Molly Gets Taken Pt. 01

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Judi howled out, “Yes, fuck, fuck, cum in me, cum in me now, cumming, oh fuck, fuck, YES!”

David grunted, he could feel the tight clamp around his cock, Judi’s spasming pussy driving him over the edge. His cock jerked and swelled up tight, plunging in, his back arched, his eyes shut and his lips drawn back, his throbbing cock exploded. Judi’s howls of pleasure filled the bedroom, as his cock squirted and pumped wildly, jetting his pent-up load, his body jerking, the spasms greedily milked at his cock, making him gush wildly, spewing 8 thick ropes, filling up his horny girlfriend’s teen cunt.

Judi loved the feeling of his rock-hard staff, buried deep inside her, the explosion, and the feel of his sizzling sperm splashing inside of her, bringing her to a roaring orgasmic wave. She rode the crest of that climactic wave, her body shaking, squirming wildly under her boyfriend’s body, milking his cock for every drop.

As they started to slide down from the orgasmic plane, David opened his eyes and looked down on her. Her long, black hair was spread out over the pillow like a raven’s wing, her dark brown eyes glittered. Seeing her angelic face smiling up at him, he lowered himself down and kissed her, feeling his heart beat fast, fuck, he couldn’t tell if he was in love or lust with her, but, for now, it was enough that they couldn’t wait to virtually tear each other’s clothes off, and fuck like rabbits.

David slumped down, his body pressing against Judi, feeling the press of her 36C boobs against his chest. Fuck, he loved her knockers, her tits were something he could suck on all night, and still come back for more.

They heard the back door open, feet running up the stairs, then the door to Molly’s room open and close. Molly was Judi’s 18-year-old sister, just a year younger than Judi, and Molly was becoming very precocious, and truth be told, a downright cock tease. She was at least a 34C, and her hips had developed that curvy flare, leaving behind the angular body of early teen years. She had the same black hair as Judi, she liked to keep it cut in a short shag style, but she looked more like her Dad’s side of the family, while Judi more resembled her Mom’s side. And, her cock teasing of Judi’s 20-year-old boyfriend was getting on Judi’s nerves, and sure as hell, she knocked on Judi’s door, and without so much as a by your leave, she waltzed in. David had just slid off of Judi, even though the bed quilt was over them, they were both naked, but Molly didn’t care about that. In she came, wearing nothing but a tight, very small black panty, and her matching black bra. She always loved to flaunt herself in front of David, and David couldn’t help but drink in the vision.

“Hey, can’t you knock, and wait until I say you can enter?” Judi snapped.

“I’m sorry Judi,” Molly whined, in what she thought was a sexy, little girl’s voice, “can you undo my bra for me?”

Figuring that was the best way to get her out of the room, Judi reached over as Molly approached the bed, and turned her back. As the bra parted, Molly was only too happy to pull it off, and casually saunter towards the bedroom door, turning, she let David get a long, clear look at her luscious melons, David’s mouth watered at the sight of Molly’s gorgeous set, she grinned, and giggled.

“Thanks, sis!”

Five minutes later, as David and Judi emerged from her bedroom, Molly was only too happy to flaunt herself in front of David again, “accidentally” going from bathroom to bedroom, wearing a white, baby doll nightie that showed a lot more of her than it covered.

Judi was steamed, she was really pissed off at her sister, and in David’s car, she let it out.

“That little bitch, she wasn’t so bad when she was younger, when she was just a bratty kid sister, but now, with big sis having a boyfriend, she’s become a grade-A cock tease. Ever notice how she makes sure that she wears her tightest pair of shorts or pants around you, to make sure that you can see very clearly, the outline of her panties? Jeez, any tighter, and we’d be able to see the exact design. Or, how she’ll flaunt herself, just like a few minutes ago, by waltzing in wearing just her underwear, and then again in her baby doll nightie, I’m tired of her flaunting herself like that!”

David, being the typical twenty-year-old, had indeed noticed it, and liked it, far from being annoyed, the sight of her 18-year-old sister, flaunting her goodies like that, got his horniness going. Fuck, 18, and a grade-A cock raiser. He wisely held his tongue, letting Judi vent. Judi suddenly got a sly look and then giggled.

