Monsters, Men, and Magic Ch. 23

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Casey didn’t speak to Grant again before he left. He knocked on her door and tried to patch things up but she ignored him. She was still angry with him come morning but now that the charm was acting up again she at least missed having sex with him. Instead of the usual round with him, she ended up riding the green dildo to an unsatisfying climax. Her dad tried talking to her, maybe Grant had said something to him, but she ignored him and got to work.

She went to do her chores but she couldn’t focus on them. She only loaded up one of the trucks with supplies before she called it quits and got dressed for her jog. Casey pushed herself further on the run. The charm was weighing down on her and even her anger couldn’t distract her from it. She ran along the trails farther than she ever had before. If it wasn’t for her phone she would have been worried about getting lost this far out in the woods.

After all the running she was finally calming down, at least a little. She just needed a plan now. Casey didn’t have any contacts in their line of work, aside from Jordan if he even counted. All the assignments came from her dad, how could she get one? She could start doing her own research, but the only way her father was so efficient was because of a network of contacts he had established over the years.

Casey slowed to a walk as she pondered her options. There was still the matter of the charm as well. Long term she couldn’t live like this, at least not when she had so few ways to relieve the pressure. The gloryhole had helped one that front at least, if only for a little while. Maybe she should drive off and do something similar. Casey was confident she’d be able to find men willing to fuck her easily enough. Hell, if it came to it she could get a hotel room and pay for it that way. It was childish to think of running away from home like this, but Casey wouldn’t let her dad dictate her life anymore.

A dozen different thoughts swam through Casey’s head as she walked. It was good she had left the lodge, she needed time to think and be alone. The longer she walked the more the charm made its presence known. She had been in a delicate balance with only having Grant around and now he was gone. In his absence, Casey didn’t know what she would do. As the charm’s demand grew stronger, Casey began to worry. She was a long way from any man, maybe if she masturbated that would help? It hadn’t in the past, but Casey didn’t have any other options.

She looked around even though she hadn’t seen anyone in the entire course of her run. Her hand slipped down her bare stomach and between her legs. Casey was about to move her touch from outside the shorts to in when she paused. She smelled something. The scent had only just appeared and it had Casey looking around for where it had come from. It was sweet, like perfectly ripe fruit.

Her hand slipped away from her shorts as she walked off the barely-there trail and sought out the source of the alluring scent. Her nose led her through the trees until she came across what resembled to be a weed. It wasn’t particularly strange-looking but Casey didn’t recognize it. The scent was definitely coming from here.

Casey hadn’t been paying attention but unlike the rest of the woods this patch did seem to be tended to and that was stranger than these plants looked. Not only had the ground been tilled, but the trees nearest the plants seemed twisted. It was as if they bent slightly away from the patch of ground and left a hole in the canopy of the forest. She didn’t linger on those details for long though.

She squatted down in front of the plants, her shorts struggling to cover her ass. They slid up higher on her cheeks, nearly disappearing between them. Casey reached down and felt the leaves of the plants. They sprouted from the ground and were only a few inches long. Aside from not recognizing the star shape leaves, they didn’t seem that unusual and the Esenyurt escort leaves weren’t what was admitting the scent. Still curious, she grabbed one of the plants by the stem and pulled it up.

The plant came out of the ground easily and revealed what was growing out of the bottom of it. All of the loose soil fell away from it leaving it clean. The instant the plant was out of the ground the scent redoubled. The leaves were growing out of what seemed to be a piece of fruit, although Casie had never seen anything quite like it. It was about the size of a thick carrot, but it was green. The length of it seemed to spiral to a round tip and the length of it was covered in small bumps.

Casey held the plant before her and the smell was nearly overwhelming. It was as if there was a medley of the sweetest fruits in her hand. She had never smelled anything this powerful or alluring before. As strange as the fruit looked it was enticing. Somehow the plant was completely clean of dirt and the more she looked at it the more the scent filled her head. Her eyes ran along the nubs decorating it and she brought it in closer.

When the plant was directly in front of her, Casey stuck her tongue out and licked along the spiral length. Somehow the plant had come out of the ground completely free of dirt, but the more pressing matter was as she licked it she could taste the flavor she had been smelling. Her eyes widened as the taste flowed over her tongue and then she eagerly licked it again. Each press of her tongue yielded more of the taste so she continued onward.

