Mom Thought I Was Dad

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Author’s Note: I know this is a very short story, but to me it feels complete.


‘What a waste of time!’ I shouted to myself.

Dad had just handed me a large bunch of roses and begged me to take them home to mom.

I understood why he was desperate. Today was their wedding anniversary and he was supposed to be arriving home early to spend the evening with his wife of twenty-five years. Instead, he had a crisis at work and would now be very late home. There was even a possibility that he would have to fly directly to cover the emergency in Denver himself, in which case we wouldn’t be seeing him for several days.

However, as dad told me with an anxious look in his eyes, “But don’t tell her that’s a possibility. I always have a bag packed at worked in case I have to jet off quickly, but hopefully it won’t come to that.”

I had very reluctantly agreed to dad’s request to take the flowers home to mom. It had all been arranged that I would be staying at my friend’s house tonight, which mom had agreed to surprisingly quickly. Now I was having to call at our house first, I wasn’t going to get to Tom’s until late, leaving less time for the porn DVDs which we were going to jack off over. We were two horny eighteen-year-old boys and watching porn was our favorite pastime.

Another reason for my reluctance was that I knew mom would be livid with dad.

Mom and dad had a funny relationship. They had married when they were both eighteen. Mom had been the beautiful tall athletic girl, whereas what dad had to commend him was a small nerdy body but with pretty boy looks. The wedding photos had mom a good few inches taller than dad, despite the fact that she was deliberately not wearing heels.

Over the next twenty-five years, dad had just about kept his pretty face and was still regarded as good looking, but still had a very wimpish figure despite mom’s entreaties for him to do some gym work.

Mom, on the other hand, had kept her body in shape with regular gym visits. Her waist was as slim as when she was a teenager, but her breasts were now spectacularly large and her ass big, round and firm.

Mom also seemed to have become even more passionate over time, always touching dad in the house. I think dad liked her affection, but certainly seemed more reluctant than mom to go up early to bed for, what I heard mom describing in a whisper, as cuddles.

I know that there were times when mom persuaded dad to enter into some saucy roleplay as I had come home one day unexpectedly to see dad reluctantly creeping up the stairs in his boxers.

I ataköy anal yapan escort then heard mom in a low sexy voice say, “Is that an intruder I can hear coming into my bedroom?”

Dad then answered in a low growl, “It’s Big Boy.”

Mom then continued, in the low sensuous voice, “Why don’t you stick your big cock into Mommy, Big Boy. Mommy’s wet and ready for you.”

Which I gathered was more of an instruction than an invitation.

I felt embarrassed hearing them but, at the same time, I had a rock hard erection as I quietly tiptoed out of the house. As I moved to the door, I heard dad growl, “How do you like my big cock Mommy?” and mom groan in appreciation.

I wondered how mom had got herself wet in preparation for him, but a clitoral vibrator I found one day as I went through her drawers, explained her preparedness.

After that, I couldn’t get the thought of them having sex out of my mind and I jacked off ten times a day fantasizing about mom.

I certainly jack off a lot. I guess I take after my mom in my need for sexual relief rather than my dad. Mom had tried to help him. Lately she had even started making him take some vitamins in the morning with his breakfast.

In terms of physique, I definitely take after my mom. I’m six feet tall and have an athletic build.

I didn’t rush home with the flowers. I couldn’t see why dad had not just phoned mom. They had a phone by the side of their bed, which they only used to take calls from each other or to leave each other messages. All the other phones in the house were cell phones.

As I came through our front door, I couldn’t see mom. I guessed she was upstairs so I put the flowers in a vase so they would be a surprise for her when she came down. I didn’t want to confront a very angry mom so I also left her a note by the flowers explaining that dad would be late home.

As I crept towards the front door, I suddenly heard her voice calling.

“I hope you’re not reluctant baby.”

I breathed a sigh of frustration as I realized that she had heard me and thought that I was dad. I knew she would be disappointed when she saw it was me rather than dad and I dreaded having to tell her face to face that dad would be late home. I slowly began to climb the stairs. At the top, I could see that mom’s door was wide open and I stifled a gasp as I saw her inside.

She was kneeling, facing the back of the bed and gripping the bedrail. All she was wearing were thigh-high stockings. Her wonderful ass, which I was seeing ataköy bdsm escort naked for the first time, was confronting me in all its round firm glory. I could see that her big tits were hanging like large fruit underneath her.

