Mom Always Makes it Better!

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Author’s Note: Figured I would take a break from longer projects and slip something quick and fun in the mix. I generally write about the first crossing of the taboo line, but this time decided to write something that picks up in an ongoing taboo relationship. Enjoy. LC68


“Damn, mom, you look good sucking my cock!”

“Damn straight she does.” I whispered to the lucky bastard on my laptop as I slowly pumped my cock.

The young man in the video moaned and moved his ‘mother’s’ hair from her face so the camera could get a good look at her sucking his long thick cock.

The site was Mommy loves me best and they put out the hottest mother son movies around. The moms were older porn stars in their late thirties and early forties, but who still looked damn hot and this woman was no exception.

Making it better she was just my type, slender, but with big tits along with long black hair and big brown eyes.

Those eyes were currently looking up at her ‘son’ as she knelt between his legs blowing him.

She bobbed her head, her deep red lips sliding along his glistening shaft. She removed his cock with a loud slurping sound,

“Yeah, you like your naughty mother blowing you, baby?” she licked her lips, “I hope so because I love sucking my son’s nice big dick!”

“Bet you do.” I sighed as I jerked my cock faster, “Bet you like fucking your son too!”

As if hearing me, mom stood up, turned around and sat on her son’s big fat cock. She leaned back and placing her feet on his legs bounced up and down.

“Oh, Bobby! Honey, you have such a big dick! So much bigger than your dads!”

That comment caused me to smile, just like it had the first time I’d heard it a couple of years ago.

Not that coming from an actor in a scripted fantasy was anywhere near as hot as having it whispered in your ear while your cock was deep inside the forbidden pussy of your mother, but it was the closest I could get right now.

I jerked my aching cock faster and the increased pleasure caused me to focus more on the movie in front of me rather than replaying the home movies in my mind.

Those images, ones that would be a perfect fit for any site like this, were getting harder and harder to keep at bay and I’d been watching mommy videos and jerking off like it was a sporting event lately.

Not that most twenty year old guys didn’t spank it a lot, but considering I was currently living with a pretty young coed whom I’d been dating for close to a year, it was a little abnormal.

Most guys would be thrilled to be sharing a bed with a sexy little petite blonde who was as sweet as she was pretty, but they had never experienced the ultimate lover, their own mother.

“Yes, baby! Oh fuck!” Mom was now on her hands and knees with her son behind her, his hands digging into her slender hips as he relentlessly drove his cock into her.

“That’s it Bobby!” she cried out, “Give mommy what she needs! Oh God, you’re daddy doesn’t fuck me like this!”

No he didn’t and even as I stroked my cock towards yet another wasted load spilled over a video rather than the real thing, I wondered if mom was thinking of me as much as I was her. It had been ten months since the last time we’d been together.

The day after I had spent the night at Amy’s place mom had told me maybe she was the one and to be-as she put it-like the rest of the boys and enjoy a pretty young girl my age that could turn out to be something special.

I hadn’t wanted to break things off with mom, after all, how could any girl my age compare with a woman who not only fucked like a sex starved cougar, but who loved me more than any other woman ever would?

But mom loved dad as well and would never want to break his heart so we snuck around, me giving mom everything dad couldn’t in bed…like a good hard fuck, and mom was my private little milf porn star.

So on the occasions I met someone I took an interest in mom had a rule that she would back off and see if I could find a special someone I could be happy with and maybe even marry and have some kids of my own.

As I watched Bobby roll his mother over, lift her legs in the air and start driving his huge dick inside her glistening pink slit while she rubbed her clit, I longed to be him.

“Yes, baby!” Mom screamed from the screen, her red lips parted and her long dark hair fanned out on the pillow.

Her huge tits were bouncing wildly as her son spread her legs as wide as he could and continued his assault on his mother’s smooth pussy.

She captured one of her nipples and tugged on it, while her fingers rubbed her clit in furious circles.

“Loser,” I muttered, “You should be playing with her pussy, not her.” I know I would be, and not just with my fingers, if that were my mother I would be licking that pussy until my tongue cramped.

But her red tipped nails did look good stroking her swollen clit and when she moaned and called out that she was going to cum on her son’s hard cock mine twitched in my canlı bahis hand and I moaned softly.