“So my little sister likes to tease, but not come across? I think I want to fix that, David, would you like to fuck my sister, and bust open that tight, unfucked pussy of hers?”

David was startled, erotik film izle hoping this wasn’t some crazy loyalty test, and said, “Are you sure? If you are serious, yeah, I’d love to break her cherry!”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure. She flounces around like she’s hot stuff, just because she hasn’t given it up. I know how to get her in the mood, my Mom has a Valium prescription, I can slip her one, without her even knowing about it, that’ll loosen her up enough, I should think. My mom and dad are going away for the weekend in 3 days, and we’ll have Molly all to ourselves!” she snickered.

“Is that safe, giving her drugs like that?” David asked.

“Yeah, I’ve borrowed a Valium or two from my Mom’s supply, when I have a hard time turning off my mind, and going to sleep, and it works great. Very relaxing, as Molly will find out, she’ll be able to handle one, it’s well below the caution limit printed on the bottle.”

Back in her house, Judi quickly got a Valium tablet from her Mom’s medicine bottle and stashed it in her purse.

“Ok, on Saturday, after dinner, I’m going to give Molly some ice cream, I’ll hide the pill in there, and after she’s taken it, I’ll call you to come over. By that time, the Valium should be kicking in, and we’ll get her stripped and ready for you easily.”

Saturday came around, and the plan worked fine. Judi gave Molly a dish of ice cream, with the Valium nestled right in the middle of two scoops, and Molly swallowed it down, without even a notice.

David arrived, and Molly was trying to get all flirty and teasing, but she was starting to have a hard time. Her speech was a bit slower, her coordination was a bit off, and she offered no resistance when David and Judi carried her off to bed and no resistance when David and Judi quickly stripped her and lay her in the center of the bed. Molly, still fuzzed up from her Valium, unaware of what Judi and David had in store for her, again tried to act all teasing.

Judi stopped her short, “Molly, I’m tired of your cock teasing antics, if you want to see what it’s like to really get fucked, that’s what you’re going to get. David is going to bust open that virgin cherry of yours!”

David was ready and eager to do it. Molly’s 18-year-old body was making his blood and cock surge, those luscious melons, the sexy curve of her hips, her pussy had a very sparse, wispy covering of dark hair, it was an interesting contrast since her sister Judi liked to keep pussy shaved bare and smooth.

Molly, her head full of soft fuzz from her Valium dose, was too relaxed to resist as Judi spread her legs for her, and David gazed down at her soft, pink hole, still virgin tight. His rock-hard cock needed to be swallowed up by the fiery, wet heat, and the soft, pink seam needed to be opened, to be filled, Molly’s tight walls spread, her hymen broken apart by the forceful push of his throbbing, rock hard cock.

Judi quickly stripped naked, and cooed, “First, we need to get your juices stirred up, it will be much easier to bust your cherry. David, give little sis her first pussy licking, that should get her juices up enough to deflower her tightness.”

David stripped down, his eager cock ready for action. Off to the side, David could see Judi sitting on a bedside chair, totally nude, a smile on her face, her legs spread and draped over the arms of the chair, her hand rubbing softly at her entrance. The sight fired him up, and placing himself between Molly’s legs, he ran his tongue slowly, teasingly along her virgin trail. Molly let out a soft moan, as he slid up and down her tight rim, tasting the juices that started to flow.

“Ooh yes, feels so good, lick me, David,” she cooed, feeling the stir rising up through the fuzziness of her Valium dose.

Encouraged, David continued to lap at her juices, avoiding her clit. He wanted to bring her up, close to orgasm, then bring her right over the edge when he was inside of her. It made his cock rock hard and ready, Molly, his girlfriend’s 18-year-old sister, and he was going to get the honor of plucking her sweet cherry. He could feel her start to squirm, her breathing becoming gasps, and he could sense she was starting her climb to orgasm.

Judi said, “Now, give her the cock!”

David rose up, steely hard and ready, and Judi smiled even wider, watching it all. She was going to get a ringside seat as David was going to ride Molly bareback, taking her 18-year-old innocence. Judi thought that her little tease of a sister should feel what it’s like to get the wet spray of sperm without a condom in the way, but, to make sure she didn’t get knocked up, Judi had gotten a morning-after pill, so David could unload his thick cum deep inside her. She had used a morning-after pill when David had deflowered her, and Judi had gotten on the regular film izle pill right after. She wanted Molly to feel the explosion, the hard jetting of his heated load pouring into her, but her 18-year-old sister certainly was not going to be a teen Mom.

