, and what pounds she had weren’t shaped as perfectly as they could have been. The nanites could neither create nor destroy the mass of your body, but I had a fix for that. Soon she was several inches taller- still short of my 6’3″, but a solid, statuesque 5’11.5″. I quickly enhanced her breasts, giving her a pair that seemed like they would be spectacular in a tight shirt, but not obscene.

I reshaped her fat into muscle with the swipe of a single slider, and then fiddled with a few of her other proportions. The display on the screen had by now populated with an incredibly detailed view of her body, and… she was gorgeous. The AI that went into this program must be spectacular, to make the adjustments so easy.

I thought about what she had said, about changing her hair color or her eyes. But I loved her eyes, which changed their apparent hue with the color of her clothing and the light around her. And I loved her hair, long and auburn and similarly changing from red to brown to almost blond with the light. After a moment of thought, I gave her a few more freckles, plumped up her lips, and hit “finalize,” before I could second-guess myself.

Later that night, after she finally removed herself from the confines of our locked bedroom, I pinned her to the couch, kissing her intently.

She laughed at me. “Are you that turned on by making me your dream girl?”

I shook my head, kissing her again. “I just want this body one more time. When we wake up it’ll be all different”

I kissed her neck as I pulled her shirt off, and then ripped her pants down and off. I kissed her on the hip, teasing. “You’re gonna need a lot of new pants.”

She laughed, and her hand found the back of my head, tangling in my cropped hair as I teasingly kissed closer and closer. I was already harder than I had been in months. Our sex life had been bland recently, I admitted. That was how she had convinced me to try the nanites. She said it would bring the spark back.

Her hand tighted more, and she pulled my mouth unrelentingly down so that I would, “stop fucking around and eat me.”

So I pounced. I licked her clit firm and aggressive, the way she liked it. She must have come at least five times, until her hands fell away from my head to clutch the couch cushions and her legs spasmed around my ears and she begged me to stop, that it was too much.

When I stood up, I pinned her on her back with my hand tangled in her long hair and slammed into her wet, eager pussy. I didn’t last long.


In the morning I woke, not feeling any different. But when I swung my legs out of the bed… my legs were shorter. And bigger. And holy shit, so were my hands…

I turned to look at Hannah… and she was stunning. We had both slept naked, for fear of the pain of expanding body parts in too-tight clothes. Every change I had made was just enough of an improvement to make her incredibly sexy, but not enough to make her not… her.

I looked down at myself, and laughed. She didn’t do the same for me. But… I looked at my hardening dick… at least THAT was the same.

I reached down and grasped it, and blushed. Before I had been tall and skinny. Now… not so much. In the long-fingered, slender hands I had before, my dick looked decent. Even impressive. Pendik escort bayan Now… my meaty hands dwarfed my equipment.

I sighed. I knew what I would be having Hannah change for me tonight.

I stroked myself gently and slowly as I pulled the sheet back from my sleeping girlfriend. She murmured and curled up tighter.

Once I could see her ass, I decided that this would not do. So I slapped it. Hard.

That woke her up. She tried to rush off to check herself out in the bathroom mirror, but I grabbed her before she could get off the bed, manhandling her by the hips onto all fours. With my new body it was so easy to move her around. And with the long, thin legs of her new body it was easy to slide between them and roughly hammer into her. She was so tight and so gorgeous. She gasped once and I was finished.

I tried to keep going but she spasmed so hard and so tight around me that my softening cock slipped out.

I kissed the back of her neck.

“Sorry babe, I’ll get you next time.”

CH 3

We spent that day exploring each other’s bodies. Playing and teasing and slapping. I made her come three times with my hands and twice with my mouth, but she just teased me. Said she wanted me ready for the night.

When we were finally in bed she pulled out the handcuffs, smiling wickedly as she guided my hands to our wrought-iron headboard. I was in heaven as she lowered herself onto my face, moaning as she used me to please herself.

When she was done she slipped down my body, kissing all around my hard cock. “Now that I have you at my mercy, I want you to answer me something.”