Knowing there was only a minute left in the clip, I slowed my stroking so I could cum when the son did in an attempt to live vicariously through him.

“Fuck! I’m cumming for you, baby!” Mom howled from the lap top, her head falling back as she released what in the back of my mind I knew to be fake cries of pleasure.

But they sounded damn good and the son was moaning as well as he pounded his mother’s convulsing pussy.

I recalled being in his exact position, my mother on her back, releasing real sounds of ecstasy as her hot wet pussy quivered around my hard cock. My hand increased its speed when the son whipped his cock out and pumped it.

His mother sat up, holding her tits up for him and when his cock erupted, sending a long stream of cum across his mother’s big beautiful tits, I moaned and sent a pretty impressive spurt spraying…all over my bare stomach.

Mom grabbed her son’s cock and jerked it hard, while moving it side to side to paint each of her tits. I continued to make a pathetic mess all over my stomach all the while yearning for it to be all over my mom’s tits, or her face, or ass, hell even her feet.

“Hmm, that felt so good, honey.” Mom pulled her son’s head down and gave him a long tongue filled kiss and I licked my lips at the memory of the sweet taste of my mom’s lips.

“Now, let’s go take a nice hot shower and clean up before your dad gets home.” She giggled, “Don’t want him knowing he’s getting his son’s sloppy seconds, do we?”

“No we don’t.” I sighed, and as the video froze on a close up of the mother’s cum covered tits, I leaned back in the chair at my desk and sighed.

I looked down at the puddle of cum on my stomach and wondered what the hell was wrong with me? Granted in a perfect-for me anyway-world that sticky mess would be somewhere on my mother’s anatomy, or maybe down her throat or deep inside her, but beyond that, Amy was more than happy to have sex.

Not just happy to have it, but Amy was a fun girl, she loved to give head, would get into any position and would pretty much try anything once, including role playing. My eyes narrowed at the thought of asking her to role play mother son with me, but as open as she was, I was sure like most people her reaction would be that it was sick.

The closest I had gotten to it was when she wore a black wig for Halloween and I had gotten so hot seeing her brunette I had talked her into wearing it to bed a few times for me, telling her it was like role playing.

Initially Amy hadn’t minded wearing it because she loved how hard I fucked her when she did. That made me feel badly as what she didn’t know is when she donned the wig all I saw was my mother in her place. But the last couple of times I’d asked her to wear it she had refused.

Fact was our sex life had been failing the last couple of months and it was all on me. It had started when Amy and I had spent the night at my parent’s house and unable to sleep I had gotten up to watch TV.

Well, that was what I told myself I was going to do. The reality was my mother had been playfully flirting with me at dinner and slipped me a quick kiss on the deck when Amy and dad had been inside.

We hadn’t been together in six months and I thought she was giving me a signal to come play with her. I knew it was wrong to do that to Amy, but she had been doing me behind dad’s back for two years and claimed it was okay, that it was different for us, because who would ever suspect it?

So I went out and sure enough found mom on the couch in a sexy little robe. She didn’t seem surprised to see me and gave me another un-motherly kiss, this one longer, deeper and tongue filled. I started to untie her robe, but mom had stopped me. I had asked if she were worried about Amy and told her she slept like the dead and wouldn’t wake up.

But mom had said she couldn’t because Amy and I seemed serious. She said it was killing her not to have me, but when she had first seduced me she had made a deal with herself that if I could be happy with someone then she would step back.

“A mother always does what’s best for her son.”

She had said then gave me a kiss on the cheek and went to bed, leaving me sitting on the couch with a raging hard on. I’d slipped back into my bed and took my frustration out on Amy, fucking her long and hard, but all the time imagining it being my mother’s pussy I was pounding away on.

Since that visit I had been obsessed with being back with mom and as enticing as Amy was I had lost interest in sex with her or anyone else except my mother.

I heard the front door open and went to grab my shorts to pull them over my still semi hard oozing cock, but stopped when I saw it was only three.

Amy worked until five, so it was probably just Renee coming home. Amy and Renee had been roommates for over a year before I had moved in and although I hated the fact we weren’t entirely alone, the rent was bahis siteleri pretty cheap split three ways.

I listened to the sound of heels walking down the hall then past our room, I relaxed back into the chair and stared at the lap top screen.