Molly’s face was a mixture of horniness, and confusion, the events seemed to have a hazy, dreamlike quality. It was like a dream, she was eager to feel her virginity busted open, but confused about how she was not resisting, and David was eager to claim her sweet teen cherry. He had taken Judi’s cherry a year ago, when they were both 18, now, he was going to take Molly’s sweet 18-year-old virginity. Taking Molly’s innocence, the excitement at that made his cock throb, painfully erect, and he nudged it gently against the labial lips. David’s cock was rubbing against her clit, Molly whimpered and closed her eyes in a moment of ecstasy. David groaned in reply, and slowly moved his hips up and down, rubbing his throbbing member against Molly’s swollen lips. Through gritted teeth, he let out a growl. It took all his restraint to keep from ramming into her. He wanted to be gentle, to bring Molly to sexual joy, not to traumatize his girlfriend’s sister. He could see Judi, again that smile, her legs spread, starting to finger and rub her pussy more vigorously.

“Yeah, give it to her, David, bust open my sister, fuck away that cherry cunt of hers! She loved so much to let you see her goodies, teasing you, again and again, now she’s paying the price!” Judi growled.

“Look at me, Molly,” David whispered to her.

Molly opened her eyes, her lips quivered and her body shook with anticipation and apprehension. David pushed, slowly, slowly, his head was now inside of her pussy. Molly could feel herself already stretching beyond her comfort zone, pushing sharply through the fuzz of her Valium. She wanted to tell David to stop, it was going to be too painful, but again she felt that curious lack of resistance. Slowly, he pushed into her even further. Molly inhaled sharply, feeling his cock pressing against her maidenhead and shutting her eyes. David could feel the obstruction, and he pushed in hard, for a moment it held, then Molly’s maidenhead ruptured, her innocence vanished, she let out a pained cry as she was deflowered.

“It’s ok Molly, just a bit of pain, then you’re a woman,” David grunted.

As his cock broke through, he gave a hard thrust to complete Molly’s deflowering, surging past her torn hymen, penetrating her completely, and Molly let out another pained cry as his cock sank in, stretching open her tight virgin walls deep, his rock hard seven inches buried in right to the balls.

David growled with pleasure as his cock was engulfed, the heated teen cunt, the tight walls getting their first fuck, his cock being the one to open them, fuck, the tightness was superb.

Judi was watching, masturbating furiously, fuck, it was exciting beyond anything to watch her little sister lose her innocence by David’s hard cock. She did her best to make it last, she wanted to enjoy the whole show before she let her orgasm blast her. Her little sister had been a grade-A cock tease around her boyfriend, and Judi smiled with satisfaction as the little tease’s virginity had been busted open.

Molly’s hands clawed madly across his back and she held onto him tightly, burying her face into David’s neck. He pulled her face away from his neck, kissing her as he began to move slowly, pulling back, then burying it in again. The fuzz of her Valium had dulled down a little bit of the pain, but there had been enough, tears forming at the corners of her eyes, but David ignored them and continued focusing on her lips and the tightness of her pussy.

Molly’s clawing became less desperate and she simply hung onto his shoulders. After the first few abrasive thrusts, the fucking rhythm became easier, and the pain was changing into a mix of pain and pleasure, and then the pain almost completely subsided as he started to go faster, thrusting into her over and over again. The pleasure was quickly replacing the pain of her deflowering. Molly’s tight heat was staring to juice wildly, she was so wet David grunted with pleasure as the juices flowed, surrounding his cock, sliding in and out of her easily. She began calling his name in between pants.

“David… David… David… Oh, god.”

David pumped his cock hungrily into her, quickening his pace when it was clear she had gotten over the pain. Molly definitely had the tightest pussy he had ever taken. Her juices flowed around his cock, making him thrust into her even harder. The tight walls of her virgin pussy clamped around his prick, tightly milking and sucking at his shaft, and her moans of pleasure only further egged him on to go harder into her until her tits were seks filmi izle bouncing up and down furiously as he power-fucked her, making sure her first time was the best time, something she would remember all her life. Molly’s cries of enjoyment filled the room and mingled with David’s own lust grunts and moans of pleasure. He alternated between sucking her breasts, nipping at her stiff, swollen nipples and her neck, and taking her mouth, pushing his tongue between her lips, as his cock got ready to shoot.