“Please!” I thrust up at her and she laughed, tapping the head of my dick with one nail and making me flinch away. “Come on, just kiss it!” I writhed.

“No!” she grasped my thighs, digging sharp nails in and leaving red scratch marks until I subsided. I grumbled.

“Fine. What do you want to know.”

She grinned and licked me. “So about the porn you won’t let me see…” I blushed. I was into some kinky shit… I might share a little of it, but…

“Well, I really like blowjobs.” She smiled and teased the head of my dick again.

“I know, and I am sorry I don’t do them more often. You’re just too big and long… it hurts!”

I made an exaggerated sad face and she slapped my thigh. “I want a real answer!”

“I also like being tied up… and tying you up.” That got me a warning glare and a painful squeeze of my balls. “Ow!”

“Give me one real answer, or I leave you with blue balls.”

“Well, I don’t like THAT.” She gave my junk another warning squeeze and tried to twist away. My erection flagged as this only made it worse.

“Fine! I want anal!” She started to squeeze my balls again, but then paused, looking me in the eyes as I blushed a furious red.

Her mouth dropped open. “OHMIGAWD!” It hung open for a moment, disbelieving, and I wriggled my hips underneath her. “YOU want anal.” She smiled, and finally slipped my dick into her mouth.

I moaned, more at the sight that the feeling, though her wet, warm lips were magical in and of themselves, but it didn’t last long.

Soon she was mounted on top of me, grinding her pubic bone against me, the full length of my dick inside her as she rocked back and forth.

She kissed me. “I can’t believe I didn’t realize you were such a dirty slut.” I groaned as she slid off of my dick and then back down. “Such a slut. Why didn’t you say something before? Like when I told you I was interested in a threesome with a girl… if I had known you were bicurious…”

My eyes, which had slid slightly shut, snapped open. “No!”

She paused as she slid down again to rest with my dick fully inside her. “No? You want to get fucked in the ass without a dude?”

I bucked against her, trying to get her to ride me again, but she pressed down, holding on tight with the full strength of those long legs.

I swallowed. “Yes… I want you… with a, you know. Pretend dick. I want you to make me do it. Tie me up, put me in a collar. Hold onto a leash and use me.” She gasped when I thrust up against her this time, and kept moving upwards. My dick slipped out of her and she stepped away as I gave a disappointed noise, half sigh and a half moan. She laughed at me.

She came back with her cell phone and a collar and leash from out of our toy drawer. I had ostensibly bought them for her, frilly and pink… but they still fit my now-bulging neck, if just barely. She smiled as she slid my dick into her again, resuming her slow grinding pressure as she tapped away at her phon, the leash in one hand.

“Good boy,” she said absentmindedly. Then she turned the phone, showing me a strap-on dildo harness and a double-sided dildo listed on some website. “What do you think of this one?”

I thrust up against her again, panting. “Can’t we finish first? Talk about this later?”

She giggled. “No, you big jerk. It’s so hard to get you to tell me your fantasies.”

I sighed and focused on the plastic dick. Escort Pendik “Ew, no! I don’t want one that looks like a real dick. And that’s HOW big?”

She laughed, and I saw her tap “add to cart.” She leaned down to kiss me and there was something wicked in her eyes. “You did say you wanted me to make you do it, didn’t you?” She started to ride me in earnest.

When we were done she insisted on being the big spoon, and on showing me the delivery confirmation page with “next day express” selected at an exorbitant rate. I insisted on showing her the slider I had found in the app for “gag reflex” dialed way down. She spoiled it by laughing, and showing me her app. My gag reflex was already dialed down, and she had dialed a gage reading “anal sensitivity” way up.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I bought plenty of lube.”

CH 4

I awoke the next morning to find my body much the same, but softer. I no longer had the massive muscles, but a bit of pudge, and long shaggy hair. Well, compared to my buzzcut. And it was curly, which I didn’t think she even liked.

“I look like a fucking hobbit,” I said.

