Mom’s Holiday House Pt. 03

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Mom and son finally had sex. Mother in law visited and they also had incredible sex. Mom returns back to the holiday house. Now the final chapter in Mom’s Holiday House.


“Who? Who came to visit you darling?” mom asked.

“Janine, Claire’s mom-.”

“Oh no, why, did she want to lecture you on marriage etc?” mom interrupted.

“Well yes and no, she came here all frosty but when I told her the whole story, she understood. I think she felt sorry for me, and in a similar way she going through the same thing with her husband.”

“Oh do tell!” said mom almost licking her lips. “Would love to hear a bit of gossip.”

“Well, remember Fred her husband? They don’t have sex anymore. She’s a sexually frustrated woman.”

“Oh really, no sex, that’s a shame. I mean she was being quite intimate with you, telling you these things, right?”

“Well, as we continued talking, she got hot and took off her coat. I noticed she had massive tits!”

“You naughty boy! Boob Boy! Just can’t get enough of huge tits?”

“I saw them mom…and…um things got heated…in the best way!” I smirked

“No you didn’t!” My mom looked shocked.

“Well she was deprived; I was horny, and those tits were massive!”

Mom sat down, half in shock half smiling. She took a deep breath. I was getting horny and I sensed she was too. She smirked and uncrossed her legs.

“So how big were these tits then?”

“Huge mom, they were amazing. Not as big as your tits but very close. HH cups!”

“So what did you do with them?” Mom got up and came to sit next to me. She placed her hands on my lap. I was hard and horny. Mom pressed her giant tits up against me.

I was in heaven. Mom looked so hot, her long hair and kind, soft face. She was really turning me on.

“What do YOU think I did with them mom?” I asked her wanting her to say it.

“Well with boobs that big, I know you at LEAST had a titfuck right?”

“Haha, you know me too well mom! I did and came between her tits and it was incredible.” Mom continued stroking my leg, moving her hand up to my cock and giving it gentle squeezes. I moaned.

Suddenly there was an urgent knock at the door. “Shit! Who the hell could that be? Best I go answer it.” I got up to leave.

“Ok honey, I’ll be right here waiting for you.”

I opened the door and there was Janine. I was shocked!

“I’m sorry I’m back, I just had so much fun. I was about halfway home and just needed to come back. I had the most amazing time with you. You made me feel loved and sexy!”

With that, she jumped into my arms and kissed me. I was shocked, I mean mom was in the next room and here was my mother in law snogging me and crushing her massive tits against my chest. I was so turned on.

“What the FUCK is going on here?” Mom shouted. I almost dropped Janine onto the floor we got such a fright.

“Claire! Oh my god! Then the apologies started spewing out her mouth and the excuses. My mother in law went deep red.

The truth is mom wasn’t angry or even upset. A smirk appeared on her face.

“Janine, why don’t you, me and Craig settle down. He’s told me what happened and the way I hear it, you need some more loving. We will take good care of you.”

“No…I mean…yes, I want to. Are you sleeping with your son?” Janine asked looking shocked.

“Yes, we found out we need each other ataköy türbanlı escort just like you need him, and it’s been the most amazing sex I’ve ever had.” said mom.

Janine was still looking shocked. Beautiful but shocked. I took her hand and led her to the large lounge area. I started a fire and soon it was roaring up the chimney and warmed the whole room. Meanwhile mom and Janine sat on the sofa leaving a space for me to sit between them. I smirked.

I sat down between them. Janine was a bit more relaxed now. Mom was stroking my neck. I reached over and started kissing my mother in law as she started moaning. Two huge busty beauties on either side of me. Mom took off her top and pants standing in just a bra and panties. I helped take Janine’s clothes off while kissing her neck and stroking her face and arms.