“Yeah, give it to her David, shoot it, squirt every drop in, fuck, oh fuck, YEAH!” Judi exclaimed.

Judi’s voice rose to a howl, followed by cries of orgasmic pleasure, he looked over to see Judi thrashing wildly, 2 fingers jammed up her creamy cunt, and two more fingers stroking at her hard, throbbing clit, cumming hard, and that gave him the final push, he felt his cock jerk, and swell up tight.

“David, oh David, I’m- I’m- ” Molly gasped, “I’m cumming!”

She nearly shouted her words as he felt himself on the verge of cumming. Molly’s body spasmed against him and he could feel her pussy convulse and clench even tighter around his thick cock. Her pussy had become the ultimate gripping receptacle for his load, his cock was at full extension, wedging open her cervix, he couldn’t hold it any longer and his cock burst, squirting wildly deep inside her. David and Molly were surrounded by their own cries as his cock continued to pump his juices into her, filling up her womb, and her pussy spasmed against him, eager to milk his cock for every drop, as he filled her with his thick load of cum. He slowly, deeply thrust into her until he was finished, her superb tightness eagerly milking his cock, giving her every drop.

Exhausted, David lay on top of Molly, keeping himself inside of her, his cock still hard, David was enjoying the feel of his stiff hardness still splitting her open, the heady feeling of plucking her tight teen cherry. Her short pants were in unison with his as she recovered from her virgin busting ride.

Soon, David’s deflating cock slid out of Molly, and he saw the blood of her torn hymen streaked up and down his cock. He quickly headed off to the bathroom, to wash it off. Judi sat Molly up, still a little woozy, presented the pill and a glass of water.

“Take this Molly, David fired his thick sperm into you, and this will stop you from becoming pregnant.”

Her eyes widened at the realization, why did she feel so funny-headed? It was like the pain of her deflowering, and the pleasure of her orgasm had a gauzy, dreamlike quality. She quickly popped the pill into her mouth and chased it down with a swig of cold water.

Judi got one of her Always Maxi pads, spread the wings around the crotch of her sister’s panties to hold it in place, and slid the panties up her sister’s legs. They didn’t need a mess of blood and David’s cum messing up her bedsheets. She pulled back the covers, slid Molly in, and tucked her sister into bed.

As Molly rolled onto her side, her eyes closing, Judi leaned down, kissed her on the cheek, and whispered, “Sleep baby, I hope you enjoyed your deflowering, as much as I enjoyed watching you get deflowered.”

Judi smiled with satisfaction, Molly, that little tease, had learned not to tease, without being able to come across.

She felt the rush of excitement as David came back, his cock half-hard, ready to surge again with the right help. She quickly pulled David off to her bedroom, pushed him down on the bed, sucked in his cock, feeling the surge of his prick in her mouth, then she quickly climbed aboard, grunting with pleasure as she felt the push, and the parting of her walls as she impaled herself. Fuck, that always fired her up, and she started to ride him, she saw it all again in her mind, David’s entry as he plucked Molly’s cherry, then the hard push to complete it, and Molly’s pained cries as David deflowered her, the grunts and cries of pleasure, and the sight of them locked in orgasm.

David was remembering the feel of Molly, the tight pleasure grip, the feel of his cock penetrating her, the hard thrust, Molly’s pained cries as his cock was engulfed, fuck, the feel of her ultra-tight walls clamped around his cock had been something else. As Judi rode him, he remembered the feel of Molly’s smooth tight walls, how his cock had driven her on to orgasmic release, and he could feel his cock building back up, getting ready to flood Judi’s tightness, the way he had filled Molly’s tight, sweet cunt.

Pumping her hips up and down, groaning with pleasure at the feel of David’s cock pistoning in and out, her orgasm rushed at her, and it exploded, she was breathless as she was slammed, and another came right at her, and still another, the orgasms were coming in waves as she went off, again and again, she felt almost faint as David pulled her body tightly against his, rolled her over, and thrust deep, he roared with pleasure, his cock going off, pumping a volley of thick cum into Judi’s wildly spasming heat.

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