She laughed, looking at herself in the mirror. She was basically the same, but I had changed her hair, too. It was curly, and black; and I had changed her eyes to a vivid green; and made her skin paler.

“What are you bitching about? I look like some kind of northern Italian pastamaker’s wet dream.” I laughed and gathered her hair up into a ponytail, letting it drape over my hand. I kissed her neck and she shuddered dramatically.

It was my turn to laugh. “Your neck is basically an erogenous zone now too.”

She laughed and slapped me, and I remembered that I hadn’t changed the increased muscle I had given her the other day. “That hurt!” I kept my grip in her hair and tried to push her to her knees. I really wanted to try out her improved gag reflex… but this cuddlier body didn’t have the strength to push her down.

I saw anger flash in her eyes, but after a moment she relented, dropping slowly to her knees as if to reinforce that I couldn’t make her do it. I kept my hand gently on her head though, holding her hair up so that I could see her face as she swallowed me in one long, steady movement. I gasped, and she laughed around my cock, before she began to suck enthusiastically, bobbing her head faster and faster.

I was almost ready to come when I felt her finger slide into my ass. I froze, hands flying to my rear to grab her wrist, to no avail. She held the head of my dick in her mouth as her fingers, already lubricated while I had been distracted, stretched and explored. I gasped, thrusting in and out of her mouth as she twisted deep, so close, so close, so close… and she stood up. She slapped my ass and told me to go shower. The FedEx man would be here in an hour.

In the shower I discovered first that my ass was now hairless. I sighed. She was really into this, wasn’t she? Then, I scrubbed it, i discovered just what that “anal sensitivity” slider had done. A loofah between by crack felt better than a mouth on my dick. In moments I was hard as diamond… which of course is when she stepped in into the bathroom, and I heard her laugh as I gasped.

“Getting nice and clean sweetheart? Better hurry up. FedEx was early.”

I heard her set something on the counter and leave. I hurried to finish, and found my leash and collar, plus leather ankle and handcuffs.

I put it all on, leaving the ankle cuffs purely decorative and clipping the the handcuffs together behind my back last. Then I stepped out into the bedroom.

I found Hannah on the bed, naked except for the strapon, which she slowly stroked as she watched something on her laptop.

I stepped closer and realized it was porn. A tiny woman plowing a huge man with a comically large dildo.

I took a better look at her dildo.

It was bigger. It was rainbow striped. It was terrifying.

She scooted over to the edge of the bed, smiling. She spread her legs and let the dildo point itself at me, gasping a little as the other end moved inside her.

“I’m not going to have to “make” you do anything, am I bitch?”

I licked my lips. “No, mistress.”

She laughed. “That’s new… I like it. Come kneel down.”

I dropped to my knees and she grabbed my hair, pulling my head back harshly to deliver a resounding kiss.

I was panting when she was done.

“Open,” she ordered. I opened, and started to lean forward… her grip on my hair resisted, gently. She stopped me an inch away, my eyes locked on the violet stripe at the bottom of the dildo, what must have been at least 7 inches. The bright red, realistically shaped tip bounced a little as she twitched her hips. “Eyes on me.” I looked up. There was a click as she took a photo with her phone, and I tried to twist away. Maybe my hair was different, maybe my face was fuller, but if anyone saw that they would know it was me. She kept the phone on me as I struggled and I realized it wasn’t a photo. It was video.

“Good boy.” Her voice was Pendik Rus Escort gentle… I stopped strugging, but still pulled away. Her powerful hands moved me an inexorable half an inch closer and my eyes flashed back down to the purple stripe. She twisted her hand painfully in my hair and my eyes flashed back up to her face. To the camera.

“Keep your eyes up if you expect me to be gentle when I fuck your ass.”

I locked my eyes on the bright green, pitiless irises I had given her the night before, and she slipped the tip of the dildo into my mouth. She thrust back and forth shallowly, no more than an inch. Just the red stripe… and i realized that she must have played with anbother sensitivity slider. My lips were on fire, tingling as she thrust, and my cock hardened. I moaned and she laughed, stroking my head as I started to bob my head enthusiastically.