Finally both women were naked, and my cock throbbed with anticipation. My mom being a 30J and mother in law 36HH in the chest department. Slim, beautiful and enormously breasted women started pulling my pants down with lust. I sat on the sofa and watched these 2 busty goddesses pleasure me. Both women used their hands and long fingernails to gently stroke up my leg from my ankles to my calf muscles. 4 hands were stroking my sensitive legs that brought chills to the back of my neck and head. I sighed. It was an incredible feeling. Stroking their hands up further now towards my thighs the 4 hands circled tickled around both my legs and drove me wild with pleasure and horniness. I moaned loudly as they reached my upper thighs as each woman caressed my legs I felt pleasure chills throughout my whole body. Their long nails tickled further towards my groin and both women grabbed my boxer shorts and pulled them down. My large cock sprang free.

Mom and Janine started French kissing my cock from both sides occasionally stopping to suck each other’s tongues while I lay back and moaned feeling 2 mouths sucking, slurping and kissing my rock-hard cock. The pleasure I felt was immense and knew it would get better. I don’t know how I was going to last so long. While mom and Janine shared my cock both women were stroking my thighs and gently scratching them now which caused me to moan even more.

Now mom started giving me a slow wet blowjob from the head of my cock to the very base. My own mother was deepthroating me.

“Ahhhhhh…fuck…!” I moaned.

Janine meanwhile had positioned herself below my balls under my mom and started licking and sucking my sensitive asshole. I shifted forward and moved myself up a bit on the sofa to give her better access to my sensitive hole. Along with the tickling of my thighs, the blowjob and licking my asshole I now felt pleasure tears stream down my face.

“Gnnnnnnnnn!” I moaned louder now as I felt my mother in laws hot tongue penetrate the entrance to my extremely sensitive ass.

She lapped my asshole noisily as I writhed and screamed in pleasure. Mom’s blowjob went a bit faster now, her huge tits bobbing up and down in time with the hot blowjob I was getting.

I felt my cock throb and pleasure throughout my body as mom sucked harder and faster.

“Please ladies! Stop, I don’t want to come yet!” I yelled.

They both got up and stood facing each other. Their naked bodies glimmering from the fire. Suddenly mom embraced Janine crushing their giant tits together and started kissing ataköy ucuz escort her passionately while I watched. Mom’s hands grabbed Janine’s HH cup tits and massaged them slowly making her nipples harder, pinker and more erect. Janine did the same with moms J cup tits. Both women moaned in each other’s mouths for a few minutes while I jerked my cock watching this incredible sight. Then the kiss stopped.

Without a word, both women kneeled either side of my legs and crushed my throbbing hard cock between their immense soft tits.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I yelled. They smiled at this.

My cock was trapped in the cleavage between 4 giant tits. My cock was lost in them. Mom and Janine knew what to do. They lifted their heavy tits up and down the length of my cock. I felt their hard nipples against my dick. Then mom took my cock into her J cup cleavage for a few seconds then pushed my cock out her cleavage using her immense tits into my mother in laws HH cups as she titfucked me. I felt the soft heavy skin of her tits massage me and I threw my head back. This game of titfuck ping pong went on for ages. I couldn’t stop moaning.

My cock was now perfectly trapped between the 4 tits and my over stimulated cock was being massaged all over. I thrust up finally showing my cock head and Janine sucked the sensitive cock head as I was double titfucked my mom and my mother in law. This was one of the hottest things I had ever done. “Ahhhhh!” I screamed and writhed in pleasure as my hard cock sawed through the soft tits on my mom and mother in law. The 4 giant tits bounced and smashed my sensitive cock. They now in unison bounced their tits creating a tight cleavage like vacuum for my cock. I was close to coming.

“How about a bit more lube!” said Janine. Mom agreed and reluctantly stopped the titfuck to allow Janine to suck my cock. Janine swallowed and deep throated my cock. I felt it touch the back of her throat. Not to be outdone mom also swallowed and deepthroated my sensitive cock while I watched these 2 busty and beautiful women pleasure my cock. This shared blowjob went on for a few minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore.