She had drawn the curtains and the lights were low. On top of the drawers at the side of the bed was an open bottle of oil and her clitoral vibrator, which I assumed she had been using.

I knew I should have turned and ran back down the stairs, but I was transfixed.

She started whispering in that same sexy low voice I had heard before. “Is that an intruder I can hear coming into my bedroom?”

I can’t believe what I then did, but I answered her in that same low growl that I had heard dad use, “It’s Big Boy.”

Mom then continued, as she had done before, in the low sensuous voice, “Why don’t you stick your big cock into Mommy, Big Boy. Mommy’s wet and ready for you.”

As she said these words, she shook her ass invitingly.

All I can say is that, as she shook her ass, I had a moment of madness. I ripped off my T-shirt, stepped quickly out of my pants and socks and climbed up naked on the bed behind her.

My cock was rigid as a tent pole as I gently pushed it into her pussy, saying in my growl, “How do you like my big cock Mommy?”

I remembered that with dad, at this equivalent moment, mom had emitted a low groan. However, now, as I pushed my helmet into her opening, mom gave a half scream.

She was feeling tight to me, despite her efforts with her vibrator, and I should now have withdrawn quickly and raced away. However, with my hands on her delicious ass, I couldn’t help myself pushing in harder, forcing in another inch of cock inside her.

She was moaning loudly now, experiencing, I was sure, a far bigger cock than dad possessed.

In between her moans she gasped, “Must be the vitamins.”

I smiled to myself. I knew there would be hell to pay later but I told myself that if I was going to do this, I might as well really enjoy it. I was sure that I could give mom a good time, even if she was sure to be horrified afterwards.

I took it slowly, not thrusting in hard, but gently penetrating an inch deeper with each push. My hands were sliding over her ass flesh and down her thighs to her stocking tops and back again. The feeling of my cock inside her was exquisite.

As I reached the point when I nearly had my cock fully penetrated, mom was groaning, “Sooo big! Sooo big!”

I grinned as I now held her firmly by the hips and pushed it 1 in all the way to the hilt. Mom’s scream was gratifying as I pulled back and really slammed into her. Mom’s cry had been one of shock as much as pleasure.

With me thrusting hard into her again and again, mom gripped the bedrail and began pushing back on me. I eased off momentarily and let mom impale herself on my throbbing boner. As she got into a rhythm, I realized that this was their usual way of fucking. Dad obviously was passive, kneeling there, letting mom fuck him, thrusting herself hard back onto him. Well I was going to be different.

I slapped mom hard on her left butt cheek. As she screamed, I slapped her hard on her right butt cheek. I continued with the spanking and each time mom’s thrusts back seemed to get harder.

Mom was clearly getting near her orgasm so I decided to take complete control. Leaning forward I grasped a shoulder in each hand and began really pounding into her. She was now sobbing in pleasure and as I felt her vagina contracting around me in an orgasmic spasm, I felt my jizz firing out of me, shooting deep inside her.

We paused for a moment, mom clearly thinking we’d finished. She started to turn her head to look back at me, but I grasped her hair with my left hand, pulling her head back. She gasped as her back arched, causing her buttocks to rise. Two round balls of pleasure for my enjoyment.

I grabbed the open bottle of oil with my right hand and splashed a generous amount down the crack of her ass and pushed my hardening cock into her asshole. I could almost feel the surprise in her body as, with a re-engorged cock, I started pounding her again. My thighs were slapping against her upturned ass as I ripped my big boner in and out of her.

She almost immediately began sobbing again as she started yet another orgasm. Nearly instantaneously I began spurting my cum again, this time inside that wonderful ass.

Now I was finished and mom, breathing heavily, gasped, “That was by far the best ever. That was incredible!”

It was at that moment that the phone began to ring. Mom was clearly too tired to answer it and just let it go to the answer phone from which dad’s voice emanated.

“What can I say darling. Jim will have told you all about the emergency. I thought I would be home tonight, but I’m afraid that I fly in an hour to Denver. I’ll be back in two days. Perhaps you could wear the French Maid outfit for our evening back together. Love you.”

Mom was frozen in position. I silently pulled out of her, grabbed my clothes and went to the door. As I was exiting, I said to mom in my normal voice.

“Yes, it was certainly incredible. Thank you so much. Tomorrow we’ll have to do it again, but with you wearing that French Maid outfit that dad mentioned.”

Mom slowly turned herself over and just stared at me as I smiled then closed the door behind me.

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