The video had ended on a still of the mom holding up her cum glazed tits, smiling up at her son, his still dripping cock hanging in her face.

The words “Mommy loves me best!” were over the picture in pink lettering that looked as if it were done with lipstick.

I sighed and wondered if the people who produced these movies had any idea how true that was or if they were just taking advantage of what was a hot taboo fetish.

My eyes lingered on the Mom’s smile. The actress was good, her brown eyes were wide and bright and the smile full of sexy mischief. I looked over on the corner of my desk to a picture my mother with me at my high school graduation.

Mom looked damn good in a sexy red sundress and I still remember having a hard time keeping my eyes towards the camera and not looking down her dress.

It was great picture, we were sideways to the camera and mom had her arms around me, as we smiled. Dad had taken the picture and to this day said it was his favorite, commenting on how great it was to see mom and me so happy together.

I often wondered what dad would think if he knew the reason we were both smiling was mom had whispered how she would leave her dress on for me later that night when I had what she called my real party.

Probably about as happy as he would be if he knew my big day had started with Mom slipping into my bedroom before he woke up and giving her son a long, slow, mind blowing happy graduation blow job.

That was the same gift I had received for my eighteenth birthday, any time I did well in school, any Saturday morning dad had to work and, at one glorious stretch when mom and dad had been fighting, any day that ended with Y.

I closed my eyes and thought back to that magical first night with my mother. My father had to travel for work and I had been a little disappointed he couldn’t be there.

Worse, my girlfriend of close to a year and the only girl I’d slept with, Mandy had broken up with me the week before.

I’d been alone in my room, feeling more than a little sorry for myself, when mom had come in wearing a short little red robe and saying that now that I was officially a man, maybe it was time I was ready for a very special gift, one just from her.

I had always thought my mother was attractive, no more than that, I knew she was hot. I’d had some occasional dirty thoughts about her especially after watching Kay Parker’s famous movie Taboo.

Those fantasies were few and far between and nothing I obsessed about, but when my mother removed her rove exposing the fact she was naked beneath, sank to her knees and slipped my cock from my pants, I did little to resist except to worry about hurting dad’s feelings or him finding out.

Mom had made me forget those concerns pretty quickly by taking me into her glorious mouth and licking, teasing and sucking me to the point I was whimpering and begging to come in my mother’s mouth.

After that surreal blow job mom had given me the option to leave my room and leave things at that or she would stay the night and let the birthday boy have anything I wanted. I grinned at the thought of how much sweeter my mother’s pussy was than any birthday cake could ever be!

Mom had guided me on how to take my time and lick her pussy and after I made her cum nice and hard she pushed me back, climbed up on top of me and for the first time took her son’s cock deep into her…


I jerked my head up and realized I had dozed off.

“What the fuck is this?”

I sat up to see Amy standing over me, her normally bright blue eyes filled with anger, and her lips set in a frown of disgust.

“I…um…” Christ what the hell could I say? I was sitting here with a puddle of jizz on my stomach and porn on the lap top.

At that thought I panicked; the name of the website was right there in big bold pink letters. I wanted to reach out and close the site, but right now Amy was looking at me, not the lap top and if I moved she would look that way.

“Umm?” she mocked me, “That the best you have?”

“Amy, look, I was just…well…”

“You were jerking off!” she snapped at me, “You disgusting pig! Jerking off and just laying here with your fucking load all over you!”

“Hey, so I jerk off sometimes, what you never play?” I grabbed the small towel I kept near the computer and wiped my stomach off, “What about those toys you have?”

“Those toys are what I used before you and what I use sometimes now because it seems my boyfriend would rather play with his dick then let me do it!”

She looked at the towel as I dropped it on the floor to pull my pants over my hips, “Eww, that’s nasty! I thought you kept that there in case you spilled anything.”

“I do, sort of.” I gave her bahis şirketleri a pathetic grin.

“You think this is funny?” she crossed her arms over her chest and glowered down at me, “I don’t!”

The expression ‘you’re cute when you’re mad’ came to mind as I looked at her. Then again Amy was cute period. Her long blonde hair was down and the tight pink t-short she had on flattered her perky little tits.

Her long tanned legs were on full display in her denim shorts and again I thought there wasn’t a guy I knew, other than myself, that would be choosing to jerk off when he had a girl like this in his life.

