Monday With D

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Today I did something I never dreamed of doing. I let D touch me. After being married for 25 years, and NEVER being touched by another man, this was more than a small thrill. My entire pussy throbs, and I am so wet, I feel my pussy juice run all the way back and up my ass crack. I just came home from work, panties flooded.

He’s been teasing at work for many months. His flirting always had a serious tone…I always new he meant it. Normally, I just laughed him off, and made jokes about his long line of women. Today, was very unexpected and different. He came in my office with his partner and shut the door. Immediately, he was kissing my neck, running his hands through my hair, and all over my body. To his partner, witnessing this, I assume all he saw was a joke…….But, in reality, D’s hands running over my right breast, had me feeling that old needy feeling in my pussy. It surprised me, and delighted me, to the point where after I shooed the 2 of them from my office, I sat and thought of how nice it felt, and how very much I would like that again and more!

Later in the afternoon, I ran into him in the hallway. D mentioned locking my office door on his next visit. I laughed and teased as usual, but deep down, hoped he meant it. I had been fantasizing of his touch all day. I went , at that moment, to brush my teeth after lunch. I just had a strong feeling he’d marmaris escort be coming to me.

Finally, I caught a glimpse of him entering my office and closing the door. I turned to him and smiled, and called him a ‘very bad boy’. D’s hands were everywhere……I couldn’t keep up with him. I wanted this, but at the same time, weakly fought him off. With every ‘no’ that came from my lips, I let his hands roam everywhere. His breathing in my ear, tounging it so sweetly, made me just melt into this hot man.

I am not a small woman. So when he started to lift my shirt, I stopped him. He looked me in the eye, knowing what it was that I didn’t want him to see, and he said “Baby, I don’t care about that” I believe him. I really didn’t have a problem with him feeling each roll of fat. It felt kind of good and free. I didn’t feel self conscious…..I felt as free as when I am with my husband. I actually felt bold. It showed in me, by touching back and my words to him.

His kisses are soft and wet. I liked kissing him. We would do gentle dances with our tongues, while his hands were all over me. I plan to have much more of a kissing session, next time! He kept trying to touch my pussy, and I would clamp my legs tight. I think that I will give of me a little at a time. He makes me lose control, but by only allowing so much, at one time, will give me a balance of the control marmaris escort bayan I need in a situation like this. I will ultimately give it to him, but only when he is at the point of a crazy needy lust, and he eventually will end up taking it.

His hands are large and demanding. He touches whatever he pleases, and moves his hands quickly, to leave trails of sensations all over my entire body.As I pull his hands from between my legs, he quickly bends down to bite and suck my nipples thru my blouse. This bad boy has an expert mouth, bringing my nipples to an achingly hard peaks. He thrills my body! It has come alive. D tells me how he is going to take my tit out of my bra and suck it. Then he proceeds to do so. The feel of him sucking my tit, he has most of it in his mouth, as he sucks and flicks his tongue on my long hard nipple, it send sparks straight to my hot cunt. I am absolutely gushing!

The things he says…aahhhhh. He makes me crazy. He tells of wanting to taste me, have my pussy juice on his upper lip to smell all day. He mentioned wanting to tongue my sweet asshole. Oh yes! He kept trying to pull my pants down, saying how much he wanted to bend me over the desk and be inside of me. I could just feel the pussy juice leaking out of my throbbing cunt. Not now, sweet D, but this IS going to be how you will take my hot, wet, wanting cunt!

D sat face escort marmaris to face with me, and pulled me in close to him. He looked me in the eye, as he guided my hand to his hard cock. That was it! I was crazy with lust! I leaned in to kiss him with great intensity and took the liberty of my hands feeling him, everywhere. It’s nice to have your tongue in a strange , but nice, man’s throat, as you feel the heat of his meat in your hand. I was feeling him thru his boxers…noting that he was not very thick, but long. I am going to enjoy sucking it. I want him to watch. I will suck his cock, and worship it with my sluttiest mouth and tongue. Aaaahh yes D, you’ll watch as I tease and suck the head of your cock. I’ll run my tongue up and down that hot hard shaft to your sweet balls. Your cock will fully experience my mouth.

We had spent far too much time, teasing, touching and kissing. Too risky, while at work, even in a locked office. He played with my tits and nipples hard, as I pulled his pants back up, past his large thighs, over his hips and delicious ass. He allowed me to redress him as we passionately kissed. My hand can’t stay off of his hardness. I am going to fuck him. I am going to let him slide that long black cock into my sopping wet pussy. I plan to have him take me from behind the first time. I’ll be expecting him to plunge into my hot cunt deep and hard, thrusting like an animal, his long black meat. I will also cum on his cock. I long to feel D’s thick hot spurts of cum shoot deep inside of my pussyhole.

I’m off tomorrow, but maybe Wednesday…………………….

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