Mom’s Desert Photos

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I am still going back and forth with myself on whether the following event that happened to my mother and I several years ago was simply fate or something more. An afternoon unwittingly turned into a humiliating situation …at least my mother still thinks so.

On our way to Beatty, NV, from Long Beach, CA, traveling through the Mojave desert between Baker and Barstow proved to be a day not to be forgotten at. Having spent several hours on the road, the time was right to pull off the main road and take a break from the monotonous drive. Pulling off the main highway, going thirty minutes of dirt road traveling, we finally reached a spot that appeared to be quite remote ensuring we wouldn’t be bothered by other families or sightseers. An hour or two of just sitting around under the hot sun, I grabbed my camera and began taking photos of the local scenery. Now joined by my mom, I thought it would be great if she were in some of the photos with the desert background. Agreeing with me, she stood back a few steps as I began clicking away. By this time, we had been under that sun close to two hours.

Taking several more photos of her with different backgrounds, I suddenly suggested more exciting photos would be a kick because she would most likely never get the chance again. Being more of a conservative mom, I kept at her until finally wearing her down assuring her nobody else was around for many, many miles. Not knowing exactly what I wanted to do, I remembered we had brought changes of clothes just in case we stopped in Vegas for a day or two to visit my brother. Seeing what she had packed, I asked her to change out of her blouse and shorts into what she would be wearing in Vegas if we go. Instead of listening to excuses why she didn’t want to, she surprised me by simply agreeing. What seemed like an eternity passing, mom reappeared from the side of the vehicle dressed to kill…Wearing her short black skirt along with her white blouse was looking pretty hot…I ataköy escort also noticed she had put on black stockings, black low heels, and undid her hair so it was hanging down to her shoulders. This was more than I could have hoped for…I had a hard-on for Mom even before taking her photos.

With boulders, sand piles, and various bushes as background, I must have taken eight photos of her. I was glad I had decided to bring extra film along just in case. With my next remark, my mom thought she heard me wrong. I repeated my request suggesting she take off her blouse and skirt which would leave her posing in her lingerie. Not quite sure if it was such a good idea, I could see mom was apprehensive. After five to ten minutes of prodding her and discussing the pros and cons of the idea, I had finally won out. Telling her the quicker I take photos, the quicker we will be done, mom began unbuttoning her blouse which I took from her and tossed into the back of the vehicle. With mom casually looking all around as if expecting someone to come upon us out here in the middle of nowhere, she finally got up the nerve to unzip and lower her skirt down and off her feet and again I was more than helpful by taking the skirt from her and adding it to the pile in the vehicle. This was almost a fantasy coming true again; my mother standing out here in the desert wearing nothing but a bra to cover her 36C firm breast, french cut panties, black thigh high stockings ecasing those long legs, and black high heels. What more could a guy want from his mom.

Wanting to get this over as fast as she could, I was pretty sure she would do just about anything to finish. This went on maybe fifteen minute. During this time, with the heat beating down on us, the sweat and suntan lotion sinking into our skin, I could feel myself becoming aroused at the situation. I was taking photos of mom from all different angles. I had her lying on her back on a large flat ataköy eve gelen escort rock while I stood above her, I had her reclining on edge the edge of small boulders so she accentuated her breasts, and I had her standing for shots as I took frontal photos, photos of her backside, and shots of her profile. During this ongoing posing, I noticed my mother was becoming more relaxed and at ease.

Seeing an opportunity, I decided to see how far she was willing to go into this posing. Suggesting she take off her bra and panties for just a quick one-time photo, she just seemed to laugh as though the heat and sun were making her giddy. To my utter amazement, she unhooked her bra to display a pair of breasts even a well paid whore would be proud of. As mom slid her panties down those long nylon encased legs, my eyes kept reverting back to the lightly covered swollen lips at the juncture of her thighs. Before she had second thoughts, I quickly took the two garments from her and nonchalantly threw them into the vehicle. Not knowing why, and without her aware of it, I used the vehicle key to lock the doors to the vehicle so she wouldn’t change her mind. Looking at my nude mom, except for stockings and heels, my shaft was as hard now as ever. She now could have been the focal point of every man’s wet dream!!!!

Before today, I couldn’t have dreamt of this moment. Not about my “conservative” mother from the old blue collar neighborhood. But reality now had her here and it was up to me to take advantage of it. Loading more film into the camera, I continued taking photos of my nude mom. Posing her reclining on a boulder, I took several photos of her that would be classified as soft core. As I was standing in front of her with me and the camera eye level, my next request was for her to lean back on her elbow and spread those fabulous legs for me. Lo and behold she did it. Wanting to sink my 7 1/2″ into her right then, I knew ataköy grup yapan escort I had to hold off. With her thighs spread open wide, I was eye level with her opened pink treasure. The fact that her body was glistening from the sweat and suntan lotion, and the fact she is pretty much clean shaven, I was now looking at my next meal.

Thinking she had let me take enough photos of her in that position, mom stepped off the boulder. Several more photos were taken of her in a variety of settings and we moved around quite a bit. It was then I became aware we had moved about a quarter mile from the vehicle and assumed my mother was not paying any attention. I guess because I was beyond horny, and without her knowing it, I coaxed her a little further from the vehicle. Just the notion that my nude mom was so far away from anything to cover up with was a fantasy in itself. I was in heaven and didn’t know it. Not wanting mom to get sunburnt, we turned heading in the direction of the vehicle. Within a few seconds, still a ways from the vehicle, we could hear people loudly speaking to one another and dogs barking. Turning the bend of a small group of rocks, we could see two vehicles pulled next to our own. I counted six black guys and a couple of dogs walking around the immediate area of where the vehicles were parked. It was obvious all this gang of men had to do is look into our vehicle and they couldn’t help but see my mom’s pile of clothes lying on the seat. Seeing them downing their beers, and generally whooping it up, left me with an empty feeling.

We didn’t have many options. Stay hidden and attempt to walk many miles out of the desert with my mom wearing nothing but nylons and heels OR do we stay put for who knows how long OR do we walk up to this gang of six black guys, and their dogs, hoping for the best?

End of Chapter One – you can guess what humiliating option we were forced to make. If any interest to you just let me know and I will continue. Obviously we endured the black gang’s dominance over us cause I am here writing about it. Although that ordeal is something many people are normally disgusted about, occasionally I think back to what transpired that day and if I am around my mom, I just get harder and thicker at the thought of her in that comprised situation.

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