Monday Morning

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Monday morning. I’ve never liked Monday mornings and this one was hardly different. The exception being that this morning I had made up an excuse about meeting a client outside the office and fed it to my boss so I could extend the weekend, spending a few hours in the coffee house down the street. I was the sole patron that morning and had huddled myself in the backroom, preferring an overstuffed chair and a book, to inane conversation with the owner. I had only settled myself when you walked through the door. I had been watching you for months, admitting to no one that you were the subject of my fantasies.

You glanced towards the back of the place. Our eyes met for just a brief moment, but my flushed face gave me away, I was sure. I buried myself in my book, trying to push thoughts of you from my head. I watched you as you slipped from my sight to order your drink, only to reappear making your way to the back room where I was sitting. You stopped in the doorway to ask, “Mind if I join you?” I nodded my head, no, while allowing my eyes to wash over your body. Choosing a chair in the corner opposite me, you sat where no one else could see you. I pretended to read as you arranged yourself and pulled out a book of your own. I watched you over the top of my book and felt the heat rush through my body as I wondered what it would feel like to have you inside bahis siteleri me.

Spontaneously, I decided to test the waters. I lifted my head, looking to the front of the coffee house to see if anyone lese had arrived. Seeing that we were still the only customers, I slid my skirt up to mid-thigh. The summer heat had been excruciating and I had left my panties in the drawer that morning. I casually spread my legs wide and slid down slightly in my chair, giving you a perfect view of my glistening pussy lips. I picked up my book again so I could watch your reaction. You stare was blatant, but you made no move, so I pushed farther.

I moved my right hand to my pussy, and began to rub my clit. My body responded enthusiastically, I knew I’d leave a large wet spot on my chair when I got up. In what seemed like seconds, I came silently. It was only detectable by a slow blink of my eyes. Still pretending to read my book, I brought my hand to my mouth and licked my own juice from my fingers. Lowering my book slightly, I looked right at you—your eyes were wide and, judging from the way you were rubbed the bulge in your pants, you had enjoyed my show.

Slowly, I put my book down and stood up. I walked across the room, leaned in close, and whispered in your ear, “Stand up. I want to move your chair.” You stood and I swiveled your chair to face the corner, canlı bahis siteleri and said, ” I’m going to sit down here. I want you to taste me.” Again, I hiked my skirt up. You knelt in front of me, eyes swooping over me, settling on my bare breasts, just hidden behind a flimsy white shirt. Quickly your hands moved to the buttons, barely getting them undone before your mouth descended on my nipple.

You licked and sucked my nipple and I let soft moans fall from my lips. But when you gave my nipple a light bite, my hips bucked against your leg. In response, your hand found it’s way to my soaking we pussy. Your finger made tiny circles on my clit while your tongue rolled around my nipple. The sensation was too much. My leg muscles tensed as I let the spasms of pleasure wash over my body.

You would not relent. You mouth moved down my body before you ducked your head beneath my skirt. I let out a low moan as your tongue made long strokes up and down my pussy. You found my clit and furiously began licking and sucking it. I wrapped my legs around you and pushed my pussy into your face, wishing you would never stop. Your elbows held my legs wide and your hand kept my pussy wide as you licked me. A finger found my wet hole and you pushed inside of me. You rammed me with your finger until a low, guttural, “Oh God!” came out of me.

I quickly canlı bahis stood up, and moved you to the chair. I undid you pants and pulled them down just enough to let your cock escape its confines. I gasped as I admired it, and made no hesitation before taking the full length of it in my mouth. I could still taste the soap of your morning shower mingled with your precum as I made circles around the head with my tongue and working the rest of your shaft with my hand. You gripped the arms of the chair tight as I swallowed your cock. You pulled me head into you, showing me how fast you wanted it. When your body tensed, I stopped and looked up at you, slowly wiping my mouth on the back of my hand.

I climbed on top of you. I took your cock in my hand and, at the same time, you began kissing my breasts. I guided you inside of me, and just held you there, squeezing my pussy around you. You moaned hard against my breast, and you grabbed my ass hard, moving me up and down on your rock hard shaft. Each time you were close to cumming, I pulled up. I made tiny circles with my hips on the head of your cock, keeping you going before plunging down on the full length of you. You pushed me, so I was leaning back. Your thumb began working my clit again. This time, I couldn’t stop when you began to cum, my own body convulsed in time with yours. I slumped forward for a moment to regain my breath.

I stood up, walked across the room and gathered my things. I turned around to see you looking at me. A wide grin on your face, you said, “Are you leaving?” I simply smiled back, and walked out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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