The flavor was even more alluring now. Casey licked her way along every inch of the fruit and as she neared the top of it she wrapped her lips around it. Once she reached that point there was no stopping her. Casey slid the strange plant into her mouth, her eyes rolling in pleasure as the flavor coated her. The bumpy length pressed between her lips and along the length of her tongue and Casey let out a moan. She didn’t know what was happening, but it didn’t really matter to her. As far as she was concerned she just had a brilliant stroke of luck.

Casey stepped back until she was pressed up against a tree. One of her hands slid down her bare stomach and down the front of her damp shorts. Her panties were pressed to the side as her fingers began to feverishly work against her arousal. At the same time, she pumped the fruit in and out of her mouth, sucking on it as eagerly as a cock. For once she was far away from being overheard so she was able to moan out in pure pleasure.

The more she sucked on the fruit the more she realized that it was actively secreting the fluid she was tasting. Each stroke of her tongue drew more of the delicious nectar from the plant. Casey noisily fucked her own throat with it, desperate to taste more of it. It was by far the messiest blowjob she had ever given and it wasn’t even a real cock. Her spit dripped down the fruit in heavy ropes and spilled down onto her breasts.

The fruit offered up more of its sweetness as she continued and soon there was a steady drip of it coating her mouth and running down her throat. Each drop made her more desperate for the next sample of it. Casey wrapped her hand around the base of the plant and started slamming the entire length into her mouth, nearly gagging on it. The wet noise of her self-inflicted throat fucking filled the woods, but thankfully she was alone.

The drip of sweetness suddenly became a flood. Mouthfuls of the nectar oozed from the plant and traveled down her throat, filling her stomach. Casey didn’t hesitate to drink down every last drop that was offered to her, she happily swallowed it all, relishing the taste. The sudden burst of liquid quickly slowed and soon it was completely gone, even her continued licks didn’t get her anymore.

Casey slowly pulled the plant from between her lips and looked down at it. Etiler escort bayan The once bright green length was duller now and it looked as if it had dried out. She dropped the fruit to the forest floor and without thinking twice, got down on her knees to pull another one from the ground. The instant it was clean she brought the fruit to her mouth and started the process again. Casey couldn’t believe how good it tasted, she needed more.

The plant vanished into her mouth dozens of times. At the same moment, her other hand rubbed against her clit, causing her to moan out around it. With a grin she pulled the fruit from her lips and instead pulled her shorts to the side, exposing her pussy and pressing the plant inside of her. Her head rolled back in ecstasy as the plant spread her lips and her heat enveloped it. For how good her new dildos felt they had nothing on this.

Her free hand braced herself against the ground. The spiral length pressed deep into her body and Casey rolled her hips against it before sliding it out and back in. As she fucked herself with it the nectar it secreted coated her pussy. The sweetness left her tingling in its wake. She didn’t slow her thrusts, in fact, she moved even faster. For the first time since she got here, all her worries were lost on her and the charm’s pressure was completely gone.

She leaned back against the tree, still kneeling down as an orgasm crashed into her. Casey’s entire being shuddered and she slid deeper down the fruit. She could feel it beginning to quickly emit its nectar and rather than thrusting it into her body she held it down on the ground and began to ride it. Casey stayed on the very peak of pleasure, slamming her body down on the green length and crying out in delight. The nectar coated her insides and her movement didn’t slow until she felt the fruit beginning to wilt.

Casey tossed the spent plant to the ground and collapsed against the tree. Even breathing as heavily as she was she couldn’t keep a smile off of her face. Today had started terribly but not it was certainly looking up now. With a little more clarity now she was curious about the plants, there was no way these were completely ordinary, but she wasn’t so curious as to question her good fortune.

After a brief pause, she stood up and headed back to the plants, stripping her shorts off completely and letting them fall down her thighs as she went and let the soaked garment stay on the ground. This time Casey pulled out two of the fruits and cleaned them off. The instant they were she brought both tips to her mouth and started sucking on them in unison. Her mouth stretched wide around the two plants, taking as much of each length as she could at once. With each lick, her tongue slid between the two delicious lengths.