I got on the warm carpet on my knees, cock pointing up. Mom got on all fours in front of me. I grabbed onto her plump butt feeling the fingers sink into her ass and slowly drove my cock into the tight cunt of my mother. “Yes…yes BABY! Fuck mommy’s cunt with your big dick you fuckin stud!” This encouraged me to start thrusting faster. Meanwhile Janine lay down on her back in front of my mom while mom lapped up her cunt like a sex starved whore. The hot tight tunnel of my mom’s pussy felt incredible and with each thrust, pleasure waves jolted throughout my body. I grabbed onto moms’ hips as I thrust deeper causing her to scream in pleasure.

“Fuck my pussy baby, love it…” she screamed as she then continued to suck on my mother in laws clit who was also now convulsing having her pussy eaten. Her body shook as she came on my mom’s face while I continued fucking. This horny site was almost too much for me. I used all my power not to come. I moaned as I went faster and deeper exploring the depths of mom’s pussy. Mom was now rubbing her clit from under me with 1 hand while still eating out my mother in law on her way to her second orgasm. How talented I thought.

I now pumped hard and grunted for all I was worth. I needed to come. ataköy üniversiteli escort Eventually after many more thrusts and mom’s first orgasm I grunted, threw my head back and unloaded a fuck ton of cum into my mother. Deep into her cunt. Her pussy convulsed around my cock making it tighter and wetter.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK…!” I screamed and continued blasting hot jizz into mom’s tight pussy. I pulled out while mom caught her breath. Without a word I penetrated Janine while she was on her back driving my cock so deep into her unused cunt, I thought it would come out the other side.

“JEEESUS…FUCKING HELL! Take my pussy, tear it apart!” she screamed.

I drove my cock deep into her as I collapsed onto her crushing her mega HH cup tits under me. I pumped my cock in and out of her amazingly wet and beautiful cunt while feeling the soft tits under me. Her hard nipples scraped against my chest as I continued fucking my mother in law. She was screaming and moaning and writhing as my thick, big cock entered her forbidden depths. Now I lifted my hips to give her room to play with her clit.

“Rub your clit Janine…I want you to come on my cock!” She did exactly that. Meanwhile mom lay under me and was licking and sucking my balls. I slowed down to enjoy the feeling of my mother in laws tight cunt around my cock and mom sucking and slurping my sensitive balls. My cock felt like it was in a tight wet glove sucking my cock and massaging the sensitive head. Now mom stuck her tongue out so each stroke I went deeper into Janine her tongue licked my sensitive asshole, giving me an incredible rim job. This was too much for me and I was going to burst again.

A few more strokes I pulled out. “I’m gonna come mom!” I warned her. She lay on her back next to Janine as I unloaded thick, hot streams of baby batter all over their tits. I screamed as I came hard jerking my cock and almost covered their giant tits. At the same time Janine was having her 3rd or 4th orgasm. I lost count. She convulsed as her eyes rolled back into her head.

When things calmed down a bit and my mother in law recovered, I was ready for more. “Mom come suck my dick. Janine, I want you to eat out my ass.” Both women got up.

I stood up and mom kneeled in front of my and grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth. I was already rock hard as she bobbed her head and slurped on my cock giving an incredible blowjob. “You like sucking your son’s cock?” I asked. She just moaned with my pulsing member in her mouth. Janine now spread my ass cheeks gently and started lapping up my sensitive asshole. The feeling of having my cock and asshole sucked and licked was immensely good. I moaned and watched my mom deep throat more of my cock into her throat. She pressed her lips right onto my hairless groin swallowing my entire cock down her tight throat. The wet tongue lapping up my asshole brought chills and shivers to my entire body. It invaded my tight hole and while it did this, she stroked my ass and thighs bringing more pleasure to me.

It was too much. Tears streaming down my face I was ready to come. “Mom I want to come in your mouth!” She just moaned and now bobbed her head furiously on my cock taking it all the way to the base again. She held it there as I reached the point of no return. I grabbed her head and held it there as I screamed and unloaded cum deep into my mom’s throat. My cock pulsed on the roof of her mouth. Mom just looked up at me with those pretty eyes and l caught her gaze as she swallowed all my cum. I lay down on the floor exhausted. Meanwhile mom and Janine were sixty-nining each other and groaning in each other’s pussies.

I smiled as I watched. I need to get my strength back and I’ll join in again.

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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