“That’s a good bitch,” she said softly, stroking. “I can’t wait to share this video with a few friends.” I froze, eyes snapping back to the camera on her phone. I had almost forgotten. She laughed and thrust firmly, sliding my mouth down another color band. Orange? Roy G. Biv? If they really were an inch each, 7 colors… I gagged, and tried to pull back, but she held me down. As my throat convulsed. My eyes teared up and went back to her eyes, confused.

“I turned your gag reflex back up. I wanted you to know how I felt. Deeper.”

She gave me no choice, smoothly and slowly forcing me back and forther whenever I stopped bobbing my head. That was worse, as I didn’t get any relief from the gagging. I desperately bounced my head onto and off of her big fake dick, while she gasped and sighed as the other end moved inside her.

She finally paused, set the phone down, moving both hands to the back of my head. I was only at the start of the yellow stripe and she decided that wasn’t enough.

She got me down to the nearest tip of the green as I thrashed and gagged and struggled, trying to twist my way out of leather handcuffs that were all too sturdy when she relaxed and pulled me off her cock, eyes streaming.

She manhandled me onto the bed on my back, head hanging off the edge, and in moments she was hammering into my throat while I moaned and gagged and slobbered beneath her, miserable but somehow never puking. My cock, hard so long as I had knelt before her, was finally soft but she was determined. Holding my head as she slowly forced more inside me until finally my nose touched her huge rubber balls and I had my lips sealed to the base of the purple stripe.

She pulled out and slapped my face. With it . Once, twice, thrice.

“Good bitch.”

I swallowed, desperately trying to catch my breath.

“Please mistress… can I have a break?”

She shook her head.

“Bend over.”

I groaned as I did as she said, bent over the edge of the bed with my ass high in the air, feet on the ground, and face in a pillow.

She detached my cuffs and quickly secured them in front of me, then handed me her phone.

“Make sure you keep recording.”

She laid her massive cock along my ass as her lubed fingers teased my hole. I was soon moaning and gasping and hard, and she was teasing me with the tip of the dildo.

“Do you want it sweetheart? Do you want to get fucked?”

I grunted, and she laughed, slapping my ass with the dildo.

“I need you to say it.”

“Please, mistress, please fuck my aaaaaaaa…” I trailed off into a wordless moan that escalated into a cry of pained pleasure as she entered me… and kept going. I soon felt like I couldn’t take anymore, tried to crawl onto the bed to get away. She held my leash in one hand and my hip in another and kept pressing in.

I remembered the phone belatedly, and held it up so that you could see her face behind me, smiling, as if she was laughing at me… and my own face, still tear-stained, red and sweating. She didn’t stop when I felt the synthetic balls against my ass, but pulled out again, still slow and steady, and it was just as intense as going in.

I gasped and the hand on my hip slapped my ass.

“How is it?” In the selfie cam I saw her smile sweetly.

Before I could reply she thrust it deep within me again, and I grunted in pain. Out. In. Out. In.

“Please, mistress,it’s so big. And so deep. Please, slow down. Please, shallowwwweeerrrrr-” she slammed her full length inside me again, harder and faster than before. I dropped the phone. She stayed there, rubber balls against my flesh, thrusting agaist me, as she rained blows against me. Soon I picked the phone up again amd she dropped my leash and seized my hips with both hands.

“Keep the camera up.”

She started to pound me, hard and fast. Every thrust all the way into me. Soon I was moaning, grunting, almost sobbing constantly. Hard, my dick bounced beneath me, but loose and flopping. Not the diamond erection of an incipient orgasm.

From her moans I knew she had come several times, but still she pounded. I gasped and moaned and felt perpetually on the edge of my own orgasm, but with no contact on my dick nothing happened… until finally my legs gave out. I collapsed onto the bed, prone, and she climbed up behind me, thrusting into me back and forth and back and forth. One, two, thr- and I came, pulsing and shuddering against the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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