“Amy, I’m sorry, I was kind of horny and you weren’t around and…”

“Bullshit, Ryan!” She pointed down at me, “You got out of class at two thirty, you’ve only been here since three and you know I get out at five, you couldn’t fucking wait?”

“I…hey,” I noticed the time on the clock behind her on the wall, “Its only four.”

“I know I got out early, I figured maybe seeing you keep saying you’re tired at night I’d surprise you.” She grunted disgustedly, “Guess you’re so tired at night because you do this all the time!”

“You should have let me know I would have…”

“Would have what? Found an excuse to leave, said you were sick, not in the mood? That’s why I’m fucking pissed Ryan, if we had sex like we used to I wouldn’t care if you felt like jerking off here and there, but you never fuck me anymore!”

“No, we um…we had sex last weekend.”

“Last weekend?” She asked, spreading her arms out, “We’re twenty years old, Ryan, we have our own room! Christ my girlfriends half to beat their boyfriends off when it comes to sex, mine?” she rolled her eyes, “Rather beat himself off.”

“Amy, its just that…”

“Whatever, I don’t want to hear it.” She looked away and I was glad it was to the right, away from the lap top.

I leaned forward slightly, and slowly moving my hand reached for the mouse to try to close the video.

“You know I thought maybe it was me.” She turned back to me and I brought my hand up to scratch my cheek, trying to keep her attention away from my desk. “But know what, Ryan? Screw that bullshit; I know it’s not me!”

“Well sometimes…” I had no idea where I was going to go with this, it wasn’t her at all, but it would look worse if I didn’t argue and I was hoping she would get pissed enough to storm off so I could get rid of the movie.

“How dare you even try!” She yelled at me, “I’m not perfect, Ryan, I know that, but I’m cute, I’m good to you, and I want to have sex! We used to then all of a sudden you lost interest! I bought new lingerie I’ve offered to watch porn with you, do a little strip for you, I like to give head…” she shrugged, “I’m a fun girl Ryan and I want to have fun, but you don’t.”

I started to speak, but she held her hand up to stop me.

“But…you said we had sex last weekend?”

“We did.” I nodded, “You had a good time, didn’t you?”

“I did. You really fucked me,” she smiled, “Didn’t you baby?”

“I did.” I relaxed, “Twice, and nice and hard doggie the way you like it.”

“Yup, you even went down on me,” she sighed, “It was really nice.”

“Well maybe…um later we can…”

“Know why it was so nice, sweetie?” she put her hand on my shoulder and leaned in close to me as if she were going to kiss me.

Damn, I was somehow dodging this bullet, I thought and as she lowered her face to mine, my hand once again reached for the mouse.

“Why?” I asked, turning my head to kiss her.

“Because I wore that fucking stupid wig!” She shouted in my face causing me to flinch back in the chair.

“I thought you didn’t mind things like that.” I reminded her, “You like to role play.” As I spoke I relaxed somewhat when the computer had finally gone into sleep mode, causing the screen to darken.

“I like to role play sometimes, but I like us to be us and the only time you’ve fucked me right in the last couple of months is if I put that damn wig on!”

“I think its hot.” At least that was the truth, “I…I don’t know I like dark hair.”

“Oh, maybe I should dye mine for you?”

“Would you?”

“No!” She snapped, “So who is she Ryan?”


“Who’s the brunette you want to fuck so bad you only want me if I make it easy for you to pretend I’m her!”

“Honey, there’s no one, really.”

“Don’t honey me!” she put her hands on the arms of the chair and leaned over me. “There’s someone, Ryan, who is it?”

“No one! There’s no other girl, honest.”

“Is that so?” She kept her eyes on mine, “So then why is it we were happy for months and we had sex all the time, and really good sex, then a couple of months ago you act like you don’t want to touch me unless I wear that dumb wig.”

“I…” I frowned, what the hell could I say, there is someone, but don’t worry it’s just my mom and she’s not having sex with me right now? “Look, Amy its just…”

“What, it’s just what? Christ, Ryan last night I came to bed and tried to go down on you and you said you were tired, what guy your age says that? Then I come home and you’re whacking off, you’d rather have your hand than me?”

“I…at least my hands aren’t on another girl.” I offered

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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