Once they were coated in her spit she pulled one out and set it on the ground pointing up. She trapped it between her feet and lowered her slick sex down on it, taking the plant inside of her. Casey bounced up and down on it, moaning out around the other fruit as she went. It wasn’t the same as with real cocks, but Casey loved the feeling of one being buried inside of her pussy and as another plunged into her mouth. The woods echoed even louder with her continued cries of pleasure as she played with herself.

The plant she was riding unleashed its sweetness into her body and she pulled the spare one from between her lips. Casey brought it down to fill her sex again, but she hesitated for a moment and aimed further back. The spiral head of the fruit pressed against her asshole and she shivered. She had never done anything like this, with a man or a toy, but now she was too aroused not to. Her hand grabbed hold of a tree in front of her to brace herself and she pushed the plant upward slowly.

The thick head slowly disappeared between her ass cheeks and probed into her backdoor. Thankfully the entire Escort Eyüp length was already coated in her spit and the nectar it was admitting lubed up its journey. The nub-covered head pushed forward and Casey’s entire body shivered. As it ever so slowly pressed into her, she could feel the tingles from the plant’s nectar spreading through her. She eased it deeper into her ass with a cry of pure pleasure. She should have done this a long time ago.

Casey was only able to get the first few inches of the spiral length inside of her, but that was enough. With the help of the tree, she began to ride the plant up and down in short desperate movements. Her free hand slid down to tease her clit driving her even further into the depths of pleasure. Casey moved along it even faster, welcoming it deeper between her cheeks. Suddenly the length plunged into her ass as she sank down onto it, filling her up completely and causing her to fall forward against the tree as her body was ravaged by pleasure.

She quivered as her entire body convoluted in ecstasy. Casey had never imagined she could feel so filled up like this but here it was and it was amazing. She blacked out for what felt like a few minutes and when she came to she could feel the nectar dripping down her cheeks from the spent plant. Casey slowly withdrew it from her body with another loud moan of pleasure and dropped it to the ground. That was one of the best orgasms of her life and she needed more.

Casey crawled over to the plants on her hands and knees and pulled out another one of the fruit. This time she pressed the green length directly against her ass and thrust it into her body. She held herself up on one hand, fucking herself until she fell forward at another orgasm. Another layer of the slick green nectar flowed down her cheeks as the plant was used up again. Casey pulled out another one and resumed where she left off.

She only paused to grab the next plant. The green nectar flowed down her cheeks and thighs, dripping down onto the ground. Each plant she took felt as good as the last if not better and Casey lost count of the number of orgasms she had laying there and fucking herself. The pile of used plants continued to grow as the sun sank down.

Casey was left barely thrusting the fruit into her body, overcome with exhaustion. It felt so good she kept doing it, but just barely. The spent fruit slipped from her fingers as her body shook from the latest orgasm and when she reached over for the next plant she found none. Casey raised her head up and looked around and saw no more. There were a dozen or so spent ones, but no more for her to use. The disappointment washed over her instantly, she had hoped this would go on forever. At the same time however she was glad, she didn’t know how much more of this she could endure.

She lingered there for a bit longer, clearing her mind and recovering from the experience. This was the only time it was going to happen, given that she had gone through every one of the plants. Part of her still wondered what they were and why they were here. The more concerning thing was that she had used them all in a single day. It might be the best they were gone, she wouldn’t have left while there were more anyway.

As the sun nearly set, Casey pushed herself up and pulled her shorts up, sealing in some of the green sweetness and soaking her shorts in it. She was still curious about the plants so she picked one up before she left. It was useless for her purposes right now, but maybe she could find something out about them, or why she had been so compelled to fuck them. With it in hand she began the long walk home.

This was exactly what Casey had needed. She hadn’t thought about Grant or her father for hours. For the first time since the gloryhole, the charm had completely loosened its pressure on her. It was strange feeling free of it after so many days. It would return soon regardless though. She’d put more pressure on Jordan to find a cure for her and she had to find a way to do a hunt. If her father wouldn’t send her on one she’d get her own, somehow. Those were all worries for tomorrow though, right now Casey was happy and she strolled back to the lodge with a smile on her face.

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